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"You create your own reality!"


Can't wait to play this on my playstation VR! #20
It will sell once it hits ps4. #46
Looks interesting. Might get it. #1
Loved the first chapter. I will get the season pass now. #1
Over here in europe the order 1886 is still 49,95.
Hope it drops to 19,99 over here to! #37
i sold my move navi and move controller, because i thought their would be new controllers coming out. No i have to buy them again. #18
You might be right. #14.1
keep them! everytime i get a new PS i never look back. #30
I want to play my cd's please sony. #11
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I think sony promised this feature to use. So it is only a question of time. I hope. #19.1.1
Call me old fashion, but i would like to play a cd on my ps4. #19
Videochat Please. #4
Most boring game I have ever played. Story was sooo boring press this button and defend it. That was about it. traded it in and got myself farcry 4. #7
Loved just case 2, but i hope they make the cities more lively #7
in the beta. can't wait to play it. #2
call me old fashioned, but i really would like to play my cd's on my ps4. #46
Listen to patcher they said. He tells the truth they said. #5
They said xboxone took this month. Hahahahah #3
I hope we can play a music cd on ps4 soon. It's not in this update. #2
pre ordered mine in November. In the Netherlands. Still waiting :( It's a extra ps4 so i am golden. #21
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