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So a new uncharted game, knack 2, horizon dlc amd GT sport isn't enough?

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What's interesting is that people whine and complain about a 6-8 hour game being too short and not worth the $60 price tag. Will they do the same thing if it were a $120 game for over 60 hours worth of content?

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Ya look at knack selling 2 mil. Launch games usually sell well regardless if they're great, good or average.

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Would you like to compare Zelda collections and say I'm not a fan because I don't think this game is a 10 at all.

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With tutorials in every game now it's not needed.

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That joke was pretty harsh on snl

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Let's compare Nintendo and Zelda collections and then call me a hater when I say this game isn't amazing.

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As someone who owns every Zelda complete including the cdi and bs versions. This game is no where near a perfect 10. Great? Yes but not amazing...

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Only played Zelda for about 5 hours and I really hope there's a lot of dungeons and not all are those spirit things.
So far the combat is pretty meh and the game chugs a lot.

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My vacation week starts a couple of days after this comes out. Can't wait to play it on the wii u

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Call it nioh gaiden

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Forza will be their show piece.

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I really enjoyed the first one is it backwards compatible with the Xbox 1?

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Already pre ordered Zelda for wii u. I'm good until Mario

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I use it on my PS4 only. Didn't even know it was on pstv

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It's not the web browser that's the problem, it's the combination of things no there say one that makes the switch a problem. It's definitely rushed to market.

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Shouldn't you be defending every switch article

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Brought vr to my friends super bowl party and they were all going nuts about it. They're all buying it now.

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Why would you assume that about the author? Secondly, I think anyone would agree VR is a bigger game changer than he rumble.

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Went to Eb games to pick this up and when I mentioned Nioh, some random shopper yelled out "hell yeah"

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