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I'd also give Earthworm Jim HD a shout out as well, that's one of the ways you do an HD remake right, the only thing it missed was a "classic graphics" type mode for the sake of nostalgia.

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The billion figure is in the link I provided, the one you provided is only the US so one can assume the rest is probably all other territories combined.

Nothing wrong with going the band route in the franchise. Kotick is only the CEO of Activision, he doesn't make games, secondly, as per the article Kotick says he doesn't think about the competition because he doesn't feel the need to comment about the other franchise like EA's CEO is doing with MW3. Don'...

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It's an RPG! You use the mechanics that you want, you can go around farting if you want but don't expect the world to react kindly to you or respect you if you do, unless you come across an immature NPC.

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I doubt you've played it but in Fable III there's a pretty heavy scene with a character you're connected to where you can basically leave them to die or bring them with you to get them help.

There's a clear benefit to leaving them behind (you're slowed down and constantly under attack) but if you play the game as intended (this implies to all games with such situations) you'll be facing a moral and emotional dilemma, should I leave them behind and s...

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Even if you go by hardware costs Guitar Hero III still outsold Rock Band with $1 billion in revenue compared to $600 million.

I also don't know why I got disagrees when I presented links along with the facts!

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It's difficult to put an exact number on how many vital employees left since we don't know exact Infinity Ward (or even Respawn) positions. All we do know is that there are a number of Infinity Ward veterans at both studios.

If you have experience with engine technology, especially internal variations you already have a pretty big benefit over those new to a project. I'm not a very big Call of Duty fan (3 was the last one I really liked) but it'...

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Hunh? Infinity Ward had over 100 employees before the lawsuit business came into play. Just under half left to go to Respawn, judging by everything we know of MW3 so far it looks like most of what people like about those games is still there. So no one has the "brains" since there are plenty of Call of Duty veterans at both studios...

Mind over Mutants was a Sierra game, the only reason Activision got it was because the merger happened a few weeks before that game...

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No, it only means 80% of Respawn's current employee count is from Infinity Ward, not that 80% of Infinity Ward left to join Respawn.

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There's a difference between having fans and having fanboys.

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Rock Band never beat Guitar Hero sales wise, the first Rock Band game sold 4 million units at retail as of mid 2008 while Guitar Hero III did 8 million units at the same time.

After that, sales for bo...

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For all the slack they've gotten, CryTek was really able to push DirectX 9 to its limits. It kind of makes me wonder how much potential is left in other builds of DirectX and why we generally don't see this level of detail/performance.

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The demo was great, the only issue I ran into was at the beginning it was easy to lose track of Sonic when he was running fast due to the background. Other than that, it was really fun and the landscape was beautiful!

I'm kind of worried though because the game didn't showcase any of the "new Sonic" stuff. They did the same thing with the Unleashed demo IIRC. The problem with that game was the day time Sonic stuff was awesome and reminded everyone why the ...

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Fable III was good but the only thing that really ruined the game for me was the ending and to a certain extent, how it was handled. It felt like they said "we don't have enough time to do things this way" so they copped out.

There were a few other minor issues I had with the game as well like not being able to manage your buildings in a group. I did like how your consequences actually had weight to them though, it kinda makes you realize why a dictator, monarch...

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Paradox: A PC gamers best friend.

Great interview!

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Why does the hacked source need to be affiliated with Microsoft if those passwords and e-mail addresses also work on sites like Twitter, Facebook, World of Warcraft, etc? One of the first confirmed account hackings was a World of Warcraft account on their feed afterall.

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I don't know about that, the guy playing the demo at E3 was pretty slow himself. Whether that's actually gameplay or him just not doing a good demo (since I heard on podcasts in the game you don't actually need to say "lightsaber on"), who knows.

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Do you have a link to this proof?

The only thing I've heard them say is they had 60k e-mail address from an unknown location and that people have used the list to gain access to Facebook, Paypla, etc where the login details were the same.

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You can get true HD on a regular DVD, they're called "WMV HD DVD discs", they were kinda popular before the format war started (you can play them on a PC, Xbox 360, and I think even PS3). The max bit rate was around 14 mbps IIRC, Blu Ray and HD DVD can do more than double that for video. Digital distribution on the other hand so far can only do 8-10 mbps max depending on the service, connection quality, etc.

I think DivX had a similar platform around that time b...

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Far fetched that people use the same login info in multiple places?

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Exactly, the media is making it out to be a Xbox Live, Facebook, Paypal, Blizzard, etc hacking when in reality it was a single breach at a third party where they found accounts that used the same login info on other websites.

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