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No Quantum Break....

Instant fail. #2
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Its a hive mind in gaming. People dont think for themselves anymore. We are very over critical and also very overhype overpraise under praised under hyped.

All these ideas would be fine if people actually came to the conclusions themselves. The industry is based on control. Why do we need to see a metacritic score or see how our favorite gaming journalists scored a game in order to praise it or point out what we like about something ourselves.

You dont have t... #12
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Just use kinect and call it a day. Dont let the @sshats and gaming hive mind keep you away from superior technology. At the most you can add something close to a move controller all you need is a trigger and a thumb stick. You would only need to use it for tools and very exploritory movement. Since most of the VR devices are corded anyway you will be pretty close... so close in fact that people forget Kinect can track finger motions. Kinect can even track muscle exertion. This problem already... #1
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Exclusives are always good no matter what. You gotta pay the cost to be the boss.

This is a great strategy for MS. I say at TGS announce that they made a deal with Capcom for the next Resident Evil. We all know the media has been the X1s biggest hurdle with their constant spin and slander but buying up exclusivity even if timed to big franchises is an undeniable act of strength that hard to spin.

MS should make that their thing..... like Ps4s thing is "P... #5
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If they made SWtor I would buy it day one. I just hate playing games on PC. I would not care about the fee or business model. If it has any kind of resemblance to KOTOR I am all in.

Make it X1 exclusive to to keep with tradition. #10
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I think Microsofts strategies surrounding the X1 are too adult and based around adults behavior. Like me for example.... I am an adult. I have enough money to buy anything I want any console any game so i am not constrained by by resources. My problem as an adult is time. I dont have enough time to play all the games I would want to play. I am too busy being an adult.

When I was HS and younger I had all of the consoles every generation, I would by rent trade tons of games. No... #1.3.1
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This is a good list. I agree with a lot of it but somethings are not right.
These games should have made an appearance
Lost Odyssyey
Gears of War 3
God Of War
Mortal Kombat
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Mike Tysons Punch out
Twisted Metal
Ms. Pacman
Alan Wake

Too trim list....
too many GTAs
too many Final Fantasies.... actually the only one that should be on here is FFVII and if you want to g... #37
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Again.... Saying timed exclusive is a lie. Rise of the Tomb Raider is currently exclusive. There is no guarantee that the game will be released on other platforms and without that guarantee it's just speculation. No matter how many disagrees and spin comments you make it doesn't change reality. Yes the deal has a duration but it doesn't guarantee that when it is up they will make the game for other platforms especially Ps4.

Now with that out the way.... MS didn&#... #16
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I can see this being really good. I dont know if i makes more sense but but the value being able to stream a bunch of games to a portable is mega huge. #2
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MS thought that since the last gen was 8 yrs long and the there have been previous generations they thought they were selling consoles to adults, people in their late 20s to mid 40s and what the did not know is that even the adults when purchasing consoles revert back to a childish mind state.

So fanfare and hype wins out over functionality and tangibles. The media needing to keep up clickbait and hits for their sites and views for their channels pushed tons of false narratives... #9.1.1
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I would buy a lot more racing games if they released a wheel like they did with Forza 4. i would even ask for a wireless pedal set too. I hate playing Driving games with controllers. #8
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Now this game is special....... a big thing about games is the mood and style and this game has such cool style and sets a real mood. I cant wait to see what they do with the power of the X1 pushing it.

I mean this can be one of the greatest games ever made. It has a foundation that is just rock solid. Day One. #4.1
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Yes... same thing happened to me. But it was only for BF4. I guess they had some kind of internal error but it was back after a few hours. Are you on the West Coast? I havent heard of anyone on the East having that problem.

Other than that I am enjoying myself quite a bit. Never played Peggle that much but it is a great little game to have. This also let me reaffirm how much I hate Madden and will keep me from getting Madden 15.

I am also looking forward to c... #5.1
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Well.... first thing wrong is it is not timed exclusive. There is no version of it being developed for any other platform currently or plans. After a certain point of time it "could" be reviewed and a version made.
Calling it timed right now sends a very misleading message. But this is just the media coddling the sony fan base.

If it is time exclusive when is it coming out for other consoles? Don't know do ya.... because as of right now.... it is not. <... #1.4
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They said the architecture of the X1 is a natural step forward from the 360 design which has never been called hard at all.

The facts actually point to the X1 being very easy to develop for with the Ps4 just being easier. Especially with old engines. We are not even a year in and most games are hitting parity and Ps4 is suppose to be So much more powerful.

I dont care really.... I aint buying a Golf game unless it has Kinect support anyway.

S... #37.1
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The term timed exclusive would be incorrect. People saying that are reporting it wrong. The thing is their is no guarantee the game will ever come out on other platforms. What is guaranteed is that it is coming out on Xbox consoles. Anything else is speculation. As of right now saying Tomb Raider is exclusive is accurate, timed exclusive would be a lie. Saying possible timed exclusive is also accurate. #1.6
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I have never seen a group more insecure and pathetic than the Sony crowd. Just take it on the chin. You have sales to be proud about and tons of media love and indies. You just cant concede that MS out maneuvered you on this one.

They had more than that but all those things you named were really really good.

Just take it on the chin and keep moving. Its starting to become very clear that Playstation people are weirdoes or at least have the biggest weirdo comm... #1.1
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It suppose to be a full experience were some of the events in the live action show adds more detail and backstory to the game. I believe the game can work independently but you just get more with the show.

As for quality of the show.... I remember those Alan Wake live action shorts and they were really good so I can see this being just as good if not better. #1.1.2
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He started trying to actively appeal to the sony fans and turned his site in to a stable.

He is just part of the gaming hive mind now...

How can you be mad at MS for securing exclusive content of big games to boost the appeal of their system. If they tossed up some money to SE for the right to do that its just strong business.

they should be congratulated for this. The only people upset are Sony supporters. This exposes the bias. Joe even ha... #7.1.1
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Hold up....... Sony had they conference already?

When was this. I haven't heard anything about it yet. #86
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