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Get this Bull$h!t out of my face. I dont need some bias site to tell me what I saw.

I never been on no bash Sony stuff and still got hate but now its over. They have not done delivered and if you think they have you are F%$ked. And MS has delivered a fantastic product.... if you got a Ps4 and support they BS you are a brain washed fanboy.

Last Guardian Is A Slap in the face to Sony supporters. It looks like dated in every way.And that because it should have c...

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MS won easy.... sony has an admitted sparse line up. Anyone claiming victory is just a drugged up sony zealot.

Last guardian is a slap to the face...... the game didnt even look updated from the last time we saw it. Sony does this because they know they got the gaming community by the balls. They didnt even give a solid release date..... for an 8 year old game.

The gaming media has created this weird system were MS does great things and its just "oh... h...

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The sony conference was soft. If you think that carp was good you are a zombie. Last Guardian looks a Ps3 launch game they just blew the dust off two weeks ago to fluff there offerings..... everything in it was dated.They didnt even give a release date. If bought that you just got raped. You should demand more but it seems Ps4 supporters are drugged captives they can even see when they get crapped on.

Horizon looked OK from what we saw but it aint messin with Gears 4 or Halo...

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Gears is a tie for with Halo for best MP in gaming.

This is just too much fun too much refined and solid.

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Of course on N4g we have old dog and pony show.

This controller is for elite gamers..... if you dont see the value in it then it isnt for you. If you are just a regular gamer this is not for you.

I may pick one up just for $h!ts and giggles....... I dont NEED it but I am also an adult with money and $150 is nothing in a real mans world. I will blow that on a date or at one table in a casino on the weekend while i'm drunk.

It seems gaming...

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And you are an example of the victims of the gaming media I always talk about. The gaming media wanted to sell you Ps4s so bad they just pulled $h!t out their @$$.

Anyone that tells you Gddr5 ram is better than Ddr3 ram is lying to you or don't know anything about it.

Saying ggdr5 ram is better than ddr3 ram is like like saying a hammer is better than a screwdriver. They are 2 completely different tools were made to do 2 completely different things.

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Well...... I dont want to play a VR game with controller. What type of sense does that make. Thats like putting a condom on and not having sex.

If you are going to give me an experience I want it all.

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You know whats really disgusting about gaming today..... the media and their bias and the fanboys that support them.

Splitscreen vs framerate(or gameplay in general) is now a topic since Halo 5 is dropping it to do 60fps.

This topic could have been bought up for Killzone SF, Battlefield 4, CODAW. Actually pretty much any FPS. Quiet as kept the local split screen era pretty much died last gen Halo and Gears are 2 of the only few that kept it in their games. <...

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If this is not NFL licensed its pointless......

If it is NFL licensed it will be ******HUGE***** the Xbox One will over take Ps4 in America By the start of the Football season. If they market and promote it right this will become a major weapon for MS.

Madden is cracking about 5-6 million sales across 4 platforms these days. this game will do 3-4 million easy on The X1 alone.

But it all depends on the NFL license. I know so many people that...

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WTF is this?

So basically the collection of your biggest franchise is basically 3 halves.

3 halves that never make a whole. They better sell this crap for like $20 because at least the Uncharted 4 MP beta has some value. I really feel sorry for you victims of the gaming media rape machine. Dont worry.... they will inject you with some more drugs so your brain is to fried to realize how screwed you are.

IGN will be praising this in a moment to...

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OMG...... I cant believe this story has even landed on this site.

I'm sure it was denied and pushed back several times in other forms but still this is a surprise.

On topic. I use to work for a bank and in the credit card department. Its basic policy that if a customer says they didnt make the charges the banks immediate position is to refund the customer pending an investigation. Investigation being the company in this case Sony that the charges were mad...

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The internet and this site is so pathetic. Sony has been getting hammered with the sparse line up news (that barely got mentioned on this site) and now they need to drug the gaming community that may be waking up from the drug induced coma the gaming media keeps them in...... So this article is just a shot of your new delusion cocktail.

MS is strong they have enough money and resources their business model of not needing first party studios and basically sub contracting to 3r...

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If Tomb Raider is doomed for being an Xbox exclusive the gamin industry is doomed and none of this stuff matters.

Gaming should be and used to be all about the games. You could have your preference in console but if there was a game you wanted to play that wasnt on your console you had to make the decision of whether the game or games available that werent available on your console was worth maybe picking up or switching.

If that dynamic is gone and you will...

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In truth its just competition and at its core there is nothing wrong with that as long as there are standards set almost like rules or referees. The gaming media use to provide those guides and referees but in this gen especially they have jumped in to the fray.

They promote bias information and run agendas. And since they are pretty much an unchecked entity they have a louder voice than the few outlets that still represent gaming properly.

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Yes the Xbox One will have a better holiday season. The games will be better and more plentiful but the other big factor is the holiday season is when the U.S. does their most spending. In America they pretty much coast through the year and splurge for black friday and Christmas. This is why its an important season.

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In truth as a real gamer or gaming enthusiast its god to some time branch out and broaden your horizons. I am currently a Xbox guy but I have no real issues with a Playstation or Nintendo console for that matter. My biggest issue for not owning all of them is more time than anything else. I hre people complain all the time about there not being enough to play.... and I think that is just this generation of gamers AdD. I know Bloodeborne would have kept me busy for at least a month

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This is why the internet for getting news and information is broken and unusable.

Its over run with system zealots. Xbox Live in truth rarely ever goes down. Some people will rush in with links and reports that have a headline saying different..... but the reality is that its regularly something like the friends list or Netflix or some other app and most of the time that is limited meaning not everyone is affected or it is fixed in less than an hour.

PSN has...

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Assassins Creed is at a different level than your standard game. Much Like COD... even the bad ones are still in actuality good.

The internet toar AC Unity apart for its bugs and glitches but in a vacuum AC Unity is a really good game especially after the patches.

My biggest issue witH Assassins Creed is the modern world connection.... the aspect seems corny. I would have liked it way better if it was just the following of an Assassins bloodline through the c...

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These sony fanboys are still around?

And who would ask them if MS cut corners for Forza 5s 1080p 60fps. Who there is a developer or even have a degree anywhere near the field.

A big problem with the gaming community today is that they think they have been educated on the industry and they listen to people that have no clue.

and of course you should have the product to be able to give critical thoughts on it. You can use Halo MCC as a perfect...

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Titanfall 2 has a much easier road to go than Titanfall 1.

Titanfall 1 was a success and everyone that bought the first knows its a good game whether or not they stuck around or not they know it is an industry defining experience. they will all at least check it out and if a game is good thats all you need.

Titanfall 2 will be multiplat thus it will have a bigger audience of the bat and since its on Ps4 they wont have to deal with the...

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