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Micro$oft are doing their best to sell more consoles. That's why they are doing a lot of console deals. #1.2
$20 for Super Mario 3D Land is the magic price I've been waiting for. #4
Do Bayonetta 1 and 2 both come on one disc? #1
PS4 w/ Free inFamous and 3 Month PS Plus ends today. You will save around $40~$50 with this deal. #1
PS4 should get a little price drop, a lot of stores are offering free game or the console for around $360~$370 like eBay. #3
No #2.1
I hope this game is going to be great.. #2
A lot of 3DS deals for this week. Still waiting for Fire Emblem sale :( #4
Are all of the GameCube controllers wired? #1
This game seemed pretty at Gamescom #5
codelyoko the thumbnails are not working. #2
Thumbnails not working for a lot of articles. #2
Wow, Frys have a lot of great deals for this week. #1
Just ordered Deus Ex to see if GamePad integration is as good as reported. #3
Just pre-ordered Destiny from NewEgg #3
Fire Emblem anyone :(? #4
Deus Ex Human Revolution is easily worth it, even if you've already played the game. #1
I have both Ghosts and BF4, never played Ghosts before.
Is it any good? #1
Wow, these look amazing. #2
Is this game any good? #2
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