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Unless its like $40-$30 and a beta for Gears of War 4 I am not buying a remake of just Gears 1.

I will wait until they are all bone and get a collection. Making just 1 game is kind of a jerk move. #1.1.2
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The Xbox One is a victim of the media bias and the culture of journalism in general. Journalism use to be about informing and educating and those that educated and informed were rewarded with praise for providing that service and rewarded with more mindshare.

These days news, journalism whether it be game related or other is based around reinforcing the thoughts that people already have. People want to believe the X1 sucks make a thousand stories on and get millions of hits a... #27
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This s stupid and a side affect of how the gaming media has not educated the consumer properly.

In the history of gaming there has never been a system that has been maxed out. There is a ceiling you can hit but the way the industry is designed developers dont have time to really scrape every bit of performance and streamline every bit of code for a console.

Ps4 isnt going to really start using the GPGPU stuff in any capacity for at least a year then they will... #35
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Am I on the right site????

They actually approved a decent well thought out article that educates and does a fair comparison.

Most sites like to over sell the resolution thing (Digital Foundry, IGN, Dual Shockers, Gaming Bolt, etc.) They talk like when you plug in the Ps4 it rips your eyes out your head and shove them up your @ss so you can watch your heart beat. The reality is that for the most part the consoles are producing 99.9% the same product. That how... #33
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Only in todays pathetic gaming culture does a marketing deal make giant news.

If the gaming media wasnt so corrupt it would be educating people of how the game is available on both consoles. Marketing deals should be just to promote special differences like early access or DLC... but illusion campaigns are a sad thing to see. #2.1
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These are the worst threads on N4G. Its shows how much damage and rape the gaming media has perpetuated.

We get tons of copy and pasted Ps4 GPU specs and everything taken out of context and unexplained.

People still dont get that power is a relative term.... using it as a blanket statement actually makes the comment worthless. A GPU is not a console and trying to isolate it and use its numbers to represent performance is a practice in lying.

... #56
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It really depends on the game... because a

A Wonder Woman game that was a cross between Tomb Raider and God of War would be awesome.

A Nightwing game would be cool if they could make it differentiate itself from Batman.

A Hulk game would be good if it was done right. Like an open world game where as Bruce Banner you are trying to avoid enemies but you have missions to do but when you fail you go HULK mode. Imagine GATV when the cops are chas... #11
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Here we go again......

Xbox live has some issues with some apps for less than an hour = 1 Number 1 story on the site.

Major Nelson calls out NEOGAF for lying about MS trying to bribe them.... story is no where.

The gaming community of disgusts me for letting sites like this even exist. #50
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BS comparison.... but what would you expect from a bias Ps4 site.

1) no comparison of battery life because the X1 controller battery life is way way better than the Ds4s.

2) Downplaying rumble triggers... its not all about shooting things like when you are driving a vehicle and you feel the acceleration in the triggers or when you drive across different terrain and feel the change.

3) All those motion features of the Ds4 require the Ps4eye,... #23
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Titanfall fans and people that have played the game with some critical thinking skills or maybe some game design knowledge have been trying to explain this. But the internet is so Sony fanboy dominated you cant have logical discussions about ames.

The thing about Titanfall that makes having a traditional campaign is the relationship between the pilot and the Titan. The idea is that at anytime you (when ready) you can call your Titan down... this is a big aspect of the game. I... #3
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What could save Nintendos E3

thats easy....

If Microsoft does great


Sony does bad

Nintendo wins

because the gaming media is running an agenda and they can never say MS does something very broad better than Sony #22
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Pull up the one guide and go to the channel you want say the channel name a few times until you get the feel for the channels pronunciation.

For letter based channels like PBS TNT make sure you put a little space in between the letters so that it knows exactly which cannel you want.

It doesnt require lots of space but it TBS and PBS are very similar in sound shape.

The difference is command language versus natural language. Remember until Cor... #1.4.1
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I was having issue like that with my kinect. The first one died so I sent it in. I later realized my placement for kinect was not good. It was getting dust in it and sitting on top of the TV and catching heat from the TV.

I started with a cleaning regiment of taking a air can every weekend and blowing it out. that helped for a while. I then decided to change its position and move it under the TV and out and away. Since then its been 100%. Remember kinect normally doesnt get r... #9.1
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This is because of 2 things. 1 positive 1 negative.

1) Ps4 has a higher install base and has probably sold more copies of the game. This in not really surprising.

2) Ps4 gamers are more starved for quality FPS. The Sonytologist cult will deny this because they are after all a cult. But reality is Xbox One gamers are playing HaloMCC, Titanfall along with other big FPS like CODAW, BF4, and maybe some Destiny. BF Hardline is unimpressive and not enough to pull X... #25
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Because when a game doesnt run 1080p on the Xbox One we get 3-6 articles telling everyone the Xbox One is incapable of running games at 1080p.

They have a whole parade complete with comparisons of screen shots from like 3 different sites eSram bottleneck articles... sell analysis... DX12 aint gonna do nothing(Phil Spencer said it) article, cloud power is a lie articles... does resolution matter (yes it does) articles, Ps4 has superior hardware articles... and comment sections... #3.3
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I knew it was joke..... Sony isnt that innovative. #32
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To be fair this site is not designed to be conducive to discussions that differ from the popular agenda. If someone stays to actually defend their position in the conversation they get their bubbles ripped away by the sites zealot population whether deserved or not.
Bubbles are basically Your voice and until this site makes a effort to give back bubbles for conversation it will keep drive by phantom disagrees no one with any bubbles want to talk. #1.3.1
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Yes..... I have said this for decades now. The world still sees video games as Donkey Kong and Pacman which are great in their own right but are time wasting games based around a simple objective.

The things we play now are fully fleshed out products. I know we rag on FPS being generic and all these nitpicks and stuff but you can play CODAW Halo Killzone and use real life tactics and stratgy. Game like GTAV are epic playgrounds of full worlds. We have games with stories that... #12
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I would doubt it. I wouldnt mind it actually I like challenging games. I know right now there is too much hype, over compensation and love to give a real critique of the game but the reality is its not a commercial game. Its made for a certain type of gamer. There are things in it you wouldnt call flaws because they do them on purpose but like the surprise deaths do to odd angles.... I remember Ninja Gaiden 2 got whacked in the reviews because of the same thing but it is clearly being over lo... #14
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Of course they are making a sequel to Alan Wake. Alan Wake is one of those games that is perfect. Not that it is superior to every other game but that in its design everything is perfectly executed. The effects and controls and lots of things have been done before but in Alan Wake all the elements are done prefect. The Bullet time the combat mechanics of having to burn away the protection of the enemies before them being vulnerable.... just everything. even American Nightmare was just awesome... #24
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