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This guy is a sicko, give him nothing.

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Love the disagrees for stating a fact

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Sucks, I'm having this problem in NY. A friend also in NY is too.

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I def think it did.

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You don't get an email unless u request it. It prompts on the ps3 when your area goes live...Playin online now, thats how it works.

How they dont drop the 5 activations though!

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Did u read?
Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) will TODAY begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation Network and Qriocity services

It says America's 1st

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Thats one nasty fishing controller...Want it

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lol 8 reports in 6 mins

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Why would they not give a date/time?!?!?!?

It's going soooooooooo slow.

Love the haters coming through disagreeing with everyone and leaving no comment

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Where's N4G?

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Why would someone disagree with u? Gotta love the phantom disagrees. But I have to agree. All free DLC is good.

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Nice article. Those all seem quite unlikely atm.

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Why would someone disagree w/ dart? Childish.

Funny pic

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Looks like it will give seizures.

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I could care less about any characters race.

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Madden - Nice....Tell 'em Madden, how dare they try to make a lackluster football game with your name on it.
Mario - Weird
Crash - Not sure why they didn't like, I'm don't personally, but I see why others do.
Bioshock - That makes sense, don't bring it to market if it doesn't seem right.
Rockstar - Meh, interesting I guess.
Bejeweled - LOL, "this sucks balls" the guy said. My wife plays it all the time and I think ...

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Strange, have to see how this plays out. Not sure what to expect here.

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It could be sabotage, didn't think of that.

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As long as they can work as a team it's fine with me. It's when you have 10 snipers and 2 guys actually trying to do something that it becomes a problem.

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I'm a big supporter of delay's as well. I would rather wait and have an awesome game compared to getting sooner and it be broken. If it's not ready, don't release it.

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