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"Playing Rock Band Unplugged (PSP), Borderlands (PC) and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (PC)"


LOL! #1.1.4
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Join the club. I too also have a backlog of games I have to finish because when I'm playing a game for the first time, I literally look at everything the character can interact with.

In Deus Ex Human Revolution for example, I'd get into a room, silently take out everyone inside, then search through every pocket, every drawer, every vent, open every door until I'm sure I've looked everywhere XD #2.2.1
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Perhaps cellphones can go back to do what they're made for: making phone calls. #1.1.1
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lol XD #2.1.1
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If you're a fan of shooters, I recommend picking up a PS3 copy of Resistance games. I still have my 2006 copy of Resistance Fall of Man. Really nice game :) #2.2
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I can imagine spending a month of building some stuff in Minecraft, but two years... that's a serious amount of time man. #1.1.2
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The problem with Phil is that he gives very cryptic, robotic answers, for the sake of the company image. For example:

When a fan replied that there are ton of things to be clarified from Microsoft related to PC gaming, Phil Spencer admitted:

"I take the responsibility of building out a strong gaming platform as part of Windows very seriously." #1.1.1
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At last, N4G user's true colors showing.

Who am I kidding, boobs get me every time. #2.3
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This game looks really good. I've dabbled into some game/graphics programming and I can tell you these guys who worked on the game and making it look like this, they have talent and know their stuff very well. #1.1.2
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Ride to Hell Retribution has to be one of the absolute WORST games I've ever played. I can't think of anything good about the game. Seriously. #1.1.1
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I agree.

Sadly this trend is not just to controllers but to pretty much other mobile electronics, such as cellphones. They get better screens, more RAM, faster processors but the battery life tends to lag behind. #1.2.1
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And they all seem to be failing submission because of the display image.

On one of the articles he was asked by annoyedgamer why he's using such images. He responded with: "If I didn't use these images, would you have clicked? Probably not. Now if only I can find a way to get people to actually read the articles..."

I'm in the same boat. After 11 years, I still have mine but the battery needs replacement. There is just something special about the gaming years back in the 1990s-2000s during my childhood. It's a feeling that cannot be replicated as an adult and will remain with me till I die.

I was referring to the Game Boy Advance SP, pictured above. #1.1.3
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Using a different image would be a good start. This image, found in the article would suffice: #1.1.1
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I couldn't agree more!
I remember switching to this towards the end of 2003, from the Game Boy Advance. Back-lit display, rechargeable battery, smaller form factor... I was in heaven.

This, combined with the PS2 meant that homework, assignments and sleep hours were all spent on gaming XD. So many hours spent...

If I could go back in time I would do the same thing over again.

Good times... #1.1
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I enjoyed reading this. #1
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Wait what? FFXIII is coming to PC?? #1.1.1
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Quite the contrary, most PS4 owners I've met bought a PS4 for pretty much playing games. Very few stated or showed an interest in the TV features offered by the Xbox One. In fact if people were interested in these features they would have gone out and bought the Xbox One instead. It's not like it was running short on supply or something. #1.1.2
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Couldn't agree more. The Mega Man games (especially the first one), Friday the 13th, Battletoads and one that pisses me off just thinking about it: Silver God. #2.1.1
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I understand doing it once, but twice?? Come on...XD #1.1
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