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"A fan of games. Not consoles."


True, but there are other fan translations out there before this.

And there are those who pirated it before any translation was out anyway.

And there are those who, after hearing of the project 2 years ago, imported a copy of the game and were delighted by the release a month ago. #11.1.2
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You do realize that extracting a umd to iso is fairly simple, no?


So you don't need an illegally downloaded version of a game. #11.1
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That's the irony. It gives greater attention to the patch than before. #1.1.1
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Patch has already been widely distributed and available anywhere.

So this article is useless. #5
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An almost certainty that won't ever happen.

If you want jap voices, play the psp version. On a PSP emulator, the upscaling and emu effects make it look very pretty. #4.1
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If you have said that the pirate naval gameplay made the game very un-assassin like then I would agree with you.

But it was in no way bad. The opposite. It was very fun. I personally found the side missions of raiding strongholds, or sneaking through plantations very fun. As well as attacking navy ships.

But I am happy that AC: Unity is doing away with naval gameplay and sticking to what's core to the AC series: Urban assassination. #1.1.3
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Didn't Uncharted 3 require no data install?

I cant remember but correct me if I'm wrong? #21.2.3
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The Parkour Down feature is one of the more exciting new features for me. Before, it would be an inconvenient climb down into the crowd or having to jump into a hay stack.

With this, climbing down can be just as fun as climbing up.

Also, loads of interior buildings in the game = VERY GOOD YES.

Now we can feel more assassiny by infiltrating into entire buildings with many different entries. #3
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But that's not exactly what they're doing here.

Because it's not a book or graphic novel. It's a videogame.

A videogame is a different medium. The gameplay is the biggest chunk of the pie. Not the script. If they copied the game's engine script and made a new game then yes you would be correct.

If the fan translation was for a game where there's hardly any dialogue to translate, then you wouldn't be complaining.... #9.2.2
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Yeah this is the first time I've seen a company try to sue a fan translation.

Normally, it's fan remakes or fan sequels. #9.1.2
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It's a moral argument not a legal one.

Just because what they're doing is within their rights (although still questionable) does not make it morally justifiable.

If there is evidence that Square used the huge interest of fan translation release in order to further their business interests, then it's possible their legal action could turn to bollocks.

And the patch contains no Square-Enix assets anyway so it's original. #4.1.2
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"Request permission or risk being shut down."

What if you're anonymous? Then none of that matters anyway.

It's just typical Square bullying tactics and no appreciation of their fanbase at all. #3.2.2
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Which ironically means that Square uses torrent traffic as an indicator of whether something could be profitable i.e. the whole 'piracy hinders sales saying is false in this instance. #1.4.2
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Hope they learned the lesson from AC3 regarding historical accuracy.

Don't make Arno an errand boy like you did to Connor. #7
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They did. There were plenty of "historical moments" in Black Flag. The difference between AC4 and others is that the overall plot was much more focused on Edward Kenway and his story.

If anything, I was disappointed that AC4 hardly focused on Assassins vs. Templars.

But it was still a lot better than the boring story of AC3. #1.1.2
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1) You don't need permission for a fan patch. The patch is original and does not make use of copyrighted assets.

2) They don't own the IP for FF type-0 game. But A fan translation is not part of the original game.

3) Yes they are, but in this case (as in most cases) this C&D letter is primarily done to bully and intimidate a single Computer Science student.

4) Yes, but there have been many fan translations in history anyway. And s... #17.1
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The whole thing is overblown.

The 3 co-op characters are not actually characters. Every player will see theirs as Arno anyway.

It's basically not too different to Ezio's assassins that you could call up in AC2-ACR. Except in Unity they can be used as co-op partners. #4.1.3
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Doesn't matter. The patch has been distributed on the net for like a month now.

Just because you can't find the link on their website, doesn't mean you won't find it anywhere else.

But it really is pathetic of Square to do that. These guys spent 2 years of hard work to provide a translation to fans who had been begging Square for a localization for years. #15
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Haha, I remember the Open Zone.

Those were the days where if you were bored and in need of entertainment, just take a gander at the Open Zone. #1.2.4
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You are referring to Charlotte Corday? I wasn't referring to specific historical figures. I meant Assassins from the Assassin Brotherhood.

Assassins are usually normal ordinary people. Corday was an aristocrat. Also, Ubisoft tends to make the main Assassins original characters and not real historical figures. Like you said, she will likely be an NPC. There have been many important female NPCs in the AC series and most of them were real people.

Also, the p... #16.1.4
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