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I respect that. There are those who think writing strong female characters is the same as writing a generic male character. In the end, you end up with a character that's as interesting as a chair.

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I think the programmers take all this into consideration. They monitor the connection log and if there appears to be a loss of connection then the player isn't flagged. But if it seems like a real ragequit then they will be.

Of course, it won't be perfect. Some people will find a way around this. I mean, isn't taking out an Ethernet cable in a wired connection the same as a connection loss?

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Because someone can just ask a friend to keep on quitting and thus giving himself loads of wins.

If you say - well then don't give the win to the guy who stayed and only give a loss to the ragequitter, that will still be frustrating for the guy who stayed because many ragequitters won't care about their score anyway so giving them losses won't deter them.

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My heart is torn. One side is Kojima being stepped on by Konami. The other is F*cKonami actually cared more about fan love for Hayter than Kojima did.

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Possibly some postgame story too.

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Yeah that Type-0 ending was heartbreaking. Especially considering all the shit Class Zero had to go through for reasons they would probably never know.

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Ordered within the first 5 mins and still nothing. The wait is killing me XD

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Yeh, clearly because they don't wanna spoil.

All FF trailers hide as much story as possible even when most of their trailers are full of cutscenes.

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godmars my boy, the now-cancelled FFvs13 had little to no information about it. We have literally no reliable information on how much the story has changed from Nomura's vision to Tabata's vision - or whether it's changed at all.

The whole road trip fiasco that began with the Jump Festa trailer 1 or 2 years back was because Square had spent like 8 years not giving us a single piece of info regarding the story. Who knows? Perhaps 4 guys travelling the world togeth...

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Yeah what wallow is saying is that the sentient beings of the milky way didn't have the technology to travel across galaxies. Only across within own galaxy. The distance between galaxies makes the distance between star clusters in the milky way seem negligible.

But the answer to wallow's question is that MEA takes place a long time after ME3.

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Not really. Konami didn't even let Hayter know he wasn't coming back. He's been voicing the character since the 90s. It's both disrespectful and unprofessional that David Hayter had to phone Konami to get the official confirmation he wasn't coming back.

This was after the Phantom Pain reveal demo when people realized there was a different voice for Snake.

And all of that was due to Kojima's obsession with getting a celebrity to voice S...

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morganfell, I remember you from the MGS4 days. You're still shouting Richard Doyle's name till now! Blimey!

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A lot of people miss that the japanese voice actor is the same for Solid Snake and Big Boss. Even in MGS5.

So whether or not you feel he shouldn't have been Big Boss is irrelevant because Kojima had always intended the two characters to have the same voice.

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Ironically your spoiler is incorrect.

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Have to say, this was a bit of a dick move by Kojima. The japanese voice actor of Snake returned in MGS5. It seems Kojima really wanted a celebrity voice actor all the way back in MGS3.

As much as I respect him as a genius game developer, I think he sometimes gets a little egotistical. I mean splattering the "A Hideo Kojima Game" across his games was both weird and funny, but MGS5 took it to another level - at the end of every mission.

Of course, I...

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Type-0 had quite a bittersweet ending. The last FF game that made me teary-eyed was FFX's ending. Or Crisis Core, if that counts.

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You have to give Valve credit for being ahead of the game for so long before its competitors joined in. And their pioneering vision to lead the future the same way Netflix did.

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Reference to Chair-sama.

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Uhh... the OP didn't say anything about being forced to buy it.

It seems the people who keep mentioning this point keep forgetting that it's not the issue here.

The issue is how a generation ago, developers used to release complete games with tons of unlockables included.

Now, a lot of AAA games are coming out bare-boned or incomplete and you need to pay extra for the rest of the game.

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I didn't think I'll ever be saying this but it is up to the Playstation VR to save the VR market. The recent announcement of Vive's price was very disappointing.

Which normal consumer is going to fork out $800 for what is essentially a risky gamble? Also, developers need more VR sets in households in order to make a profit from their titles. If there are hardly any people owning a VR set, then what's the point of developing a game for it?

I re...

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