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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


Grow up, son. I don't have any particular hate for this post or video, I just fail to see how such a routine occurrence is either funny or news. I come here to learn something new about gaming that has just been released as news. If I wanted to watch unfunny and random videos, I would trawl around on YouTube for such things. No hate, just the facts of the matter. If you were more mature, perhaps you would understand this. #1.3.1
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How is it hilarious? If you bumble around in Gunner outposts without sneaking, you are bound to run into all sorts of things that will kill you. Hell, this sort of thing can happen in just about any hostile area of Fallout 4. #1.1.1
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A 30 second video is now considered an article of news? #1
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I think you people are getting a little too emotionally attached to Nintendo's exhaust port. Anyone old enough to have played an NES knows very well what a pain the cartridges where to get to work and no, it was not always bent pins. Corrosion and wear on the contacts were also a serious issue. The whole frustrating mess of blowing on the cartridges trying to wedge them in or having a "technique" to putting the cartridge in is not something I dreamed up. This was an actual a... #1.1.5
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Cartridges are reliable? You obviously never owned an NES. #1.1.1
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Detroit is already a wasteland. No point in replicating it in a video game when you can go there and get shot at for real. #6.1
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@ Mr. Pumblechook,

While I agree that some sites do post negative or outrageous articles for clicks, I do not think this article, nor others like it, are unwarranted. They are merely expressing doubts that a lot of us feel and considering what little hardcore evidence we have of what this game entails and it's comparatively close release date. There have been a lot of promises made in this game and for such a small and untested developer and the large scale of this proj... #1.1.10
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Mine is identical to the one on the Funko site. You may be looking at the #78, which is the T-60 Power Armor and a bit different. #1.1.1
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Interesting that Funko changed the name of the #49 from "Brotherhood of Steel" to just "Power Armor". I guess that made my BoS figure slightly more collectible, lol. #1
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I personally was not impressed with the WoT beta. I don't know if it just differs too much from the PC version or if I just got spoiled by the War Thunder tank gameplay which I thought was a lot better with keyboard and mouse. I just don't like the dual stick controls with WoT. It's pretty much the same thing everyone hated about the tank controls when BF4 released. I also do not like the dumbed down upgrade system in WoT when compared to War Thunder which is a lot more in dep... #1.3
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Looks like PSN is back up here in Virginia at least. I also see friends from Ohio and Mississippi online. #1.1.14
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I am more interested in how it will differ from a greed perspective. Or how about from a "value for my money" perspective? #1.2.1
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Seems like a pointless waste of time for only .000000005 seconds on Internet fame. #8.3
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So how did he get past Kellogg? #7
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I use my Power Armor, usually my jet-pack'd X-01 suit, when I need to go into a lot of radiation or need to jump around to get places easier. Most of the time I run around without the armor though. At first it was due to them using Fusion Cores and I was worried about running out but now I have over 30 suits and close to 400 Fusion Cores so I could use it all the time if I wanted but I got used to running around without it.

In addition to that for whatever reason, I can... #1.1.7
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This is very important for working with your settlements. If you intend to make the most out of them, picking the perk that allows supply lines is key to being able to share a lot of stuff between your settlements without having to physically carry it yourself. #2.2.1
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You can send settlers around to other settlements. I'm not sure if it's something you can always do or if you unlock it at some point but if you are in the "workshop" where you can assign settlers jobs, I also have the command to "move" them and then it will bring up a list of settlements to send them to. #2.1.2
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Are you having fun doing it? If yes, then you are not wasting time. If you are not having fun, then yeah, you don't really need to do a lot of it to continue with the quests. #2.1
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California is more "Americanish"? Having driven a truck in most of the 50 states, including California, I would have to say that California is very far from being the ideal representative state in the Union. As far as the trucking industry goes, I would have to say either Texas or the Kentucky and Tennessee are would be more representative of the American trucking industry and the experience overall. Honestly, to an OTR driver, California is just a frustrating mess.
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You can never have too much Power Armor!

As for building at Sanctuary, I am of two minds. While the practical side of me thinks that rebuilding what was still standing would have been a logical place to start, many of them already fell down and they don't really fit the "was... #1.1.2
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