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1. This article is less whiny than most of these comments, (he actually says he enjoyed the game and the full slate of DLC was actually worth the price) and certianly less whiny than you.
2. Since when do you need to be able to code to wish for a game to be better?
3. The author pretty much states that he's basically asking modders to try to do some of these things.
4. Get over yourself.

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It has no local co-op, so yes, I'm worried. How can a turtles game not have local co-op?

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I love that this exists. I kind of want to start a flame war arguing about how this list totally overlooked indie ovens. For shame.

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You guys are so funny. I'm the author of this list. Maybe you didn't read my name in the title, which would indicate that it is a rather personal list, filled with all of my own personal preferences.

Check out our games of the generation podcast on the host site for the personal lists from the rest of the aycg crew to see if maybe they included your favorite games. But really, why get so mad about the games I like? Do you really want to see everybody list the same 10...

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