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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


Mine was Star Castle in the local arcade. ;D #1.6
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The only sticks I have ever seen that were actually worth paying for are Modsticks. Half the "stick-on" style stick mods are too loose and feel like crap but the Modsticks are tight and more accurate than the stock sticks or any mod I have tried. They are expensive, but to me it's all relative and well worth the cash if you want adjustable sticks that feel "right". #1.1.1
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While I agree with your assessment of Destiny, I have to recommend that you put down the thesaurus and leave the flowery speech to theater.

"The shallow depth?" Really? #1
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Keep firmly in mind that this is a game based on a movie. Historically, those have been almost universally dismal. I'd wait for reviews and word of mouth. #16.1
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Extra bubbles are always useful. Thanks and good luck in the future. #56
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EA cheats on their BBB complaints. They take the discussion outside the BBB complaint, which defeats the purpose of using the BBB as a mediator. Then, when you are still not satisfied, they tell the BBB that they contacted you and tried to resolve it and it was not accepted and BBB gives them a pass. Nevermind that that EA only wants to handle everything like it's a warranty claim and only wants to refund or replace if there is a defect. I'd say anyone with common sense would say... #1.7.1
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Yeah, we know why they are broken, the real question is, why do so many gamers put up with it and blindly swallow whatever trash they put out? #3
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Do we not deserve a complete and finished game when purchased? Or is everyone folding up and pussing out on that? #1.1.3
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Irony. #5.1.1
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I'm all for it.

http://www.basedgamer.com/ #7
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"Never preorder ANY game."

FIFY #3.1
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My resolutions? No more preorders, EVER. No more digital game purchases for consoles. And no more buying games because "all my friends are getting it". #4
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Well, you can make excuses for Sony all you want but if you take your controller apart you can clearly see it is a design issue with the controller and not with any game by any manufacturer. Then take apart a well worn PS3 controller and you will see that even with thousands of hours of playing time, they never developed the same issues. That's not anti-Sony bias, that is pure and simple fact from someone who has been a staunch Sony supporter dating back to the Sony reel-to-reel decks w... #2.1.5
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Rockstar has acknowledged it and found it to be a problem with the controller, not their programming which is exactly what I and many others found out. They can't change the dead zone of the trigger since the full pull is required for the accelerator control for the vehicles. Other games will work fine if they don not require a full pull of the triggers to actuate something.

I did do a temporary fix to test out my theory on my launch controller. I added a little silico... #2.1.3
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The only fix is to replace the controller or to replace the rubber contact pad under the front buttons. The R2 and L2 buttons contact the silicone contact pad with a flat, narrow edged bar and after a while it will cut through the silicone rubber, reducing the amount of stroke the triggers have. It's a design flaw with the controller, plain and simple. It mostly seems to affect the launch controllers. I do not know if it was corrected after the first production runs or if the newer co... #2.1
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I don't know, they sure dropped Zipper pretty quickly.

Either way, I'd much rather hear that Evolution is going to "push the boundaries" of customer service and providing gamers a value for their money and time. #3.2
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Hmmmm, an aircraft carrier... #8
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Don't like Polygon? Stop giving them clicks and instead tell Vox Media, their owner, how they are insulting the very people that keep them in business. #8
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Yes, for "swatting", which just goes to show how foolish these kids are. #17.1
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The point you are missing is that if one puts a value of the base game at $60, now those who only have the base game are not getting all of the game they paid for. Before the expansion, they had a Weekly Nightfall to do every week. Now they may not get one every week as it may be one from this expansion, or possibly future expansions.

It's like buying a 2015 model car and when the 2016 models come out, occasionally the manufacturer comes and takes the brake pedal away f... #18.1
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