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I wish I could pledge more, this is a dream come true.

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Isometric party-based RPG made by the creators of Planescape: Torment, Fallout 1+2+NV as well as Icewind Dale 1+2; inspired by the Infinity Engine era of games?

Pledged, HARD.

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He's suggesting that they might make a bad game?

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Since 2010, MS will never win E3.

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If he took in mind all of the DRM BS and errors (Which he should), then I agree with the score.

EDIT: I'm not saying that this reviewer is good. Actually, after reading that, I'm pretty sure that this was one of the worst reviews I have read in a while (Story is a 3/10? Really...?). My point still stands though.

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Small FOVs on monitors DO make your head hurt. That's why consoles have rathole 60 FOV on all FPS games, because you usually don't have your head right next to the TV screen and you sit far away from it, on your couch.

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Pick me.

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Yeah, gameplay trailers always look good, that's why I watch them without the sound. Gets rid of the unnecessary music and voice over and lets me concentrate on the, well, gameplay. It certainly does not look bad, but neither does it look that amazing like everyone is claiming. It looks like all the other AC games but in America and with new kill animations. Again, that isn't a bad thing.

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Yes, and if you look at how they are laying out the interface and dumbing down the game mechanics, they are obviously getting ready to port the game to consoles. I mean, I'm not against D3 on consoles, but don't punish the PC players for it.

I also guess you are kind of correct, Starcraft 2 would not be this big on the e-sports scene if it wasn't carrying the brand with it.

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If the ending goes according to the indoctrination theory, then in my opinion it is a very solid and thought out ending, yet EA are still making me pay extra money to play something that should have been in the game.

If not, well. I a very disappoint. But ALL of the evidence makes the indoctrination theory nearly 90% accurate so I doubt it. In other words, there will be ending DLC. So I'm disappoint either way.

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I was disappointed with Starcraft 2 because its basically the original with updated graphics. Not because they dumbed it down or anything. Starcraft 2 currently has the biggest e-sports scene in the world, so I really do not see your point.

But yeah, the beta for D3 is crap.

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Indeed, very impressive.

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Haha, nah. I was commenting on the title of the article. Should have made myself clearer.

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Okay. Is that all?

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"2) Even then, 3/10 is something you only award to games that are literally broken as in, they hardly functioning from a programming or design standpoint."

You are right, unfortunately. I hate that 7/10 is the average mark these days, it should be 5/10 like its supposed to. 3/10 games should be bad games, and not broken games like you said. This is the correct scale of "out of 10" scores:

1. Terrible.

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Oh goody, Nvidia cards won't start house fires anymore!

Holy crap, nividia sucks so much. This card seems very promising though

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No the 720 is rumoured to have a 6670. Unless you made a spelling mistake. Microsoft is not going to use a GPU that currently costs 300 dollars in their next console, it would kill them.

ps. According to rumours, the WiiU has a better GPU. Yes, the 4850 is better. If you disagree than you should not even be arguing as you know nothing about GPUs.

herp derp bigger number means better

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Its Xbox 720 because that's the max resolution you will be able to play your games on it.

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Oh joy, I sure believe you now! Thanks for explaining why this isn't a real Star Wars game!


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So what's this, a fake Star Wars game?

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