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I'm memorizing this in hopes that a re-enactment will get me on Taxicab Confessions.

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I want to see more games with Move support. The technology's there, it just needs a bit of a boost from third parties.

As for the XMB interface, I actually like the minimalist approach Sony's taken with it. The design looks especially good with my Final Fantasy XIII background. But I'll admit navigating the System Settings Menu is not fun.

I'm really excited to see what kind of functionality Sony will deliver between Vita and PS3.

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Ugh. Too many damn games, too little time. Games I haven't played much of if at all so far are Skyrim, Rayman Origins, Kirby: Return to Dreamland and Catherine. That's just off the top of my head. Anyone have a DeLorean I can borrow?

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I dunno. Between Super Street Fighter IV, Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land and the GameBoy Virtual Console games I've downloaded so far, I haven't been bored with my 3DS since I got it.
As with any console cycle, of course the first year or so is going to be a bit slow.
To be quite honest, I usually wait until a console's out for 12-16 months before I invest. I've got quality Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 libraries where I've only had to p...

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I couldn't help but read that last sentence and hear Alec Baldwin's voice. Of course, you would need to add the word "synergy" in there somewhere and maybe a reference to the Sheinhart Wig Company.

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With gluttony, I've often wondered if certain sequels that introduce new mechanics and gameplay to existing series could have been original IPs. Take Final Fantasy Tactics, for example. Could it have been just as successful with entirely different characters and lore? The gameplay can surely stand on its own. Then again, if it was a different intellectual property, would it have sold as well? It's kind of a Catch-22, isn't it?
And you could say the same for any given Mario...

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That Eagle Triforce 3DS looks sexy as sin, but I still don't regret buying mine when I did.

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I'm in the kitchen right now, cooking some dank-ass breakfast whilst skimming the news and leveling up my Final Fantasy IX party with mah DualShock 3. What does that say about ME?

As for the Kotaku article that's linked, there were plenty more chauvinistic comments yesterday; click on the 'featured' button and you'll see there's a pretty rational conversation happening in regards to its contents rather than the fact that Dr. Huntman is a woman.

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There's an outfit here in Eugene, Ore. called the CD/Game Exchange. It's a wonderful business model: They take used titles, and if they only have one in stock, it's priced pretty close to the Amazon used price. The more copies they have of something, the cheaper the most recently traded copies are. I got Mass Effect for $10 that way about six months before 2 came out.
I've been to the Chicago store and they run the same way. I'm sure there are more out there.

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Uncharted. All the way. I returned the game to Red Box last night and I'm STILL processing what I played.

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Super Mario 3D Land. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Let the fanboy comments begin!

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You can probably attribute the controversy behind sex in video games partly on the Western attitude toward the raw human form. It doesn't seem to be a problem in Europe and Asia, but once it crosses the pond ...

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