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I meant to write "he is sexist as shit", the rest of my comment talks about how he says he is sexist but criticizes sexism. This makes the article confusing. Though, I admit I may be sexist in some ways, preconceived values are hard to cast off when you are grown in a religious Texas household. If I could edit the post I would, but in the end it was a misstatement. #1.2.5
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wait, so when you write about it then it is serious, when someone else does it is overblown propaganda.....right. #1.2.3
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I must admit, the coining of Mysogikiin may be the greatest thing any feminist could ever hope for in the world of gaming. #6
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This. #4.1
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nah, it says that attractive female characters with no personality is sexist, which could be true I dont care. I am sexist as shit. It is kinda confusing because he says this is sexist and it is hurting gaming but also admitting he is sexist by that definition. I mean he says he loves tits but maybe girls don't?

seems like an honest article but not one that would make a feminist happy, and one that would still make people criticize it like all the other feminist sexism ar... #1.1
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I respectfully hate and disagree with everything you wrote. If it is not too much trouble please go die in a fire.

With Love,
Gamer #3
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oh and of course that is not even to mention the scandals were publishers actually paid for good reviews. Conspiracies and corruption abound. #1.2.1
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meh, the system seems broken from the start. what the article says about the rating system is sooooooooo true but it ignores that if a site gives a game a terrible score they are less likely to get a game before release next time. It is all backroom politics and very little honesty. I imagine some game journalists are afraid of giving any AAA game less then an 8 out of said retaliation. #1.2
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Turns out Hype is expensive, and a lot less fulfilling than good story or gameplay.....who knew? Apparently not any developer in the industry. #3
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Look, I cant blame you because it was an interview but this chick is mental. Ill approve only because it rustles my jimmies. #1
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great review, really need to pick this tittle up when I get more moolah #1
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Look I suck a games and to be honest midway through Darksouls the difficulty is rather normal. The challenging part is learning how the game works and the ways you have to approach enemies.

After the basics are mastered you still have to keep on your toes but the game is far from mindnumbingly hard like some try to claim. The problem is that most games these days are really easy and forgiving, making the game seem harder than it is.

When the game becomes more... #36
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you mean inb4 ppl agreeing in droves? #4.2
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by gauging how well the games have been done in the past and which studio is doing them you can make a fairly close guess though #1.2.4
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Im not sure if you are serious or not #15.2.1
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I'd still date her. #1
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Agreed, that is pretty much the whole point of the article, the title is completely satiric. #1.1
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I am sure that this article wasnt written overly antagonistic and focused on the EA buzz words "entitled gamers" to poke fun at the current industry. Who would ever write something that they didn't really believe on the internet, and then poorly argue for it while people agreed with their true goal.

The best way to counter a trend is NOT to poorly defend it and make people think why it is stupid and attack it. That would just be crazy. #3.1
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As for your first point I think that it is less about corporate greed and more about personal greed. As the article states some things on the disc and somethings that are available as DLC immediately are not produced when the game is originally made; instead they are add after the game is rated and going through the finishing phases of production. These are additional works and as such asking the developer to include them because they didnt sit on their thumbs while the game was being finishe... #2.1
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I dont know man, seems like you are going to make a lot of ppl angry lol. If I could approve it though I would. #1
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