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I don't trust anyone but DICE with Battlefield. As long as Danger Close(As i'll continue to call them) keeps their hands off the multiplayer component, all is well.

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We can only hope. But first and foremost, how about some legit gameplay of the main version?

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The future is looking ever brighter for EA. Now about those micro-transactions...

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While I don't disagree that the title is misleading, it's still a good and informative video. Worth watching if you want extra detail as to what went down at the demo presentation.

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You people make Call of Duty to be the anti-Christ. It' really not that bad. There's reasons as to why it hasn't innovated: The formula.

The 60 frame 1080p ultra smooth gameplay is what people come back for. If Call of Duty had upgraded its engine earlier in the game, it would have had to sacrifice what's mentioned above. Call of Duty thrives because of its resistance to change. When you're the publisher of such a juggernaut and phenomenon, it would be und...

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I don't see why everyone sees Call of Duty as a bad thing. The industry needs a juggernaut like COD, but I can see something else rising above it some time in the future. For now, let's be positive about the possibilities a next gen COD can bring to the table.

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This is just behind Watch Dogs and GTA V in my hype list

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Really enjoyed Call of Duty 2's D-Day mission, COD4's Shock and Awe, MW2's No Russian, and World at War's Heart of the Reich.

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Some people are just awful at doing fakes. Dark Skyline? Really?

"Hey guys, wanna play some Dark Skyline?"


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I'm not scientist, but I don't think food has too much of an effect your performance while gaming. Unless you starve yourself.

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After the mess that was Halo 4 Multiplayer, I just can't find it in myself to keep playing the series /:

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Impressive. Now do it to scale.

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Gearbox could use some actual talent for a change.

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That's why.

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While you have some good points, it's ridiculous that they give up on LucasArts in the eve of excellent-looking games like 1313.

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NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!


1313? Battlefront III? KOTOR?!

What a waste of a potential gold mine!

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Which is unfortunate. I believe the only people to ever have seen GTAV actually being played outside of R* are the editors at Game Informer.

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We need a real look at gameplay for once.

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This isn't new, this supposed leak has already been reported.

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Gaming journalism just sucks.

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