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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


Honestly there are a few FPS issues and a bit of trouble with the AI but nothing that makes me feel like I am not having a great time. The issues are not very common and I would definitely buy the game and play it now unless you intend to hide in a hole to keep away from spoilers. So far its been an amazing experience and a very solid game with a lot of innovation. It's nothing revolutionary, more like evolutionary and I don't mean to give Bethesda a "free pass" but it is... #1.1.4
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@ 343_Guilty_Spark,
You are missing the point of the original test. It was to test the systems as a whole, not solve the problem for the developer of the game or manufacturer of the system. They did Xbox One owners a favor by releasing this info, nothing more. Besides, they clearly stated in the original test that the stutter was related to the decompressing and loading of new areas. #7.3.2
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Why would they test an external drive? What purpose would it serve in comparing it to stock hardware? Who wants to watch a review only to find out to get the same performance they are going to have to buy a separate HDD to achieve the same results?

And like it or not, the HDD is part of the "Xbox One hardware", so I think the conclusion is valid at this point. It remains to be seen if this can be fixed with a patch, which I am guessing it can, or if it's more... #7.3
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Fail. #5.1.1
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It's Bethesda. If it's gone gold, you can bet it's only 10kt gold, lol.

I love Bethesda, but they do have a well earned reputation for releasing some epic bugs. #6.2
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I think the problem is that other than his "fans", pretty much everyone knows this guys is a complete joke and any comment he makes about any topic just cheapens the entire discussion. Anyone with intelligence just ignores him for the headline grabbing douche that he is but unfortunately, some people still lend weight to whatever famous people say. His words may be admirable, but his actions make pretty much everything he says a sad, contemptible joke. #1.5.4
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The only problem with that is GRAW was not a true Ghost Recon game. #1.1.1
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+ Well Said! #1.3.1
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With the mods available to the PC crowd, it would be suicide to play on PS4 with PC users. #5.2
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Modsticks are a thousand times better than all these stick on, half-baked ideas. #2
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It is my opinion that the dead, almost completely emotionless machine is sort of the angle they were going for. Trust me, it works better than a machine with "personality". A fine example of personality in some sort of AI machine is the Ordis on Warframe. DE needs to kill that thing, pronto. But yeah, I actually liked the Ghost in Destiny and I think Bungie and Dinklage did a pretty good job in capturing what ammounts to a cross between a studious butler and a Texas Instruments... #1.2.4
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Fraud is not a prank. #1.1.1
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Yeah, Bungie said the same thing... #2.2.1
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The shifter is separate. #5.1
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Do some research. Logitech was given the chance to upgrade or make an adaptor or something to make it work and Sony said it was possible and it was in Logitech's hands. Logitech at the time said they were not making anymore wheels and were not supporting old ones. Now a year later, a new $500 wheel comes out. No way in this green hell am I supporting Logitech. #3.1.1
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Anyone got the odds on ND now getting flooded with sob story letters, both true and false, in hopes of getting loot?

I'm not saying anything bad about people who have had some sort of loss in their lives, just that this probably going to be milked. #11
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Bungie just keeps making stupid mistakes. "Nerfing" is negative. No matter how good it is, it's always going to be a bad thing. Boosting, is a positive thing and will usually be seen as something good. So instead of nerfing a weapon, boost all the others. :D

For those unable to understand a jest, this is one. But the fact of the matter is, a little spin on the terms used and all this balancing wouldn't be nearly as controversial as it is, for any developer. #3
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Try SwiftKey. #1.1.1
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So you get a clutch pedal but you have to buy the shifter separately? Nah, I think I'll pass at that price, especially after the screwing we G27 owners took over the whole PS4 thing. Logitech, you can suck it. #3
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I consider that a good thing. #6.1.1
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