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That just shows you how much the news media has brain raped you and many others concerning kinect. It doesnt have a real limited amount of commands. You have your commands for regular system navigation, but every app has its own command set and when you use the TV functions it has to recognize the names of channels and the names of the movies on those channels. So it is as accurate as saying Xbox watch HBO or even Xbox watch Game Of Thrones. Then you have the bing search... #1.1.4
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This feeling is just a glimmer of self reliance. A lot of the people that ran out buying Ps4s did it out of habit, hype and gaming hive mind influence. They were told they were getting all this power and that the competition would lag way behind and just a beautiful plan ran by the gaming gaming media to basically kidnap, brainwash and rape gamers.

Even with the best brainwashing and mind screwing you get a moment of clarity here and there. thats what this. OH it wont be stro... #51
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The most impressive open world game to me thus far is Dead Rising 3. Pretty much all the building are accessible, it has no loading from building to building and its a fully populated world. Not Infamous Watchdogs or GTAV is as full as DR3.
Seeing 1000 zombies on screen at once is a jarring thing and one of those gaming moments that dont come around all the time. The only thing I was really impressed with in Infamous SS was the particle effects, everything else was typical and quiet a... #1.12
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I am not supporting this BS. I blame this on the Ps4 and the hordes of people that blindly support it. This console has broken sales record selling last gen games with a new coat of paint on them and indie games that look like they should have been made for the Genesis.

Now we got every obscure half way decent game trying to do a cash grab.

It would be different if they were actually rebuilding and rebooting the games but for the most part they are just up re... #11
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When I first saw the article go up I didnt read and was like yeah whatever probably more people seem to care about there free games on the Sony side and they have had a history of delivering more games.

But then I saw an article that said Reach was part of GwG and I thought to myself..... to be better than this or even compete sony must have added God of War 3, or one of the Uncharted games or even MGS4... I checked and its none of those.

Reach is a great gam... #43
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The lighting on the smoke was good, The transparency was good. Only issue I saw was there shadow on the model or to be clear the light shined on the body and generated a shadow but when the advertisement was flashing through it didnt reflect on the body. That is the type of stuff cloud computing should take care. #13
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That is what the terrible horrible anti MS gaming hive mind wanted you to think.

MS reserved the GPU resources so they could make sure they had enough resources for all the things that the OS and kinect were going to do. The X1 has some very advanced features and testing those features in a lab is different from the system being released to the world. They werent sure if the apps would run right or the features would work right with the resources they allotted so they kept th... #3.1
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Yes.... I dont game onPC and felt like this was something I missed since I am a huge fan of SWKOTOR. I love Star Wars game this would be awesome... day one for me.

Yo see I didnt even ask about a pricing model... dont care Just give it. #7
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This is just another case of the internet gaming media shaping their own reality. Sonys POS network goes down so they have to make up some stuff about MS. I have been on my X1 all day of and on using apps and playing games and it has been business as usual.

The gaming media is going to try their hardest to level the playing field and bring XBL service down to match PSN.

Again I have had no issues and i would think the couple thousand people I have seen playing t... #38
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Because kinect is the $h!t.......

The gaming community has let. IGN and the gaming media brain rape them in to thinking the device is shoddy an doesn't work.
Kinect is probably the most advance piece of technology us gamers have been given access to and they let these outside influence make their mind up for. I am playing games that can read to strength in my muscles and listen to me talk to it and act accordingly.
You can let the gaming keep all guys atta... #1.1.1
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Fair enough.... but this is how I feel all speculative gaming news should be presented. I always felt Ps4 is more powerful should be Ps4 could be or should be more powerful sense we havent actually seen this power in action.

Same thing with cloud computing and DX12. These things arent out with true solid examples that can be traced back to them so everything should come with the need skepticism.

Now on the other hand its veriy interesting once we confine our... #1.2
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You know that no one from MS CD or SE has said the words "timed Exclusive" at all. The term "timed Exclusive" only comes from the questioning side.

These sony people just dont want to accept reality. The game is an exclusive. There mat be a time when it come available for other consoles or platforms but the keyword is "MAY".

They wont go in to any details but I under the impression that someone has an option. Options are used in... #24
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This is just them trying to sell these Steam machines on very limited cherry picked things. I dont game on PC now because I dont like the eco system. They are trying to sell me on power and features and performance instead of what really matters... will I be entertained.

As of right now the most entertaining device is the X1. It has delivered beautiful games and great features. I think these Steam machine ar suppose to have an HDMI pass through but with out a kinect to unify... #27
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This is a tough one....

I have all of the Halo games and have played them.... but the MCC comes with so much extra stuff like it being remastered for one seeing these games I love renewed.... and you have gamed until you get in to Halo when it launches and everybody is playing it all the time. Its like going to the most popular expensive club and being a VIP. Its just what online gaming is truly about. Then the Nightfall content Halo 5 beta... its really a great product.
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Most people that game on Xbox dont need approval to enjoy what they like. IGN can make a million article saying kinect sucks and doesnt work and is causing cancer. have a big ol circle jerk on it every weekend. My kinect will stay sitting in my living room turning my tv on and unifying my experience like I expect a true next gen console to do. I enjoy motion controlled games no matter how much they say they dont work... they work for me and have enhanced my experiences.
I dont need di... #21
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This is wrong.

this should be called who sold the most consoles.... not who won the console war. Nintendo sold the most consoles last gen but they had to make a early exit and didnt make as much money or win support as the Ps3 and the 360.

Its stupid to count just console sales as the winner. Console sales is just a variable of potential sells. Imagine you sell 1 million consoles to people that 20 games a year and 5 million consoles to people that buy 3 games... #22
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Resident Evil Revelations 2 announced as Xbox exclusive at TGS.

Internet explodes.

And a shortage of horseshoes. #2
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1080p is an arbitrary number. The funny thing is we are not even talking about the real resolution.... we are talking about the native resolution.

Games are designed not just built off of system specs. For instance a 720p texture at 1080p is the same as a 720p texture at 720p. The assets that make up a game are more important than these arbitrary numbers. Games are a sum of their parts not just 2 factors resolution and frame rates.

The best thing we could do... #1.2
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Highjack comment position

The internet is getting real today. is the kool aid finally wearing off?

One article basically saying the Ps4 is selling insanely well based on "Hype" and damn sure not performance.

And now this article basically saying what most gamers that arent just smitten with the Ps4 has been thinking.

Its so funny because I would get a Ps4... but then i ask the question "What for?". The onl... #1.1
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This article is a perfect example of why I say the the Ps4 is Xbox Ones competition but the Xbox One enemy is the gaming media. Before the console released you had every Tom Dick and Harry telling you Xbox One cant do 1080p. Fast forward games are hitting 1080p on the regular. Now its time to move the goal post.
Look at how they report this excellent information spinning it like their is a problem on the rise. The game barely dips below 60fps and only for a few seconds in the most dem... #34
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