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6GB VRAM is a joke when you take a look at the "improvements." There's only a small difference and isn't easily noticeable.

It's clear the ultra textures were the last thing on the developer's schedule as they had no time to optimize it with hardware.

Like Fishy said above, wait till modders do the work the developer should have done. #5
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I hope these bullshots are not bullshots. #7
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As a huge Asassin's Creed fan, this news left me very disappointed.

A huge part of the series is the modern day meta-story now involving Juno's revival. If the series is going to just keep getting yearly releases to no end, then it feels like that the meta-story won't matter anymore.

I've been hearing that once again, the player is the protagonist in the modern day setting. I really didn't like what they did in AC4, and they're doing i... #6
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A bit too harsh on the score. But otherwise a good review.

I've played hours of this already and I can guarantee this is a solid 9+/10 game. #5
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Which video? The latest tgs trailer? It only has the HP bars...

Edit: Ahh, I see. In the tgs presentation demo, it had a left-side menu too https://www.youtube.com/wat... #5.1.2
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Actually, that's what's changed as far as I can understand. If you look at the 2011 video and 2013/2014 vids there is a big difference with the battle interface.

The Kingdom Hearts style menu (2011) on the left is gone is either replaced with a new simpler version (2013) or completely erased as shown in the 2014 video.

I'm not sure which is final or whether the 2014 trailer was intentionally made with the battle interface hidden (since it still ha... #5.1
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It's clickbait. If there was an article praising FF15, you probably wouldn't think of clicking on it. #3.1
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Exactly Ed.

What most people don't seem to understand is that FFXV was never meant to be FFXV. It was first Final Fantasy Versus XII - a project where Nomura could make the game he always wanted to make.

It was only after development switched to PS4 and X1 that S-E decided to rename the game.

As for FF16, it is possible that Square might go back to ATB style. But if FF15 is extremely successful (at least more than FF13 was) then it looks... #2.1.3
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Wait, that's just the Afghanistan map?!?! Bloody hell. How big is the final game...? #2
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Woop! I can see 75% of the sales for this game purely for the demo! #1.1.2
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Wait. I never watched the conference.

Is it confirmed FF15 demo comes with Type-0 game? #1.1
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Why is she and everyone taking the threats seriously.

Death threats are normal on the internet because 100% of the time, these threats are trolling and never carried out. #5.3
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Raiden. Raiden! RAIDEN!! #2
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Well, this is exactly what I expected.

It's a Musuou game with Zelda aesthetics. #6
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In this world, there are sensible feminists and there are rabid feminists.

The sensible feminist strives for equality, respect and dignity for women across the globe. Such examples includes; equal work pay, equal civil rights, right-to-vote etc.

The rabid feminist strives to become the man. The misogyny and chauvinism they abhor in men is what they strive to achieve for themselves. They want to see patriarchy in everything and anything. Even Princess Peach, a... #1.2.2
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This game is really unnecessary. #3
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Famitsu should trade their Final Fantasy scores for Smash Bros. Half the pile of crap dished out by Sqaure in the last decade have better scores than Smash Bros. #4
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wat #1.1
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Hopefully he'll appear in dlc. #5.2
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The only ones I miss are Mewtwo and Snake :( #2.4
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