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Server queue priority? Pretty sweet for premium users but pretty shitty for everybody else.

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Fuck this isn't good. I'm guessing the next BF will have 2-3 more of these maps for the COD players.

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every once in a while I play a match with the sole intention of getting as many revives as possible. It's pretty fun, especially when u finish a 1000 ticket match near the top with on;y 1 kill and a shit load of deaths.

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Sadly Brink was forgotten.

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you took the words out of my mouth.

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that's why I'll wait for the GOTY edition or until Steam has a 75% off sale that includes all DLC for $20 or under.

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ya origin all the way........

as far as speed goes.

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It's awesome!

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It's almost over but for people who are interested, Crysis 2 is also available for $10.

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you guys obviously never read the article. Basically the only way to differentiate new games from used games will be to look at the price tags and see whether it says new or used (tiny letters), as they will all be mixed together. No more 'used game section'. Now it will just be organized by genre with the new mixed in with the used.

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looks like it didn't sell as well as they had hoped.

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maybe 2012 if it's being made by another developer but if it's Bethesda, don't count on it.

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Great! Now the waiting game for the inevitable $10 sale in a year or so.

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I just mortar them back since they light up my mini-map like a christmas tree. Pretty easy to deal with them IMO.

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In before the trolls get here.

Hellz yes!!!!

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I'm curious as to why "FIVE" is written across it. I think it has something to do with what's going to be in the game. 5 different unique areas, 5 playable characters? Just some food for thought.

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get rid of the dirt on my screen bullshit. please, it's fucking annoying.

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Youtube link:

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Ya, same here. I thought it would've been at the very least 20GB in size!

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