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@darthv72 can you name a huge hit for Xbox that deserves the shadow of the colossus treatment?

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No it is not.

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No they did it for another reason because GT Sport it's trash isn't it.

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No Nier Automata on that list how come? :-)

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You know what, i feel u, i bought this game in 2015 when it released and i realized i wasn't prepared for the game and the circumstances of that time wouldn't allow me to enjoy the game the way i should, now i'm playing it deep and I must say it's one of the best games of this gen and one of the best games I ever played once you go Bloodborne you can't go back it's amazing and it's one of these games that makes you realize that japanese game developers are somethin...

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You know what you don't understand is the fact that Sony games are growing with the gamers 20 years ago Kratos had everything to do with me at the time but now i have a daughter i still love games and she sits by my side and we play together sometimes and you know what my beloved characters grow up too they have more responsibility now same as me... Sony realizes that and that is a talent that neither Nintendo or Microsoft has... Despite the fact that they simple produce better games over...

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Who is everyone?

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It's not in my eyes i dont know if what i feel about this game is the same thing people say about not liking PS4 exclusives but if that is the case i understand you now.

Overrated game.

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When you look at the number from other companies it's definitely a fail when the competitors are doubling your numbers and newcomers are about to get ur numbers i can't call that success.

If samsung sells for example 100.000.000 Samrtphones and Apple sells billions of iphones i will call samsung numbers impressive but failing the competition.

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@Telford91 You clearly need to get your facts straight and do some research.

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I stopped playing it because I hate the way the main character run... I just can't stand it.

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@kribwLker how many ppl own a 4k tv and how many care and differentiate it from 1080p in the mass market? So no it does not compare and in the other end the Microsoft approach affect the gaming industry as a whole.

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You are so helpless lol at you and I doubt you ever played the game... you would never talk like that about such an amazing game...

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Sorry for asking @mcstorm, but can you tell me what are those exclusives besides the trio Halo, Gears and Forza? I'm just curious don't get me wrong.

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I think that game is done, he should try something else, something fresh.

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How old are you?

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I don't get it, i played this game and i got bored... Maybe i'm into something else.

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We all know how superior the PC is and will always be... but is it convenient? I have a wife and a 2 years daughter who like to hold the other joystick when i'm playing Gran Turismo or Tekken right next to me in the couch, how do you translate that experience to the PC? PC it's powerful and all that but the consoles are also powerful less powerful but powerful and the biggest thing is the convenience and quality exclusives especially in the case of PS4.

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They i understood he is the type of guy who likes to be recognized all the time and he felt like after 18 years of hard work it was like business as usual in the studio, for me personally that attitude is very childish, the games where recognized in a global stage and in the end he didn't do it alone that's why it's a team effort and if that was the reson for him to leave the studio because he is not being recognized in a level that would make him feel better he better leave and o...

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