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Yet another reason I will not be buying anymore GT games.

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I love Spintires, it's a brilliant off road game and tons of fun to explore and haul with huge trucks in crazy environments but the "challenging objectives" are basically just delivering logs and about the only extra challenge other than the mud and terrain is the awful controls trying to load one log at a time if you choose to load that way instead of the instant load option. Also, if there aren't any modded vehicles included on console, it's going to be a fairly dull ...

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@ RememberThe357,

That's their problem. With each new game, they go back to making the same old mistakes and have a mess at launch, totally forgetting everything they learned from the last game. Eventually, most of Dice's games turn out pretty good but why on Earth they can't take lessons learned from previous games and automatically apply them to the new game is beyond me. It should be a given that in a multiplayer FPS game, that people will want to squad up...

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That is Dice's MO. They have great ideas on the large scale but completely ruin the little things that support the idea. The Battlefield series is a great series but from the beginning they have repeatedly disappointed their players with asinine ideas like no way to invite friends or build squads when a game launches. These things were hugely important when the last game came out but somewhere between everyone raising hell about it in one game and development of the next, they complete...

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You should probably educate yourself on what Trump has actually said instead of what all your socialist pals are crying about.

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Probably because the XBoneX hasn't came out yet. It's hard to test a console that hasn't been sold yet.

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An article based on another article? WTF?

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It's not on the same level because of the ridiculous double standard that you people created. SJWs, PCs, BLM, Antifa, whatever, you all want this or that and cry about this or that but in reality you are all just as guilty of the same offenses you spend all day whining about. Racism, sexism, and whatever other "isms" you people make up to have something to cray about is false at least half of the time and damn near 100% of the time you use the very same offense to somehow just...

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I think you missed the part where I said I learned that the last thing you want is a Seagate. I have had many, many failures both in PC I have built and in PCs people have brought to me for service. I have never had a WD drive fail. It's nice that you have had good luck with Seagate drives, but in my experience, they are as unreliable as Toshiba drives.

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I learned a long time ago while building PC that the last thing you want is a Seagate HDD. WD FTW.

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It's good that you are listening, it shows that you are at least interested in making better reviews. In my opinion, Ark is not a game that can be reviewed quickly. Until you get to the level where you are farming, breeding and have a decent egg supply for kibble, you are only scratching the surface. Then there's metal mining, searching the ocean floor and deep water for goodies, fishing for engrams and high end loot, caves, and of course, the boss fights and Tek Tier. And that...

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Awful review. It touches on some of the good points and has an accurate description as far as how the game basically just turns you loose with no real clue on what to do, but many survival games are exactly like that. The video is a bit misleading as it's obviously on a private single player game as he's got full riot armor, and assault rifle and yet is still using a bow and taming with berries. He mentions a few times that the community on the public servers is helpful and that is...

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This game is not the best at anything and for $60, it's not worth the cost to give it a chance. If someone wants to try it, I highly recommend waiting until it's down to $20 or so. There are some things in Ark that you can't really do anywhere else but it's just not a complete game by any stretch of the imagination and not worth the $60 price. Especially not with the way the developer "fixes" bugs and other issues.

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"Because you know better than the game developer."

This is Studio Wildcard we are talking about. The bum in the alley 3 streets over probably knows more than they do.

"Switching on Ark PS4-Xbox One cross-play would "not take more than a few days"

Yup, a few days to switch it over and then 6 months of glitches, bugs, removed features and other stupidity until Wildcard can figure out how to make at least some of...

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Not playing ball now? Perhaps you would like to compare the number of times the PS4 column is checked versus the XBO column:

And yes, that is Wikipedia, but I checked out several games on the list and they seem to be legitimate. I challenge you to find errors in it.

Oh, and for the lazy, there are abou...

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I believe Wildcard said in a recent interview that they as a dev support crossplay, not that the game Ark does but since Wildcard can't tie their shoes without assistance, I doubt it would ever happen anyway.

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It's easy to say you are giving money away when you have none.
In other words, Microsoft has nothing to lose by taking this strategy. If they were leading this gen, they would be against crossplay, just as they were when the 360 was on top. It's just another number in a game of numbers. As gamers we are just numbers to them.

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What a load of shit. ARK is such a poorly optimized mess, it can barely run on one system, so I seriously doubt these worthless hacks could ever get crossplay on multiple systems all work together properly. If I want commentary on various topics in gaming, I'll take them from a competent developer, not a 3rd rate hack that sells an alpha at full price.

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"Regardless of your hands design of being symmetrical... they do not act symmetrical. "

This is the most asinine shit I have read on here in a long time, and that is saying something.

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Then you won't min including Antifa and their ilk in with that since they seem to hate pretty much everything. Funny how an anti fascist group is acting exactly like historical fascists did. Lets also not forget that the KKK was founded by democrats, the same party that all these liberals are embracing today. Read up on your history kiddies, before the fools take it away.

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