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Here is some common sense, it should be handled by the credit card issuer. You report the fraudulent purchase to the credit card issuer, they replace the card and give you a credit for the fraudulent purchase.

Retailers are not able to tell weather you are making a legitimate claim or not. the credit card issuer can better tell weather it is a fraudulent charge or not. Besides you are insured by almost all credit card issuers for fraudulent charges.

It is ri... #1.10
Most everything said about the event has been good. First time I have seen this site. #1.8
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Why does Phil comment on Sony and Playstation so much and why are so many articles about him commenting on Sony and Playstation. Why does he think he is the go to guy on Playstation analysis, why do journalist always ask him about things pertaining to Sony and Playstation. Seems their is always a public forum for him to comment on Sony and Playstation.

The Playstation and Nintendo head honchos refrain from giving analysis on the competition and stick mostly to commenting on t... #1.9
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Have an Xbox One, compared to PS4, which I also own, I would say Nah Xbox One isn't worth it. #1.12
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Did you read the article they were wrong last year by a huge margin, could be the same this year.

Everywhere I went in my area there were huge stacks of all the consoles. making sure that there are plenty of consoles available.

The only place where any console was sold out is Amazon, the two PS4 Holiday bundles were sold out from Amazon and are only available through the Market place sellers for a higher price but they are still in the top 100. They had some... #1.1.1
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Nothing turned around Xbox One but lowering the price giving away games, and giving a $50.00 discount which will last more than a month.

Nothing else made any difference until the above was done.

Reality not imagination. #1.2
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@ u got owned

Smugness makes you look stupid.

Did you notice that the PS4 Grand Theft Auto bundle is sold out from Amazon and that the PS4 bundle showing at $499.99 is from a market place seller. In fact it sold out from Amazon after being Number one.

You fanboys don't have a brain cell between you.

Also in the Black Friday photo from Greenturd, where are all the shoppers? Fake BS. from a douche bag. #1.1.24
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Get it through your empty head, in every country that they are both available in the PS4 has sold more units.

US: 1,000,000 more sold than Xbox One.

UK: almost 400,000 more sold than Xbox One.

Japan: 750,000 more sold than Xbox One.

Germany: 800,000 more sold than Xbox One.

France: 600,000 more sold than Xbox One.

Total PS4 sold more than Xbox One from five cou... #1.6
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The Xbox One is definitely a system our readers like, just not enough. For instance, theraspiguy says it's "a great console, but honestly, I still regularly use my Xbox 360." UXGeek feels that Microsoft "under delivered," and despite being pumped for the system a year ago, "a year later that zeal is gone." Meanwhile, thiel was a little more scathing, calling it "so bad" that it "can barely outsell the misunderstood child of Nintendo, Wii U!&quo... #2
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Microsoft have been making the same claim since Xbox One's release, What proof did they have. If Microsoft can make the claim so can Sony.

It's really a matter of opinion and what you consider better. #1.17
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Now I want to see the 7 worst games on Xbox one.

How about doing a list of the great games on PS4 which is far and away a pretty large list.

What the hell kind of name is CyberBlackDeals.net, seems like by the name it would be a site to find cyber Monday or black Friday deals, but turns out to be a site for stealth trolling. #1.8
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Barely outsold the PS4 in UK for 3 weeks out of an entire year. Desperately big discounts on the The Xbox One is the reason.

Barely selling in China as it is in Japan.

Doing well in the US for two weeks out of almost an entire year. Desperately big discounts and free games is the reason.

PS4 is still 400,000 or more ahead in the UK.

PS4 is still more than 1,000,000 or more ahead in the US.
... #1.1.32
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This is a great game.

How the hell does someone get two disagrees for saying they have not played the game yet.

For the two who disagreed if your not retarded then what the heck is your problem. #1.2.1
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You will be getting a great deal on a great game. Much better than this review score implies. #1.2
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These are just UK sales numbers, so don't get too excited. #1.19
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You just equally described the Xbox Fanboys, except for the fact that you are all hypocrites and whiner's.

Disclaimer: Not talking about all Xbox Fans and PS4 fans, just the equally vocal minority. #1.3.1
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Can't download the driver from the Nvidia site at 9:29 Am. #1
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Don't trust any site that doesn't allow responses to their articles.

Starts off calling out fanboys and by the end of the article sounds like one himself. Slanted comparisons and miss information. #1.15
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I own both and I can tell which I think is better and that would be PS4.

Much better UI, opinion. Installs games much faster than Xbox One. Much smoother experience.

Most third party games being better on PS4 with a few being equal on both systems.

Lots of third party exclusive content.

Lots of exclusive independent content.

Some very interesting exclusive content coming in the early part of the year for PS4.... #1.5.2
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This is bull, haven't heard any complaints about sticky bumpers or broken triggers and the problem with the sticks has long been fixed and only a small number of people had that problem anyway, I have a launch controller and there is nothing wrong with the rubber on the sticks. Yes the battery life is short for the PS4 controller(6 to 8 hours) but it is not a extra cost for rechargeability like it is for Xbox One controllers, the rechargeable battery doesn't last that much longer on t... #1.8
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