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Can't imagine this game being "good", it's ridiculously ambitious nature will firmly place it as "phenomenal" or "disappointing" upon release. God I'm hoping for the former though, this has the potential to be the next Half Life in terms of influence and perfection.

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They can tacitly course to provide mediocre offerings, both benefit from it

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They're not free, do you think those fancy pillow chocolates are free when you book a premium room at the Hilton? It's all rolled into the price and then deceptively labeled "free"

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For me it has to be the Sega Dreamcast. Shemnue, Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi were all game-changers back in the day. JSR in particular has aged staggeringly well. I think it's a tragedy how the console was steamrolled by the colossal PS2 hype and subsequent release. But, it will always have a special place in my heart!

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It's actually a term for a Rio slum neighbourhood, which there are many!

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Absolutely bloody awful. Wish I never paid for 12 month PS Plus, this is just a con.

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To me, MGS should be tight, intense, cinematic and constantly propelled by the story. A large, bland "open world" where you do the same repetitive thing over and over again is NOT what the series is about.

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"Let's see"? Don't patronise me, the headline is clearly misleading, read it and tell me that you wouldn't unknowingly infer that it was about a network-run show.

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I was a sceptic, but I've done a 180 on it: I get the impression they're really trying to make a great FPS game. Kudos to them, it's really shaping up!

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The name "Fractured But Whole" is one of the greatest play-on-words titles I've heard.

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How does this get approved? They're clearly trying to mislead people with that headline; it makes it sound like a major network is producing a Fallout tv series.

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Spec Ops: the Line -- continue playing.

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Looks good, the aesthetic is far more appealing to me than Black Ops 3's. The MP will be the clincher for me, though; hope that it's split between old-school style (eg, on the Terminal remake) gameplay in addition to some maps utilising zero-gravity and advanced movement

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Not as much as endless microtransactions. The art should come before excessive profit margins though, and I do think their MP support/SP neglect was excessive.

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From what I hear there is a pretty good game in there, but they've just thrown it to side and hung those who coughed up the money out to dry. I will buy it when they fix it though, JC 2 was great!

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Wish they had some jazz stuff or modern prog metal (Periphery, SikTh, Protest the Hero etc.), would be excellent learning tool

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I didn't mean financially, I meant in terms of being acclaimed and respected by the RPG community

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That's awesome. God I LOVED this back in 07, that Frank goofball character was a hoot! Also, I wish Gears was on PS4... Even though there isn't a snowball's chance in hell!

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CDPR is already in the upper echelons of the dev world, with the Witcher series alone. I just think they need to craft a new game-universe to prove their mastery and Bethesda will be straight out of the picture. Fallout 4 is the epitaph of a once-great developer who is now simply behind the curve.

Cyberpunk 2077, with any luck, will solidify CDPR with "legendary" status.

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*Season Pass

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