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But when numbers are based off of opinions like lets say "game reviews" your factual number is still at its heart an opinion.... its actually just a measure of counting opinions and nothing else.

This argument has been used many times Ps4 sells more so it means its better. Its a placebo that keeps sucking in the weak. Not saying the Ps4 is a bad system..... truth we dont have any bad systems. What Ia m saying is there is no true comparisons made and promoted about t... #1.3.1
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This product is just so full of content its actually a little overwhelming. When the matchmaking is on point which has been 80% of the time so far this is easily the one of gamings greatest products you can buy.

I just purchased Halo TMCC Friday with the new sale. And I must say I feel everyones pain when you are trying to access the MP and it takes along time. That happened to me the first time I booted up and it is frustrating....... With that said I have also had it a lot... #1.1
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They are acting like The Order is the first game to get negative influence from the gaming media.

The problem is the gaming community cant think for themselves. This guy even has the nerve to say Titanfall doesnt have enough content, or that Evolve is some kind of rip off like it is a fact.

I have said long ago games should be judged on what they are not what they could be.... because if you go by what they could be no game is comple... #6
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For $10-$12 this game is a steal. This the type of stuff I like to see them do with kinect. Just nice little different games. If this game didnt use kinect I wouldnt have bothered checking it out. What people fail to see is that when you add kinect it makes for a different experience, little things like having to wipe the characters hair out of your eye sight is so cool, its not the mother of all innovation but its something different that gives the world depth. I think kinect has had a hard... #1
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I like the ideas and concept of some of the modes..... like the heist but it is missing so much it just doesnt feel right. I actually like the gun shooting a little better than in BF4 but it is severely lacking. #8
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They need to put this on console. I would get it day one. I just hate gaming on PC.

I am planning on getting if they ever let us stream PC games though the X1. #1.1
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You are more optimistic than I am. I have never seen an investment firm not spell the kiss of death to a business.
I believe they are laying people of, they will deliver some quick ports of Ps4 games to the X1 to get some of that money. Do half @ssed jobs on completing projects already in development. If they are lucky they make some DLC and juice that a little bit, sell off some IPs and file bankruptcy and close down.

They need the initial money boost from the MS cro... #1.1.1
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Ps4 is to protected of a brand. Even if The Order 1886 sucked it will still sell good enough, look at Driveclub.

I think the game has missed its potential because it just screamed MP and co-op people will play it and forget about it. Unless they have some killer DLC. #63
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The day they make a solid race wheel that is perfect with shifters and a stick plus clutch gas and brake pedal that has all the feedback I need I will buy that wheel but only if they they make a Forza that lasts for 4-5 years with no sequel and a Forza Horizon the same. #1
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The number system fell in on itself when they stared giving out perfect 10s. Then every game had to be as close to 10 as possible. And since there was never a defined system for for grading it just became a crap fest.

We even got some reviewers that think its OK for them to tell someone whether they should buy a game, rent a game or not even try it. That is detrimental to gaming on a whole. The attitude from any publication should be try the game out no matter what. We have g... #13
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Help #8
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I really think we can get photorealistic games but a big problem is the camera control. There are times when watching this that it looks very movie like but then the camera swings off in to some weird angle and not even smooth. Its not the game it the player. When playing a game we have become accustom to certain levels of freedom that arent conducive to film. I think if some one makes a camera solution that is dynamic enough to give us the control we want and transitions like movies do with... #10
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Today it's SOE

Tomorrow it's Naught Dog

I won't lie, I wouldn't mind seeing some DCUO on the Xbox One. #65
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The fact is digital is where we are going. People that trade in games and share are the anchors around the neck of gaming. These people have turned Gamestop in to power players in the industry because they dont have their money situation together or are just cheap.

All digital is for adults, I dont share or borrow anything from anyone. When i buys something I weigh its value and purchase it. If I want to test it and pass it along I would rent the game. You have these bottom f... #15
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In the 80s while my cousins were playing Mario on their NES I was content with my Wonderboy in Monsterland. Easily one of my favorite games ever. I never owned it I just remember me and my uncle would rent it all the time.... so much you would think I owned it.

I bought the collection on the 360 a few years ago and it is one of the main reasons I will never sell my 360.

What system is it on and day one for me. #3.1
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D4 is a new ip, unique, innovative and fun. Its a game with attachments to kinect and reviewed really well.... that alone should spark a real gamers curiosity.

And its free, lord have mercy its FREE.

If you have some mental block that makes you avoid downloading this and at least giving it a run through you have been so conditioned by the gaming media you are no longer even your own person anymore.

Again FREE. There is no plausible or sane ex... #9
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HAs anyone ever used this CDkeys before? Is this site real? Because they have some amazing deals on there and I have never heard of them before. #1.2
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Ryan McCaffrey sucks and should be fired. No Xbox supporters like him. It may not be his fault because he has been deep in one of the biggest pony stables in the world.

When he had the interview with Phil Spencer and said him Ps4 is a beast that should have finished Ryan right there. There is nothing else to say.

Does anyone at IGN have a degree in a technical field or is it all just talking out there backsides. #1
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Thank you....

And this list sucks

The only one I think is truly over hyped is Bloodborne.

The Order isnt hyped its just talked about because its releasing soon.

Evolve.... It had a Beta but I dont see article upon article about it.

Battlefield HL I have heard nothing
Quantum Break.... I'm excited for it but there is barely any stories on it.

I didnt even know there was a new Rainb... #12.1
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Great.... this should guarantee more episodes and thats what I am excited for.
D4 is a good game by itself with kinect its a great game. I can not wait for the next set.

It great that so many people have gotten exposed to such a great game. If you have kinect this game is a must play. If you play this game start to finish with kinect you will never doubt kinects uses for a gaming again. #1.1
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