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Shooters are still the most successful genre of them all.... why does it always need to be saved.

Why cant Sunset Overdrive just be a good game with a cool art style and interesting premise. I cant wait to see how it plays. It looks like they have some of that Titanfall fast fluent wall running goodness with some crazy weapons and Jet set radio grinding. Sounds like a winning combination #1
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I agree
WTF? the ponies are out crazy today.

These are the people that if
mS bought Sony or if the X1 by some chance started outselling the Ps4 they would really kill themselves....I am talking literally blow their brains out. #1.3
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Speak for yourself caveman.

Once you understand what the X1 ecosystem is..... going back to the old ways of entertainment is like dropping windows 8.1 and going back to MS-dos.

When I look ay my set up I can only see expanding it and the things it brings is what I would imagine to be the norm of modern households with in a 5 years. I see being able to control the lights in my house by just telling them dim or use on e media remote that does everything..... al... #9
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I am happy I am not the only one that saw this game and was in awe. Why havent we seen a game like this yet. The old school cartoon look is just amazing. Looks like an old Popeye cartoon or Heckle and Jeckle. I am not a real big indie guy but i cant deny greatness. This an Fru are day one for me.

On a side note I cant believe you didnt like Sunset Overdrive the gameplay looks better than i thought it was going to look. I was expecting some cell shaded JetSet radio looking gam... #1.1
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You cant do that on this site.

This is a Pony ranch you will get hundreds of disagrees on general principle. #1.8
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I am a long time can of kinect. I have lots of experience with it and absolutely love some of software that has been made for it.

With that said MS has not released the content that fully realizes what kinect can bring to the table.

There are 3 games MS needs to open the purse for and kinect will be just fine.

1) They need a FPS shooter with a competitive MP with either full kinect control or enhanced kinect controls. FPS are a staple in any... #2.2.3
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I see the X1 identity situation like Superman situation.

The original idea of the Xbox One was to strong of a vision for the weak mind set of the gaming community as it stands. Like Superman just couldnt come out day one and say here I am..... bigger and stronger than everything you know.
So what MS has had to do is turn the X1 in to Clark Kent. Now the first thing a hater will say is YEAH... Clark Kent is weak and so is the X1....but truth is that Clark Kent is just... #1.5
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I dont buy football games anymore.... NFL2k5 was the greatest football game ever made. I grew up on Madden and I tried to get back in to it with Madden 07 but it was so lackluster i just gave up on Football games.

If the contract expires and they dont renew I will be there day 1 buying a NFL game made by 2Ksports. #19
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$150.00 and will come with kinect sports rivals. They will probably start adding KSR in the regular kinect bundled X1 as well.

I still say that if you get an X1 without kinect you are stupid. Options is one thing but with choices good choices and bad choices. Kinect adds so much function to your system it's a different machine with out it.

When you meet people that have kinect less X1s you will know they are either hard up for cash or retarded. #4.1.1
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This great I still have questions. Does anyone know if you can take your extHHD to another X1 and use it. If you installed from a disc do you need the disc to play (I would think so but not sure).
If you can use it on other system and you did the digital version does it require you to log in and does it store that information on the HHD. #1.1
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We only know of maybe 4-5 games that are in development that use kinect, and the life cycle is still early. I think the amount of devs they are screwing over is over exaggerated.

Why do people make up stuff when the reality is bad enough. The only problem the kinectless option has is it splits the base. It doesn't mean the support will be low or any different than what it would have been.... It's possible but that is just speculation.

If devs were s... #1.3
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I know some one always asks this but.... does this mean i can run games and movies directly off of the external HDD.

Or will it have to load the games from the External HDD to my console HD then I can play? #1.7
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First to the article.... when did Halo fall? Always cutting edge and ahead of the competition.

Halo 4 was great.... 4 weeeks means you didnt even do all of the episodes. Halo is king because they perfected the balance in Halo 1. Halo isnt a twitch shooter to be a good killer you have to really get good.

The magic has never left Halo.... you may be going through the jaded gamer epidemic. We have been playing roughly he same things o... #1.1
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These scumbags are using a zoomed in Xbox One image.

This comparison is bull. They didnt use the same scene and the used a X1 image that is not evenly scaled with the Ps4 version. The X1 version looks blurry because its a zoomed in cropped picture.

If this site wasnt run by Sony ranchers stuff like this and sites that do stuff like this would be banned.

But they will probably ban me for pointing it out.


... #1.5
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This is just Internet pony news for hits and clicks.

How was Halo delayed when it hasn't even been officially given a release date?

Sunset Overdrive looks great, and the petitions from sony supporters to get it speaks louder than some fantard lying to himself about what the initial trailer of a game looks like and

I know stupidity is a cornerstone of fanboying but MS has not ditched kinect. They are still producing kinect and are still s... #1.1
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I have been playing Titanfall while watching the NBA play offs and snap shows for my kids too watch if I am in a session or even surfing the net on the X1.

I have skype called with people while watching TV, i could see doing it playing a game too it just never came up.

I think MS over estimated their market. It seems lots of "gamers" still game through childish ritual like being alone and having nothing else going on in their lives.

... #3.5.4
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and a serious push in the online gaming department.

Give me a Metroid Prime with a 4 player co-op campaign and a 24 person MP mode.

And use the tablet in very unique ways (like if some one is invisible on screen but you lift the tablet over the screen you can see them, or if you can send out drones and see what they see on the tablet), you know cool stuff.

Do that an I will be picking up a WiiU next week. #16
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It actually says more about the gaming community and market than anything else.

MS made a machine for adults and forward thinking people. People ready for the future..... but the gaming community has proven they are still very young and when they buy consoles they see it as purchasing a toy.

Its actually very telling... and if you really scrutinize it really paint gamers as losers... Think about all the youtube videos and the people reviewing and commenting o... #1.11
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I agree with that good games need to take time but people seem to not remember Quantum Break was one of the very first titles we saw with the X1 and it looked good then.

I think the only reason it is taking so long is because MS is setting up their system for episodic games.... they did say this game was going to be tied in to a live action show or series (right?). #1.4
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You know what I really dont like.

The kinect never really got a clear shot. Where is the Kinect enhanced FPS or fully realized boxing game or even a puzzle game that utilizes that 3d head tracking they put in Forza. Especially with he X1.

MS knew they were launching with kinect why not have a very big comprehensive game set to show it off?

They may still support kinect really good. We have D4 coming and Fantasia rumors of a few other games I... #15.1
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