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I know. Was he even really underpowered before? He's a defence hero, and now they've turned him into one of the best 1v1 characters in game (go to a deathmatch now and tell me who'll be Genji or Junkrat many a time.) . It must be a bit annoying for the genuinely good Junkrat guys because now any idiot like me can play as him and destroy without putting the time in. Before, you really had to be quite skilled at him to do well, now I can hop on (and I can NOT play Junk) an...

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His damage multiplier with a headshot means he can easily take out the 200hp heroes. You notice it most vs the tanks, he can shred through most once he hits the head. I notice it most on Mystery Heroes, where it's left to chance, but it feels like you're cheating when the game gives you Soldier, which tells you enough.

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I don't like what she does to the game's meta personally: you are crippling the team a bit if she's not on it -- even if another healer is chosen, simply due to her extremely fast heal rate, and of course ability to rez. Lucio's healing ability in comparison is handy in team fights, but doesn't make characters nigh-invincible (eg fast moving Genji, Phara, Roadhog...). I have no idea what the "rework" is going to be, but I agree she needs it.


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I think Tangerine Dream did the OST, GTA V's soundtrack was fantastic.

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I don't think anyone does, the only comparison is Rockstar (in terms of sheer "wow" sheen). They clearly want to be the industry kings, and want to best their own masterpiece (Witcher 3)

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No, he's asserting they're actually gunning for a new type of music that sounds like it's from 2077. Imagine what people thought 2018 music would sound like in the 60s? I imagine it's actually far more unchanged (pop certainly) than people would have thought.

I don't think Deus Ex or Mass Effect had music that was actually within that world in it. Mass Effect had some music at that club on the Citadel I remember, but that's it.

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Wow, that's ambitious, a whole new genre? To stray from the pre-established "cyberpunk" sounds of industrial-affected synth (Bladerunner style) and techno is quite daring.

God, this game's scope sounds dizzying, my only question is WILL it be on current hardware? I mean the PS4 and X1 are really quite old now, are they going to limit the aspirations of this game? You can say the Witcher 3 worked well, but a fully-explorable, mega-futuristic city is a wh...

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Awesome. Just some old touring cars and tracks (Silverstone, Monza, Le Mans, Laguna Seca) and it will be the perfect racing game. Can't wait for rain & proper night time to be added

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I wonder if this game got an upturn in sales since it was outed as a bit of a hidden gem? I remember it was an initial financial failure but I think it was sold as a gung-ho "ooh-ra!" type military game. Loved it though, such an affecting story.

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Quite analogous to the movie industry, most megabudget stuff is absolute dirge. They're cash cows not passion projects

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Let us change the colour settings of that light bar, and let us turn it off! The battery life in my controllers is woeful

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Are Gamepressure reliable? By default this will be the best E3 in years if true. A new Splinter Cell (hinted at last year) and Burnout game (seeing as they're remastering Paradise) would just put it over the top

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That's insane. I have to say though, I bought a copy on PC recently as I sold the PS4 version years ago... And it's still such an impressive game when it comes to detail. Such an immersive world, and the story is fantastic. It's SUCH a shame that no single player DLC content was done for such an amazingly realised world as Los Santos.

Simply cannot wait for RDR 2, I hope they don't push microtransactions/online so much though, surely the setting alone will l...

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Promises aren't delivered via updates, in my opinion. I guess they can mitigate the failure, as was the case with NMS

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Don't see it happening. As bad as Manhunt 1's release was, I think what with everyone being perpetually offended on the Internet now, investors would see it as too risky.

I loved the first one though, I remember feeling genuinely scared playing it when it came out

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That's really interesting, I loved Theme Hospital back in the day.

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Just put Junkrat back to the way he was (2 mines is silly, it was fine before)and make soldier a little weaker (either dmg or slow his
self-heal) , that's it!

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True. You can get the PC version with all the DLC for under a tenner. Online is rather dead which is a shame though

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That's really interesting, I can only imagine that they must be thinking the series still has legs if they're doing this. I have to admit though, it will have to be one phenomenal remaster to warrant that purchase, 35 quid is a bit rich...

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