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*cries* #2
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What a ridiculous idea. Witcher combat is unique in itself. It requires precision, timing and strategy. It's not a hack-and-slash/brawler game. It's an action-rpg.

Batman combat is unrealistic in that everything just flows into the right position. And you can keep mashing the attack button and you only need to press the other buttons at the right time. It's fun to play and suits games like Batman and Shadow of Mordor. But definitely doesn't suit the witcher se... #6
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Umm correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't just one 980 be enough for this game?

Or are the Recommended Settings not even enough for Ultra? #2.1.3
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Tabata, along with Nomura, might be one of the last sensible people at S-E. #4
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m8, u fell for sum str8 b8 #1.2.1
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Summer 2015 is my prediction. June 2008 is when MGS4 came out :) #11
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Just hope they keep the option for jap voice. They did so for Xenoblade on Wii... #10
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lol, Summons75, my thoughts exactly. #1.1.2
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Just hope our fears of a PC graphical downgrade were unwarranted. I bought a new gfx card specifically for this game... #4
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Well the big assassination set-piece missions are probably the only fun missions. Because you have to plan your own infiltration by searching the area and making use of "opportunities." As well as a dynamic in-building design with crowds and stuff. Those are what Ubisoft did right.

It's the other missions that bored me. I really wanted a return of the AC2/ACB/ACRev Prince of Persia style levels, but they made this time anomaly thing that didn't impress. Part... #3.2.4
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At launch there were so many bugs and the framedrops would destroy any sense of immersion.

But putting all that aside, the missions aren't that great. There seems to be an overall lack of creativity. The graphics are beautiful, the cutscenes look amazing. The animation is astounding and Paris is immense. Crowds and ecosystem is top-notch.

But the story is very disappointing. Half the time, nothing made sense, and while it was supposedly set in the French... #3.2
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Majora's Mask is the only 3D Zelda game I never played.

Yes, I'll make my way to the guillotine at once. #2
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Thankfully, my rig is good enough for recommended specs.

Surprised it's only GTX 770. Would have imagined them asking for the 9xx series.

Hopefully, it'll be much more optimized than how Inquisition was at launch. #3
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Perhaps my grandchildren will be able to play Sonic Adventure 3. #7
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Dorian was definitely a great character. I kept him along in the party most of the time. What made him great had nothing to do with his sexuality. Though it added to his character development regarding his father and past, what made him likable was his personality, his wit, and his dialogue.

But I was put off by the sheer number of gay relationships in the game. Homosexuals are estimated to be about 10% of people. Yet half the party members are gay and so many story character... #2
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Aloren, you are forgetting the Power meter in Inquisition. You have to complete a certain number of signficant side quests or find then close a certain number of rifts in order to progress the story. That counts as part of the 42 hours Main Story. And in my rough estimate, it's at least a third of total Main Story time.

Origins didn't have any of that. There weren't anything preventing you from progressing with the main game. #4.2.8
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That shot of Stella with shorter hair is just her hair size when she was a kid. She still has long hair in the cg render

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.... #1.1.1
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@Aloren, that's false mate. The main missions of DA:O are definitely over 50 hours. I know, because I made it a habit of skipping side-quests because of how long the game was.

If you don't believe me, check out howlongtobeat.com and you'll see.

"What we have here is a linear gamer. People who doesn't like options or exploring in their RPGs."
You can't claim that Inquisition has more "options... #4.2.6
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Origins isn't a linear RPG at all. You can do most of the main missions in any order.
Sure it has labyrinthine dungeons for most of its level design but ironically, it has more explorable cities/towns than Inquisition.

Inquisition is practically just wide open space with many things scattered around.

Dragon Age 2 is the locked-in corridor game where you're guided like sheep. #4.1.3
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Spent over 60 hours on the game, most of it were side quests.

I spent over 60 hours on Dragon Age: Origins, yet most of it was main story missions.

That's the difference between the two games. Origins had an amazing grand story that itself takes at least 50 hours to complete.

Inquisition is by no means a bad game. It's just not really a Dragon Age game. It was made for people who like questing. A true sequel to Origins - was what I w... #4.2.3
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