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Who the hell is Sly? Jak? Parapper?

I know who they are, but you do realize those are just as obscure as Kameo and Blinx to some people. It's like people not knowing what Fire Emblem, Earthbound, and Ice Climbers were in Smash Bros.

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This kind of thinking killed the Shadowrun FPS... and that was a damned fine game with astounding depth.

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Yay, just got my ass banned from Kotaku for calling them out on their poorly written, disgustingly inaccurate puff piece of a sponsored "story".

No really... they get dates, hardware features, and games off by a year or completely wrong. It's disgusting that a site like Kotaku ran such a post, ad or not.

So long Kotaku. I remember now why I don't like you.

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"Being black, I've gotten way past that word meaning anything to me"

Doesn't sound like it has, objectively speaking.

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No, you're a silly sausage....

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Good riddance. I love my Xbox, but I'd rather do the $5 minimum thing that PSN does. Easier to keep sh!t straight.

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Incredible. Responses have ranged from intelligent analysis to neanderthals saying "Me hardcore! Hardcore SMASH Vita box open day one!"

I think the Vita will STILL be better served by making handheld-able games, but even the religiously hardcore can still be served by its more console-y presentation.

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I used to give Sony shit for making games on a handheld that were better suited for a full console. Now they improved the handheld and it looks a lot better to me.

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Sad that people act the way these other commenters act. Yes, I think Microsoft and Sony could make a great console together, as long as all the fanboys got the f**k over themselves......

.....oh, silly me... that's never going to happen.

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Not suicide. Not even close. That's fanboy logic there.

Their price point made it difficult at least, and they are thriving... but at a lower level than they expected. At a minimum, they made an uphill battle for themselves.

I'm primarily a 360 gamer, and depending on who you ask I'm an Xbot. But I would say Sony is by no means a failure this generation. They made outright mistakes, miscalculations, and had plagues visited upon them from outs...

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The browser has been a HORRIBLE thing for Sony. Look how they get lazy. Every time they want to give you some information, they pop it up in a web page instead of a form optimized for a console.

We don't need a browser. It's useless. It's clunky. There is a browser on your PC. Go use your PC. The only reason I can fathom where someone needs to use a browser on a console is to hide their porn from their parents.

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What will be definitive proof for you? Why do you distrust Microsoft and trust little kids who are being asked if they did something bannable? I doubt you ever read the appeals section in the Xbox forums. Those little sh*ts will lie through their teeth to the bitter end on the slimmest of chances they would get out of trouble.

Sorry... I trust Microsoft's assessment on this.

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After all this, I keep asking... where's the weather app?

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So, you don't believe anything Microsoft says? If they say the sky is blue, ducks lay eggs, and hazelamy's shift key is broken, you don't believe them?

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You don't have to use it.

You also don't have to get offended at things just for the sake of getting offended.

Things you don't like exist. Get over it.

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Honestly, I haven't gotten the point of the Vita yet. So, I don't have an opinion on the Vita except that it hasn't made me want to buy one. Nothing has tickled my gadget whoring bone, so I'm still waiting for the device to be justified. But to be fair, I was waiting for that on the 3DS and it just recently was finally tickled... along with a precipitous price drop.

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Yeah, Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games are no brainers. I think Infamous should really see as wide an audience as possible. That's my number one pick for the "Shame It's Not Multiplat" award.

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*reads headline*


*reads story*

Ok, he means more third-party peripheral interactivity. That being said...


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Steel Battalion will be one of those Kinect "enhanced" games. Not quite sure how that will work. I will probably be disappointed... but it seems like it will use a controller as well. It might even have three different styles: all controller, all Kinect, and mixed mode. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the motion controls are highly customizable too.

At least, I hope.

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I don't. It does exactly what I got it for: pausing/skipping my music/videos with my voice/hands when I can't find the controller/remote while I'm exercising/drunk.

Oh, and keeping my wife and her girl friends occupied during our poker games.

I don't play Kinect motion games that much. Hardly ever anymore... but it works very well in our fairly large play space. It does what it's supposed to and I'm mostly waiting for Steel Battali...

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