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In the 80s while my cousins were playing Mario on their NES I was content with my Wonderboy in Monsterland. Easily one of my favorite games ever. I never owned it I just remember me and my uncle would rent it all the time.... so much you would think I owned it.

I bought the collection on the 360 a few years ago and it is one of the main reasons I will never sell my 360.

What system is it on and day one for me. #3.1
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D4 is a new ip, unique, innovative and fun. Its a game with attachments to kinect and reviewed really well.... that alone should spark a real gamers curiosity.

And its free, lord have mercy its FREE.

If you have some mental block that makes you avoid downloading this and at least giving it a run through you have been so conditioned by the gaming media you are no longer even your own person anymore.

Again FREE. There is no plausible or sane ex... #9
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HAs anyone ever used this CDkeys before? Is this site real? Because they have some amazing deals on there and I have never heard of them before. #1.2
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Ryan McCaffrey sucks and should be fired. No Xbox supporters like him. It may not be his fault because he has been deep in one of the biggest pony stables in the world.

When he had the interview with Phil Spencer and said him Ps4 is a beast that should have finished Ryan right there. There is nothing else to say.

Does anyone at IGN have a degree in a technical field or is it all just talking out there backsides. #1
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Thank you....

And this list sucks

The only one I think is truly over hyped is Bloodborne.

The Order isnt hyped its just talked about because its releasing soon.

Evolve.... It had a Beta but I dont see article upon article about it.

Battlefield HL I have heard nothing
Quantum Break.... I'm excited for it but there is barely any stories on it.

I didnt even know there was a new Rainb... #12.1
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Great.... this should guarantee more episodes and thats what I am excited for.
D4 is a good game by itself with kinect its a great game. I can not wait for the next set.

It great that so many people have gotten exposed to such a great game. If you have kinect this game is a must play. If you play this game start to finish with kinect you will never doubt kinects uses for a gaming again. #1.1
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This is the case with the gaming media hive mind especially on SonyGaf.

The internet and all these gaming sites have been selling the gaming public Ps4s since before launch and slandering the Xbox One since before launch. There is no way in the world they would give GOTY to a console after they have told so many people it wasnt good not worth it and that other things are so much better.

The Ps4 just clearly and utterly has nothing that can even be seriously c... #15
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Its not that I hate indies... but truly dont give a f*** about whether they come or not. I have some indies I am even checking for but they are to fill my curiosity and lulls in gaming. With that said..... I can wait to play Cuphead. #12
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A motorcycle racing game or biker club game focused on the bikes would be so awesome. Motorcycles are some really cool machines I would love a motorcycle racing games. #5
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This is really hard. The problem is the game market is always changing, and thats for the good and worst.

A game reviewed after its been out will reflect depreciation just because its been out. A game can also add so much stuff later or fix problems and bugs it may add an entire new level to the game that should be talked about. And the big issue s that some of the reviews register with consumers and if they review the game bad the time for the sell may have passed so in cons... #11
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Very few went out and bought them anyway.

Truth is timed trials for games will sell low anticipated titles and hinder highly anticipated titles.

The gaming community is a hive mind. Sells have nothing to do with whether a game or product is good or not... it all boils down to how well it is marketed and sold to the gaming community (hive mind). #1.1
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Oh no...... this guy doesnt know $**t. Its mostly babble. He was one of the people a few months ago giving technical analysis on the Ps4 being 50% more powerful and why the X1 wont be able to hit 1080p. He is a fake. He probably build a few PCs changed a graphics card here and there, and maybe fiddled with some modding or a game engine a few times.

I was once subscribed to this channel a long time ago but I started seeing this trend were everything positive Xbox One and MS wa... #18
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This one is hard and whenever judging games on such a extreme level it should be. The first thing people ave to understand is perfect does not mean are there things you could add or things you could change. There are other perfect games out there. Perfect should be h=judged on what the game was looking to accomplish and how well did it do those things.

Alan Wake is a perfect game, The Last Of Us is a perfect game... there are a few others but those should give you the idea.... #26
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The obvious thing that is the Xbox One IE browser supports Flash. I have never had porn on my X1 but i would think it would be fairly easy and kind of cool. I'm thinking you could just say "Xbox Bing (whatever you are looking for)" and then go to web results and it would all be right there. Xbox One is just an awesome media device.

These fanboys would rather make up some crazy stuff and tell you some wild stories.

Bottom line is just that the X1... #23
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No.... this is one of the media old school bias tricks to try and make people soon to purchase a console pull back.... because they are implying the possibility of a newer version.

The X1 doesnt need a slim version like some would imply it works great, no noise and barely gets warm.

And the big thing is the technology costs will go down even further the longer they wait. It would be silly to redesign a console a year later. You want to do a slim 3-5 yrs later... #19
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All this needs is a yr option at like $90-$100 and it would be fine. And maybe knock down the monthly price to $15 and the 3 month to $40.

I am looking at this from a POV as if i was a Ps4 gamers and how I would use it. I would subscribe to the service when there are lulls in new games or when I want to play something old. Since I dont always have that feeling I would like a $15 month (not that $20 is really bad) that would give me enough time to get the feeling out or 3 mont... #15
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Truth is Ps4 really hasnt done anything to warrant winning or dominating anything. They havent released any major next gen game. Their best game was a remaster of their last year last great game. We have Knack... Mediocre platformer, KillzoneSF generic shooter, Infamous SS good game not the best game ever but good one. Driveclub with less content and options than the competition, you cant even tweak the cars performance.

That is pretty much it.

Nintendo dropp... #1.2
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This is a touch more expensive than I was thinking but I can understand why. I was thinking $120 a yr. Or a $90 6 month deal.

They are offering a lot of games. You essentially talking about a full generation of games at your finger tips. Which is great.... buyt I think the idea of the consumer that will want this is a little undeveloped.

Its like buying a Ps4 for $400 to play Ps3 games for at least another $180 a yr. That is not really that smart.
<... #39
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Naw.... Quantum Break is up there. Quantum Breaks environments are way more impressive than The Order the lighting in it is doing way more. The Order looks great. Its hard to pit these against each other because they have such different styles.
I am way more impresses with the cutscenes in Quantum Break thus far and the environments and effects. The Order 1886 has done good on its textures... it has the dullness of real objects, like copper isnt super shiny the wood isnt freshly polis... #2.1.3
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I think this games looks awesome and very interesting.

I think the issues that it is having is that some of the mechanics and stylings looks or at least reminds people of Gears of War so with that that people are expecting the things Gears of War had like a Co Op campaign or multiplayer and it doesnt so its kind of a let down because it looks like it would be sweet if it did.

With that said the game itself seems to be extremely interesting. t looks almost ste... #11
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