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Wow, Just Wow...

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No way, this game is super overrated and don't deserve to be game of the year... Let's not forget what makes a game, game of the year, just look at Zelda, Horizon, Mario Odyssey, Persona c'mon PUBG it's not on the same level it's just a popular game and popular doesn't mean good or Game Of The Year contender...

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We have the power to boycott this shitty game I'm skipping this game...

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Those analysts are a joke now that they saw the sales they have new predictions... but they fail to understand why the sales are the way they are...

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How many people have xboxes and how many people had PS4 at the time? It's more than 30 millions gap so from that perspective those numbers don't add up many people already had a PS4 and still it managed 50.000+ "few people" have Xbox one and still the x sold 30K more than the pro, it's good for them but it's not impressive it's just good...

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Yeah you are the trending target now because you shit is shittier than everybody else's shit... so suck it dry...

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This is just sad because the difference in visuals it's just not there in a form that justifies having the xbox one x Microsoft did a Mistake with this console they should have invested in studios, games and release the games and a new console in 2020 while releasing new and cool games for the xbox one s.

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What do you understand by "Hiding very well"?

Hiding those kind of things very well is one hell of a talent and as @AspiringProGenji said they will prove again and you will star starting about the other big Sony game and waiting for them to prove again.

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Are you talking about MGS V PP?

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All you have to do in order to get your free 60FPS is buy an Xbox One X.

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No Metal Gear Solid V on a Open World Fatigue article is an epic fail.

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For me The Division is one of the worst games of this generation.

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Was watching this video yesterday @4K with my wife and i asked her can you spot the difference? She looked at it and was like humm i can't maybe you guys that play a lot more can easily spot the difference and i said even i can't spot the real difference without the 300% zoom and that's the problem with the X for me.

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Actually it will hurt sales because that was the dumbest and stupidest thing i've seen this year, what the hell Microsoft is thinking?

It's just sad and hard to watch.

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WTF is that?

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Can you enlight me, what games?

Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown 3, etc?

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I don't like Microsoft and their consoles but for real i hope it's not the Red Ring 2, competition is good and they struggled a lot to build this console it will not change the landscape for them but i hope it does good for them.

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But you know Turn 10 and Microsoft dumbed down the code for PC on purpose to make the X look better don't you? Or are you telling me that the hardware on the X is better than the rig you built or Ossyc built?

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Sorry if i'm wrong, but are you saying Sony must comply as soon as there is demand for it? That is not funny at all running a business this size forces you to think way ahead before complying with things that can give you problems in the future.. even when we check reviews for good games not everyone goes out after watching it and buy the game/product... sometimes we just have to give time.

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Is it really that hard to understand what was written in the post?

On December 8 they will have a special event and for the general public the two days remain December 9 and 10.

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