Playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC), FUEL (PC) and State of Decay (PC)


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I remember playing the first game around 2002-2003, and I remember it being a really really really awesome and enjoyable game. Tons of weapons, tons of worlds to explore and overall solid gameplay.

Looking forward to this one :)

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I would have to agree 100% with this. Read Dead Redemption is one of the best games I've played last gen.

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This, and the fact that it already has two sticks...damn this is gonna be awesome.

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@AizenSosuke - Seriously - it's not boring.

Once the teaspoon is in the parking lot and 23 pigs have had pedicures on their left feet, you'll know that the pixel on the screen is drunk and the elephant's eye is full of miracles.

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Lol...I guess there's no going back. It's still an excellent game :)

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I agree. Not long ago did we have games that just fit on a single 8.4 DVD.

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This was an awesome story to read.

"I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe the situation, but he certainly didn’t seem disgusted but instead was intrigued at the notion that you could sit down and shoot Nazis all day long."


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I stopped at the 1:57 mark...I thought I was the only one!

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WTF Did I just watch lol

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Sometimes there is really no other way.

I remember when I bought Assassin's Creed II for PC, and its infamous always online DRM. A single tiny hiccup in the Internet connection was enough to force close the game, whether I was in the middle of a mission or wasn't didn't matter.

It was very annoying, yet somehow a pirated version of the game found its way online, and fixed everything.

Sometimes I just want to try out the game, and...

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I think it's time they gave us another Burnout, since it has always been (to me) the better arcade racing game.

They've pretty much milked the NFS series to death. In fact Burnout Paradise which launched more than 7 years ago still has an active online community.

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Read my mind

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And to actually think that Capcom is focusing on the mobile market...I hope they see this before it's too late. Who am I kidding anyway?

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It would be generous to even call it an excuse.

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I'd have to go with Driveclub.

I get blown away by the attention to small details that they've put into the game.

Notice for example how the rain droplets on the windshields react to the oncoming wind and also to the car when it moves left and right.

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Microsoft does have the tendency to improve and overhaul their UI for Xbox. The 360's launch UI is nothing like it is today.

The PS3's launch interface is pretty much similar to what it is today.

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Lots of differences. When you look at alone their hardware architectures they're quite different, which lead to quite a large number of PS3 ports looking/performing quite different from the Xbox 360 versions.

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"I hope it keeps creating odd, risky consoles like the Wii U -- but that it also has some industry-defining Wiis and DSes in the mix."

As much as I appreciate varieties every now and then, such a risky move is a double-edged sword: The Wii U's 3rd party support is poor and its sales aren't something to brag about either.

I guess this is fine if you're going to be playing Ninty games only (as most people do when they buy a Ninty console)....

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It looks more like a port than a remaster

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