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Overwatch's aren't so bad, you can save coins without too much of a grind, and the drop rate isn't so bad. I'm not even level 100 yet and have a ton of legendary skins from crates just from leveling up. Plus they offer no advantage in gameplay.

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Overwatch works pretty well with that format, but the design/lore built around the game is pretty masterful.

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He was referring to the trailer I imagine.

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Oh, so they do have swastikas then. I wonder why they didn't state that before?

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They should do another GRID, the first one was phenomenal when it came out

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Classic defence mechanism, the second you hear a rebuttal (and quite a mild, logical one really), play the "boy, you sound angry!" card.

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I imagine it will be like the gap between RDR and GTA V

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Overwatch is the best MP game I may have ever played, but it is horrific in solo queue competitive.

Some people are so nasty on it, it's weird how videogames (largely due to anonymity) shows peoples' true demeanour. A 6v6 game so tightly based on teamwork will burst at the seams when people butt heads though. I guess it's younger people on it as well who take losing badly. It's also a blurred line: is picking Widow, Torb or Symm on attack with zero interest ...

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Aptly demonstrating you are no better than the comment he made with that stereotype. Not all of us choose to be so loose with what language we use, you shouldn't so hastily put us all in the same basket!

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Why does "We Need to Talk About..." always precede a whinging, sanctimonious, limp-wristed attempt of critical "journalism"? Straight out with the pitchforks again.

[From this article}

"Even here at Blast Away the Game Review, we have zero tolerance for toxicity. We’ve removed comments, we’ve banned people from our social media sites on YouTube, Facebook, and even Google+. We strive to provide a positive area....."

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Is it def not a New Vegas sequel? That's a bummer!

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If there is ever a dev to dethrone R* in terms of respect and fame (few games and massive releases), it'll be these guys. Cyberpunk could be a watershed moment for gaming!

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Weird, I would have thought a new Midnight Club would be on the cards before this. I would imagine this will be quite the overhaul, given how old the game is now. We'll see! I loved the game when it came out, for all its shortcomings... a bit like Mafia II in that it was a great story wrapped in a rather dull open world.

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Playing this reminds me of a "F2P" game at this point. All this stuff I can never own unless I grind my way into oblivion.

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Of course they are. The competition between PS Plus and GwG is getting good now, expect more great months on both sides

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Good, how does Blizzard police smurfers though? Obviously the guy called "Hanzonly" or "SmurfRider123" will be easily identified, but how can you possibly know if someone isn't just a gifted new player?

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Pewdie Pie is hardly Doug Stanhope though, is he?

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That fat bastard would need a pulley to lift his fist.

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