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Has there been any new Sonic game announcements?

The last Sonic game I've played was Sonic Generations. Still dreaming of the day a Sonic Adventure 3 gets announced. #3
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Most fps still haven't reached the level of genius that is Half-Life 2. #1.1.2
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I couldn't tell the difference. #1
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I also remember that back in day, open world or Western RPG games were usually very buggy and most patches were made by the community.

When you have a game as huge as the Witcher 3, it only makes sense there'll be patches. And it's not as if the game is broken. Far from it. It plays very well, and the patches improve upon it.

It's games like Assassin's Creed Unity which are dished out half-broken that people frown upon. #9.5
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Yeah, pretty much because it doesn't feel like an Assassin's Creed game but something else.

Then again, Assassin's Creed IV, has a similar air about it too but when it released it was quite a great game. #1.1
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Why do you think the new director has screwed the game story? We hardly even know what the story is.

And besides, Tabata confirmed the story was already finished before he joined the team. #5.1
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Ever since he stepped down as President, Square has been redeeming itself.

I'm pretty sure Wada must have personally blocked all attempts at remaking FF7. As it would be such a risky project, and all he cared about were profits increasing, shares rising and making himself and the board of executives filthy rich. #7
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I did find the inclusion of Genesis in the Nibelheim incident rather bizarre.

Essentially, in Crisis Core, Genesis provokes Sephiroth into learning the truth about himself. I.e. Genesis is partly responsible for the burning of Nibleheim; for Zack and Cloud to be experimented on by Shinra etc.

However, throughout FF7, Genesis is essentially asleep somewhere. He finds his cure near the end of Crisis Core, gets beat by Zack, and sorta stops being a villain. #1.3
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2017 will be 20th year anniversary for FF7.

I would think that Square will work tooth and nail to get it out during that year. #2.2
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I was a little disappointed that it didn't receive an upgrade in graphics, but at least we know that we'll be getting the masterful gameplay that we know to expect from Ico and SotC. #10
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To be fair, from what we've seen of Kingdom Hearts III, it seems a 2016 release may be possible.

FF15 and KH3 are likely coming next year.

2017 may be the year of Final Fantasy VII remake. It just depends on how far the production is so far. I'm pretty sure it's been in the works as top-secret for a number of years now. #6.1.1
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FF9 is one of the finest games of all time.

However, it truly is perfect as it is. The vision of FF9 was definitely realised.

FF6 however had a huge part of its script cut. Cutscenes are much shorter than PS1 era FF games. It had grand ideas that were bottlenecked by the SNES hardware.

FF6 is the game from the pre-PS1 era that is in dying need of a remake. FF4 got its DS remake. FF6 needs its 3DS/Vita remake. #2.3
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lmao did that girl not play FF7 or something. If I was in that room, I would have shat myself on camera. #2
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Yeah it was for KH3 not FF7.

My guess is that KH3's development is progressing very smoothly. It's possible that it might even come out next year. If so, then Nomura would dedicate all his time on the FF7 remake. #5.4
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I was on the site, and backed it for $29 and right after, it hit $2m.

Congrats. Can't wait. #1
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This is definitely a good mod. Can't wait for it to be released. #6
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To be honest, all it does is color grade the image to look more like films.

It doesn't bring back those insane fog effects we saw in the pre-downgraded version. #3
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If I remember correctly, if you kill Aryan, does that mean that during the dungeon area, you meet his mother instead? #1.1
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Wasn't even the 970 itself nerfed too? I remember reading something about that a few months ago. #4.1.3
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it was awful... #1.1.1
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