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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."


"This is EA, the service will likely be discontinued at some point."

FIFY ;) #1.2.1
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Rounds of ammunition are either loaded with a stripper clip, as in a M1 Garand, or in a magazine, as with most modern military rifles. You don't put magazines in a clip and a clip hasn't been in normal use for years. #2.2.1
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You can go back to explore and go into the Hellmouth. Just start the mission and don't go to the first objective, just go wander around. You can make it pretty deep below the moon's surface. There are a couple Ogres you can kill as well as a few level 12 Knights. #2.1
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That hole in the wall usually has a Hallowed Knight in it, but when the battle between the Hive and Fallen above ramps up, the Knight turns into a Hallowed Ogre. Both can be knocked off the edge with a bit of persistence. #1.2.8
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Flight, electricity, guns, automobiles, spaceflight, medicine, etc... #5.1.1
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The one I mentioned above just guards his little hole in the wall and not much else. As mentioned, there is a Ghost in there as well as a chest with the usual frequency, but there isn't anything special in the chest, just the usual loot.

As for the Hallowed Knights, and Hive Knights in general, they are pretty resistant but can be killed. Shooting them in the face is the best option that I've found, which can be hard to do when doing a public mission like defending... #5.2.2
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Hallowed Knights, you mean? They can be killed depending on their level. Sniper rounds to the face do a good job as well as a well placed special attack if you are ranked up enough. One in particular that is impossible to beat, short of trickery, is the one over the side of the Helo landing pad on the other side of the Skywatch building. If you through the fence, at either end or drop over the side at the broken railing, you will find a hole in the wall guarded by a very angry Hallowed Kn... #5.2
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If you go past them a short way the road takes a hard right and you are facing a large group of lvl 20 Hive soldiers and one of those Hive capsules stuck in the mountainside. At least that's about all you can see before you get wasted. There is another path nearby that takes you to a tunnel full of Hive Thralls and who knows what else as I never made it in there far. #3.1.2
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Make sure what code you have. If it's the 9 digit code, it's the one you have to register with Bungie.net. They will email the actual Beta download codes later. Read the FAQ. #10.1
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The Alpha invites didn't have anything to do with preorders. #3.5.2
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Methinks you are confused about the difference between a beta test and a demo. #10.3
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The G27 can be had for less than half of what some of you are claiming a wheel with a clutch can be bought for. No, it's not the best wheel available, but it does work well and is plenty for the average console racer. #1.1.15
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$600 for a racing wheel with a clutch? Try again. #1.1.10
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That hardly makes any sense considering I have been running Minecraft on my PC on the same Raptor drive for years that is less than 100 GB, not to mention it also has my OS on it and several other games. Even with a dozen or more worlds saved my entire Minecraft folder is a bit over 700 MB. #2.2.1
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I just glue a small circle of sanding screen to each stick and let it ride. The only play in my sticks now is the skin on my thumb shifting back and forth. #11
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And was still miles better than Obama. Remember the good old days when "change" meant paying off the horrible deficit the "Republicans" ran up? Lowering healthcare costs? More jobs? Stronger economy?

Yeah, where did all that go? Hmmmmm... #1.2.6
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+1 Well Said #2.1
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Don't feel bad, I entered mine a while back also and got a bit antsy because I hadn't heard anything yet, lol.

On the 17th you should get your actual code to enter into PSN provided you select a Playstation platform tomorrow. Not sure if the Xbox codes go out at the same time or not since the beta starts later for them. #6.1.2
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Read the FAQ. #6.1
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For me at least, the "Alpha" reminded me a lot of a cross between Borderlands and Fallout 3. It does seem to have a bit of Halo influence, but I only really noticed it in the weapons. The area given for you to explore seemed pretty large but it was larger than some players ever found. There were many dead-end corridors and rooms but there were also many passages that led to other areas to explore. Many I have spoken with never saw the inside of one of the great walls in the area, o... #6.2
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