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SMT Devil Summoner or Survivor?? Which game is better? #3
Is gamedealdaily legit? #1
Is this the last part? #1
Never heard about this game before. #1
Fire Emblem still for MSRP #4
Just purchased Plus and stacked another year. #1
The series is getting better :) #3
Nintendo starting to rise these days. Better than launch time. #4
Great trailer #1
Dark Souls 2 was a bad game. I hope BloodBorne would be better. #1
Going to get Bravely Default and Kirby in the B1G1 at Best Buy. #1
I think there are a lot of games that can't be done without Local Multilayer. Specially Wii U games. Mario Kart 8, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, Mario 3D World ..etc.. #3
Is this the best price for price for the Pro Controller? #1
Will Amazon PM Target deals? #3
I wish PS4 had that much sales. BF4 for $20, and almost all launch games for $30 or less. #2
Thoughts on SMT 4? #1
It applies to few games #3.1
A lot of great deals for this week, Target B2G1 includes few pre-orders including Super Smash Brothers. #4
Never played any LEGO games before, are these games great?
Just checking a lot of these games are $10 off, which one is the best? #3
I bought Ocarina of Time last night, and I'm amazed by what an amazing game it is so far. #1
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