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Me and my wife started doing workouts with it a week ago we have done about 4 apiece and I must say I like it.

There are tons of free workouts to choose from and it does a great job at tracking your progress. We have a friendly competition going on. The only thing is I dont see any yoga and I would really like some of the new new workouts to be available like the T25. And a food and or diet tracker would be a nice inclusion.

And for the future I think they sh... #1.1.3
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Gears of war is the best selling new IP franchise of last generation. Securing it is typical but very important none the less.

MS have shown a bunch of new ips.... keeping a genre defining highly successful ip exclusive is a megaton in its own right.

I for one cant wait get my hands on some new Gears. #6.1
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This game doesnt need MP. Their have only been a few openworld games that had a good MP experience.

But this games better have a 25+ hour campaign. #57
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This is super cool

Of course the Ponies are going to hate... But

The reality is that with the AI being cloud based it means the AI will constantly grow smarter and get better. That is what it does in Forza 5. #1.1.5
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This all I would have wanted in the 80s

Now make a BraveStar and Silverhawks and we can start talkin. #8
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If the textures and designs arent built for a 720p engine (to upscale smoothly) the resolution is a non factor.

You guys do know that the game displays in 1080p

and you do know that upscaling is not the same thing as stretching.

If the textures are optimized for the game the jump to 1080p through the upscaler will be pristine. Its a matter of working smarter as opposed to working harder.

From what I have seen the game looks a... #1.1.1
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Oh No ...... quick. Someone is liking the Xbox One on the internet!!!!!!

Alert the Sony Ponies so they can stampede!!!!!


Funny thing is I didnt even read your post. I just wanted this message as close to the top as possible.... nothing personal to you or your comment.

I have 1 bubble there is no conversation with that.... its always a waste and I will probably get banned for a month just for that little wise crack. You... #1.1.1
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At first.....

What you say is true for launch. The X1 will coast to 5 million sales easy, the Ps4 to about 7 million easy. But when that is over and they have to impress and draw in consumers things will get tighter.

By the end of the year I see the X1 between 8-12 million, that would mean the Ps4 would need to do at least 21 million..... thats not going to happen.

I say together they should move between 18-24 million.

I know... #1.1.2
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The whole thing about kinect just shows serious perversion in the minds of the gaming community. I see it like that movie Inception where the media put this idea in the heads of so many people and then it grew and blossomed now they think its their own idea and it has perverted their thinking.

In fact I see reviewers and people go out of their way to make kinect look bad and not use it. Kinect in its design adds tons of functionality to the X1. Pound for pound it is probably... #4
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In no form shape or fashion is 3 million consoles in 2 months not a good start for a console.

Then when you consider some of the other factors like its the most expensive, available in the smallest amount of regions, the internet has a love affair with attacking and slandering it...... 3 million is great. #8
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I can agree with the installs and loading times. I am actually pretty shocked how long some installs and loads take. There are very fast components to the OS and the only loading that is slow is the very first one... after that it is lightning fast but yeah this is something i would like to see kicked up a notch.

Robust Social media and sharing...... is a liitle over blown since we know they will be bringing most of the stuff we have come custom to but currently the Upload an... #1.1
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Just another cowboy rounding up some ponies.

We dont even know what the game is and he is making suggestions based off of assumptions with no foundation.

This why the internet is broken. Any idiot can say something stupid and not fully checked for it. Just another clown honkin his nose. #9
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I just bought this game and plan on doing both of the 60 day challenges. I would think the bass would be a little bit easier. #3
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What it sounds like is that Titanfall is a new type of game so the things we know about games add lots of confusion and you get people calling AI fodder.

What the game sounds like is a 6v6 co-op competitive campaign.

Strip down the parts
We know there is a story but no external extra story mode meaning it would have to be told through the game itself.

We know its always online and multiplayer.

We know its 6v6.
... #16
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I ad no idea D4 was coming out 1st quarter, and I thought Kinect Sports Rivals was.

The next games I am getting are
Kinect Sports rivals
and D4 if it is coming out this quarter.
And I may pick up Destiny #2
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This list isnt half bad. Not the regular bail of hay you get on this sight but it is pretty legitimate.

The only one I disagree with is the auto sign in with out kinect. I think you can set it to do that actually but even if you couldnt its your fault for gimping your system. If you decide not to use it correctly or to its fullest dont expect it to be used to be used correctly or to its fullest.

The party chat is functional they can just add more to it.
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This article is stupid and donkey brained.

The only one that even makes remotely any sense is price but when you consider you get more hardware in a system with a bigger feature set the X1 should be more expensive.

All the other stuff is either straight opinion based or complete lies.

The controller..... if you like the offset analog sticks it doesnt matter how much the Ds4 improved, but still with rumble triggers and an improved D-pad both c... #13
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I would buy a Ps4 for a VR machine. But I would wait because Sony has been terrible at innovation for quite a while now. I will need to make sure they support it. #8
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I was really looking forward to this game and it was one of the first I purchased and I must say I am currently very disappointed. The thing is what disappoints me if you took internet opinions literally should have shot the game to the top. I am major letdown because of its lack of kinect support. This game could have been very fun with a true kinect control scheme. If it was designed like a Child of Eden just with Dragons it would have been stellar. So kinect support is almost non existent... #1
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This saddens me because I am a really big fan of the series but I did not like how MvC3 was handled. That launch with the missing features and then the release of the Ultimate version just made me feel stupid.

They had a nice character line up too but i would have like some other people like Iceman Cable and Night crawler. #7
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