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It will be over exaggerated and made to sound like the plague. ... but it is a problem. A big problem.... not really since you really should only have to do it once pregame and very infrequently if you are running out of space and renting lots of games.

It does really suck and I would like to see MS do something about it if they can. #22
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OMG.... those shadow at 60fps look like a homeless squatter smeared s**t on the walls.


Just playing,I am in a mess with fanboys mood today.

The shadows do look worse but in motion it probably balances out really well. If that is the only knock that is pretty good. #9
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This wouldnt be happening if the Ps4 wasnt holding back the X1. This would be nothing but a flip of switch on the Azure network. But sony gotta keep their BS last gen online system messing it up for everyone.

HA HA HA HA HA... just adding some balance to the sony fanboys talking smack.

Even though this pretty true I am just kidding. This is what Betas are for. They wanted to test it. I think Azure can just automatically detect usage and spin up more servers.... #15
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Dsetiny and Halo are to different of games to make such a comparison. They have different goals and accomplish them well. Playing Destiny I feel that its more about the progress and and moving forward in grinding and building your character. Halo is a straight forward FPS with a straight forward story and straight forward way of progressing. You are playing a story no creating one.

As far as mechanics and playability same thing. They are to different from each other to make t... #12
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No they don't. The Ps4 is a safe system. It has and does nothing interesting. The only reason people think it is more powerful and some kind of alien technology forged by the gods is because the media has reported it that way. Dont get me wrong its not a bad system but it is not in some league of its own like the media has made people believe.

It delivers marginally better performance in some games that is it. The X1 is an all around better product the games look good play g... #1.1.4
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Damn..... I just watched it on my X1 and wow. I wasn't to hyped up for the MCC other than playing all the Halos on dedicated servers but after seeing what they are doing with it. I may really need to get this again. #28
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This gen started with everyone trying to claim a winner before the consoles even released. There is not one test that makes or breaks a generation. We are not even 8 months in and people are trying to claim victorious.

The X1 is a strong product with tons of money behind it. truth is it not even the Ps4 that is hurting MS. The Ps4 isnt taking its games or making better features or or delivering anything really. MS real enemy is the gaming journalism and media. They constantly... #32
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The X1 is a better product by far. It does more has more is more. The Ps4 is a traditional console it works pretty much like your 360 and Ps3 did last gen. The X1 is a big step forward. The eco system is almost completely different.

Its funny i have moved my 360 to my bedroom and when i go there and use it for anything it feels funny because its missing so much. Once you get use the X1 the way its designed to be used you wont want to go back to the old style of console or TV... #23
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I would say yes. The game looks wonderful. I am looking for a new ip FPS that is Sci Fi based. Titanfall Is great at what it does but it cant be everything to everyone. I would like some exploration and more character. I am thinking I will give it a go. It seems like there are different planets and you will be traveling around. I hope there are some cities with people and maybe stores and stuff. Add that RPG element to it.
I may even pass up Halo MCC if this is good enough..... but Ha... #5
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You can easily hear the agenda being worked. they are way to critical of the X1 version not even taking into account that it is running 900p in beta. they are talking like Destiny isnt even Destiny on the X1.
The games look 98% the exact same at this and some how he says he would be disappointed with the X1 version if it stayed this way. Foolishness. #1
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Its sad because sony fanboys need stuff like this. The game cant just look good or be great. It has to be unattainable to all but them, they cant even let the game speak for itself. This is why I can't get a Ps4 right now. I cant be lumped in with these weirdoes that need their ego stroked about playing a damn video game.

Never mind the aspects of reality, which are the game doesnt even use 30% of the screen real estate so it may not be as demanding as other games. Then w... #31
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Is this some more indie crap. #4
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I love this game .... I gotta get back in to it. I c=screwed up and missed a power and got stuck. Now I need to start over but the game was great playing through it. #1
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The X1 has been the best product you could buy. The games have been great the feature set makes it just amazing.

I could go in and attack the competition like they do but the fact is it wouldn't make the system any better. Know now what I knew back when I bought the X1 with policy reversals, non kinect version, entertainment studio closing etc...... I would still get the Xbox one. It's a great device. #24
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I use my IPad and Surface. They have a fully integrated media remote inside smart glass now. #2.1
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A bunch of Indies, old games that if I wanted them I could have played already and a DLC standalone which is the best thing they have.

And to think.... I almost fell for the hype. Dodge a bullet on that one. #3.2
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The thing is 1080p 60fps was not a mandatory thing until the media found that Ps4 games were running closer to those marks than the X1. You see no one is talking about dedicated servers but last gen I heard people saying they couldnt play a game not on dedicated servers.

My personal feelings is that graphics are important but we dont have ugly games anymore. The 360 Ps3 gen showed us that devs can now make any game and give it a visual fidelity strong enough to complement the... #1.5
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Don't call it a comeback. The X1 is actually a much better product than the Ps4. Xbox One is in competition with the Ps4 but the Ps4 isnt the X1s enemy. MS real enemy is the gaming media. They have slandered and created ill will and spread doubt about X1 since before it was released. For MS to comeback they need to do something about how the information about their console gets shown to the world.

As a gaming community I think the shift has started. People are wising up e... #20
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PC gamers = older virgins #26
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I am playing Titanfall, Guacemelee, Killer Instinct with some Kinect sports rivals sprinkled in to change things up a bit here and there. Oh and I have been sporadically play Spartan Assault. I need to start Strider over again since I missed a power up and cant move on now.

Good I cant be upset with that line up. #39
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