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That picture should BE the advertising campaign. I thought it was a Hugo Boss advertisement with some futuristic theme at first

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Competition breeds innovation. I think I may have bastardised some other well-known adage, but it's true. I would love Nintendo to rise again. I still don't get it though, is the Neo actually the next gen Sony console? Or will it be phased into being that? Same with the Scorpio, I don't really understand it. Or is it a mid-console cycle upgrade?

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It's just so mundane and boring now. I used to genuinely get excited for what E3 would have in store. Really sad actually

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Not based in history so there's nothing to pin on it as inaccurate. The entire game is predicated on an imagined future, so I don't think it's an apt comparison!

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That's interesting, I was curious about the historic accuracy of the auto weapons upon watching the demo. They do seem high-tec for the era, but I didn't know they were prototypes. I don't know how to feel about this, and do agree with the author's point that the setting has somewhat been trivialised because of the abandonment of accurate battle scenarios (within reason of course). I would have guessed WWII more than WWI with the E3 showing.

I still love th...

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HA Best comment I've read on here in ages, that's great!

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The remaining maps will might be released as DLC bonuses for Infinite Warfare map packs.

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It's a weird one, as PS4 players getting SP a month early suggests it's a digital game only. However, I simply can't imagine them NOT locking the game to the Infinite Warfare disc, to prevent people selling MW:R codes separately.

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MS and its self-induced Xbox identity crisis (if not, identity removal)can get stuffed, essentially dissolving their console brand is one of the most stupefying things I've seen in gaming marketing.

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That looks great, why did they show off a clearly-inferior version for the reveal and not this?

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No, not terrible, but awfully predictable. E3 used to be genuinely exciting, it's just far too banal now -- and everything gets leaked anyway. Sony's was great, though. Detroit, the new Kojima, the Last Guardian, Crash remastered. All exciting stuff!

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I'm going to eat crow and say that looked pretty great. Between this, the MW remaster, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, it's going to be a great year for the FPS genre.

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I'm so jaded by zombies, yet somehow both this and Dead Rising 4 pique my interest (despite not being able to play the latter due to exclusivity).

Previously I would have said that unless it's a tLoU sequel then I don't want to know about another zombies game, but this looks really solid!

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The abject misery

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What's almost is bad is all these "can-do" faux-team play things they do with the overeager players letting each other know every time they breathe. Just show the game, you're not codding anyone....

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I'm not hip enough to play this game.

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So far, E3 2016 is a real symbol of how bland gaming is today. Same old predictable rubbish, just sick of it all. Hopefully Sony can salvage this train-wreck, I have faith in them.

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Yeah, they're going both-barrels this winter, both look awesome!

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A new Burnout from Criterion. Hope they scrapped that other adventure game

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