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F$#%in Nintendo!!!!!
This is the type of stuff that makes me buy consoles. A Darth Maul exclusive, ONMG.

I remember I bought a N64 just so I could play Shadows of the Empire. how do you blow something like this. Star Wars kinect sold over 1 million units and moved consoles even with all the hate and negativity surrounding it. The Star Wars brand is major. #13
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All of that stuff gets thrown out the window since with directx12 the resources are managed completely different. Not to mentions lots of this stuff is just fluff. Its like if you have 9 guns and 6 bullets. Your GPU can only process the data its given.

And whats with listing all the parts of a GPU like each one is an advantage. Its misleading. Its like comparing basketball players and one is taller than the other so in the stats they list left is longer, right leg is longer,... #6.4
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The thing about a single player Titanfall experience would be that there are not many scenarios that encompass all the Titanfall dynamics. You would have section them off thus disconnecting aspects and elements that make Titanfall so great.

In campaigns by there nature they are linear or have a straight forward objective. Titans dont fit in to an objective they are to randomized and dynamic.the interesting thing about titanfall is the switching between man and mech on the fly... #11
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This is not good news. This means that instead of purchasing games and giving the devs more money on their return Gamefly is getting all that profit. Unless they have a deal to kickback some money to the industry this is not good.

Xbox is about community games and complete experiences

Playstation is about supporting that hermit anti social life style. #22
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The Ps4 is not technically superior the XBOX One. Its all smoke and mirrors marketing and PR.

The thing is that everyone just wanted the Ps4 to be so much better than the X1 they started looking for any place it could out shine it and focus completely on that.

The whole resolution thing is stupid because once you get to 720p and 1080p the differences are so small some one has to point them out to you for you to notice. Not to mention The X1 does do 1080p game... #51
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Truth is there is no such thing as a definitive kinect experience. Kinect is too versatile and broad and covers so much. It would be like asking what is a computers definitive experience? Is it games , surfing the internet, software and programs , entertainment?

Kinect has already delivered some great gaming experiences they go unnoticed do to the shallow culture of gaming and the hate towards MS Kinect and Motion gaming. That a lot of hate to fight. And those experiences wil... #2.2
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I cant wait.

I love these games and I can see the broadcasting being really fun with it.

I have learned never listen to reviews when it comes to motion games especially kinect ones. The opinions will vary and have really heavy swings and not to mention if the reviewers havent mastered the learning (after 4 years) they probably arent the best to give a description of the game.

I say add 2.5 to every motion controlled review and you will be aro... #1.1
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You must be new here. This is in the top 3 Sony Pony ranches on the internet. Only rivaled by Neogaf and Youtube. You will get no intelligent game discussion here. You will only get a stampede of MS hate that will wash any logic unbias or fair approach to discussion out.

This is site is an illustration of when the nuts run the nuts house. The community takes aim at any balanced or pro MS supporters and removes their bubbles mitigating the conversation... #105.2
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This is stupid I dont need to listen to someone to tell me what happening and what will happen. We can see it all for ourselves.

The only thing the Ps4 has been able to boast is resolution or frame rate. And not even both because if the was 1080p 60fps on Ps4 is was 720p60fps on X1 or 1080p30fps on X1 it was 1080p unlocked fps on Ps4 so this gap really isnt that large in the first place. And this wasnt even every game most game ran exactly the same. And even the ones that did... #32
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Bottom line is Xbox One is a better product MS just needs to keep on delivering good content and making the system great.

The thing is that the Ps4 has done nothing special, it has had no obstacle to overcome it has lived a very charmed and cushy life. The brand is the strongest globally, they are a favorite in Europe and Japan is a wasteland for MS so even the fact that sony isnt moving million of units there the fact that MS will always move %10 of what Sony does (if they a... #12
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I agree the whole review system and everyone trying to be in the launch window to review a product is one of the biggest factor that contributes to the hive mind mentality of the gaming community.

It damages games too because you will see good features and things overlooked, downplayed or even bashed for the sake of trying to generalize the content and get a review out, and things that are bad get overlooked, downplayed or even not tested heavily enough to be mentioned (like... #1.1.1
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I love Sagat.

One of my favorite characters in fighting games but after playing Killer Instinct this was just not that exciting. #4
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All they have to do is release every where.

People love to dis regard that the X1 is only in like 13 countries right now.

The ponies will say something like " it doesn't matter because those countries are small and never really supported MS that strong"..... And to that I reply, even if that is the case just with being a new product and available in those areas even if the support isn't more than ps4s it still will close the gap. They didn&... #29
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It's official...
Thuway is a Sony shill. Of course sony would say the layoffs are for efficiency. Companies always do when they are laying people off. That is the corporate excuse.

I have been through several mergers and layoffs across many fields and efficiency actually means to much money is being spent on what we produce. If someone makes too much money and they can let that person go and bring in another that does the same job but cheaper that is efficiency.... #22
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The article is right. I was doing it wrong too for awhile.

Turn your TV volume up kind of loud when you calibrate. The way people think about it is the lower the sound and more quiet the room the better the calibration will be because its adjusting to find the lowest sound. That is apparently wrong. I guess when to sound is louder it gets a better idea of volume some how.

I just did a re calibration and turned the volume up to 40, I normally watch at 25. Sens... #3
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I wish they had gifting right now. I would gift my KI combo pack to my cousin and then buy the KI Ultra edition. #15
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Is this more fluff?

Its only practical to take it to 1080p60fps and we know it can do that (in theory).

Its a console not a computer, it will be hooked to TVs that max out at 1080p (does any one know if standard TV can even display 120fps properly without jutter or other side effects)?

And dont say 4k tvs.... there is know content that displays at 4k natively everything on is essentially scaled.

So what all this highest resol... #8
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First kinect doesnt need validation. Kinect has done everything it needed to do except appeal to a small portion of shallow gamers on the internet.

Second I have said before I would buy a Ps4 for a solid VR experience (if MS doesnt or couldnt deliver one). But with that said I do not want just a screen strapped to my head while I use a controller. I want a different method of interacting and i want games made for the thing.

Kinect gives MS a serious advantage... #1.1.1
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I would love a 12 vs 12 pilots only, no bots no Titans. That would be awesome.

Or a take down the Titan mode where you have a master Titan on each side. You start out like Last Titan standing but those that arent the master Titan can respawn and after fighting they can call down another Titan. The match is over when the main Titan is destroyed. #8
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I will have to go with

Forza 5
Killer instinct #17
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