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This is not shocking... Ps4 has more consoles sold with less to play. Makes sense. #31
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Were the F$%K is my new Power Stone game? I had both Power Stone 1 and 2 and they were just amazing. Hours of fun some one need to bring that little gem back.

I remember Mace... that was the first fighting game I remember where you could knock people into different parts of a stage.

Eternal Champions sega CD was just awesome. What about Last Bronx that was a good fighting game too.

LOL Street Fighter the movie. #6
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Xbox One is the best console on the market. It has great games, great features and has shown and is pushing real innovation. Its gaming eco system is amazing, it really feels like a next gen console instead of an updated console.

I can't wait to see what other things they end up doing with the cloud integration, we already have AI, pristine matchmaking, and some background processing running in games. Those things are big enough and only scratching the surface.
... #8
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But the difference I see is the media coverage. Last gen the 360 had better resolutions and frame rates (apparently) but the gaming news sites werent calling the 360 more powerful, or making it seem like the differences were so big that if you played GTAIV on the Ps3 you didnt really play it because it wasnt in its highest resolution and frame rate.

Is there a difference in resolution/frame rate between some of the games? Yes. Does that make the game a different game? No. The... #1.10
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That's a made up figure. There is no real source with any verified data that shows the 13 countries they are in represents 90% of their sells. Fact is if you look at the only data that we do have access to it shows that in the areas the X1 is in the 360 pulled in 2/3 of the sales of the Ps3 these are areas that the X1 are not in at all. The X1 should have a decent jump when launched every where. #1.2.2
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Time to move the goal posts. X1 version is 1080p and has a better frame rate. I have seen other comparisons that have stated the X1 version stayed at 60fps more than the Ps4... But taking in to account Eurogamers bias against the X1 this isnt to out of place.

Lets see what the new thing is going to be so that they can keep the insecure Sony fans thinking they are getting the god experience. Its always something. these games are 98.5% the same exact product but they will come... #1.1.1
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Right now the Ps4 has a long way to go for me. It is currently a hype machine. It's a very corny console that seems to be marketed to a very insecure crowd. Everything is about trying to convince people that their experience on the Ps4 is so much more than everyone else or that you are some how part of an elite group, much like how they market Hummers and big SUVs to men with small penises.
Look at the "Greatness Awaits" and the "Greats play here". They got peo... #17
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VR is is a slippery slope. New technology is having a very hard time gaining ground in the core market.

With that said.... If MS does do VR they should wait until its established and people are showing interest. If they MS does do VR they will do it the best? Kinect and Wifi direct would play a giant advantage. #10
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Kinect is not a gimmick. Thats just the programming the gaming media has mind raped into your brain. I have played lots of Kinect games and there are some real great gamer experiences to be found (like the boss battles in Fable the Journey and the Statue Puzzle in Rise of Nightmares to name a few).

But any way Kinect is an extension of the ways you interact with your console.... its like adding another button. The controls can be as intricate or simple as needed.
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Sony has been arrogant.... but it makes perfect sense. Playstation is a protected brand. They get a way with tons of junk and no one will call them on it and even when its a blatant megaton (Killzone SF MP not true 1080p) these news sites and outlets go out of their way to limit the impact.

All this while the same media will take an obscure tweet about MS or a rumor or sources that have no connection to their products talking about them and present it as un contestable truth.... #26
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I am not that in to indies but I give credit were credit is do... Cuphead is a day one for me and so is Fru. #3
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The reason people would say Titanfall needs a campaign is because they never played didnt play it enough to understand it or they are stupid. Same thing when people complain about the bots. The thing is that especially Sony fans are trying to shoehorn Titanfall in to an experience that they can rank and categorize with other experiences and right there you are wrong. They focus on what it does thats the same as opposed to what is different.

I ask anyone... think of a campaign... #29
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Shooters are still the most successful genre of them all.... why does it always need to be saved.

Why cant Sunset Overdrive just be a good game with a cool art style and interesting premise. I cant wait to see how it plays. It looks like they have some of that Titanfall fast fluent wall running goodness with some crazy weapons and Jet set radio grinding. Sounds like a winning combination #1
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I agree
WTF? the ponies are out crazy today.

These are the people that if
mS bought Sony or if the X1 by some chance started outselling the Ps4 they would really kill themselves....I am talking literally blow their brains out. #1.3
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Speak for yourself caveman.

Once you understand what the X1 ecosystem is..... going back to the old ways of entertainment is like dropping windows 8.1 and going back to MS-dos.

When I look ay my set up I can only see expanding it and the things it brings is what I would imagine to be the norm of modern households with in a 5 years. I see being able to control the lights in my house by just telling them dim or use on e media remote that does everything..... al... #9
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I am happy I am not the only one that saw this game and was in awe. Why havent we seen a game like this yet. The old school cartoon look is just amazing. Looks like an old Popeye cartoon or Heckle and Jeckle. I am not a real big indie guy but i cant deny greatness. This an Fru are day one for me.

On a side note I cant believe you didnt like Sunset Overdrive the gameplay looks better than i thought it was going to look. I was expecting some cell shaded JetSet radio looking gam... #1.1
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You cant do that on this site.

This is a Pony ranch you will get hundreds of disagrees on general principle. #1.8
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I am a long time can of kinect. I have lots of experience with it and absolutely love some of software that has been made for it.

With that said MS has not released the content that fully realizes what kinect can bring to the table.

There are 3 games MS needs to open the purse for and kinect will be just fine.

1) They need a FPS shooter with a competitive MP with either full kinect control or enhanced kinect controls. FPS are a staple in any... #2.2.3
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I see the X1 identity situation like Superman situation.

The original idea of the Xbox One was to strong of a vision for the weak mind set of the gaming community as it stands. Like Superman just couldnt come out day one and say here I am..... bigger and stronger than everything you know.
So what MS has had to do is turn the X1 in to Clark Kent. Now the first thing a hater will say is YEAH... Clark Kent is weak and so is the X1....but truth is that Clark Kent is just... #1.5
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I dont buy football games anymore.... NFL2k5 was the greatest football game ever made. I grew up on Madden and I tried to get back in to it with Madden 07 but it was so lackluster i just gave up on Football games.

If the contract expires and they dont renew I will be there day 1 buying a NFL game made by 2Ksports. #19
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