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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


I think it's human nature. People argue about their favorite choice of a multiple all the time. Sports teams, car manufacturers, political parties, favorite beer, favorite colors, etc, etc. People want to support what they like and with that sometimes comes putting down it's competitor. Granted, many people take it too far and descend to juvenile levels but competition is bred into us and most of us do it to one extent or another unless you are completely passive and near comatose... #7
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Well there goes the value of my ET cartridge, lol. #3
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Amazon has them in the US. $60. #3.1
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The Adventure of Link was all about jumping. #1.2.3
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I thought this "mystery" bit was sort of intriguing at first but now that I seem Premium is required for the challenge, it just seems like a cheap ploy to sell Premium. #2
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If he's talking realism, why even mention Battlefield or CoD? If that's realism, I'm the king of the moon. #4
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If as the article says, the next step is appealing to a wider audience, you can forget all that "depth". Accessibility is the new thing and most main stream games suffer from it. #1.1
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Definitely some around 4:22 or so. #5.1
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Sweet, count me in on this one as well. Thanks for the chance! #112
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Count me in and thinks for the opportunity. T-shirt size is XL and any free swag is good swag. ;D #28
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Actually I can deal with most "fanboys" but to call out the Sony group more than the MS fans is a bit pathetic. The sheer number of people I have on my ignore list because they joined recently and have been spouting the most ridiculously obvious MS PR propaganda in comment after comment is astounding. If these people aren't being paid my MS to spout off about "the cloud", Titanfall, all these "amazing and wonderful" announcements coming at E3 then they shou... #7
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I seriously doubt this will result in any significant increase in battery life. The LEDs don't really use up that much juice, it's the controller itself. The DS4 battery is over twice as large as the one for the DS3, so it's mainly the component using up the battery, not a little LED. #1.1.10
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Obviously none of you have any experience with Americans face-to-face. Our voices and language are as varied as our origins. #1.4.4
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Chances are this will be more like Gauntlet Dark Legacy that released for multiple system back in the early 2000's than the original. #1.3
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But the A50 is not true surround sound. It only uses single 40mm drivers. I am tired of all these ridiculously expensive headsets with muddy sounding "virtual" surround sound. #3.1
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BlakHavoc, not to be rude or imply anything but I think this game is simply not for you. I am going to guess that you never played SOCOM 1 or 2? This game is meant for a niche market. It's not intended to compete with Battlefield or CoD or any other popular shooter. This one is for the fans of the old SOCOM games and as one of that group, I have to say I like what I see in this game.

While I wish the developer the absolute best I think the dev team knows that this i... #2.4.2
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Actually the "format for the series" was set back in 2002, when Battlefield 1942 was released. Which, incidentally, was a little over one year before the first Call of Duty released in 2003. If DICE ripped off anyone, it was the guys who made the mods for BF1942, both EoD: Eve of Destruction and Desert Combat to which the next two Battlefield games, BF Vietnam and Battlefield 2, bore a striking resemblance. #3.2.2
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By default a single press is supposed to save the last 15 minutes of whatever was going on, including gameplay and messing around in menus as well as take a screen shot. A long single press will take a screen shot and a quick double press will start recording from that point. I think you can swap the first and last function around in the settings. #6.1
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4 words.

Elves at Helm's Deep.

Or maybe I could mention dwarves that don't look or act at all like dwarves.

And honestly, the animated half done by Ralph Bakshi was much more loyal to the novels. #1.1.2
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