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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


My resolutions? No more preorders, EVER. No more digital game purchases for consoles. And no more buying games because "all my friends are getting it". #4
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Well, you can make excuses for Sony all you want but if you take your controller apart you can clearly see it is a design issue with the controller and not with any game by any manufacturer. Then take apart a well worn PS3 controller and you will see that even with thousands of hours of playing time, they never developed the same issues. That's not anti-Sony bias, that is pure and simple fact from someone who has been a staunch Sony supporter dating back to the Sony reel-to-reel decks w... #2.1.5
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Rockstar has acknowledged it and found it to be a problem with the controller, not their programming which is exactly what I and many others found out. They can't change the dead zone of the trigger since the full pull is required for the accelerator control for the vehicles. Other games will work fine if they don not require a full pull of the triggers to actuate something.

I did do a temporary fix to test out my theory on my launch controller. I added a little silico... #2.1.3
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The only fix is to replace the controller or to replace the rubber contact pad under the front buttons. The R2 and L2 buttons contact the silicone contact pad with a flat, narrow edged bar and after a while it will cut through the silicone rubber, reducing the amount of stroke the triggers have. It's a design flaw with the controller, plain and simple. It mostly seems to affect the launch controllers. I do not know if it was corrected after the first production runs or if the newer co... #2.1
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I don't know, they sure dropped Zipper pretty quickly.

Either way, I'd much rather hear that Evolution is going to "push the boundaries" of customer service and providing gamers a value for their money and time. #3.2
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Hmmmm, an aircraft carrier... #8
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Don't like Polygon? Stop giving them clicks and instead tell Vox Media, their owner, how they are insulting the very people that keep them in business. #8
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Yes, for "swatting", which just goes to show how foolish these kids are. #17.1
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The point you are missing is that if one puts a value of the base game at $60, now those who only have the base game are not getting all of the game they paid for. Before the expansion, they had a Weekly Nightfall to do every week. Now they may not get one every week as it may be one from this expansion, or possibly future expansions.

It's like buying a 2015 model car and when the 2016 models come out, occasionally the manufacturer comes and takes the brake pedal away f... #18.1
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Why, do you want to buy it again? #6.1
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"Sean Murray has made it crystal clear what you will be doing in the game. It's all about exploration and discovering new and mysterious things. That is the basic concept of the game. The object is ultimately to get to the center of the galaxy where there is something special that happens."

There is already a game that does that. It's called Spore. #4.1
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I find it interesting, but due to all the games being released lately with various issues, I am wary of getting excited about anything. Plus I still would like to know what the story behind this game is and what is all there. So far all I have seen is flying from planet to planet and "exploring". That much reminds me a lot of the last stage of Spore, but there needs to be a lot more. Where is the story, the conflict? I refuse to buy into another shell of a game like Destiny aga... #1.1
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In my opinion, the main issue the #GamerGate movement has is fact that there is no focus. We all want change, but much like the whole "Anonymous" hacktivism thing, there is no face of the movement, no spokesman. So it's hard to take it very serious when there are so many people talking and while they all may be moving in the same direction, so to speak, they all have slightly different ideas about different aspects of the movement. We can all agree we want changes in gaming jour... #5
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Elevation can be a good thing, particularly when you are looking for more precision as in racing games. 240° of a steering wheel's rotation does not translate well to 1/2" of stick movement to either side and the extra length adds a bit more "throw" to the stick making movements more precise. It can make the difference between bumping the stick repeatedly to make a wide, sweeping turn in a racing game, or just giving the stick a slight bit of movement. A short stick... #7.1
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Meh, I installed a set of Modsticks on my new camo DS4. I usually just glue on a small circle cut from a drywall sanding screen and call it good, but I love the adjustable height and extra precision with the Modsticks. I was actually going to do a review of them here on N4G, but I guess I would have to do a blog post since the reviews are only setup for games. But I highly recommend the Modsticks to anyone looking for more speed or precision, depending on how you adjust them.

... #5
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I am thankful I do not obsess over things I think that are utterly useless in the larger scheme of things like what I wear, what I eat, what I drive, etc. #36
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I remember this came up as a rumor before the game released on last gen systems. A lot of people were against it, but I thought it would be a really cool option. It could have been an added thing to prepare for when doing heists or other missions and could be a real game changer online. I know it wouldn't be for everyone, but I wouldn't mind a few more simulation type additions to GTA to make it more interesting. I think making them optional would be a great idea to let people pic... #3.3
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Agreed, playing in first person is a bit like putting blinders on in real life. You have suddenly lost all your peripheral vision and that tends to make me a bit paranoid. I haven't messed with it any so maybe opening up the FoV might make it better, but so far I find it cool to mess around with but any mission I am doing, I will use third person view except for a few driving instances in big trucks where first person actually makes it easier. Just my .02 #2.4
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If you have ever tried to get a real problem resolved with their customer service you would know that at least that division of Sony is anything but humble. #2.1
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I don't think this is anything special. It looks to me like a normal traffic snarl and the cop and bad guy shootout makes everyone go nuts and make a run for it, which is what usually happens. This guy just got lucky to be recording when both happened at the same time. #8
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