CRank: 5Score: 0 took Gran Turismo 5 over 15 weeks to reach 5.91m...Also, it took Halo 3 11 weeks to reach 5.91m.

So Halo 4 is tracking WAY ahead if both of them!

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Amazing Halo 4 sales - It's now sold 5.91m in its 1st 4 weeks on sale! :)

7.2m+ sales in 2012 is now a dead cert.

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The PS Vita is DOMMED in my brutally honest, non-biased opinion.

Good article AMP!

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That's 2 too many

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VGChartz is the place to go for real console wars (I.e. using actual sales figures)

Now go, my pretties, and invade vgchartz!! Bahahaha!

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Is this site run by Sony by any chance? :P

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It should be noted that VGChartz only tracks physical sales, so the PC version has sold a lot more than 401k. Digital sales would've be greater than physical sales

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What do you mean? It DID!

Black Ops II (X360) FW sales: 6.21m
Halo 4 (X360) FW sales: 3.80m

If you mean that in another way (like your prediction was correct), then your not alone in your prediction. There's no sane person who would've thought Halo 4 would sell higher than BO2. CoD's in a different league to any other game (sales-wise)... Halo 4 is still massively successful though - 4.55m in its first 2 weeks worldwide.

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Looks like CoD is finally starting to show some franchise fatigue, 2.14m less than MW3 is quite a significant drop. Still a beast though!

BO: Declassified sales are pretty dismal. It's probably a good thing that it's sold so poorly though; judging from the reviews, everyone who buys it will be disappointed :P

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It is a success. It sells 5m per year with no marketing or wide release...

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The pre-orders for the Wii U games also seem low to me...

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Interestingly, more people in the US say they're going to buy a PS3 than an X360 in the next 6 months...which is strange, because the US is X360 territory.

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All the massive games (CoD, Ass Creed, Halo) have already launched... the chart looks pretty wierd with Bioshock: Infinite in the top spot, I doubt it'll last long though. GTA: V is coming! Also, Hitman is looking to do better than I thought...I never knew there was so much hype for this game.

Oh yeah, and 78k final total for PS All Stars is very poor. Sony's holiday line-up is pretty grim tbh.

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What's funny about metascore? It's may not be perfect, but it's the best quality indicator we have.

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Yeah...why did AMP write this? I guess he's not the rampant Sony fantard that VGKing told me he was.

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It's not really a fair comparison to make at this stage given that the 3DS's library of games is much larger than the PS Vitas (given that you're using the top 20 games from each system and all)... Anyway, given this fact, I'd say the quality of each of the systems games is about the same.

What's interesting, however, is that the 3DS's top 3 selling games have outsold the Vitas top 20. This just shows what I've been saying all along - consumers ju...

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Binary Rifle FTW!

I can't believe the SAW made the list...the Light Rifle is better than that!

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This could be a good system seller for the 360

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Terrible article...

XBLA is bigger (and better!) now than it's ever been.

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