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Well if you want something "different" you should try this DLC. For me, I loved the original game and had a great time taking on various missions in whatever way I could plan out given the resources and the terrain but this DLC is basically GTA on meth shoved in the rear exit of a military shooter. It doesn't fit, it's obnoxious, it's unrealistic and just nerve-gratingly boring. But congratulations, it's something "different".

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@ wheresmymonkey,

"FUnny how you ignore the fact its also getting, an exclusive new version of SFII, Disgea 5, Minecraft, and Payday 2 as well."

Funny how those "exclusive new versions" most likely means downgraded ports that don't measure up to the normal versions. So how is that a good thing again? Looking forward to the spin...

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Pew pew pew.

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With 1-2-Switch in the top 10? Maybe not, lol.

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What a worthless review from someone obviously against open world games for whatever reason and is apparently a typical anti-American socialist moron. Keep your politics out of your reviews and I will keep mine out of my comments.

Once again someone tries to use the idea that GR:W is "not tactical". And compared to some past GR games, it's not since it doesn't force you to use one set of tactics. Just like the open world, so are your choices. You want ...

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The PS3 also allowed you to backup your saves to a USB drive, free of charge, if you did not have Plus.

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Bad articles are good for no one.

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Has there been an official release date? Has a timetable been released from the developer? How can it be delayed if it never got a starting point to begin with?

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Strange. Getting to El Sueno can be quick as you only need to defeat two of his bosses to get to him, but you only get the "bad" ending. To get the "good" ending, you have to do all the missions. So there shouldn't be any issue getting 100% completion after getting the first ending. Also note that some of the under-bosses unlock after only taking out a couple of the area bosses. It depends on the branch you are working on but I don't remember how many to unloc...

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To me it's a return to the old Ghost Recon games instead of the futuristic nonsense. Sure, it's open world and 3rd person but like the original, it allows you to attack how you want and plan out your own tactics and strategy. Just with Wildlands, you have a much larger map to plan in, seamless transition from mission to mission and place to place as well as a lot more weapons and customization.

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Which mission and what happened?

I have two play-throughs, the first one was my platinum run and is 100% complete, the second character I did a quick run, took out two bosses and then El Sueno for the other ending. I didn't run into any issues completing missions.

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Give it a rest already. You two who approved this should be ashamed of yourselves.

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The point you are missing is no matter how much power you cram into a portable system, there will always be more power available in a larger, less portable size. Phones today have more power than full size computers in the past but that doesn't mean that desktop computers have stayed in the past and have not also increased their power and capability. The same thing applies to portable and console gaming systems. Just because portable systems in the future will match the current gen con...

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You do realize that it is the membership that approves the articles that are posted here, don't you? Anyone can get in on approving whatever articles they want as long as they are within the guidelines. Naturally there are some sites that make articles and then make their own submissions to N4G and I personally think that should not be allowed. We should get the news we as gamers want, not be farmed for advertising hits. But I think the majority of content...

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"Anywhere outside of n4g there is really not that much negativity around it... "

That is a pretty foolish comment considering N4G is made up of news articles from all around the Internet.

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I use the Mk 17 in semi-auto mode. Works great for close range or as a medium range sniper. Basically a really good DMR. With the right mods you can get the accuracy way up there but at the cost of handling.

FYI, you can equip a suppressor on the SASG-12 and it's quiet as anything. A bit unrealistic, but fun to use nevertheless.

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Anyone who thinks Wildlands is "mediocre" hasn't played it.

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I disagree, the Vector is crazy good for a submachine gun with good accuracy, damage and a very high fire rate. In my opinion, the ACR shouldn't be on the list and should be replaced by the Mk 17, basically a SCAR H. The M4A1 is a decent assault rifle, but there are better options once you get to that point in the game, in my opinion. The TAR is a very good assault rifle and should be on the list. In addition, the Mk 48 LMG and SASG-12 should be on any list of the best weapons in Wild...

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This review is executed poorly and is a perfect example of someone who has completely missed the point. Drawing the conclusion that "Wildlands" means "explosions, quadbikes, maybe some Kenny Loggins on the radio to accompany a helicopter missile attack" means that this person has either never played a Ghost Recon game, or is just looking for things to be an ass about. His foolish comment that enemies "rarely put up resistance" tells me he never got far enough i...

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It IS gold. It releases this Tuesday.

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