The Best Things In Life, Are Dead.


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Then you won't min including Antifa and their ilk in with that since they seem to hate pretty much everything. Funny how an anti fascist group is acting exactly like historical fascists did. Lets also not forget that the KKK was founded by democrats, the same party that all these liberals are embracing today. Read up on your history kiddies, before the fools take it away.

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Why not? Isn't his opinion just as valid as yours? Do you have some reason that you don't want people expressing bad opinions about this game? I think the whole point of the comments section is for everyone to have a say and express their opinions, regardless of how pro or con they are. People like you that want to silence any opinion but your own disgust me.

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At least you know what you are buying instead of how it is with some new games.

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You mean it didn't live up to the extremely well documented LIES the developer told about it.

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The only DLC really worth owning is the Fallen Ghosts DLC. Avoid Narco Road at all costs.

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Agreed. My first home video game was a big Magnavox thing that only played Pong and was the same size as our reel to reel. Look it up kids. Then came arcade games and probably thousands in wasted quarters, and then the Atari 2600. Nostalgia can be a good thing, but you have to keep it all in perspective. There were a lot of things wrong with gaming in the '70s, '80s and '90s, just as there are today. But honestly, with the experiences we have today, the graphics, the stories...

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It's bold lies like the one in the title that reinforce my decision to not buy this game. The majority of my friends are passing on it or taking a "wait and see" approach. The few who are buying it seem to be on the younger side as most of my friends my age are fed up with the original and do not want to pay full price for what they feel is nothing more than an expansion. Opinions will vary but to me it seemed the reaction to the beta was pretty thoroughly mixed with plenty o...

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So what are people supposed to do, research every player in the match they are in and see if any are streamers and try not to kill them more than once? Or maybe watch every stream on every live site and make sure you aren't playing with any of them? You need to get a life as bad as these snowflakes do.

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Correction: We don't if Bungie knows what they are planning.

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Sorry, but you are incorrect. Here is a quote from Danielle:

" Here is some important information about the Chains of Harrow Update.

The Chains of Harrow PS4 update is a remaster build. What makes this build so special, you ask? Well, we did a little summer cleaning and removed old game assets that are no longer in use to free up hard disc space (19 GB of disc space vs. 35 GB!). We also rearranged all existing assets into optimal locations to speed ...

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It should be noted that this update includes a rebuild of the entire game, a "remaster" as DE is calling it, and should be a sizable download. It's looking like about 19 GB for me now on PS4 so you may want to plan ahead as Warframe is one of those games that rarely updates on it's own in rest mode.

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@ moldybread,

A restocking fee for something that isn't even in stock yet? Get serious.

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It didn't have to be that way but from the beginning, Bungie screwed up whatever "plan" they had for this game series, if there ever was one. If they had really planned this out to be a "ten year game" or series or whatever, all of this wouldn't have been such an issue. But I think it's pretty obvious with how Destiny 1 was handled that Bungie is great with gameplay as far as the actual movement and gunplay but woefully inept at how the framework that support...

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I don't see the point. My "fat" PS3 was backwards compatible and I used it a couple times. I kept my PS3 when I got my PS4, it's only been turned on a few times since then.

When I get a new system, I want to play NEW games. Not remasters, not old backward compatible games, I want new stuff. If I want to play old games, there are plenty of ways to do it that don't involve Sony wasting time and money on BC when it's not really that big of an issu...

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Prepare for mediocrity!

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No, Oberon Prime is NOT $80. You can get Prime Access that has Oberon Prime bundled with it for $80, but no single Warframe costs $80. And again, it's all optional and there is no "pay to win", it's more a "pay to shortcut" to get gear quicker but all can be earned in the game for free. It can also be profitable to play for free as you can sell the extra Prime parts on the market for Platinum and then use that to buy warframes and gea...

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I would say it's time is long past.

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Last time I checked, there were still quite a few "general-purpose" online game retailers. Green Man, Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Amazon, etc. Hell, I think even Walmart and GameStop have digital downloads. So how is that a monopoly?

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It's apparently the power supply.

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£700 and no shifter?

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