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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


Make sure what code you have. If it's the 9 digit code, it's the one you have to register with Bungie.net. They will email the actual Beta download codes later. Read the FAQ. #10.1
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The Alpha invites didn't have anything to do with preorders. #3.5.2
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Methinks you are confused about the difference between a beta test and a demo. #10.3
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The G27 can be had for less than half of what some of you are claiming a wheel with a clutch can be bought for. No, it's not the best wheel available, but it does work well and is plenty for the average console racer. #1.1.15
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$600 for a racing wheel with a clutch? Try again. #1.1.10
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That hardly makes any sense considering I have been running Minecraft on my PC on the same Raptor drive for years that is less than 100 GB, not to mention it also has my OS on it and several other games. Even with a dozen or more worlds saved my entire Minecraft folder is a bit over 700 MB. #2.2.1
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I just glue a small circle of sanding screen to each stick and let it ride. The only play in my sticks now is the skin on my thumb shifting back and forth. #11
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And was still miles better than Obama. Remember the good old days when "change" meant paying off the horrible deficit the "Republicans" ran up? Lowering healthcare costs? More jobs? Stronger economy?

Yeah, where did all that go? Hmmmmm... #1.2.6
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+1 Well Said #2.1
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Don't feel bad, I entered mine a while back also and got a bit antsy because I hadn't heard anything yet, lol.

On the 17th you should get your actual code to enter into PSN provided you select a Playstation platform tomorrow. Not sure if the Xbox codes go out at the same time or not since the beta starts later for them. #6.1.2
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Read the FAQ. #6.1
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For me at least, the "Alpha" reminded me a lot of a cross between Borderlands and Fallout 3. It does seem to have a bit of Halo influence, but I only really noticed it in the weapons. The area given for you to explore seemed pretty large but it was larger than some players ever found. There were many dead-end corridors and rooms but there were also many passages that led to other areas to explore. Many I have spoken with never saw the inside of one of the great walls in the area, o... #6.2
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I have to say that I am also impressed by the "Alpha". I put that in quotes as it's clearly not an alpha build, but I see where they are going with it since "pre-beta" sounds a little odd. ;D

At any rate, the design is simply amazing with awesome vistas to see in the background. The controls are tight and while there are some Halo influences, which is expected, it's not a re-skin or anything as linear as Halo. Destiny had me wowed at E3 last ye... #3.2
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Nice spam and looking at your comments, you have been busy with it. Welcome to my ignore list. #8.1
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"This is a game that not many gamers can say that they can get into..."

What? With over 15 million sold on PC, 12 million sold on the 360, 1.5 million sold on the PS3 and 21 million of the pocket edition sold on mobile platforms, I'd say quite a few gamers can get into it. #5
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If you can touch them, they are real.

;D #4.1
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I don't know, there are download links for it everywhere:

http://www.minecraftforum.n... #2.2.2
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Isn't this just a map and anyone can download it and do whatever? It's not like someone vandalized the only one in existence. #2.2
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So, they want people to pay for the ability to beta test for them twice? I thought all of us were already beta testers but I guess now we have to pay more for the privilege of playing the latest game-breaking BS.

DICE, are you completely incompetent? #3
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You obviously are not very familiar with DICE's history. Nearly every Battlefield game has had major issues and a ton of minor ones that were never fixed. DICE does just enough to get by, which is not a sign of a good developer. The facts speak for themselves. #16.1.1
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