The Best Things In Life, Are Dead.


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Advising customers of your product to not use features of said product is probably not the best course of action. That is akin to a car company telling you that the brakes on your new car might not work and advising you not to use them...

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No more bubbles but here's a +1 for funny for nostalgia if nothing else, lol.

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What game did you try to buy? Honestly, I just signed out of my account on Amazon and looked around and could not find one single game that was "not for sale" to a regular customer. I found many with an "Exclusive Prime Discount" but nothing about it not being for sale to the general public for the regular price. I'm starting to get the feeling that this is just getting blown way out of proportion.

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No sir, I don't like it. [/Ren & Stimpy Mr.Horse Voice]

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Someone needs a geography lesson.

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Warframe was a great example of how F2P can work but lately they have been ramping up the grind to a point that is killing the fun.

As for the community being respectful, I disagree. The Warframe community is filled with whiny, entitled and spoiled brats that scream and kick about anything and constantly complain or spam the chat with "riot" when things don't go their way. To DE's credit, they take it all in stride and work with the community to an unprece...

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Well, the last stage of Spore was pretty fun and this game seems to be just an expansion on that idea, so maybe. But then it could get boring pretty quick if it's not done correctly or doesn't appeal to the individual player.

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Totally incorrect. Onkyo and Pioneer are now one company as of March of 2015 but neither are related to Sony in any way other than they are all electronics corporations based in Japan.

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You just suck at shopping. I paid a penny for my Xperia Play, after it had only been out a few months. I got my Bravia for $1k off the MSRP and $600 less than the comparable Samsung HDTV. I typically get pretty good prices for the quality. You get what you pay for.

Some things are a bit overpriced for their place in the hierarchy of brands for specific components, in my opinion. For example, Sony wants an awful lot for a 7.1 surround receiver when there are better units...

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What do you expect from twinfinite? They seem to be trying to take the title for stupidity in journalism from Kotaku.

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It lists ETS2 but not the new American Truck Simulator?

I agree, a very poorly thought out list.

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Why on Earth would you submit a piece of news and only link the Tweet and not the news posted on the site that is linked in the Tweet?

"Fallout 4 1.4 Update

UPDATE March 11: The 1.4 update for Fallout 4 is available as an automatic download for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 users.

UPDATE Feb 29: Fallout 4’s 1.4 update is now live and public on Steam. In the coming weeks, the update will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. <...

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Not really sure that is much of an "easter egg" since it's pretty much right out in your face. A little more "easter egg" to me is the Splinter Cell night vision goggles on the cabinet behind Lau's desk.

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2-4 grenades is typical for a military infantry soldier, depending on their specific job or role. Grenades are actually pretty heavy and carrying a large quantity would mean you would have to carry less of something else, like rifle ammunition. Overloading yourself would just make you less effective and would bring your whole squad or team down.

Naturally real world problems don't usually translate into video games where you can carry a pack train's worth of goods a...

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Considering your triple post, you may be experiencing some more localized Internet issues, lol.

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Check my comments, pal. I don't even own an Xbox. Never have, never will. But the facts remain that with a lot of the less than stellar games coming out these days at full price with all sorts of promises, if publishers shut down under-performing studios, I have no issues with it other than the impact on the employees, which is a sad but necessary fact of life. I was not happy when Sony shut down Zipper, but considering MAG's issues and SOCOM 4 bein...

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Very true but on the other hand, do we as gamers really want sub-par games? Naturally there is no accounting for tastes, but if Microsoft as the publisher felt they were not making quality games, it may be better that they were closed down.

The flip side is it's definitely a sad thing for the employees themselves and I hope they can all move on to bigger and better things but from a business standpoint as well as a value for gamers, this may be the best thing in the end.

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Disappointing but I would much rather have small graphical glitches like this than game breaking bugs or horribly noticeable frame rate issues. But then the game is only just now getting some play time so more may be revealed in time but I'm reasonably sure Ubi, Massive and Red Storm will be on top of it. If nothing else this will make the "I don't trust the no reviews" crowd feel a little better about themselves.

Time will tell.

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To my knowledge, there is no embargo.

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