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They have tried that type of stuff before and it had no impact.

It's like if you meet a girl that is attractive smart funny and have the same interests as you.... But she is lesbian, and not soft bi sexual lesbian we are talking full on penis disgusts me lesbian..... There is just nothing you can do but be cool with her and just be friends knowing that you will never be anything more.

You would like it to be more and may stay opened to the idea of maybe o... #1.4
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Gears Of War.

Uncharted is a little more hollywood its presentation but the thing that makes Gears the best is it has much tighter gameplay. The active reload system, the variety in weapons and strategy put Gears on a different level. Uncharted really only compete because of it production value.

If I were too compare i would say Uncharted would get a 9 in campaign Gears would get an 8. This is because the graphics are a touch better and the set pieces and sto... #1.1
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Downgrades #6
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But Watchdogs was a cross gen game as well. I think that people were oversold on the Ps4, all of the sites telling them the Ps4 had better resolution because it was more powerful lied. Ps4 had better resolution because it was easier to port old games over to.
Now as development switches to primarily the new gen we see the performance tightening between the 2. I always said if the Ps4s architecture does prove to be more powerful it wont show its power through resolution.
No to... #4.1.1
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Delay Club in the house.......

Actually its not and thats the problem.

I couldnt help myself. #37
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Truth is is it always does.

The thing is there has been a slander campaign running against motion gaming since the Wii was becoming super successful, so the gaming hive mind not wanting the trend to take over ran and has run a full on campaign to bring down all enthusiasm and interest in motion controlled and enhanced gaming.

If think motion controls and kinect are not good for gaming or has never been used to deliver great experiences you are just one of the... #1.3.1
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Well what do you expect from IGN they slander and misrepresent all kinect games. Anything less than a 8 for this game is BS. The kinect controls work great IGN is just contracted to hate on everything kinect. I'm am pretty sure IGN, Gamespot and probably Polygon and a few others (I think Metro) have a secret coordination email list. #1
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This is a slander review designed to take down the game rating on. The reviewer has no clue about anything. He complain about the pricing model when it is not that hard to grasp. He asks why are there credits here and there and its because its part of the presentation it sets up the story and shows the separation of the episodes.
He completely botched the idea of how the detective solves his cases. He is not using items from the day his wife was killed he is using items that are signi... #1
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This game deserves nothing less than a 8. This was a decent review though. I think the guy didnt know that you buy food from the cat/cat girl. This will enable you to explore and travel. The stamina aspect was actually quite genius. Its not there to push you through something quickly... its there to stop you from BS around.

Also kinect can track just your hand if your arms are getting tired dont stretch them out. You can rest you elbow on your knee or tucked in you hip and ki... #1
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Its so funny because as gamers we are very cynical and we dont like to toss around praise so easily. I see 9s for his game and it feels strange because we dont have people swinging from the roof screaming about the game but I honestly cant say it doesnt deserve it.

Everything is just great. The style the story the presentation their is enough challenge to it customization even innovation.

It truly does deserve the high scores it is getting. Anything under a 8... #1.1.1
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Xbox One has been killing it lately. Easily the best games line up this year especially going in to the holiday season. #4
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-- Reported by the community --
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What is this BS that the X1 needs saving?

Stop raping the gaming community with this non sense. MS just dropped 2.5 billion for a studio that makes 1 game and still can cut a check to, all their investors.

The X1 is selling fine, it has more and better games coming out and just for it in general.

The X1 doesnt need games to compete with Sony they need to beat down the media that keeps feeding these lies and inconsistencies to gamers.
... #1.1
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This game should get no less than an 8.

I think these guys were waiting for the secret emails to coordinate the attack.

Beware of anyone that tells you the kinect controls dont work. Here is proof they are lying to you. If you still accept and defend their lie after this then they got you. You are trapped in the matrix and a slave to the ignorant.

https://www.youtube.com/wat..... #1
It is nice seeing a X1 game get so much love and a game tied to kinect not just get blindly hammered. Its a really good game. I am sure the bigger sites are plotting to take the scores down. they have been working and agenda against the X1 and especially kinect for quite some time now.

When they use the old kinect doesnt work defense use this to expose them


9 i... #1.1
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This game is just great. I think that it dropping by surprise really helped it. No hype no over reching expectations just a new game and it is a master piece so far.

Oh and kinect works great

http://youtu.be/QUzxcsht6jM #5.1.2
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Sound like he likes the game but they still havent learned how to use kinect yet. Its a new skill we should have picked up last gen but do to lots of hate people never went on to graduate in to motion control gamers. Its not hard at all to go through menus and such you just have to practice for a few minutes if you never did it before.

This may help...

http://youtu.be/QUzxcsht6jM #1
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This game is super cool kinect and all. #4.1
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I have been telling ya'll about there being a gaming hive mind for years....... You can tell from the reviews of games that they coordinate their thought. People used to say I was preaching conspiracy theories to dismiss me.

I broke away from the matrix a long time ago. Reviews are corrupt, small sites follow the big ones the only opinion you can even remotely trust on the internet is user reviews on retail sites and even those can be tainted with shills.

... #9
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Holy $***.....

Visual downgrade confirmed.

This looks nothing like what they showed at first.

It doesnt look bad by any means but this is a far far far cry from what was originally pushed.

I know I am going to get attacked and probably marked for trolling. but I am just trying to start a conversation.

Can everyone see the downgrade? #1.1.1
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