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Note that Most games sell best or more copy's on PS4 as this article says. More than Xbox one or PC.

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The Xbox Brand and Microsoft are nowhere near gone, but their reputation...the way most of the world view them isn't the greatest, before or after the introduction of the Xbox. A lot of it is for a good reason. It would be interesting to really find out what developers and companies that were partnered or owned by Microsoft but aren't any more really had to say about being involved with them.

Playstation played catch up because the Xbox 3...

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MG 2 was on Playstaion 2 and it is what made the game memorable to most gamer's. The franchise has sold many more games on the Playstation platform.

GTA, Tomb Raider, MG all games who's biggest fan base and largest sales numbers are on Playstation platforms.

Even when Microsoft bought exclusive timed content for
GTA 4 the game still sold many more copies on PS3 than on Xbox 360.

I agree with dboyc310 and -Foxtrot, buying exclu...

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Always nice to get a good deal on games. I do buy a lot of games at retail but not all, so many games being released doesn't make sense to by all at retail, buy a couple, play them, then when your done, some of the other will have gone on sale.

Bloodborne: really creepy, but a lot of fun and rewarding.

You can get GTA V cheap if you don't mind Digital distribution. Try GMG or CDKeys. Just got The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC for $39.99.

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If you want to pre order a game pre order it. People telling other people not to pre order based on nothing is stupid.

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Microsoft is unpopular in most of the world because they are seen as a very big anti competitive company. They have done many things that lend to that belief even with the Xbox One with the DRM plans that they had but were forced to change because of consumer displeasure at those plans. They had to change them to even compete. Glad they changed them, also glad those plans bit them in the ass.

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I agree, got GTA 5 PS4 and Bloodborne for $39.99

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Mine worked just fine.

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PC version is superior but I don't think anyone would feel cheated or inferior if they bought the PS4 version. PS4 version looking pretty good, very close to PC version, great job CDproject.

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You can't handle the truth.

Microsoft turned it around by 3%. they did it by giving away everything but the kitchen sink. You fanboys have a lot to brag about.

Great and very desperate deals, because if they were doing well, they would not be giving such crazy deals to get people to buy it.

They are not helping the brand by doing this, the average person buys six retail video games in a consoles life cycle. They are giving you 4, the regu...

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And we will see another quarter where Microsoft is losing money on it's Xbox Division.

That's how Xbox One barely wins a month in the US by 3%.

Like I said in other post, if the the exclusive Batman PS4 had not been announced in April and pre orders opened for it, the Xbox One would not have won the Month in the US (minimal 3%), which world wide the PS4 out sold the Xbox One by a huge margin as usual.

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That's a load of crap, Xbox fanboys constantly bragged that Xbox games looked better and the Xbox 360 was selling better last gen. Biggest bunch hypocrites and liers on earth.

Sells don't matter when your in second place by a huge margin.

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Why?... would they make that a standard part of window 10 install.

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Why would Microsoft allow a regular console owner to play the game before an official announcement, not very bright to me.

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You all do know that a great many people pre ordered the exclusive Batman PS4 that comes out in June.

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You all do know that the reason Xbox One won for the month of April was because everyone wanting a PS4 pre ordered the exclusive Batman PS4. June is going to see a huge sales jump for PS4.

They Might have announced the exclusive Batman console to soon. On the other hand it probably wasn't announced soon enough for people who are into Batman, the game, and PS4.

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Sham Wow!!!

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Hard drive size increased on the last gen consoles, wasn't really big news that I could remember. If your not interested in the console to begin with I doubt hard drive size would change any ones mind.

Just a better option for someone interested and willing to pay the extra cash.


Nothing keeping Sony from streaming PS4 games to PC, tablet, cell phone. I am pretty sure it's in the works. They did hire more people to work on ...

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Needs to provide a spoiler warning, he spoke of specific things in the game, basically giving away the first part of the story. Parts he didn't show because he didn't like them. Don't need a lot of conversation on the game if it's just meant to show what 4k graphics look like. It' not a walk through video or specifically meant to show game play.

You are not as SMART as you think you are.

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I like how he spoils the first part of the game, dumb A22.

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