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sure the game looks nice, but the campaign isn't that interesting. Played it on PC, and didn't even finish the campaign because of how boring it got. The free-roam aspects of it are much funner, I loved punching down trees and then throwing them at enemies. You can even punch sharks in the ocean!

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they accidentally released the developer version in steam.

Its buggy as hell, even moreso than the fallout games.

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you can go wrong with the PC version, seeing as how badly they handled the port.

Seriously, you'll even see xbox controls randomly pop-up in the game at times.

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‎"Add $0.16 of eligible items to your order to qualify for


damn amazon be trolling.

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be prepared to randomly get headshot from accross the map from a stray AI bullet.

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MARIAAAAAA for 30 minutes please.

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The problem I had was the roundabout way they went on explaining it.

Instead of actually explaining anything, they just continued to call it revolutionary, and referencing how it was deeper and wider.

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if this is true (only one person using tablet in every game)this seems kind of stupid.

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The 3DS costs $120 to make

and they are selling it for $249.99.

All game companies do that stuff, look at Microsoft's Hard Drives or the PS2's memory cards.

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I like how the only person who said MS is a troll.

Anyways I'd say Sony and Nintendo are about even.

Sony had a big winning point with the $249 price of the Vita. The presentation was kind of lengthy though, with a bunch of hosts talking about random things (Tretton's tie?). Also they didn't show off too many new IP's or anything as opposed to last years E3 timetable.

Nintendo started off good, delved into terrible ter...

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I would have pegged Sony's at a B- or even a C.

it just seemed a bit off, I guess I got accustomed to them revealing avalanches of titles, whereas this time they only revealed a couple new titles.

Vita price is nice though.

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I caught that too. He said the f word, then covered himself by saying "shit! I promised myself I wasn't going to swear"

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Implying this hasn't been on PS3 since launch.

Also its kind of sad they are using Bing instead of google. I get they are trying to get more Bing traffic, but google would have obviously had more appeal.

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can't wait for Kinect vs controller complaints.

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They were dead before Microsoft acquired them.

Microsoft just shafted themselves over by paying such an extraordinary amount for a now mediocre team. Nintendo executives probably had their trollfaces on during deal day.

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This reminds me of the MODERN COMBAT: DOMINATION marketing campaign.


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Sure is Video Games in here

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implying they won't get stopped by the Celtics in a 4-2 series.

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