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That's a bit of a silly thing to say publicly, regardless of actual expectation. We could already surmise that, the company backing it doesn't need to get all humble about it!

Hopefully a slightly more niche, discerning consumerbase (prefers westerns, good storylines) means they may be more reluctant to go all-in with the online mp platform and instead more SP DLC?

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The first game looks better than this, this looks like Saints Row IV.

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Hey at least you made a 2x profit!

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No, it was a con job that was oversold and took gamers for mugs. It's not the game so much as the lies

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The more people flock to Overwatch, the more competitors like the GoW 4 team (is it People Can Fly or Epic Games?) will have to make better offers to customers, so look forward to that!

I agree that most devs' offerings are just short of robbery, the Call of Duty makers spring to mind. I kinda give DICE (Battlefield 1) a bit of a pass because their upcoming DLC looks genuinely well done and decent value, considering it's just the second of four total DLCs.

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I like Blizzard, they give away maps for nada as well, which is virtually unheard of. I was a cynic at the start but now I really understand why they gave Overwatch so many awards, they really do put in the effort with it.

The ONLY thing I think this game needs is a Soldier 76 alteration (not a nerf, per se). The cooldown timer on his health is way to short...or maybe they could slow how fast it heals, it makes him virtually invincible. Also, his gun's range is still ab...

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PC culture ruins every art form, the black female soldiers absence of the swastika in WWII are just embarrassing reminders of that

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I don't think they can, they're all out of chips when it comes to upcoming exclusives. It will also look awful after the Scalebound fiasco!

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The first one is the only game I got every achievement for on the 360! Just because it's a sequel doesn't give it a free pass for being more of the same...

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For those that haven't seen up-to-date gameplay:

So much potential is looking to be squandered here. A game with Mercenaries-type destruction and explosions, but Crackdown's focus on mobility, and law-enforcement (something they should make more complex than "shoot bad guy") would sell millions. Think GTA V but with a supercop main character a...

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Boy, for a community so (apparently) desperate for equality and integration, they sure do whine a lot about not getting special attention and being made a fuss of.

Listen, just like it is for straight people, no one really gives a toss that your gay. The fact is, less than 10% of people are, so it's only reflective of that fact that there aren't an abundance in videogames.

Plus, for many videogames, sexuality is irrelevant, so to shoehorn it in f...

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The stuff was great but I really do miss the surprises of E3, Beyond Good and Evil 2 had that magic

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wasn't the first one family-friendly. Evidently this is going to be more adult-orientated . Super cool though!

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Wow, why the hell did they add mecha-robot type stuff into it? And why are the enemies dressed as construction workers wearing pink hard hats? Let me make it clear, Crackdown 1 is one of my favourite games of the last 10 years, but this looks like an utter disservice to the name.

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Uh, no thanks! Definitely just gonna wait for whatever the proper new gen consoles are gonna be, they try to big it up but it's just like the PS4 Pro really, higher resolution but pretty much the same dealio.

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Wow, what the hell were they doing for 4 years? That was positively underwhelming

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Oh jeez. That trailer really missed the mark, it looks like Saints Row 4. And that song.... Jesus Christ.....

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To see someone gushing about their art like a musician or film maker might was a beautiful thing to see. Completely agree, hope this thing really makes it big!

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Well done on doing something new, this one is utterly compelling. Just how open is the world I wonder? It might be like UC4, which had open aspects to a linear (mostly) experience.

What I really loved was that the creator conveyed actual joy and passion for his project, unlike those other slick, glib droids they had presenting the EA conference. I thought that was so awesome to see for once!

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Still wish they'd do another Burnout though! Maybe give NFS a break to facilitate it?

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