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Tricky towers looks good. Really want to play that

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There were vita games at e3. Google it my friend and you'll see.

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Heard the game is good but pretty meh.

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They do have hardware coming out with a lot of games to be launching with it during the holidays.

Add in the last guardian and gran turismo. I think it's pretty packed m

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love the game, put in plenty of hours and made some cool friends on that game. Loved jumping into a raid with 5 of my friends and shooting the sh#t while playing. Can't wait for this expansion to hit.

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tropico was a full priced game and that was this month

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Wouldn't make a difference. I've listened to developers who are supposedly working on the neo and there won't be a difference with online matches. Google it you'll see

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If you honestly believe this, I have no hope for you.

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The online isn't only worth .2. She probably reflected on everything after playing the game and decided she liked it more than she thought.

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3 needs more love

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when bayonetta came out on the 360 and ps3, they weren't even close to the 80 plus million consoles sold.

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I'll be grabbing the ps2 and snes classics

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That album art isn't from Toronto, It's a small town 45 min there that I live in called Cambridge. Langdon hall is that building.

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it's nice to have options :)

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Buying something you can afford and want doesn't make you a sheep. Grow up

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Early adopters will already have 3 years of enjoyment when this thing releases.

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Peasant? I'm sure you have a nice house, motorcycle and a bmw like myself right? oh wait, because you spent your bday money on a expensive computer that makes you superior.

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These flash sales are insane. Going to spend quite a bit this weekend

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There's only one reviewer who should leave polygon and that's Arthur Giese.

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Please explain how it's obsolete?

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