The Best Things In Life, Are Dead.


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It's effective marketing. They already accomplished their goal, simply because you and I are here reading and talking about it.

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It's called "marketing". They do the quick cuts back and forth to make you wish you could see more so that you will buy the product to see it. It's all about building hype and excitement for the product.

I don't particularly like it, especially when I am looking for details or trying to see something deeper than just a bunch of almost subliminal images.

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I guess my favorite console of all time would be the Playstation 2. It was my first time playing online on a console with the SOCOM series and was the source of so many great memories. The PS2 took the foundation set down by the PS1 and just exploded with all kinds of terrific games and awesome experiences.

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It's sort of sad though as it seems to be pretty well done for just a fan based effort. The Salton City setting was a good choice for a wasteland and all the props looked pretty good. Too bad this will never actually come to be, but it would be nice if Bethesda got involved and gave it the green light. Wishful thinking I guess.

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No mention of Warframe?

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Boycott moronic websites.

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A "lethal" paintball gun? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

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Just using a skin or polymorph is so much easier than messing with dying every little piece of armor or trying to put together matching styles.

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Nah, there is still the Vault Tec Workshop DLC that comes before Nuka World.

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We aren't game companies. I, and many others, do not care for this nonsense.

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I wouldn't say it's the worst Bethesda DLC. The horse armor is still pretty infamously lame.

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I like Fallout 4 and I've enjoyed all the DLC up until now. This one is just full of a bunch of useless crap. Granted, there are a few items worth having in it if you want things like the warehouse and boxcar building sets. The red and white barn building sets were included in the Far Harbor expansion and not in the Contraptions expansion as stated in this article. Aside from those there is some really confusing and anti-intuitive conduit sets that I thought would make wiring inside e...

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Games just aren't the same anymore and it's mainly due to the entitled, "instant gratification" gaming crowd that buys games these days. I miss Rogue Spear, the original Ghost Recon and it's expansions, SOCOM I & II, etc. but the devs are playing a "look at me!" game for the new players attention. Unfortunately, all they care about is making a product that grabs the kids attention and money for a short while and making it as cheaply as possible. I believ...

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Jut because you invite people, doesn't mean they are going to show up. If this "behind closed doors event" was for 100 people but only 20 showed up, they you could say that there was no crowd in an "invite only" event. Not saying that is the case here, as I was not there, but it is the obvious explanation for the way it was worded.

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Reminded me mostly of World War Z. That's the only time I recall seeing that dog-piling sort of swarm movement.

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If you haven't heard people complaining about "another military shooter" in the last couple years, you simply haven't been paying attention.

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I was very interested in this when they showed it at the beginning of the conference, but when they showed more and it became obvious it's just another zombie game it killed any enthusiasm I had for it.

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And yet you would put your lot in with an admitted socialist or a known criminal? We see the type of people who support your candidates, they are the ones who riot and destroy property every time they see something they don't like. Criminals voting for criminals. The foolish voting for the foolish. Patriots will not stand for this and we possess the force if it becomes necessary.

TRUMP 2016!
Make America Great Again!

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Check out Modsticks. They are machined aluminum sticks with various designs of top grips for you to choose as well as adjustable height. They aren't cheap, but compared to the controllers in this article, they are a bargain. I love my Modsticks and now that I am used to using them, the normal controllers just feel weird and twitchy. Pic:

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Wonderful, a contest based on the number of comments. As if there aren't enough useless comments made already.

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