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The shifter is separate. #5.1
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Do some research. Logitech was given the chance to upgrade or make an adaptor or something to make it work and Sony said it was possible and it was in Logitech's hands. Logitech at the time said they were not making anymore wheels and were not supporting old ones. Now a year later, a new $500 wheel comes out. No way in this green hell am I supporting Logitech. #3.1.1
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Anyone got the odds on ND now getting flooded with sob story letters, both true and false, in hopes of getting loot?

I'm not saying anything bad about people who have had some sort of loss in their lives, just that this probably going to be milked. #11
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Bungie just keeps making stupid mistakes. "Nerfing" is negative. No matter how good it is, it's always going to be a bad thing. Boosting, is a positive thing and will usually be seen as something good. So instead of nerfing a weapon, boost all the others. :D

For those unable to understand a jest, this is one. But the fact of the matter is, a little spin on the terms used and all this balancing wouldn't be nearly as controversial as it is, for any developer. #3
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Try SwiftKey. #1.1.1
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So you get a clutch pedal but you have to buy the shifter separately? Nah, I think I'll pass at that price, especially after the screwing we G27 owners took over the whole PS4 thing. Logitech, you can suck it. #3
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I consider that a good thing. #6.1.1
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Give us time. We are currently flying headfirst into socialism and I expect we will go broke just like Greece in the next 15 years. #1.2.2
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Personally, I would make a Minecraft 2 and change it up a bit but keep the original Minecraft on the market and supported and keep the mods coming for it. Minecraft 2 I would like to see a bit of a graphic improvement, but not a total modern look since that would kill the feel of Minecraft. Just a bit of polish like a normal Minecraft texture pack and let it go.

I would also like to see more weapons, more tools and I would prefer they put some physics into it. I want tun... #1.2.1
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I guess if I were to put my two cents here I would have to say that Uncharted 4, Horizon and Fallout 4 "owned" E3.

I think leaving Fallout 4 out of the equation is a bit amiss considering what a huge deal it is to finally be announced and to see all the content they are packing into it. Not to mention it was all but a rumor until recently and releases in just a few months. That sort of secrecy with such a big project is an achievement all it's own.
<... #1.1.10
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I found the Uncharted 4 gameplay to be pretty exciting and it looked great but I don't think they will ever top the presentation where they showed Uncharted 2's falling building sequence. Now that was exciting. #1.1.8
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Mine was Star Castle in the local arcade. ;D #1.6
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The only sticks I have ever seen that were actually worth paying for are Modsticks. Half the "stick-on" style stick mods are too loose and feel like crap but the Modsticks are tight and more accurate than the stock sticks or any mod I have tried. They are expensive, but to me it's all relative and well worth the cash if you want adjustable sticks that feel "right". #1.1.1
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While I agree with your assessment of Destiny, I have to recommend that you put down the thesaurus and leave the flowery speech to theater.

"The shallow depth?" Really? #1
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Keep firmly in mind that this is a game based on a movie. Historically, those have been almost universally dismal. I'd wait for reviews and word of mouth. #16.1
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Extra bubbles are always useful. Thanks and good luck in the future. #56
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EA cheats on their BBB complaints. They take the discussion outside the BBB complaint, which defeats the purpose of using the BBB as a mediator. Then, when you are still not satisfied, they tell the BBB that they contacted you and tried to resolve it and it was not accepted and BBB gives them a pass. Nevermind that that EA only wants to handle everything like it's a warranty claim and only wants to refund or replace if there is a defect. I'd say anyone with common sense would say... #1.7.1
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Yeah, we know why they are broken, the real question is, why do so many gamers put up with it and blindly swallow whatever trash they put out? #3
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Do we not deserve a complete and finished game when purchased? Or is everyone folding up and pussing out on that? #1.1.3
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Irony. #5.1.1
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