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Fantasia is really good.... isnt it. I am a kinect fan and like kinect games in general but I dont mess with the dancing games. Planning on skipping Fantasia altogether but being a kinect supporter I tried the demo and was blown away.

The presentation and graphics are AAA the controls are spot on the premise is challenging and fun and I was was sold once I got to the part were you can make your own music by manipulating those puzzles. I am also a musician so I just felt it was...

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I don't think they are headed downhill in a quality sense but the have been becoming less appealing do to their business model. The truth is sports games don't really change from game to game enough to justify full games and full retail pricing.

I think that a sports game should cost regular retail for one game and then $30 each year to just update and upgrade the game. Another big issue is that you start getting upgrades and gameplay changes just for the sake of just...

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If this gets Oculus Rift support (and maybe some PC kinect support) $hit will have gotten real.

I was planning on getting a Ps4 for some VR goodness but if this is just a PC designed around gaming..... well.

As far as a regular system goes the Ps4 and X1 has to many exclusives that PC wont have and even if say some X1 exclusives go to the PC the better community for consoles games is on console. More pixels thrown at something that is already gorgeous really...

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These articles would be OK if they were just used as tech analysis but the media and the these guys themselves use it as advertising influence on what console you should buy, and this is where the rape comes. They over sell the differences the resolution bump doesnt make the game a better game, it doesnt make the game prettier or uglier it just a soft fact, like its a soft fact that on the X1 on every game they compare it has a bevy of extra functionality at your finger tips.

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What really happened is you people got raped by the gaming that kept telling you the Ps4 was the jade dragon and forged from technology that could power a nuclear sub. Another factor that you leave to keep the denial and drug induced lie alive is that that all those games Ps4 had higher resolutions on were cross gen games... and we all know porting those games to the Ps4 is very easy do to its memory and basic architecture.

Now we have a game that is built in the new gen for...

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This site hates me to say it but this is one of those articles I talk about when I say the media is kidnapping, drugging and raping the gaming community... I think I will switch up the words because this site likes to ban me all the time with out warnings. Its a pony ranch so its expected. Instead of raped i will say taken advantage of.

You guys may look at this article and think it hurts MS but it actually hurts all the people that dont know its BS. This is some 3rd party an...

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To your point that we shouldnt be lowering standards.... there is no standard. Games are designed and built like movies or anything artistic in nature. The thing is brining across a vision and an idea 1080p isnt a vision or idea. Its a spec.

How can 1080p be standard but not dedicated servers. Its all marketing and PR. The media has been wanting to push the PS4 as the ultimate console and the resolution debate is the only place Ps4 can be fully sold on as an advantage. To sho...

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Its sad to see how much this nonsense gets attention. But if we must discuss it lets.

The Dragon Age Inquisition follow the the pattern of lots of games that have higher resolutions on Ps4. Its a cross gen game, Ps4 ports old games, engines and techniques better than the X1. The sad thing is that they sell this as a proof of power when it is just proof of ease.

1080p is not some magic promise land that makes games better. There is no game I have played this g...

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The corruption of the gaming media fully illustrated. Everyone knows Forza H2 has delivered a better game.

I am tracking the movements of the gaming hive mind and it is clear that IGN and GameTrailers work together I believe Polygon is in their network to. You can tell that they coordinate their coverage and messages.

I am trying to predict what IGNs next move will be. DC is reviewing bad, I am sure none of them will mention or highlight the free DC version i...

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I see some sites trying to make this a controversy but it really isn't. The Halo remaster shave always came with that switch back to the old engine feature. It's a staple in them whether you care or not. It is a nostalgic trigger and a nice treat for the people that have been supporting Halo over the years. The resolution difference isn't even noticeable and doesn't matter considering the assets of the game don't require such resolution.

I was thinking if...

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They have tried that type of stuff before and it had no impact.

It's like if you meet a girl that is attractive smart funny and have the same interests as you.... But she is lesbian, and not soft bi sexual lesbian we are talking full on penis disgusts me lesbian..... There is just nothing you can do but be cool with her and just be friends knowing that you will never be anything more.

You would like it to be more and may stay opened to the idea of maybe o...

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Gears Of War.

Uncharted is a little more hollywood its presentation but the thing that makes Gears the best is it has much tighter gameplay. The active reload system, the variety in weapons and strategy put Gears on a different level. Uncharted really only compete because of it production value.

If I were too compare i would say Uncharted would get a 9 in campaign Gears would get an 8. This is because the graphics are a touch better and the set pieces and sto...

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But Watchdogs was a cross gen game as well. I think that people were oversold on the Ps4, all of the sites telling them the Ps4 had better resolution because it was more powerful lied. Ps4 had better resolution because it was easier to port old games over to.
Now as development switches to primarily the new gen we see the performance tightening between the 2. I always said if the Ps4s architecture does prove to be more powerful it wont show its power through resolution.
No to...

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Delay Club in the house.......

Actually its not and thats the problem.

I couldnt help myself.

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Truth is is it always does.

The thing is there has been a slander campaign running against motion gaming since the Wii was becoming super successful, so the gaming hive mind not wanting the trend to take over ran and has run a full on campaign to bring down all enthusiasm and interest in motion controlled and enhanced gaming.

If think motion controls and kinect are not good for gaming or has never been used to deliver great experiences you are just one of the...

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Well what do you expect from IGN they slander and misrepresent all kinect games. Anything less than a 8 for this game is BS. The kinect controls work great IGN is just contracted to hate on everything kinect. I'm am pretty sure IGN, Gamespot and probably Polygon and a few others (I think Metro) have a secret coordination email list.

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This is a slander review designed to take down the game rating on. The reviewer has no clue about anything. He complain about the pricing model when it is not that hard to grasp. He asks why are there credits here and there and its because its part of the presentation it sets up the story and shows the separation of the episodes.
He completely botched the idea of how the detective solves his cases. He is not using items from the day his wife was killed he is using items that are signi...

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This game deserves nothing less than a 8. This was a decent review though. I think the guy didnt know that you buy food from the cat/cat girl. This will enable you to explore and travel. The stamina aspect was actually quite genius. Its not there to push you through something quickly... its there to stop you from BS around.

Also kinect can track just your hand if your arms are getting tired dont stretch them out. You can rest you elbow on your knee or tucked in you hip and ki...

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Its so funny because as gamers we are very cynical and we dont like to toss around praise so easily. I see 9s for his game and it feels strange because we dont have people swinging from the roof screaming about the game but I honestly cant say it doesnt deserve it.

Everything is just great. The style the story the presentation their is enough challenge to it customization even innovation.

It truly does deserve the high scores it is getting. Anything under a 8...

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