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Um. Street fighter, skull girls and king of fighters is lacking? Those are all exclusive too.

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Launching Mario during the holiday is smart but they could've had more at launch if they talked to devs. Vita had more and it came out in the same timeframe.

They had to spread everything out because there isn't much coming to the system

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you can tell this console was rushed to the market. All of their games had to be spread out through this entire year just so that consumers would have something to play. That's why the launch lineup consists of 5 games.

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Looks good but the joycon is not made for fighting games therefore it's not worth it if I have to get a pro controller

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Giant bomb said this game doesn't run well and isn't that fun

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Was excited for this console but I'm voting with my wallet and not getting a switch until they fix the mistakes made

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3-4 switch the sequel

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Die hard? Launching with sky landers and just dance is die hard?

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PSVR's launch lineup is bigger than Nintendo calendar year. Don't knock it till you try it. Also you're the one saying he rumble is revolutionary and better for games then vr

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Just imagine what the Nintendo devs could do with the PS4 and Xbox tech and ui.

Nintendo lately wants to be a cheaper price point to attract more people. Nintendo online, ui and underpowered systems put a hinder on th devs.

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Love Nintendo software and hate the hardware.

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VR is not a shitty gimmick. if you actually played it, you'd see it's actually fun.

All I see you do in here is defend anything Nintendo and bash the PS4.

Stop it with the fanboyism and grow up kid.

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I think the average will be 2.5-3 hours. That's not much at all. They want you to play portable online matches but I'd assume that would be a battery hog

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Honestly don't understand why they can't just do it like their competition. What's more embarrassing is that there's no voice chat and in game chat until the holidays.

Feels like they rushed the launch to get ahead of the scorpio. I'm holding off on this system and I'll buy Zelda on my wii u

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Um it will be an issue for 3rd party games. Some patches or updates are like 4-8gbs

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Games were great, the system sucked.

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Not in Ontario. Lots here

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And they'll release like 10 games total. They handled the VC really badly

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A lot shown is coming out next year

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Just picked this up on black friday. horizon 1 was great and didn't enjoy 2 that much. Heard this one is great.

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