The Best Things In Life, Are Dead.


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In other news, Sega has announced that they have completely depleted their imagination.

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Sounds to me like a lot of people need to grow the hell up on both sides of the issue. Intentionally trolling and being offensive is stupid but it's even more stupid to let the harasser get the better of you and go off crying for your safe space or go full on SJW and take to the Internet screaming for blood and killing your credibility by insisting your attackers be treated worse than you were. If someone one bothers you, put your big pants on and handle it. You can mute them, you can ...

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Polishing a turd.

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Rainbow Six Kart

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Tetris, Minecraft and Wii Sports have all outsold GTA 5.

Tetris = 495 million
Minecraft = 107.86 million
Wii Sports = 82.78 million
GTA5 = 70 million

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Good riddance. I have no tolerance for liars and frauds.

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And yet history has repeatedly proven that all the consoles of the past that we consider to be "great" have had very good sales numbers when compared to the competition.

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Sales may not make a great console, but rest assured, a great console makes sales.

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Oh, boo hoo, someone said something that offends me.

People need to grow the hell up. If you stop letting people get to you, they will get bored and move on to easier prey. Acting like a crybaby over every little insult, real and perceived, just makes you look like a child. There will always be people out there trying to make other people angry. If you grow a thick skin and don't let it bother you, they can't win. If you start whining and complaining, they win ...

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That is what a review is, Knucklehead.

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It's a nice map for sure but some of the interactive maps on the Internet are much more useful since they can track what you have done if you save everything.

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The lack of a lawyer tells us that either they do not have the money to support a real lawsuit or they don't take it seriously enough to want to invest money in it. As others have said this could just be just another frivolous suit intended to bring publicity, or they could be going full retard. So far their actions seem to be a lot like other "fly by night" businesses which would suggest that after they burn all their opportunities with this venture the business will go bankr...

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Not to mention that would be a case they could potentially win since they would actually have a bit of legal ground to stand on unlike the other two suits they have against Sterling and random Steam users.

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I am currently at level 101 and have played all the DLC except for Nuka World which I have only just started. I played Fallout 3 all the way through several times and enjoyed just doing the beginning and going out and exploring even after that. I never enjoyed New Vegas. I tried to play it 5 or 6 times and never got very far into it. It just seemed very tedious and never held my attention.

Fallout 4 I have enjoyed a lot. I know a lot of people disliked the building f...

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I always said that NMS looked a lot like the last stage of Spore but always got voted down and blasted about how "revolutionary" NMS was supposed to be. Spore was a pretty solid game when it came out and still plays well today and from what I can tell, has a lot to offer besides just raw exploration. It may lack the first person perspective and more "hands-on" feel of gathering resources, but that also seems to be one of the most common complaints about NMS from what I h...

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They will put them on the shelf priced $5 less than the new retail version like they always do.

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That's one f*cked up kid.

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Agreed. People can disagree all they want but I've said it since NMS was first announced, this is basically just an expanded version of the last stage of Spore. Anyone who disagrees is either some sort of fanboy or has never actually played Spore. About the only difference I have seen so far other than the scale is Spore had more fetch quest type of gameplay and less of a survival aspect. Either way it's not nearly the "revolutionary" game...

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It's unrealistic, childish and ignorant to expect a product to be finished and complete on it's release for sale to the public?

I'll let the auto manufacturers know you are ok with buying a car without any wheels or engine in the future. But it's ok because they can put them in at a later date because manufacturing is also "dynamic". SMH

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If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

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