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Call it nioh gaiden

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Forza will be their show piece.

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I really enjoyed the first one is it backwards compatible with the Xbox 1?

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Already pre ordered Zelda for wii u. I'm good until Mario

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I use it on my PS4 only. Didn't even know it was on pstv

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It's not the web browser that's the problem, it's the combination of things no there say one that makes the switch a problem. It's definitely rushed to market.

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Shouldn't you be defending every switch article

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Brought vr to my friends super bowl party and they were all going nuts about it. They're all buying it now.

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Why would you assume that about the author? Secondly, I think anyone would agree VR is a bigger game changer than he rumble.

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Went to Eb games to pick this up and when I mentioned Nioh, some random shopper yelled out "hell yeah"

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Not really. MS had a year start and the PS3 was outselling the 360 worldwide since day one.

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Isn't fire emblem coming to both?

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Nice. Have yet to try it because I was burned on the last with its online.

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Wonder what king of fighters sold?

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Isn't there like 100 games already out for it? Lots more coming

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Still had many third party games to buy at launch which were new at the time. Stop it with the same argument every time. Grow up kid

Also don't come at me being a troll. I own almost 3000 physical games including a full North American n64 set. I love Nintendo just not this system.

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Hd rumble is such a dumb name. Doesn't even make sense.

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Um. Street fighter, skull girls and king of fighters is lacking? Those are all exclusive too.

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Launching Mario during the holiday is smart but they could've had more at launch if they talked to devs. Vita had more and it came out in the same timeframe.

They had to spread everything out because there isn't much coming to the system

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you can tell this console was rushed to the market. All of their games had to be spread out through this entire year just so that consumers would have something to play. That's why the launch lineup consists of 5 games.

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