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Xbox One X is a very good game console but i still don't trust Microsoft and the fact that they see games as services worries me because i don't like games like Overwatch, The Division, For Honor, etc...

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Imagine if they update the PS4 Pro to support UHD Blu-Ray Disks:-)

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Dear Phil Spencer, what kind of impact are we talking about? What kind of impact gamers of different ages and eras want? Don't you think that good stories impact in a more emotional way? Do you think Overwatch will sit in peoples hearts forever? Do you think i will tell Overwatch or The Division stories to my kids? No i won't because they will go away with time, but Joel & Ellie, Mr. Chief, Aloy, Kratos, Solid Snake, Zelda, Geralt of Rivia, etc. i will tell them those are very int...

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I don't know why game reactor insist on using this shitty player... Sorry.

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Sorry but are you normal?

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Because they exclusives are most of the time crap and we all can play without an Xbox One X how is that so hard for Xbox followers to understand?

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And that's why this game will suck just like the previous one... they can't compare this game with Gran Turimo...

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What other VR games you tried?

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Don't be naive please, why do you think they didn't propose this last gen?

Because they didn't have to, but this time around they are suffering massive blows from every angle, if Sony allow this who will manage the integration, the PS gamers will have to create an xbox gamer tag or the other way around? MS has more experience with things like this and will just make sense to let them handle the PS accounts in the process and that is not a good thing for Sony i t...

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Spot on, the worst open world experience i ever had was with MGS V The Phantom Pain, i'm a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid, played every single one but man Phantom Pain feels so empty and dry for me i still couldn't finish the game...

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I watch youtube game and tech videos everyday and i never heard of him but good, if does a good work let's recognize :-)

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I just want Sony to fix the damn browser/Ram issue i just can't watch animes using that browser...

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No, but because the cost and benefit is still not there 90% of gamers are not ready for 4K, the industry is not ready and even you that have the equipment will find it hard to convince a 1080p player of the value of 4K... It's prettier and all but it's not mega prettier that makes 1080p old school... none had to explain why 1080p was the way to go because the value and benefits was there, clear and accessible.

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People can talk all they want but deep inside we all know that Gran Turismo is the classic not to beat, and it's not an unbeatable game because it's better than every other game but because it is That Classic and elegant game... Forza, Project Cars and every other racing games are good very good but they will always be Gran Turismo younger brother... Gran Turismo is Gran Turismo...

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I think this game needs more elegance, style i don´t know i just feel like beside being a GT fan this game lucks something that i think it´s elegance or style, charisma...

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I don]t know if they will do a good job but i know that Ubisoft is doing a terrible job so i]m ready to try something different.

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I wish Vivendi buy the crap out of them... they are not doing gamers any favor... The Division is crap, The Crew was crap, For Honor is crap, GR Wild lands is crap only Rainbow Six and FarCry are decent games in their portfolio for now and i´m mega pissed with them since the division so yes Vivendi Buy the crap outofem...

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Now not supporting every single game initiative is holding the industry back? Don´t forget we are talking about the company that brought the one of the best games this industry has ever seen...

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Ubisoft is the worst this generation...

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