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It's not dead, it's on life support.

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Honestly? No.

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I don't think you understand how N4G works... Lulz

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Lol, it's too early to tell! The fact that the Wii U has the Pro Controller will make it easier for devs though I guess

Anyway, the Wii U's 3rd party support will be good for at least the next 3 years because it'll have a headstart in sales against the PS4/X720. More sales = more attention from devs

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I hope for Sony's sake that it's fake; The display isn't even HD! Lulz

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LILBROEX! Come back to the chartz!

Ahem...anyway, that's quite a cool set of games. Metal Gear for Wii U would be interesting

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This is bull. I gave it to my friend and he's played Borderlands 2 online with it (with me!).

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@eferreire, the PS3 has SHIPPED 70m units. Shipped =/= sold. X360 has sold 70m and PS3 has sold 68.3m, so the X360 still leads by 1.7m. And that gap will probably be at 3m by January 2013 because the X360 sells better than the PS3 during the holidays (due to Xmas being a western tradition and the X360 being more successful in the US and UK).

But yeah, I agree that you can't judge a system that's only a year old.

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The Wii U will have a 10m sales head start on SONY and MS, which will be good for business (in terms of 3rd party support, at least!). However, I'm not sure consumers will buy into tablet gaming like they did with motion controls. Time will tell I guess...

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I don't think the PS Vita can survive in today's market tbh. Consumers aren't interested in playing in-depth games like Uncharted on the go; they'd much rather simple smartphone apps (which are 50x cheaper too!). I wouldn't be surprised if Sony discontinued the Vita by January 2014, which is a shame because it's a great piece of hardware.

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It's been a poor year for Sony.

The Vitas sales have been dismal...I honestly don't think it has a place in today's market; It will sell under 20m units imo.

The PS3 is doing well though (in comparison to the Wii and X360, but it's still down YOY).

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452k FW in the USA me thinks.

I expected this to sell out, but it will be interesting to see what its sales are like in a few months time.

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Damn, that's amazing!

I wish they had Black Friday in the UK.. >_<

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If Halo 4 experiences similar week-on-week percentage changes as Battlefield 3 and MW3 (both are FPS's which were both released at a similar time last year) then it should sell 7.5m+ by years end. VGChartz will be very interesting in the coming weeks...

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Uncharted 3 sold 1.36m in its 1st week worldwide.


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Microsoft stated that it generated $220m in its first 24 hours, which is more than Halo 3 and Halo: Reach generated in their 1st 24 hours on sale. It was cheaper than Halo 3 and Halo: Reach (as they both had $150 legendary editions, whereas this only had an $80 limited edition) and it only sold marginally better than both of them (according to VGChartz). So either VGChartz has undertracked it by about 300k units or Microsoft included the console bundle in its revenue figures.

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R* is a fantastic developer. Red Dead is one of the highlights of the gen!

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Wow, impressive score! I doubt this game will be a system seller though.

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