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Nah, played both. Breath of the Wild is worlds better.

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I've never played a SMT game.
Is it basically Persona monster-catching but without Stands & school simulator?

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Teen Gohan was announced right at the beginning.

I haven't read the new gameinformer, but perhaps you mean adult Gohan?

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zb1ftw777 I agree vast majority of people that run emulation are not using their own backup bios but the user who says 90% of people who run emulation are using pirated games is nonsense. Also, many emulators these days are designed to run without a bios.

The Wii U is currently completely open for flashing and modification for homebrew with loads of backup loaders for it i.e. to play pirated games. The Wii U costs nothing compared to the specs you need to be able to run emu...

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RedDevils, in that case, that's pirating the game itself.

If you run an original copy of the game on an emulator, there's nothing illegal going on.
It's really simple and not difficult to comprehend, I really don't get why some people take issue with this.

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Valve is still a bit stingy with Steam however. I believe Origin have a genuine refund policy but Valve makes sure to keep hush-hush about refunds by hardly publicizing it, and making it a little tricky to find the refund page.

There's also the policy. You cannot refund a game if it's been in your library for over 2 weeks and/or if you've played it for over 2 hours.

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Basically, nobody should generalize on user choices.

Some people pirate to trial the game before buying it.
Some people pirate some games, and buy other games.
Some people pirate every game they play.
Some people pirate because they cannot afford it, but when they can, they do buy the game.
Some people pirate games, then wait a year or so till the game is dirt cheap, then they buy it.

There is no singular character prof...

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Pretty sure most people who pirate don't think they're stealing.

Also, bear in mind, that up till date, piracy is considered "copyright infringement" according to the law and not "theft." So, legally speaking, you're factually incorrect.

The EU commission report pretty much confirmed what most rational-thinking people knew. If we take the anime industry for example. There is absolutely no way that simulcast would have happe...

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Actually naruga sort of has a point.

I did feel Uncharted 4 tried to be far too similar to The Last of Us. It took away from what made Uncharted games special in the first place.

While I believe that The Last of Us is superior to the entire Uncharted series, Uncharted 2 definitely remains the series' best. No other Uncharted game has managed to top it.

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Yeah, I doubt it'll happen, but I seriously hope Square completely revamps the UI. It takes up too much of the screen, and I can barely follow what's going on.

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If the FF7 remake isn't shown at this year's TGS, then that spells bad news for the development.

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Sonic 2006? I remember the potential and hype for that game. But it was a hot unfinished mess with tons of bugs.

I think after that game people's expectations of Sonic games sunk to the depths we currently see now.

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Looking at that last, it's kind of interesting.
You kinda feel like this list was part of the story that was cut from the final game and now they're asking fans which one of these they'd like to see in a possible future update.

In reality, we should have seen all of this in the final game.

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It's not so much the ending that didn't make sense. It was the entire story leading up till the ending that made no sense.

It was bare-boned with very few characters and very little exposition. Tabata wasn't joking when he said this game is about a road trip.

Development hell was what caused this. Tabata was made director in order to fix the quagmire after more than 5 years in. All my hopes now are on the FF7 remake.

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100%. I loved the combat, but the story was extremely poor.

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The problem with Sonic games post Unleashed, is that the levels have become linear rollercoasters. Gone are the levels where there were actual platforming. As much as I enjoyed Generations, I still remember how great Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were.

With Unleashed and onward, Sonic Team decided that speed was what players wanted in a Sonic game. The irony is that what players really wanted is what Sonic Team nearly accomplished but failed abysmally in Sonic 2006....

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Omni, you mean Lea ;)

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So this will be about how Ignis became blind.

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Honestly, this game left me with a heavy heart. 10 years we were waiting for a masterpiece and while I did enjoy its gameplay, overall it was a massive disappointment.

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Though I think bioware's decline began with Inquisition, not so much DA2 or ME3.
DA2 and ME3 both had problems but I still believe had that unique bioware charm to them.

Inquisition however felt extremely bland. No risks were taken, story was worse than DA2's, and they did away from the traditional dungeons gameplay for an empty open world with barely any actual towns or places. Just outposts scattered across the map.

All you need to do...

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