I Am Gundam


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Every time i play this game i say to my self please don't make a movie of this, it's already here... A movie will suck big time.

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Sorry but can you share with us what you are playing on your Xbox One?

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I still feel sorry for Evolution Studio because DriveClub is such an amazing game... i hope Sony relocates them in existing studios.

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I love Gran Turismo and never skipped on a single iteration but DriveClub for me still has the crown of the visual WoW game i will never forget the first time i played in the rain in DriveClub damn it was one of the greatest visual orgasms i had Gran Turismo is more grounded and i love it too but i don't think the visuals will be way better than what DC offered.

But with no doubt the game will be amazing like every other iteration on the series.

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Nothing to do with Gundam... more like Pacific Rim.

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I feel the same, Bad Company 2 was a hell of a game i had so much fun but i don't think they can reproduce what was good about that game, time has changed now everyone is focused on crappy multiplayer games that are dead on arrival...

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To the author of this article: Plain and simple you are wrong and Sony is wrong thinking the NEO is the next good step.

Apple, Samsung, etc. release new smartphones that's ok for that business because without a doubt i use my smartphone way more than my PS4 i spent more than 8hrs a day in office and on streets with my smartphone it's obvious that i will demand more from my phone on the other hand i get home and play for a couple of hours, play with my kid and watch...

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People love to talk big about small things, they can call the next playstation whatever they want NEO, Trinity etc. and not calling it PS5.

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The point is, this move is new to Sony family and we know that in the very end the old PS4 owners will be screwed and left with no option, Sony never did this and by doing this it will create a precedent, how can they divide the PS4 user base and keep fairness? The way i see it they shouldn't bring a new console they should take advantage of they advantage in the gaming arena and i don't doubt the developers would embrace if they keep it real with gamers who made the PS4 what it is no...

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There where?

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Playstation and Xbox are two big families we always felt part of the same thing i think... PS owners fight with Xbox owners we are used to that but dividing the family is what makes it strange because we know that in the end those PS4 owners will be left out in the cold because of the PS4K i have no problems buying the new PS4k but for the very first time in my life i considered the PS4 as my last gaming console and i'm a Playstation fanatic since 1994.

I really think Son...

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I'm still downloading the demo and im office but can't wait to give it a try...

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I can't watch animes with english voice lol and i hope the game has japanese voice.

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Buy Vive or Oculus then...

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I use Plex and everhing works like a charm, MKV, MP4 and every other format with no problems and the PS4 Media Player works perfectly with musics on photos, videos not that much.

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Actually the Hawkmoon is my primary and it's a very powerful weapon...

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This all MIcrosoft and Xbox thing has nothing to do with change but with attitude, they failed with Xbox One and are trying to make people think that they are transcending to a higher level NO they are just finding a way to leave Xbox One behind and move forward with games on Windows 10.

Xbox One failed that's OK admit and design a better console but don't come with the BS of transcending to a higher level...

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What some people prefer to put aside is the fact that Playstation didn't became a hit because of being superior to any other console, even if the PS4 was inferior to Xbox One the playstation would still kick because not because of power, graphics or whatever, Sony and Playstation simple know about games and delivery great experience period. you can have a super PC but you will never play uncharted there you need a playstation for that and Sony will do just good no matter what any other co...

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I can't remember the last time i cared about Xur.

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I keep saying no matter how good The Division is, Destiny is an Exotic game that everyone felt something different about it no matter how many try to say otherwise... The game lack this and that and sometimes is boring too but c'mon Destiny is a hell of a game and i hope The Division can find it's own spot...

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