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Reviews for this game are all over the place!

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This game is like marmite; reviewers either love it or they hate it

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This game seems to be polarising reviewers

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Great deals!

Halo 4 + BO2 + Black Friday = MONSTER sales for the 360 in the US!

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It's initial USA shipment was sold out and it had 250k pre-orders in GameStop alone. Quite a lot of hype if you ask me ;P

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I thought this game was going to be a disaster after seeing GaneSpot's review. I guess it was just an anomaly...?

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This is SHIPPED. The PS3 has SHIPPED 70m units worldwide. Microsoft said 6 weeks ago that the X360 shipped 70m units...so the shipment gap between the PS3 and X360 is 2m-3m and the sales gap is around 2m to the X360. The sales gap will widen this holiday by ~1m and by Jan 2013 (if we survive 21st Dec) the X360 will be about 3m sales ahead of the PS3.

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There's no point in estimating the sales of games that don't exist! lol

Forza is a bigger brand than GT nowadays though, because its sold more units this gen. No-one would've expected this.. :/

Also, the site didn't write this, I did using data from VGChartz...they didn't actually do an article or anything

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Well, Horizon has hardly sold any yet, so it's pretty much 3 vs. 2. The gap will certainly widen before the end of the year though (due to Horizon selling well and Forza 4 being bundled)

EDIT: @godchild (below), no, this is only for home consoles. I tried
to include that in the title but it exceeded the 100 character limit!

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Yes...what makes you think it isn't?

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This game will either be utterly fantastic or completely abysmal. The jury is still out...

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Pachter is a hoot!

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There's simply no room for the Vita in today's market imo. The boundary between the Smartphone market and the handheld gaming market becomes more occluded by the day, so the PS Vitas fortunes aren't going to turn around anytime soon I don't think.

Also, I don't think people want to play in-depth console-style games like Uncharted on the go. Portable gaming is for Mario and Pokemon type games and simple smartphone apps. Besides, judging from the reviews of ...

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Hmm...Europe doesn't really like JRPG's, so I don't know why they'd even bother releasing this tbh.

Damn...the vita is really struggling at the moment... :/ I think it'll sell under 20m units but I hope for Sonys sake I'm wrong. I'll keep an eye on VGChartz to see how it fares this holiday season...

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I've bought both games, and I must say that Halo 4 is in a different league. So yeah, Halo 4

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I worded that quite poorly. I don't mean they're dismal, they're just dismal IN COMPARISON to the graphical capabilities of other devices nowadays. I was expecting it to have a minor (at least) graphical leap over the PS3/X360

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I can think of more than 3 reasons NOT to pick up the Wii U at launch! Lmao.

Seriously though, it's much better to wait about 6 months to 1 year before getting a new console, because there won't be a healthy library of games until then. Don't make the same mistake I did with my Vita...

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The Wii U's graphics seem pretty dismal to me. They're the same as 6/7 year old hardware... C'mon, Nintendo! You can do better than this

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I disagree, I think it'll have similar usage to the Wii (aka people buying them for Xmas and playing it for a few days and then never playing it again). I hope for Nintendos sake I'm wrong though

The X720 will have the most usage of any console next gen IMO. Microsoft will make it an entertainment hub with music, gaming, movies, TV, etc. etc. (just like they're doing with the 360 now)

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No it's not...at least, mine isn't...


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