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I'm a huge GT fan since ever, but i don't think GT Sport will top Drive Club :-) i play DC until today... it never stops to amaze me...

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It's probably because i'm seeing it on a 1080p laptop screen, but i can't see the real difference here...

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I hope it happens, maybe Vivendi will help Ubisoft improve practices...

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Thank very much for this...

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Digital Foundry made side by side comparison with PS4Pro and High End PCs and the difference wasn't all that great there was some differences but it was just as good as the PC versions of the same games, it will be the same with Scorpio and in terms of graphics it wont matter because maximizing the scorpio will mean living the Xbox One out of the equation, imagine if the PS4Pro dished the base PS4 we would have a completely different scenario here.

So let's wait for...

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The Witcher 3 was the first game from the studio that i ever player and man i was chocked, the game is just amazing and after finish the game i felt empty and still today i can't find joy in most games that i have so yes The Witcher 4 for me... i'm waiting...

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LOL to you...

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A PE for PS4 it's like a dream come true.

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For you best is equal to sales? Following your logic COD is better than ever... Japan has a different taste and for sometime they forgot why they games were so special and gladly they recovered they inner soul and are delivering top notch games that only Japan can do, games like Nier, Nioh, Bloodborne, Yakuza even FF XV after so many years it's a big accomplishment for them and the game industry as a whole.

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This is huge news for me... i loved this game.

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And can you please tell me how PD could hire them from Turn 10? I can give you a hint, maybe because Forza wasn't good enough for them and they dream was always work for PD on the making of the best Driving Simulator :-)

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Ubisoft is the worst and Activision comes right after...

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Sony should make a restructuring on the mobile division and find a way to lower they TV prices.

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I haven't played Horizon yet and i love The Witcher i will have to play both but the thing i love the most about The Witcher 3 is the soundtrack and how it makes everything more special...

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For me the list is garbage this time...

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Ubisoft has lost a customer forever here... I will never buy ubi games and will influence everybody I can... enough of broken games...

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I will never ever buy a Ubisoft game ever again so Nioh was the default choice.

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I don't think the switch is a gimmick i just know that it's now for me and i hope they succeed.

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People don't talk about those games because they are actually nothing special... i think Microsoft need to make a very big check to 3 or 4 major studios and buy/fund some blockbuster exclusives for them other wise Sony will eat them foreva...

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You made my day lolol...

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