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Blizzard's fans are SJW freaks judging by these articles

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One of my favourite TV series (more like an extended movie really). Very excited for this!

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Looking great. Would have been awesome if we could play a German, Japanese and Russian campaign too. Might have been controversial though, certainly with the German one.

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Even as a PS4 guy I don't really agree with this kinda thing. Just give it to everyone at the same time!

Also, I have to say I'm cautiously optimistic this might be a renaissance for CoD, haven't really enjoyed one since MW 2. Activision will be dogs with their contractual stipulations though, the microtransaction lark brings in massive $$$$, and stupid kids will keep on buying them.

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Isn't that already out? Looks awesome, it's got me hankering for a new GRID or Toca game

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Or just cancel the pre-order and still get the few extra days access

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If they get Fallout 4 in VR, that'd be pretty crazy. Not that I thought the game held a candle to F:NV, but in its own right, being in a VR world on that scale would be mad!

I've never tried VR before (fascinated with it's development though) , but being the tentative consumer I am, I would wait until killer-apps started being purpose-built for VR before I went all in with it.

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It might be the paradigm reset the series needed though!

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Not really, WaW had plenty

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I agree, but we don't = $$$$ on the scale new-age CoD does. The fact of the matter is that children are the most consistent stream of revenue for the series, they will blow (parents') money on those supply crate things where adults mostly would not.

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I wouldn't call it casual; it's actually too convoluted to be fun anymore. Simple was better.

I loved it back in the WaW and BO 1 days where you didn't need to do a ballerina twirl and shoot your gun in the Fibonacci sequence to open up the door to another room.

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Big fan of the original games, up to WaW was stellar. I do wonder how they can perpetuate the microtransactions setup they no doubt wish to continue -- I'd imagine they can't add lava lamp gun skins and goofy skins this time?

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Great game, that. Before they abandoned the open-world crime premise for the fantastical hovercraft jetpack superhero stuff.

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"...see the developers create content where queer liberation is a priority"

Alright, this HAS to be a parody/troll attempt. If not, it's absolute bollocks: if you are living in the western world and you're gay, 1) you have the exact same liberties and freedoms as everyone else, 2) aside from these virtue-signalling freaks, no one gives a flying toss that you're gay. It's like telling someone you like Phish; great if that person also does, but other...

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Is a demi sexual something got to do with a baguette?

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Depends though, I mean Horizon: ZD doesn't have a markedly "stylised" aesthetic, and generally tries to capture a realistic look in terms of design/characters, yet looks totally unique thanks to its beautifully realised world. You are right though, photorealism does breed a lack of creativity on the design end.

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Doesn't gaming become more and more of a monopoly (on the mass-market scale) as I can only imagine games will continue to become increasingly expensive to make on this level of detail. These days, a gaming studio needs to be a multi-multi million-dollar machine to even contend the idea of making a game to be marketed to the public. It's not a bad thing, I'm just curious whether $$$ over creativity will squander the chances of those who have the talent but not the financial means. ...

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It was great in RDR, as it was in Battlefield 1

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Hoping for new game with Michael Ironside doing Sam again at E3!

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