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Doesn't bode well, and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Crackdown 3 in a precarious place too? I was seriously thinking of getting an XB1 just to play that game!

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But the article is filed under "RUMOR", look at the top of the page! What more do you want?

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Well they don't have a crystal ball do they? It's just an observation they made.

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I love DE: ME so much! Gets a lot of shit, but it's one of the best games I've ever played. The themes, visual aesthetics and gameplay are just perfect.

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Blimey, you make me look cheery!

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No, but much like how announcing she likes stamp collecting doesn't matter; it's a non-point.

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Sony give us something nice, just once. XB dudes so lucky!

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Love it! The content (weapons, vehicles, progression in general) and customisation is a bit lacking though. I understand the limitations of WWI but I do hope future DLC somehow mitigates this.

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The guy who leaked BF 1 (to a t, by the way, will link it if asked), said that DICE LA are working on Bad Company 3, to be released 2018 -- so it's a safe bet.

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I look forward to the day where this is a non-point. Their sexuality should be incidental, it's not a big deal The "OMG LOOK WHO'S QUEER" stuff is pathetic

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Well put!

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That was before the west went entirely batshit crazy, my friend.

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If Amy Schumer is any indication, it's anything but! More laughs to be had at a funeral

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You don't understand, do you seriously think some fucking neanderthal that is championing the death of all gays is A) Playing videogames like TLoU in the first place, or B) Going to ever realise the error of their mentality? You cannot convert people with hate, and your plight suddenly rings hollow, as little more than a propaganda effort. Children growing up today won't know what true equality is either, we're taught to still be ashamed of accepting everyone equally, because it&#...

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I think people like the author, lumping in gays with black people and women, like some kind of nebulous, jumbled collective to add to your ammunitio.... I mean, cause.... is more pernicious than anything discussed in the article.
This false sense of persecution is just rammed down our throats everyday. Aren't we all human beings for christ sake? These sweeping statements made about "the medias portrayal of women", for example, is probably quite patronising to them and...

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Eh. Even if you have a 4K television, if you have a PS4 currently I'd still wait for something else, just on principle. Call me old-fashioned but I want a leap, not a skip in tech. Scorpio seems far more appealing for that reason alone.

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Never underestimate the stupidity of the mass-market! Then again, I'm a hypocrite because I eventually caved in too.

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No business is altruistic where there's money to be made. Xbox did it first and Sony followed suit. Yes, the PS3 style online was of course the best for us as consumers, but financially it doesn't make sense for either of them to regress, and why should they?

For people like myself who love to play online (damn you BF1), they've got us over a barrel. It's a shame, too, as I really don't enjoy any of the "free" (which by the way, no it's not, it...

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That's very nice of them, thought there wouldn't be a chance in hell that a remastered game would get BC. If they do ever do Bad Company 2, I'll have to seriously consider getting an Xbox One

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