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Will this game price drop do you think? Debating whether to get it, I don't have much time to go crazy with online games anymore (to my chagrin!)

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Popped in for a match last week - wow! It kicks arse now, streets ahead of the shoddy excuse of a BF we got on release.

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Get real, those first two were sorry excuses for DLC, Far Harbor is great though

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I approve of petitions when it's campaigning to have some dog-lab testing facility shut down and the perpetrators to be put to trial for animal abuse (as I signed the other day), but not this sh*t.

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No, you don't, but I think to really become a great player you must learn how to express yourself, which demands creative active input - think of Guthrie Govan vs.Jason Richardson ; the first is immensely talented, creative and spontaneous - a master of improvisation and most styles ; the other is the product of HOURS of practicing to a metronome, but sounds like a robot, and his compositions are just bland.

Gamers fall into the second category. It's like someone wh...

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Eh. Musicianship is a tool of expression and an art of discipline that demands your engagement and input. It's productive, emotive and is a great way of meeting fascinating, interesting people in the real world. Learning to improvise in an Allan Holdsworth song is such a different talent to being able to come first in your BF 4 matches. The latter is worthless in comparison to true life achievement - which leads me to completely agree with the author.

Gaming, in my eyes...

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Is this successful in the US? Would this be feasible on my meagre 5mbps connection?

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This franchise has gone to the dogs, why didn't Polyphony amalgamate with Evolution Studios? Those boys turned Driveclub into a fantastic game

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Medieval fantasy!

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What's Black? The Criterion shooter?

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The only websites you can trust have something PlayStation-related in the title. If not, it's trolling.

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He was being sarcastic

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Worst person on N4G by a country mile

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Morocco is a pretty scary place right now. Like an idiot I went to Tangier during some Islamic holy day late last year (without realising) and it was terrifying, seeing IS flags on the beach was probably one of the most terrifying things I've seen.

Casablanca wasn't so bad, I wasn't the only white guy there which was a little relieving

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Zing! You destroyed those fools!

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I love that, the Scalextric™ model used in previous GT games was hyper-realism at its finest!

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Yes, although I think it might be too soon, seeing as Fallout 4 hasn't finished its DLC cycle yet

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Awesome, I love CDPR but I'm not too fond of medical/high fantasy (I don't know the word for it, LoTR and GoT-type stuff with magic and mythical beasts). Roll on 2077! Not the year... I'll probably be gaming from the grave at that point

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-Red Dead
-Midnight Club
-Fallout by Obsidian/old Black Isle Fallout 1&2 guys

I would implode if they happened, but I will graciously take ANY of them

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A prequel is something that comes out after another but set before it, so no

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