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Some people are saying the game looks great, other people are saying the game doesn't look good enough. In the end I think Criterion did an excellent job porting a game to a system they have no experience with. Let's just give credit where credit's due and say Criterion made a fun game that's pretty and runs well. #3.1.2
I think you're right. I can't imagine why the Wii U could handle every other aspect of the game fine except for two extra people in online. Wouldn't that only be limited by bandwidth and EA's servers? It makes more sense to me that Criterion would lower the number from 8 to 6 to keep people from having to wait for more people to join. #2.2
I cannot wait. Everything looks great, but that motion blur is just perfect. #3
Keep calm and carry on. #1.2
From the article: "This thing is doing as good a job of selling itself as Google Wave."
Yup, Nintendo needs to figure something out. I can't believe it took them 4 months before they did any advertising that even addressed the issue of no one knowing what the hell a Wii U is. Marketing majors are going to study this failure for years. #1.1.5
Nintendo has done a terrible job marketing this thing. Even intelligent, knowledgeable gamers on n4g don't get the point of the gamepad. How could the mass market? Unfortunately the gamepad's potential can't be demonstrated in a two second clip like the wiimote. People have to already have it in their home before they understand what makes it great. I don't know how you could market that...

From the article: "In ZombiU for instance, the players are really... #1
Well, Kamiya said the only way it would go to another console is if Nintendo wanted it to. That sounds like they own the rights. #6.1.2
If a publisher doesn't think they'll make a profit, then they don't pay to develop the game. That's different from Nintendo who is taking the risk to sell systems. #2.1.2
Not in the UK #2.1
I wonder which studios are making which console version. #2
The subscription is for Nintendo to host your movies on their servers. You can still make gifs and avis and export them wherever. #1.1
Ask me this question again in a year. #7
Edge also gave Aliens: Colonial Marines a 5/10. So either they loved Aliens or hated Lego. Other reviewers seem to disagree about Lego though. #6.1.2
The Wii U sure gets a lot of old games... #12

Really? I think Nintendo Land is great with friends. Especially Pikmin and the other co-op games. But yeah, I guess it isn't exactly a party game. #3.1.2

I think I misunderstood Cliffy's comment. I thought he meant don't buy the games at all. That's what I agree with. I think micro transactions ruin the multiplayer of some games. I refuse to buy games like that and I hope others do the same. #2.1.8
“if you don’t like them, don’t buy them”

I can agree with Cliffy on that point. #2.1.1
Yeah, Nintendo should stop selling the Wii U so they'll sell more Wii Us... wait, what?

I don't think people are buying Wii Us instead of Vitas, if that's what you're hoping, Dylila. #1.1.4
I'm worried too, but let's wait until Watch Dogs before we resign the Wii U to be the red headed stepconsole again.


lol, yes. I'm still slowly playing through AC3. I find it a little dull so I only play it in short spurts. #1.1.5
Ubisoft still supporting the Wii U, I see. It makes the Rayman debacle even more bizarre... #5
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