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All I gotta say is BRING IT ON.

I will be in all the comment section with my asshat on.

IGN started out as one of the leaders and model for gaming, now they are a cancer that wear their bias for everyone to see, running agendas, and just all around unprofessional organization. You can tell there review policies is corrupt.

They cant have a code of ethics because they have broken every code of ethics that could ever be written.

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Make sure kinect is set up properly, calibrate it with the volume really high, buy D4. There is a lot to it. When you give voice commands learn the right diction and get use to giving voice commands it will make your life so much easier. Learn the features and get use to them. Gets a set of rechargeable batteries they are better than the charge and play kit. #10.1
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This gae is so good. It really makes me happy to play it. It is is really a perfect game.... not meaning its perfect (which it may be) but the game that they wanted to make and what it does it accomplishes the goals perfectly.

I would say GOTY but we know the media will never let a X1 game be GOTY. #8
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OMG...... IGN.

I am getting this game and I know this score is BS. IGN has a habit were they dont talk bad about games they know are going to sell regardless. SO COD HALO GTA MARIO games GEARS, GOW, UNCHARTED..... games with heavy profile are safe. The gaming hive mind thrives on games like this.

It is probably good but 9.1 hahahahahahaha. Yeah F*****g right. #11
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I agree, as supporter of the X1 having dynamic resolutions would not bother me in the least especially if it means frames rates this solid. I would honestly like to see this implemented more. I think this was a smart move on behalf of the dev even though I am sure they pilfered the idea at least a little bit from The Wolfenstein devs.

Now I dont feel so bad having to get this game now. Its shows that the devs actually thought about the product and wanted to deliver a good exp... #1.2.1
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Ahhhh.... You bought into the power nonsense the media has been feeding the gaming community since before these consoles were announced. You clearly have no idea how video games are actually made and the difference in game engines.
Different games have different development conditions like COD is cross gen AC unity is built strictly for the new gen, and obviously AC unity is a different type of game with a different focus using a different engine. I feel sorry for the people that beli... #1.2.4
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I hate cross gen games...... and I hate COD. The only reason I am buying this is because my brother is getting the COD bundle and he is only going to have this game to play at first. #8
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This is sad,

Sony is a marketing company that just so happens to have a game console.

This article is basically lets discuss the games that might get and the people that might announce them.

Its like double nothing. Any decent game wont becoming out for at least to years anyway.

This is how sony keeps their slaves in check. They are going to announce Last Guardian and show and some bullshots of a game that isnt playable. Talk... #6.1
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This is suppose to be a Kinect game. Or at least controlled with kinect. MS get on it. #3
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Burn these M**********S to the ground. They are and have been a cancer on gaming since their inception.


Burn Burn Burn #1.1.1
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This comparison is a bullshot.

They are just doing it to herd ponies.

They are not the same scenes or even the same angles.

And once you zoom in on an image you corrupt the image because its broken out of its true display view.

Not to mention you cant compare an action image with a non moving render. There will be motion blur all over the pace.

And lots of what these people are calling bullshots look like the... #44
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We shouldn't be arguing about it at all because content is 1000x more critical to what something looks like than resolution. The thing about 4k is that the up scaler is the most important thing until they start making real 4k content. Until then 4k is a niche market. I plan on getting a 4k tv next year. I honestly don't think 4k TVs is worth it unless you get over a 55inch screen. #1.1.1
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I actually wish more companies would do this. I would love a Capcom access or Sega access or Bethesda access or a 2k access or Activison access. I would juggle memberships each year and play their vaults. #7
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Great interview. I am one of the mindset burn this $h!t down and lets start over. For at least last generation I saw too much bias, agenda running and over influencing of the gaming community. It was and actually right now is like the inmates running the prison.
These news sites have not educated us as much as they have pushed agendas and sold products. It has been so blatant that we have to correct it or gaming will go away #7
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I was actually looking forward to this game. It seems like a serious zombie game. I have nothing against the silly ones but sometimes you want to get serious. #16
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I dont listen to $hit from Kotaku.

I'll wait until a more credible source comes along; like a crackhead jonesing for a hit. #36
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The problem is that resolution has been given too big of a stage. Digital Foundry and all these sites console war profiteering use this non sense to pander, garner support and hits.
The problem is using resolution as some kind of measuring stick is like judging a painting by how many strokes the artist used to make the picture instead of what the artist actuality painted.

I see stuff in DF when they do comparisons saying one is blurry because of the lower resolution a... #9
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The thing is resolution at these level really can't or doesnt improve experiences. Resolution doesnt work that way. Resolution is like talking about an extra feather on a duck and calling him superior to other ducks.

Truth is the assets of the games so far dont really require 1080p, Ps4 is actually just showboating with the 1080p cross gen marketing. When these console start using engines built for them and them alone it wont be like this. I think the Ps4 will be able o t... #1.1.1
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Like I said in a comment a day or 2 ago. I have been gaming a long time, and i know Sony. Shareplay sounded like a great idea and i wanted it to work and be phenomenal but there was no beta and no reports of testes (until now) and like I said "This is Sony we are talking about". Sony is the masters of smoke and mirrors and trickery.

So what you get is downgraded laggy online hour long remote play sessions that dont reward your player score (and you will probably nee... #8
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The poll is being conducted by the media. This is part of the ethics we are discussing. They arent going to tell on themselves or want their practices being reviewed and looked at so they are trying to present push and prod public opinion.

We dont know how far this goes. This article could be another missile launched from them to distract and deter. We have seen them use this same tactic many times over and over. They are counting on people to be stupid and fall for it. When... #1.1.5
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