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It's more the smoothness of animations and AI complexity required, as opposed to visual constraints. I actually hope that these factors start getting more attention as the gap in visual fidelity gets incrementally smaller.

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What is it with Edge? Their articles are generally fantastic, but they clearly think they are above AAA games when it comes to reviews, which is both pretentious and disingenuous

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What an arsehole.

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Re: the oven mitts - - They have animated her hands though, on the Chinese New Year skin!

Also, I've heard people take issue with Ovrwatch female characters having spine-breaking bodies, I don't get the issue... They're meant to be cartoony and attractive. I believe Junkrat's character model is completely unrealistic, he's almost keeling over - but it suits him!

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Wonder if Chris Hemsworth will be providing the voice tho?

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No it wouldn't, who would pay that for a ticket?

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Off topic, but regarding the title: Is it still "here are" when you're referring to two singular items? We never learned grammar growing up so I still screw these things up all the time. This is how I would have said that

"Here is Far Cry 5 and Sea of Thieves"

But if they were grouped

"Here are the games"

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Not really, this game has hardly sold like hot cakes!

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And it would have had none of the impact, legacy-wise either. No Russian is perhaps the most notorious FPS mission ever, and with good reason.. The fact people are talking about it so many years later indicates it must have done something right.

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Absolutely, the campaign of MW 2 would be long forgotten had it not touched a nerve

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One of the few FPS missions to evoke emotions (anger, disgust), but was very clever in doing so. I find the mission very impressive, even to this day.

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Wonder if this will drop in price? I did intend on waiting for the inevitable "complete edition" but god damn this looks like a blast.

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No, it's "this" March, but even then the addition is superfluous. Last March was 2017

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Wow. Playstation may as well be running a monopoly at this stage... Just amazing game after game.

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It's good, I'd quite like Gran Turismo 3 & 4 on my PS4 for example, but it's hardly a game-changer, more of a nostalgia thing.

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I really think they're in a desperate panic with that game. It is virtually XB1s last hope and looks rubbish.... And I LOVED the first one.

All I see is wasted potential, MS should have helped preserve Realtime Worlds, Crackdown as a series could have gone on to be a killer-app but look at the state of it now.

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As if that justifies it.

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An opinion expressed different from your own does not qualify as a "fanatical, biased" opinion. The vast majority of arguments for it are based on preference and logic.

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Uh, no. Discs, and backwards compatible please.

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I'm surprised how much of a stir it's causing, very clever move from a free-marketing standpoint. Plus most people are giving it glowing reviews

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