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No.... only ponies care about the of grass. Ponies love grass. Us regular humans see a few random patches of grass in some obscure areas and open world game and think..... ehhh.

Ponies see all that lush greenery and just want to run around in it.... and put their hooves all in it, maybe nibble on a patch or two.

Rockstar was really thinking about the ponies when they added that extra grass. #7.1.3
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I feel kind of sorry for guys like you two that think Ps4 is suppose to have some kind of graphic advantage or maybe you just believe the X1 isnt strong enough compete. The fact is you were lied to. As an example these sites told you that the GPU is 50% more powerful so you should see some big advantages...... but they left out things like you still have to feed that GPU and the reality is the X1 moves more food.

They told you resolution was the result of power when it is rea... #8.4.1
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This score seems blatantly inflated.

Flag this site for possible corruption and agenda pushing. This would serve as an example of the gamergate ethics violations.

Lets look for other review sites that may be working with them. look for similar catch phrases in the other reviews. they do that stuff to increase exposure in search engines. They will focus and exaggerate the same points.

This could be a legitimate review where the reviewer really... #1.1
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Kinect is fine and is still the most innovative piece of technology you can buy at a store. The thing is the media has constantly slandered and distracted the puppet gamers from just how many great things kinect delivered. I know you can go on the internet and start a circle jerk and pleasure yourselves with kinect is dead never lived good for nothing failure comments. But that doesnt change the fact that when I walk in to the room my consoles knows who I am and adjusts accordingly, the fact... #1.1
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They already said Halo 4 was the start of a new trilogy so Halo 5 is really the Halo 2 of the new trilogy. #1.1
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Because DirectX software produces more intense colors than the competition. You even see this carried over today on the X1 and Ps4. People say the X1 has crushed blacks when the reality is that DirectX just produces purer truer colors making the blacks truly black...... The difference is kind of like when you compare a plasma tv to a LED tv. #1.1.3
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Killer Instinct followed these same steps and is now a retail game. Battletoads?

This a weird game to bring back. I just can't imagine what it would be like. They could make it just the old ones but I have grown so far beyond those type of games it wouldn't appeal to me unless they did something super amazing.

I would have rather seen a. Perfect Dark game. #1.1
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This cycle will probably be longer. These consoles havent even started making mostly games for its current gen. The first year is almost a wash.

The only games we have the are purely next gen is AC Unity ad a hand full of exclusives. These consoles have so much more they can do it crazy. I know the media lied to everyone telling the Ps4s power makes it have better resolution but that isnt the case. Ps4s resolution bump comes from ease of delegating memory the resolution come... #34
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If the gaming media wasnt so pathetic and working agendas someone have said by now that the less photorealistic you are trying to go the less yu need 1080p. In the case of a very cartoony game like this 720p is as good as 1080p there isnt enough details to reproduce for it to be a factor.

The fact that they went with the 60fps is much more impressive and important. #1.1.1
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This is just that fantasy world sony and the media keeps all of their victims drugged and stupified.

Did you really think, big time games would come out brand spanking new and let you share the whole game with people for free. Are F'N insane. Do you think they are going let you take Uncharted 4 and let you just let your friends and buddies play the game from start to finish with the only limitation being it has to be done in hour chunks.

I would think wh... #1.1.1
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This is the weakest list I have ever seen.

Its a bunch of speculative intangibles and some of them are the same thing.

The fact they put 10 million sold is so pathetic its sad. This is that whole come be part of the club mentality. This is a main reason why the Ps4 is selling so well and delivering bare minimums.

Ps4 is a graphical powerhouse? Based on what? Best looking game on consoles is Ryse. The only thing the Ps4 has done well is run s... #14
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Because if they admit the Ps4 cant run games at 1080p60fps or at least always beter than the Xbox One they will have to admit to themselves that they got raped. And they dont want to face that.

They were sold on this idea that the Ps4 was so much more powerful and could do so much more than the X1 whether it was because the Ps4 is soooooooo super powerful or the X1 is sooooooo super bad. They believed all of that non sense so whole heartedly that when ever the games dont refl... #5.1
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You will see tons of comments from people that dont even use kinect or never ised kinect telling you it didnt get close at all.

I am someone that actually has used the kinect with 360 and use the current one with the X1 and reality is that it has shot very far past the original project natal vision.

This new kinect has an IR blaster that controls other devices, it can red your heartbeat and tension in your muscles. Recognize facial expressions and gestures. I... #6
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All I gotta say is BRING IT ON.

I will be in all the comment section with my asshat on.

IGN started out as one of the leaders and model for gaming, now they are a cancer that wear their bias for everyone to see, running agendas, and just all around unprofessional organization. You can tell there review policies is corrupt.

They cant have a code of ethics because they have broken every code of ethics that could ever be written.

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Make sure kinect is set up properly, calibrate it with the volume really high, buy D4. There is a lot to it. When you give voice commands learn the right diction and get use to giving voice commands it will make your life so much easier. Learn the features and get use to them. Gets a set of rechargeable batteries they are better than the charge and play kit. #10.1
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This gae is so good. It really makes me happy to play it. It is is really a perfect game.... not meaning its perfect (which it may be) but the game that they wanted to make and what it does it accomplishes the goals perfectly.

I would say GOTY but we know the media will never let a X1 game be GOTY. #8
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OMG...... IGN.

I am getting this game and I know this score is BS. IGN has a habit were they dont talk bad about games they know are going to sell regardless. SO COD HALO GTA MARIO games GEARS, GOW, UNCHARTED..... games with heavy profile are safe. The gaming hive mind thrives on games like this.

It is probably good but 9.1 hahahahahahaha. Yeah F*****g right. #11
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I agree, as supporter of the X1 having dynamic resolutions would not bother me in the least especially if it means frames rates this solid. I would honestly like to see this implemented more. I think this was a smart move on behalf of the dev even though I am sure they pilfered the idea at least a little bit from The Wolfenstein devs.

Now I dont feel so bad having to get this game now. Its shows that the devs actually thought about the product and wanted to deliver a good exp... #1.2.1
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Ahhhh.... You bought into the power nonsense the media has been feeding the gaming community since before these consoles were announced. You clearly have no idea how video games are actually made and the difference in game engines.
Different games have different development conditions like COD is cross gen AC unity is built strictly for the new gen, and obviously AC unity is a different type of game with a different focus using a different engine. I feel sorry for the people that beli... #1.2.4
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I hate cross gen games...... and I hate COD. The only reason I am buying this is because my brother is getting the COD bundle and he is only going to have this game to play at first. #8
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