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In truth its just competition and at its core there is nothing wrong with that as long as there are standards set almost like rules or referees. The gaming media use to provide those guides and referees but in this gen especially they have jumped in to the fray.

They promote bias information and run agendas. And since they are pretty much an unchecked entity they have a louder voice than the few outlets that still represent gaming properly. #18
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Yes the Xbox One will have a better holiday season. The games will be better and more plentiful but the other big factor is the holiday season is when the U.S. does their most spending. In America they pretty much coast through the year and splurge for black friday and Christmas. This is why its an important season. #24
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In truth as a real gamer or gaming enthusiast its god to some time branch out and broaden your horizons. I am currently a Xbox guy but I have no real issues with a Playstation or Nintendo console for that matter. My biggest issue for not owning all of them is more time than anything else. I hre people complain all the time about there not being enough to play.... and I think that is just this generation of gamers AdD. I know Bloodeborne would have kept me busy for at least a month
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This is why the internet for getting news and information is broken and unusable.

Its over run with system zealots. Xbox Live in truth rarely ever goes down. Some people will rush in with links and reports that have a headline saying different..... but the reality is that its regularly something like the friends list or Netflix or some other app and most of the time that is limited meaning not everyone is affected or it is fixed in less than an hour.

PSN has... #21
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Assassins Creed is at a different level than your standard game. Much Like COD... even the bad ones are still in actuality good.

The internet toar AC Unity apart for its bugs and glitches but in a vacuum AC Unity is a really good game especially after the patches.

My biggest issue witH Assassins Creed is the modern world connection.... the aspect seems corny. I would have liked it way better if it was just the following of an Assassins bloodline through the c... #7
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These sony fanboys are still around?

And who would ask them if MS cut corners for Forza 5s 1080p 60fps. Who there is a developer or even have a degree anywhere near the field.

A big problem with the gaming community today is that they think they have been educated on the industry and they listen to people that have no clue.

and of course you should have the product to be able to give critical thoughts on it. You can use Halo MCC as a perfect... #2
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Titanfall 2 has a much easier road to go than Titanfall 1.

Titanfall 1 was a success and everyone that bought the first knows its a good game whether or not they stuck around or not they know it is an industry defining experience. they will all at least check it out and if a game is good thats all you need.

Titanfall 2 will be multiplat thus it will have a bigger audience of the bat and since its on Ps4 they wont have to deal with the... #15
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Driveclub by a mile. When you are driving and the waters direction changes and adjusts to your position.... that is awesome. The other ones didnt seem to have anything like it. Project Cars rain affects seemed like heavy mist. FH2 rain affects were subtle and more practical.

My only thing is in Driveclub.... when it rain is it always a monsoon. #2.1
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Yessssss........ I can't wait.

This is a big of course and not really a surprise as the game was great and reviewed really well. If you listen to the bias media and sony fanboys they were trying to push this narrative of the game not selling so there would probably be no more episodes. It a shame out there really.

Once they put it on nGWG so early i new they were just trying to expand the market for it since like i said the bias media wouldnt properly pro... #3
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These minute barely visible differences are considered "rough".

What has happened to gamers?

They sound like rich pricks that complain about their soup being 2 degrees off. #5.1
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Its all a sham.

This gen has so far been dictated by media propaganda and agenda campaigns. These systems are to close in performance to have such a natural disparity.

Look at articles like the that have been around since before the consoles were even released claiming victory for Ps4 not even 2 years in to the cycle.... before these systems even started getting software that was actually created for them.

But I say the X1 still has a couple... #17
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We have seen like 85% or more of this interview already. Gamingbolt does an interview then chops it up in to pieces then release portions of of it while adding their own little agenda pushing spin. Then once there is no more cherry picking and spinning left they release the full interview.

This is a vile practice. I'm surprised they didnt get a "kinect sucks" article out of it. Even though Brad Wardell was more about kinect has potential, it just has not been so... #13
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I would like to see tech like this used in an giant open world multiplayer maybe even MMO rpg.

Something like a full fledged living world with kings and celebrities and the flow of information.

Imagine you are playing Elder Scrolls you go on a quest for the king while you are on your quest the king is assassinated now everything thing in the world changes. Places that were friendly become hostile. A group that avoided you now seeks you out.

... #16
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Look at all this rape..... you have at this moment 50 agrees for a statement that is a manufacture lie that has been bashed in to the gaming communities brain.
40% higher resolution? NO. What you are probably referring to is the number of native pixels in some cases. The thing that the media has not explained is that on each image you get the same resolution, you get the same amount of pixels. The difference is that in native for they tell every pixel exactly where to go..... but the... #1.2.6
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Unless its like $40-$30 and a beta for Gears of War 4 I am not buying a remake of just Gears 1.

I will wait until they are all bone and get a collection. Making just 1 game is kind of a jerk move. #1.1.2
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The Xbox One is a victim of the media bias and the culture of journalism in general. Journalism use to be about informing and educating and those that educated and informed were rewarded with praise for providing that service and rewarded with more mindshare.

These days news, journalism whether it be game related or other is based around reinforcing the thoughts that people already have. People want to believe the X1 sucks make a thousand stories on and get millions of hits a... #27
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This s stupid and a side affect of how the gaming media has not educated the consumer properly.

In the history of gaming there has never been a system that has been maxed out. There is a ceiling you can hit but the way the industry is designed developers dont have time to really scrape every bit of performance and streamline every bit of code for a console.

Ps4 isnt going to really start using the GPGPU stuff in any capacity for at least a year then they will... #35
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Am I on the right site????

They actually approved a decent well thought out article that educates and does a fair comparison.

Most sites like to over sell the resolution thing (Digital Foundry, IGN, Dual Shockers, Gaming Bolt, etc.) They talk like when you plug in the Ps4 it rips your eyes out your head and shove them up your @ss so you can watch your heart beat. The reality is that for the most part the consoles are producing 99.9% the same product. That how... #33
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Only in todays pathetic gaming culture does a marketing deal make giant news.

If the gaming media wasnt so corrupt it would be educating people of how the game is available on both consoles. Marketing deals should be just to promote special differences like early access or DLC... but illusion campaigns are a sad thing to see. #2.1
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These are the worst threads on N4G. Its shows how much damage and rape the gaming media has perpetuated.

We get tons of copy and pasted Ps4 GPU specs and everything taken out of context and unexplained.

People still dont get that power is a relative term.... using it as a blanket statement actually makes the comment worthless. A GPU is not a console and trying to isolate it and use its numbers to represent performance is a practice in lying.

... #56
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