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I love this game .... I gotta get back in to it. I c=screwed up and missed a power and got stuck. Now I need to start over but the game was great playing through it. #1
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The X1 has been the best product you could buy. The games have been great the feature set makes it just amazing.

I could go in and attack the competition like they do but the fact is it wouldn't make the system any better. Know now what I knew back when I bought the X1 with policy reversals, non kinect version, entertainment studio closing etc...... I would still get the Xbox one. It's a great device. #24
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I use my IPad and Surface. They have a fully integrated media remote inside smart glass now. #2.1
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A bunch of Indies, old games that if I wanted them I could have played already and a DLC standalone which is the best thing they have.

And to think.... I almost fell for the hype. Dodge a bullet on that one. #3.2
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The thing is 1080p 60fps was not a mandatory thing until the media found that Ps4 games were running closer to those marks than the X1. You see no one is talking about dedicated servers but last gen I heard people saying they couldnt play a game not on dedicated servers.

My personal feelings is that graphics are important but we dont have ugly games anymore. The 360 Ps3 gen showed us that devs can now make any game and give it a visual fidelity strong enough to complement the... #1.5
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Don't call it a comeback. The X1 is actually a much better product than the Ps4. Xbox One is in competition with the Ps4 but the Ps4 isnt the X1s enemy. MS real enemy is the gaming media. They have slandered and created ill will and spread doubt about X1 since before it was released. For MS to comeback they need to do something about how the information about their console gets shown to the world.

As a gaming community I think the shift has started. People are wising up e... #20
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PC gamers = older virgins #26
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I am playing Titanfall, Guacemelee, Killer Instinct with some Kinect sports rivals sprinkled in to change things up a bit here and there. Oh and I have been sporadically play Spartan Assault. I need to start Strider over again since I missed a power up and cant move on now.

Good I cant be upset with that line up. #39
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Cuphead and Fru are two of the only indies games I am looking forward too. #2
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The thing is that anything is better than a zero. Believe it or not X1 is still a major brand and has fans around the world. Releasing in those other 29 countries won't make the X1 pass the Ps4 but it will turn being outsold each month by 30k to maybe 10k to 4k each month. The X1s ability to catch up and close the gap will come from the big territories and depend on them releasing great content. Every time they release a major game in the major territories they will get a boost. MS has at... #3.3
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YouTube is already as corrupt as regular game journalism. They over sensationalize news to get views just like gaming web sites right BS flame bait articles designed with language that will get their page listed high on google search. The more the sites say the same things and link to each other the more the search engines see them and rank them.

YouTube is just an enclosed version of the Internet but the same rules will apply. The thing is we as the gaming community has to i... #6
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And this is why the industry is broken. They have been doing this for years now. And the sad thing is this type of stuff shapes people opinions. I remember when there was months of articles connecting the kinect to the NSA.... this came from small sites big sites multiple times even though there has never been one single official incident regarding the kinect and data collection or spying.

You will still have people to this very day talking about spy box. Funny thing is eve... #15
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Look how gentle the media is with Ps4. The game doesnt really run 60fps making it an unlocked frame rate (STOP...... if it was truly 60fps they wouldnt add the option to lock it at 30).

Watch how no one is gong to just say it bluntly and flat out TLOU remastered is not running 60fps and make excuses. And then no one is going to call them on that BS either. Gaming journalism is sad and predictable. #14
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I have had some great experiences using kinect for gaming and it sad that so many people missed out on them. All they need to do is expand on the things they had done. Rise of Nightmares just needed to have a faster general moving pace and and graphics over haul it mechanics were solid.
Steel Battalion needed to turn the movement to get to the viewport to a button and if they used the new kinect the hand closing gesture. Other than that SB was solid.
Kinect Star Wars just need... #8
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War back on..... PCs aren't consoles. #30
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I am currently loving the Smart glass integration as a full remote for your tv and cable box. It has a little button for DVR. I wonder if DVR support is in the works. It already lets you control playback, and technically since you can access it through the remote it is being supported. WHy is no one talking about this stuff. Its so cool. #1.2
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This is not shocking... Ps4 has more consoles sold with less to play. Makes sense. #31
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Were the F$%K is my new Power Stone game? I had both Power Stone 1 and 2 and they were just amazing. Hours of fun some one need to bring that little gem back.

I remember Mace... that was the first fighting game I remember where you could knock people into different parts of a stage.

Eternal Champions sega CD was just awesome. What about Last Bronx that was a good fighting game too.

LOL Street Fighter the movie. #6
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Xbox One is the best console on the market. It has great games, great features and has shown and is pushing real innovation. Its gaming eco system is amazing, it really feels like a next gen console instead of an updated console.

I can't wait to see what other things they end up doing with the cloud integration, we already have AI, pristine matchmaking, and some background processing running in games. Those things are big enough and only scratching the surface.
... #8
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But the difference I see is the media coverage. Last gen the 360 had better resolutions and frame rates (apparently) but the gaming news sites werent calling the 360 more powerful, or making it seem like the differences were so big that if you played GTAIV on the Ps3 you didnt really play it because it wasnt in its highest resolution and frame rate.

Is there a difference in resolution/frame rate between some of the games? Yes. Does that make the game a different game? No. The... #1.10
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