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PC and mobile are competing for the same demographic and space with Playstation, simple as that, gamers can have a playstation and pc or mobile but me for example I have a PC, PS4 Pro and Mobile and don't see the need to have a Xbox.

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Is that a bad reason to block the feature?

I wish they block forever and get back to it the day MS has the larger install base.

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What worries me about this Microsoft won E3 that journalists are bringing up is Microsoft believing that because if they believe that they will keep doing what they are doing and ultimately they will prepare themselves to lose the upcoming generation.

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Fully agree and till today I couldn't finish mgsv I feel fatigue after just 30min game I don't know why.

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Microsoft won't win nothing with those games period. Sony did what they told they would do if you expected something else. Feel sorry for you.

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Don't you think that releasing a new console and games that you can play anywhere is a bit contradictory? If they really wanted to stay in the console race they wouldn't bring all the games to pc, first they have very few exclusives that most of people care 3 to be precise and they release every single game on Windows? That won't work and I truly believe that eventually they will leave the console race and will focus on play anywhere, game pass, etc. And there steam will eat them ...

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So you want Sony inside 343 lol

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It's childish to judge a game of this caliber because of two trailers... If you and the others that are criticising the game can see the big picture of this story with only two trailers... I will call it magic...

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It matters because xbox live is a ghost town.

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Who is embarrassed? Me the 80million ps players are not, and I wish Sony blocks for good.

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You said it all and I fully agree with you...

This is the gaming world runned by gamers who really don't know what they want and forget that gaming is supposed to be fun and give us history in the vision of the makers and that vision sometimes is twisted in a good way... and no matter what EA does they will trash anyway... I'm not a fan of EA but i have no problems with this games at least it's still Battlefield if gamers want to be mad at a game Cod deserves i...

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For the more than 80 million players lol...

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We have more than 80 million gamers to play with and we are good that way... When Sony wanted this back in the days who turned them down? Now it doesn't matter we are good.

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Do you understood what this game is all about? What the gameplay feels like? I'm in the same stage without knowing what the hell is going on and I will find out once the game ships I trust in Sony and Kojima Productions and if you believe that he would bring such big names to produce a crap game that is pretentious and awful my friend I don't know what to say to you... Maybe you should wait for Gears 5 that looks worse than Gears 4.

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I think we are all grown ups, we all know that there are small aspects that can differ from the gameplay trailer to the retail version of the game, a gameplay trailer is still a ideal vision, a closer vision to reality of the game it may end up not being exactly like the game play trailer but please don't call it fake because we all know that it will be 90% close to what they showed...

Make sure everyone buy the game and witness the master piece that this game will be. ...

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I stopped playing Tomb Raider after Anniversary and the new one never got into me... For me it doesn't feel like Tomb Raider anymore.

I miss the loneliness of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider 3 in caves of Caliwa, London, Alexandria in Tomb Raider 4...

Those where good times.

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Switch won nothing really let's stop making that console more than what it really is... beside Zelda and Mario what else can we call a system seller?

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There is good stuff yes stuff that most people don't enjoy and don't care.

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Sorry but it's not according to NPD analyst's prediction, it was information shared during Sony meeting and the CEO said that they are focus on games, PSN and new IP until 2021. so Yeah not some NPD Analyst's prediction.

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If your talking about hardware I hope they go all in at a price that can be afforded...

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