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I would doubt it. I wouldnt mind it actually I like challenging games. I know right now there is too much hype, over compensation and love to give a real critique of the game but the reality is its not a commercial game. Its made for a certain type of gamer. There are things in it you wouldnt call flaws because they do them on purpose but like the surprise deaths do to odd angles.... I remember Ninja Gaiden 2 got whacked in the reviews because of the same thing but it is clearly being over lo... #14
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Of course they are making a sequel to Alan Wake. Alan Wake is one of those games that is perfect. Not that it is superior to every other game but that in its design everything is perfectly executed. The effects and controls and lots of things have been done before but in Alan Wake all the elements are done prefect. The Bullet time the combat mechanics of having to burn away the protection of the enemies before them being vulnerable.... just everything. even American Nightmare was just awesome... #24
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Sony is so behind the curve its sad.

I always say the next Playstation will be more like an Xbox One than the next Xbox will be like a Ps4. #1.1
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The thing is I dont really want a Gears 1 remaster. I know its a little spoiled of me but HaloMCC set a new standard for me. I want a Gears Collection. All games under one roof all the lore one place.

Just getting the same game higher res and frame rate is a crock. They will probably throw in the Gears 4 beta. This the type of stuff Sony does and I knock them for it. I say just forgo the collection and do Gears 4 and comeback to it later. #1.1.2
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Because it wont be around in 2016. #2
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The media has been keeping this one under wrap so it cant get that negative stigma and people nitpicking the game and influencing peoples enthusiasm for it like they did The Order 1886.

From what we have seen of the game I have seen a few big enemies (probably bosses) but with no more than 2-5 enemies onscreen at once, a slow combat system and the dreaded **** COMBAT LOOKS REPETITIVE ****.

Somebody said the game was 30-40 hrs long either they were lying or re... #2.4
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I wouldnt buy it but yes.... Alan Wake is a masterpiece of a game. I would also be inclined to say release it as a package with the live action shorts they had leading up to the game release, all the DLC and American Nightmare.

I have played and experienced all of this in depth so I only want a sequel even if it was another small continuation like American Nightmare. Alan Wake is a very unique game and deserve more exploration. #23
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I had this happen 1 time. It was on my The Force unleashed game and it happened because I did move the console with the disc in it. I had the 360 for a long time and never had a problem with this so i just wasnt respecting the rules and it gouged the disc. #1.1.1
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You know whats funny, Judgement isnt a bad game its just a bad Gears game. The campaign was actually pretty good and the classified ops was done really cool.
The Horde mode on Gears Judgement was actually probably one of the best horde modes of last gen.

Soo why do i hate Gears Judgement some may ask and Sony fanboys quickly try to chime in like they are down with the cause.

The problem Gears of War Judgement was the MP. And again it wasnt bad but com... #1.1.2
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HAHAHA to all the suckers that bought a WiiU. The Wii was the last system in and the first system out in the 360 era. You should have known something was up.

Now with hat said, For me to buy this new Nintendo..... I need basically an Xbox One.... I dont care about the size it can be big or small, I am not trying to fit it up my butt so it doesnt matter. I want a hdmi pass through, voice commands a camera of sort for video chat, I want the Wii motion controls and tablet contro... #30
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This is a day one buy for me. I have been looking forward to this one since I first saw the little glimpse of it in a indie mash up trailer at E3.

Cuphead and Fru are the ones I am checking for. #1.1
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I have no issue with a delayed game....... my issue is how sony uses this technique as crowd control. Its something that keeps gamers in line and its dishonest.

For instance.... sonys E3 was relatively trash the biggest thing was Uncharted showed up.... like its development is in the swing of things and we will see it soon. This makes all of the attention that games that are really coming out and really coming for sure get overlooked. Its all smoke and mirrors.... Ps4 has doe... #1.6
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No NFL license no BUY. I'm sorry.... but I went through the era of non licensed sports games and with out the enthusiasm of the real team and atmosphere its just not the same.

But this doesnt actually confirm there is no NFL license. It does confirm a football game so we are half way there.

I'll hold out hope for a little bit longer. #12
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It is a rarity that there isnt enough to play. Its actually stupid to even suggest any console doesnt have anything to play. The only stipulation to that would be whether the things the console has is something you are particularly interested in playing.

I think the only lull was at the launch of the new consoles and that was because most of the games were already on the 360 and Ps3 so if already played those games there was truly very little to play. but if you already have... #18
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The problem is PC are not really for games. PCs are completely different animals. They really hold no threat to consoles. It would be like saying "since my PC has a BluRay disc drive I dont need my BluRay player.

Consoles are entertainment devices built for a streamlined experience. PCs are tools that can play games at very high levels. But fact is.... if you have PC that is predominantly designed and used for playing games your PC is a waste.
If all you did was... #6
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Well the first problem is we are comparing something so arbitrary like resolution. that fact that something this small is the only difference shows there is really no difference.

But if we have to discuss it can we at least do it right? The game that are still coming out now are still not using the extra resources the X1 gave them. They have been in development to long to have had proper access to the new SDKs and resources let alone DX12 which isnt even released yet. Any gam... #36
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I love the Idea of this game. If it was on the X1 I would probably get it even though I have not really been that impressed by the gameplay but what can you tell from online videos and it wasnt bad I just wasnt as impressed seeing it played as I was when i saw what this was.

But the package is a dream game. I hope it does really well and becomes really big popular and supported well by the community because if I ever buy a Ps4 I would snatch this game asap. I'm a little j... #7
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I would say closer to 3rd. SMITE is a F2P Moba, so is Gigantic (which looks really good) and I would say Fable Legends..... it is F2P and its model seems very close to a MOBA.

This could be the way things are headed. #1.1.2
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I bought Halo MCC back when they had that sale. And I had an issue the very first time I tried to play MP. After that it has been as reliable as any other MP game I own.

I havent even played it since the update was announced. I am going to try and stay away from MP so I can beat the campaigns again and so far Halo 1 is truly epic I am half way through and its just a joy. #1.2.1
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I can't help but call BS on the way people make it sound like Halo MCC is working. I purchased it when they had the big sale for it on deals with gold. I had issues with it the very first time I tried to get into a MP match and at that point I was thinking uh oh the news was true. I tried again the next day and since then the MP has match me as fast as any other game. I maybe been kicked out of a match once........ In all honesty comparing my first few weeks with Halo MCC and CODAW I had... #7
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