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Also saw some people turning up for demos as advertised but then them not being there. That really sucks!

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Room-Scale! Woo!

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No, they're both Oculus Studios games, which means Oculus VR paid for the development of both. They'll be exclusive to Rift.

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Incredible news. Well done Oculus.

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FINALLY! A VR device has a release month!

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It reprojects titles in 120fps. They don't have to be running in it natively.

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This is a new low for Dualshocker's exploitative headlines trying to tie into the gamer gate stuff. The guy that's written the article is meant to consider himself a journalist for goodness sake.

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The talk is being live blogged here -

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It's such a mad idea to bring this Zelda, of all Zeldas to VR. Still I'll play the heck out of it.

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I think it would be a good idea to wait right now dude. The announcement will be in a month and I'd imagine they'll want to be selling it asap to keep momentum.

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Anyone thought that this might these might be shots of the Vita version?

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That's a Saturday, so no.

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Actually, as someone that liked the original Killzone, it was disheartening to find the franchise veer off in a different direction to what had been established in the first two games.

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Personally I'm really looking forward to the Wii U but I can totally understand someone being burned by the Wii. I think E3 will give us a better picture.

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It doesn't surprise me really. I always thought the idea was that the game would most likely get crappy reviews but people would still pick it up simply because it has to be played.

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Could we get better looking games that Rage? Humenah humenah...

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I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. It's alive and it looks great!

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I was worried that the continued silence meant it was far off from the US release. Really glad to hear this, can't WAIT/

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Half the people that hate the franchise will buy it too. It's unavoidable.

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I just wish my computer could run it :(

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