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Even with the comparisons being on Youtube or whatever and there is compression and frame limits the performance are scalable, Meaning a 10% performance gap will show as a 10% performance gap whether Youtube or anything.

The fact is that the whole resolution thing is blown out of proportion, there is no game that the resolution pushed it from being an ugly game to a pretty game or vice versa. There is a difference but its so small other than wanting bigger numbers on your box... #1.4.1
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Better visual quality
better audio quality
everyone has kinect
Voice commands
log in and join broadcasters party
shows friends twitch feeds
archives old streams.

This is why Twitch for the X1 wasnt available during launch.

Its a bigger better product so it took more time to finish. #3.1.1
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Spoken like a pony.

The only people this confuses is people that are dumb as he11 or are always on the look out to slander the X1.

Its a remote like every other remote before it. The X1 creates an ecosystem with expanded interaction. The remote is their option for those that want the feel of a remote.. You dont need a remote and not even because of kinect, because truth be told you could easily just use the controller.

All the remote is, is a... #1.1.2
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Sounds like Pony food.

Any real dev would interested in making money or faced with the fate of Irrational Games. There are way more factors to selling a game and making money than install base and the "so called" power gap is so small it's a non factor to everyone accept Sony lovers.

With that said the Ps4 is the hot boy right now, it is easy to dev for and hasn't really shown any weakness ( unless you wanted real innovation). We are about 3... #1.1.1
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I would love this feature but the comment really didn't say anything remotely hinting at it coming. #11
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I'm from Buffalo but live out west now.

Go Bills indeed. #3.2
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All of the devices have potential, the question isn't if they are good or capable the question is when and how they will be used.

The fact that the Ps4s touchpad isn't on here makes this article pony food. The WiiUs game pad and kinect are integrated in to their systems a lot deeper than Sonys. Truth is they treat their slight innovation like dead weight already so it's no sense in saying it. For instance kinect not with the X1 makes the system a different product... #1.1.3
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Resolution and framerate is not the only things that games and their graphics consist of. Lets say the framerate is the same on the 360 and the resolution sits around 720p. The models cant run as many polygons, their isnt enough room for the texture data and that before we get in to the effects and that the new hardware can produce. Things like draw distances lighting and and just the overall fidelity will will ensure that the 360 version looks like a last gen game.

This game... #1.1.1
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That was a quote from one of Nas earliest songs and in the perspective of the song its perfect. Make no mistake.... even though he is very articulate and has tons of social and positive music he is a street rapper in its purest form. Violence and bad behavior is just a part of the culture along with the urge to improve and be better.

This is a great thing. As a Nas fan i am very happy. Some will say the greatest alive truth is greatest ever. #5.1.1
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Smells like a barn on this thread.

And no they didnt say the X1 can barely do 1080p, stop making stuff up. OMG then you get over 100 agrees with some BS.

This is the main point of the article. And shows why there is a stampede on this thread.

"Will the process become easier over time as understanding of the hardware improves? “Definitely, yeah. They are releasing a new SDK that’s much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on... #1.27
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That comment makes no sense. Framerate and resolution are completely different things and fidelity is a combination of factors. And what are you comparing the Ps4 too? A PC... no it doesnt run or maybe the X1 when it has a hand full of games have slight differences and RYSE and Forza 5 have show higher fidelity than any games on the Ps4.

The fact is the Ps4 only looks good when compare it to the X1 in very specific ways that leave out tons of other factors. TR only has a slig... #2.1.1
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The *Internet is a Joke.

Pachter says Kinectless Xbox One would be better (even though Xbox 1 is selling tons of consoles and software and making more money than the Ps4)
The *internet say he's he really knows his stuff.

Pachter says cheaper all digital Xbox One with no optical drive is dumb (even though steam has been a proven success and every other form of media we take in is in full digital formats as well).
*Internet say this guy is a... #22
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The sad thing is that it is not the strength. The GPUs in these systems arent even being tested yet. The reason why the Ps4 currently has better performance is because its so easy to push the data around. All you have is gddr5 ram unified in a straight path through he console. It really just a case of put the code in and turn up the volume.

I know the ponies want everyone to believe this has something to do with power but its not true. We wont see power actually being used in... #1.1.1
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I cant wait for this game. I remember playing the original

Strider arcade game at a 7-11 after school with my friends back in 6th grade.

I have been waiting for a new version of this game for a long long time. #1
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The Order looks good but from what I know of it very standard.

Quantum Break seems to be doing a lot more with its live action show and episodic content.

I will go with Quantum Break. #92
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I would personally like a Silent Scope type of game like they teased before. A console based Silent scope using the tablet would be nice. The WiiU has enough graphic power to make that game look as good as it ever has.

The WiiU needs to focus on doing things that no one else can. #11
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I love puzzle ames and have always felt that kinect would be a great device with them.

I would buy this day 1. #1.2
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You leave it to the internet Ps4 is the best Coffee maker especially compared to the X1.

Xbox 1 has and HDMI in and you can turn your tv on with your voice..... game over nothing else to be said. You could pile it on if you want but after those points its nothing else to say.

Drops the mic walks off stage.

Disagree all you want if it makes you feel better, doesnt change reality. #1.1.1
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Losing? Ha!

The Xbox One has generated more money than the Ps4 so far. What exactly are they losing?

The competition is selling a cheaper product in more places and not generating the same monetary results. We are 2-3 months in and you got people trying to pick winners and losers. This is why the internet is broken...... they keep on giving these skewed views to herd the ponies and they fall for it all the time.

The X1 is selling great! Succe... #5
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Everyone that doesnt eat hay.... already knows this and despite what the horrible broken gaming journalist tell you the multiplat games we see performing better for the Ps4 arent do to "power" its do to ease.

One day who knows the Ps4 may actually show some games that really show off it power or a power gap but we havent seen that yet all we have seen is that the Ps4 has an easy memory system that allows devs to squeeze and shoehorn more performance out of older gam... #16
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