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I hope it's true, but I'm definitely not holding my breath on this one. I LOVED 2142, but I don't really remember it getting a whole lot of love from the gaming community. It died way too quickly.

That said, if true, I hope they bring back the hover tank. That thing was hilarious fun! #5
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That needs to be quote of the day. Thanks for the lulz. 😁 #2.1
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Thanks! I had no idea. I'm not quite full, but it's only a matter of time so, I'll need that. #4.2.1
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I'm just going to leave this here for anyone who already owns a PS4 and wants more storage. #4
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This is a remake. No new battle system.
If it was a reboot, I would say sure, why not. #26
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Personally, I'd love to see a game with Tokyo Extreme Racer levels of customization, sim or near sim physics/handling, car selection somewhere between GT/Forza and track selection of Project Cars. Automodellista style graphics could definitely not hurt.

It'll never happen unless I somehow become a game developer. :P #12.1
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Because they'd have to remove a multiplatform character to put him there and that simply cannot happen. :: facepalm :: #10.2.1
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Sounds to me like they're removing bloatware. Keep the good games coming and there's no problem here. #36
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Oh noes! A scantily clad female soldier! So unrealistic and degrading! At least Snake is a realistic representation of every man. A cigarette smoking, digital eye patch wearing, gnarly voiced, nano-machine injected bad ass.

Someone please tell me where these feminist people were when we played as Raiden covering his junk and running around completely nude in a freaking secret military base.

Ship? Factory? I don't remember the details.

I... #1.18
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This. I finally picked up mine in late November and it has been great. Sucks that the Vita gets treated like an Ouya around here. :( #1.2
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For me, physical (for now). Until digital becomes cheaper, like it should be, and storage becomes more abundant, I'll continue to buy physical. 500GB on current gen consoles isn't nearly enough and Vita storage is way overpriced.

Perhaps if I had a 3DS, depending on the cost of the games, I could see going all digital as microSD are cheap.

My question for going all digital would be, what happens when a provider of digital goods goes out of business? W... #17
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Still holding out for a wheel compatible with both PS4 and XB1. #4
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I had high hopes for this Project Cars, but ever since I found out there wouldn't be any upgrading or tuning of the 70ish cars, I'm just not that excited about this game.

I'm sure it will play great regardless. #3
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I can see how some people might be, but I paid $500 and I'm not at all pissed. They're not gonna sell kinect for any less than $150 and I'm hearing $400 for XB1 core. I got the complete experience for at least $50 less.

I do feel like I personally get $100 worth of value out of kinect for how I use it.
I Skype with family overseas on the big screen.
I capture memorable game moments with "xbox, record that". No controller button for tha... #1.2.3
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Exact same here! There were 3 game instances that changed the way I pursue games. E.T. was the first followed by Top Gun for the Nintendo and San Francisco Rush for the PS1. Since those fails, I refuse to buy a game before a review from from a trusted source or before I rent/borrow it.

Is it bad that I want one of those E.T. cartriges? Lol #7.2.1
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Loves me some Amazon!

Also, IMO, FM5 should have been $40 at the start. No public lobby system, half the cars of 4, motor swaps don't clarify where the motor came from, the whole part buying system has been slowed down so people who know what they're doing can't do so quickly, tuning gears is a joke with disappearing markers, all the cinematics turn a quick restart into a waiting game, you can't even properly stage a car for drag...

I could... #1.3
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I find the inconsistency in car models to be annoying. In fvista mode, you can't get into the back seats on some of the 4door models and some hoods can't be opened. It sucks because my buddy LOVES the neon srt-4 and I can't make fun of the fact that only the front doors have power windows.

I get not porting over garbage, but the drop in content is so massive, I find it insulting to be offered(I'm not buying!) paid dlc. #2.1.7
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My question is, can I use the xb1 or ps4 controller for chat alongside a keyboard/mouse for fps? I tried and returned a device last year because it had no jack for my 360 headset. #1.1.12
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So wait, they said, "sold out at retailers around the world"?

I don't see the problem here. It isn't a false statement.

Had they said, "sold out at ALL retailers..." or something to that effect, I would absolutely see an issue.

Granted, they could have said, "sold out at SOME retailers..." or "sold out at MANY retailers...", but that's too honest and entirely not how PR works. #1.20
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I'm sorry if I struck a nerve with you. I didn't mean to imply that he (or anyone) should be okay with a poor launch. You're right! If someones work is garbage they should be dealt with accordingly.
Also, I certainly recognize that some jobs don't have set hours. Hell, I've seen leadership in previous jobs work upwards of 80 hours per week, and that sucks!

All I meant is that I have the luxury(if you want to call it that) of having... #1.2.6
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