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I say dont read in to it that much. This was a typical outcome. We know America generally picks up sales in the holiday season and MS is strongest here. With the games they have on offer, add that to the adjusted lower entree price this is pretty standard.

Ps4 is sold more on hype and goodwill than anything else. In a competitive market that will only last so long before you have to start making plays. With that said globally Ps4 will probably keep and advantage because those... #24
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The Order 1886
Quantum Break
Uncharted 4
The Withcer 3
Halo 5
Fable Legends #18
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The only mth they need to do is...... MS is not projecting losses next year and they are paying their shareholders dividends this year. Sony can not same the same. Everything else doesn't matter. #17
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Vigilante 8 the 2nd offense

Soul Reaver

Powerstone 1 + 2

RE Codename Veronica


There was so many its really hard....

the 2K football and basketball series

Quake Arena

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Sonic 1

Skies Of Arcadia


I missed Phantasy Star Online, my internet was turned off when that on... #18
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I think they should raise it back up but offer more games with it, maybe even a year of XBL. Then when summer comes drop it again with a new bundle.

Or leave the price at $349 and come with the 1TB models for $400 and 1TB kinect models with games for $500.

Do a full price drop permanent at E3 with new major game specialty console announcement. #12
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I would tell anyone even thinking of using bitcoin seriously do not. That is a form of currency not regulated by regular practices. You are basically putting your money on a chopping block messing with these alternative forms of currency. #4.1
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Last time I checked I heard the match making was fixed and that the updates and patches are to improve it.

People are playing every section and portion of the game regularly. I see them on Twitch and my friends list. I plan on getting HaloMCC but after I get GTAV and The Wolf Among Us so I have been trying to keep tabs on its progress.

It cant be any worst than CODAW.... I get kicked out of oline matches once every 4-5 matches and I havent heard nothing abo... #4
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The thing is they say they are banning the game for violence against women. Which I find kind of stupid. First, there are way more games I can play where I can perform violence against women so what is the real issue with GTAV. Second if violence is the problem why is there a scale... is violence against men held at a different standard? what about violence against animals. See when you start trying to curtail or control content it gets very blurry.

I say as gamers just stop... #6
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Game of the year is hard because it can be interpreted different ways. But the 2 ways I look at it. If I could only pay 1 game this year what would it be. The other is... what game was technically the most solid from concept to execution.

In the case of which game I would choose if i could only have 1... Titanfall. Some factions criticize TF for lack of content and no single player campaign which are both arguably true...... what is also arguably true is the gameplay and bala... #38
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Actually Ps4 is not the problem them for Xbox One. The problem has has been and continues to be the gaming media. The Xbox One is leaps and bounds better than the Ps4 and has been since launch... the problem is the bias media influencing judgment and misinforming the gaming community.

They told everyone that the Ps4 is more powerful and will always have better multiplats because of the resolution.... they didnt say sometimes or most of the time they told the community ALL TH... #1.1.5
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I love it Joe was put in to a hard position but he did it to himself. Its so easy for everyone to hate and attack everything MS does and get away with it so when they got Tomb Raider he did his regular anti MS routine and was applauded and supported forit.

But we all know on the internet with the way the bias media is set up you cant say bad things about Ps4 and Sony without push back.

He had a choice like many of the personalities out there that attacked MS... #21
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I downloaded it..... Played it like 3 times and just stopped.

I had a X1 so I naturally am not playing my 360 damn near at all. I had Titanfall and BF4, Wolfenstein and a couple other fps to choose from. It really was stupid to release it that late in the cycle. Now if it would have came out a year to 6 months before the X1...... We would have had something. #8
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Oh my..... SOny has it been that long. I remember going to my friends house and them having a Playstation. They had Twisted Metal, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider was just amazing. We played Madden for hours every other day for like 3 years. Such good times. My Best friend let me burrow his PS1 with FFVII for 2 months. Sony saved gaming. they set up an outlet for games like we know now. Sega and Nintendo were F'n up and staying stagnant and the PS1 turned the volume up to 100. Happy anniversar... #33
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I hate misinformation or misleading info. Crimson Dragon was actually a bad game because it didnt have kinect controls. Crimson dragon had a lean option and that was it. BF4 had more kinect integration in it than Crimson Dragon. If Crimson Dragon would have used kinect fully like it was originally shown it would have been great but they didnt so it was a serious let down.
Fighter Within is an easy target to attack. The problem is that like most kinect games their is so much misinforma... #4
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If you want the best value and most innovation money can buy you go Xbox One.
If you want a good game system and need hype and to be coddled by the internet.... Ps4, but seriously if you like Sony exclusives Ps4, the multiplats are not different enough even when they are different to warrant them a factor.
If you want some fun different and different games and arent really concerned with modern day gaming WiiU. #1.2
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The funny thing is Sony themselves just said about about 3 weeks ago they shipped 13.5 million. this is not me saying it, or some analyst. This came directly from the horses mouth (don't ban me MODs its just a saying).

I dont know where these people are getting 15-18-20 million from. Seems like a nice game of make believe.

http://venturebeat.com/2... #1.1.2
No.... only ponies care about the of grass. Ponies love grass. Us regular humans see a few random patches of grass in some obscure areas and open world game and think..... ehhh.

Ponies see all that lush greenery and just want to run around in it.... and put their hooves all in it, maybe nibble on a patch or two.

Rockstar was really thinking about the ponies when they added that extra grass. #7.1.3
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I feel kind of sorry for guys like you two that think Ps4 is suppose to have some kind of graphic advantage or maybe you just believe the X1 isnt strong enough compete. The fact is you were lied to. As an example these sites told you that the GPU is 50% more powerful so you should see some big advantages...... but they left out things like you still have to feed that GPU and the reality is the X1 moves more food.

They told you resolution was the result of power when it is rea... #8.4.1
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This score seems blatantly inflated.

Flag this site for possible corruption and agenda pushing. This would serve as an example of the gamergate ethics violations.

Lets look for other review sites that may be working with them. look for similar catch phrases in the other reviews. they do that stuff to increase exposure in search engines. They will focus and exaggerate the same points.

This could be a legitimate review where the reviewer really... #1.1
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Kinect is fine and is still the most innovative piece of technology you can buy at a store. The thing is the media has constantly slandered and distracted the puppet gamers from just how many great things kinect delivered. I know you can go on the internet and start a circle jerk and pleasure yourselves with kinect is dead never lived good for nothing failure comments. But that doesnt change the fact that when I walk in to the room my consoles knows who I am and adjusts accordingly, the fact... #1.1
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