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"A fan of games. Not consoles."


Unfortunately because developing a videogame for a current-gen HD home console is much more expensive and time-consuming than developing for a 4 year old portable console.

And Capcom are the type that want to make sure they can grab as many pennies as possible. #6
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Nintendo has been doing this new tradition of releasing a new zelda then remaking an old zelda cycle a for a few years now.

Starting with Ocarina of Time 3D. Then came Skyward Sword. Then Wind Waker HD. Then A Link Between Worlds. And finally Majora's Mask 3D. It's possible we'll see a Twilight Princess HD remake or perhaps a new Zelda game for 3DS come out near before or after the new Zelda. #5
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Is it really coming in 2016? That seems a bit early...

Could the next Zelda be a launch title then? #5.1.1
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Remaster on Wii U is an instant buy for me. TP joint with OoT are my fav Zelda games. #5
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november #3.1
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I'm an idiot.

I got gta V for xbox 360 on launch.
I got gta V for PS4 on launch.
And now I got gta V for PC on launch.

Reason is because i never finished gta V on x360. I got it on PS4 so I could play it again and finish it in HD. But I badly want to play online multiplayer and I don't want to pay for PSN, so I got it on PC for the bargain price of £16.40. #4
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KH3 is already in development. By Square's Osaka team. #2.2.3
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Very doubtful that FF16 is even in concept yet.

If anything, Square are going to work on Type-1 first. #2.2
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Basically, when I recommend Final Fantasy to someone, I ask them how far back are they willing to play.

If they say they absolutely need voice acting, I tell them to go with FFX.

If they are proper old-school and want sprites moving on textured backgrounds, I'd tell them to go with FF6.

If they're in between and want an amazing story, I show them FF7. #1.2
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Actually I would tell people to avoid FFX remaster at all costs.

Because of the re-done music. The amazing soundtrack from the original sounds really bad in the remaster. I have no clue why Square did something like this.

And since music plays a big part of the FF experience, I'd say get the original Final Fantasy X then play it on PCSX2 emulator. The emulator can do widescreen, 60fps, better lighting, Full anti-aliasing, 1080p res, enhanced textures. #1.1.3
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lol, imagine if Square really did hire Kojima.

I wonder what his next game with them would be.. #2.2
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Yeah, same here. It does have this sense of time when you realise, holy hell it's nightime and this beast is still alive. #2.1.1
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I knew it. After I finished DA:I it felt as if they saved juicy plot for later games. Which makes it a bit tiring to have to keep playing the next game to learn only a little more of the metastory. #4
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Please more info on Zelda Wii U. It ain't coming this year so give us something before then! #3
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1. Agreed. Ubisoft need to stop this annual release business. It's ruining every second AC game starting from AC:Brotherhood.

Revelations, AC3, AC:Unity were all underwhelming unfinished games.

2. Combat actually devolved in Unity. Moves that have been available from AC2 were locked to the player until like half way through the game. Standard moves like Dual assassination, Air assassination, Dual air assassination etc were not available from the start whi... #6
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I really don't care whether the cast was mixed or not. My main problem is the character designs. They're all wearing black clothing with Prompto the only one looking a bit different with his blonde hair.

At least they should have had different hair/clothing colours. But this is a minor issue.

The demo was absolutely amazing. I'm convinced that Square have finally done something right for once. #2
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spanish for haha #1.2.3
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Well, if there's one thing I learnt from the demo, it's that Final Fantasy XV has the potential to be game of the generation.

It's battle system is something I haven't seen before. Very unique and very deep. The combat is also challenging and requires skill and tactics. If you button mash, you will die.

Armiger (all swords found) and Ramuh just blew me away. #8
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Well.. Metal Gear had a very good run. MGS5 more or less completes the entire story.

At least this means Kojima finally has the chance to start on something new. #3
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I think Sony and Nintendo are the most likely ones to grab Kojima to their company. #15
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