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It's apparently the power supply.

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£700 and no shifter?

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I have to say I am not terribly impressed with Sony this year. A lot of what was shown we already knew about or is old stuff made new(ish). I do like the idea of Skyrim VR, but I'm not paying that much to play one game, especially one I have on two other systems already.

I really hate to say it, but I think Ubi has had the best conference so far.

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What do you think a flying car would run on? Rabbit farts and rainbows? Flying cars do exist, or rather portable airplanes, but they are impractical due to the skills needed to fly one, FAA regulations and the way our highway infrastructure is set up. It's just one more innovation that the world is not quite ready for yet.

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Overall I thought this DLC was pretty good. Compared to that "Narco Road" nonsense, it's astoundingly brilliant. This DLC is more of a classic expansion in that it has gameplay similar to the base game. It is on a small portion of the map and you do have to start with a new character like the last DLC, but you do keep your skills and drones you unlocked. Unfortunately you do lose almost all of the weapons you picked up but there are a few new ones to be had in this DLC, the ...

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^^ This. I've searched for all these people who are supposedly throwing a fit about the setting for this game and I can't find anyone who has posted much of anything controversial about it. I did however find a lot of "gaming news" sites with all sorts of claims that seem to be making a mountain out of a nonexistent molehill. I'll chalk this up as more fake news.

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I have never honestly really cared about backwards compatibility. I keep all my old systems in case I want to play something old, but really, I rarely ever do once there is a decent selection of games on the current system. I had a fat PS3, I might have used the BC feature twice. I still have a slim PS3, I may have turned it on 3 times since the PS4 released. About the only old games I play are on PC because mods keep them alive longer. With no mods on the consoles and DLC pretty much li...

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@badz149 Two Xs.

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It's actually pretty good. More a classic style expansion, that plays pretty much like the base game and just adds more content. It is separate from the main game, like the Narco DLC, and you do create a new character but my skills were still maxed out with the exception of the rebel skills and the new ones added by the DLC. The new enemies are not really a huge change but they have some interesting abilities that will force you to change up your tactics a bit to handle the new threats...

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After seeing Angry Joe and his friends play it I was very impressed. VR is ideal for simulations like this and it's sort of cool to see the player's hands working the controls on a screen inside the game. This is the kind of stuff we used to dream about years ago and it's finally becoming a reality, though slowly. I have not played it so I won't say this game is for everyone or that it is going to be a blockbuster but the tech I have seen is pretty impressive. I don't ...

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Oh, I dunno. Maybe Strikes, Crucible and whatever is replacing the Tower?

"Journalism", what a goddamn joke.

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RDR2 was announced 7 months ago in October of '16.

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Destiny 1 made promises too.

Look how that turned out.

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Why? All you would be transferring is the character class and however you made your head to look. Everything else would be reset back to zero.

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@ Yo Mama,

Because it makes people lazy. Instead of forming groups, they will just want to jump in and mooch off of other players. If it's matchmaking, you may not have a way to kick bad players just like with strikes. Plus it's all very contrary to Bungie's push to want everyone to join clans and do the whole guide thing. Matchmaking is just a bad idea and Bungie knows it, that is why they are "not listening" to people screaming for it. These are...

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@ Yo Mama,

You are dreaming. If the "problem would sort itself out", don't you think that would be the case with Destiny today? And yet here we are, almost 3 years later, and you still have issues getting experienced randoms on LFG, even when you specifically ask for it. What happens when you are only matched by light level? It will be a joke.

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I think matchmaking is a bad idea for raids. Half of the time you couldn't get players who knew what to do in strikes, much less all the complicated stuff in the raids. Even pulling randoms off of LFG is hit or miss because players either lie or have no idea what they are talking about when they say they are "experienced" at a particular raid. Players getting stuck with 5 other random players is a recipe for utter failure and while in Destiny 2 more people will probably be ab...

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Karl Urban could be a good match.

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Or maybe it is you that is pathetic since the only hate I see here is the bile you are spewing in your posts. You are posting against hate while promoting it yourself because you see it as ok to hate things you don't like. In the end, it's just someone's opinion and their opinion is just as absolutely worthless as yours. So if you are trying to put down people with hate in their hearts, you should try a bit more to not sound so hateful and condescending yourself. Otherwise you...

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How is it propaganda? It makes no social or political claims. It was used as a recruiting too to advertise the US Army but at the end of the day it isn't pushing anything any other shooter is doing since the invention of the genre.

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