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It will DEFINATLEY sell under 40m units in the next 4 years. Perhaps it will sell more than 40m in the next 10 years, but not 4 years lol.

The majority of the Wii's sales were from casuals, and now that smartphones and taste are massive, many of the casuals gaming thirsts are already being satisfied. The Wii U will still be quite successful, but will DEFINATLEY not emulate the success of the Wii

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I feel bad for PS3 gamers, Skyrim is an awesome game!

Bethesda fucked up pretty bad

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Wow, amazing deals. I wish I lived in the US!

Oh yeah, and Halo 4 + BO2 are gonna give the X360 a MASSIVE hardware boost in the US during Black Friday week! I'll be keeping a close eye on VGChartz...

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The Wii U will definitely struggle to find relevance in today's market IMO. The hardcores will choose PS4/X720 and the casuals will choose Smartphones/Tablets. However, as long as Nintendo keep their massive franchises (Mario, Zelda, etc.) they will be successful, just not as successful as they've been in previous gens.

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Of course it won't mirror the Wii's success. The Wii came out at a perfect time and it's controls were seen as revolutionary and everybody (even my Dad!) wanted to get one! However, many of the people who got them never used them (like me...after Xmas 2008 I never used it) and won't repeat the same mistake again.

It will be be a relative failure (in comparison to the Wii) and will sell under 40m units.

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