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Man plz do your self a favor and watch this super awesome anime :-) Berserk is just amazing...

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I was planing to buy me a Xbox this holiday since i always buy first Playstation but the Scorpio announcement made me rethink about that, maybe i will wait until scorpio arrive, but the new i think i will buy.

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If the Xbox One was a successfully console the merge with windows 10 would not have happened. Believe me.

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People seem to forget that MS is slowly leaving the console Market because Sony pressed them in such a level that they had no other option... The only option that could possibly save them are games, good games thing that they clearly don't have...

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I do agree with you...

Japaneses are the masters of Horror...

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They already made the mistake... by the time they release the Scorpio they will be playing catch game with PS4 and NEO.

What i think they should have done is invest more money and time creating studios and better games for they ecosystem because no matter how powerful the hardware is Microsoft games will still be crap... Sony won countless times because they know gamers and the gaming industry like no other... Microsoft should be worried making games...

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You are funny... And probably don't know anything...

Can you tell when they loose the touch or the leading on gaming market?

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Am i the only one who think this game has no identity and is pointless? I couldn't even watch this trailer until the end.

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I am sold, can't remember the last time a trailer of a FPS impressed me like this.

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What do you expected?

I played every single GT game and i can tell the level of fidelity and the take they are taking with this game is on another level... This game will open doors to the future of racing games...

If after all the games Poliphony release for sou many years gamers still can't trust them i don't know if there is anything they can do those who don't trust them should fix them selves.

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Maybe will better if you start building your game for us to see something new...

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From TR 1 to 4 and Anniversary PERFECT but the new ones i can't stand...

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They don't because they are enjoying and it will look bad on the picture to talk bad about Blizzard :( that's why i will never take big reviewers seriously.

That's the way it is sadly.

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I bought Destiny, The Division and Star Wars Battlefront and i can say with experience that games with fragmented campaign wont get my money ever... Overwatch can be the best but with no serious SP i won't buy...

But i'm happy for the game because gamers are happy with it :)

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I was thinking the same. The page is just bad.

On topic: Terrible is very relative i think despite the issues this games have or had people enjoyed them i personally still play Destiny and i think the game is fun and nice...

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This is not Gran Turismo 7 it's Gran Turismo Sports it has to be different than numbered Gran Turismo games and I don't think we should be blaming or pointing fingers to a studio that always did right to the fans since the psone days we should be supporting the new direction they are trying... and if we don't like then we wait for GT7 or play other racing games and there are many goods out there but their not GT...

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Every time i play this game i say to my self please don't make a movie of this, it's already here... A movie will suck big time.

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Sorry but can you share with us what you are playing on your Xbox One?

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I still feel sorry for Evolution Studio because DriveClub is such an amazing game... i hope Sony relocates them in existing studios.

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I love Gran Turismo and never skipped on a single iteration but DriveClub for me still has the crown of the visual WoW game i will never forget the first time i played in the rain in DriveClub damn it was one of the greatest visual orgasms i had Gran Turismo is more grounded and i love it too but i don't think the visuals will be way better than what DC offered.

But with no doubt the game will be amazing like every other iteration on the series.

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