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"I want my vita and i want it NOW"


I hope we can play a music cd on ps4 soon. It's not in this update. #2
pre ordered mine in November. In the Netherlands. Still waiting :( It's a extra ps4 so i am golden. #21
The game just received a update. So why would he remove it just after. Makes no sense. #28
Nevermind. I did a reset and it works now. #10.1
Yes #12.1
No self monotoring on the old 7.1 headset. Sucks a bit but i am happy my headset now works! #10
That's a big screen don't know if i can fit that on my head ;) #1
Sometimes sony put's out online application forms for becoming a beta tester. I applied. you can also register on the forum's and when you have been a active memeber for awhile there might be a chance they ask you to become tester. good luck! #5.1.3
Well deserved. Loved it. Ending could have been better in my opinion. #1
I hope I get The Beta for Ps Now. I am a beta tester for sony so fingers crossed. #5
The should have made sure that the countries it already launched in had enough supply before launching in another country. #3
Damn missed that sale. I want this game ever since I played the beta, but all my money is going towards my ps4 at the moment. #1.1
Looking forward to this game. Free on plus what a great deal. #3
Well deserved!!! #1
Yessss got it. A fun little skateboard game and free home stuff. 60 days music unlimited! #12
Do you get monthly free games with xboxlive on XboxOne? #1
Lucky man!!' #5.1
I love the new gameplay elements the ds4 implements with the speaker en touchpad on the controller. #52
Let it be oooh let it be so!!! #5
Great game and for that price. get it!!! #1
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