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I think Noctis will without a doubt appear. Just have to wait till his own game is out first.

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Unreal Engine 4? Source 2? Creation Engine? CryEngine V? Frostbite 3? RAGE?

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Really hoping that footage wasn't from a PS4 Pro. It looked glorious.

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Read the books before playing Witcher 3. I was a fan of Triss in Witcher 2, but after the books and the amazing adaptation of Yennefer into videogame, it was inevitable I would choose her.

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I've literally been holding out on playing both games due to this.

Please, at least a HD remaster.

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Actually, the games are a sequel to his books. CDProjekt did a very clever move by making Geralt amnesiac at the beginning of the first Witcher game. It was clever in that it easily introduced new people to the world of The Witcher without having to adapt the original stories nor having to change their events at all.

Characters like Philippa Eilhart would meet Geralt for the first time in the games and the player wouldn't know that Geralt actually met her before, so sin...

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Completely agree. The Venom twist was so forced and unnecessary.

The story of MGS5 felt very lacking. I think it's because Kojima is used to making linear games so his story was designed for that. Therefore it was stretched like a bubblegum which is why there were barely any cutscenes and the "filler" parts of the story just felt like placeholders. Chapter 2 was clearly unfinished. I reckon the story in Chapter 2 was going to be in Chapter 1 but when the team ...

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At least with Mass Effect, they released the Leviathan DLC which sorted out all remaining plot holes. And the Extended Ending which was a lot better than the original ending.

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oh I read your post wrong. Thought you said downgrade. Silly me.

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Uhh, maybe I'm not looking at it straight, but doesn't the Aug2016 one look better than the E3 2016?

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Pretty sure it already ended with MGS5.

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VAT, Import tax (likely not manufactured in EU) and weak Euro perhaps.

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Actually, it originally did. If you look at the early demo builds after the announcement of the switch to PS4/X1, it showed all the characters fully playable.

It was a design decision not a lack of technology that made them change to Noctis only. The reasoning was that it was chaotic to control each character so instead they put in AI as well as FF12-style gambits.

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The titan demo was badly rushed for the E3 presentation. Combined with when it was played live, the guy playing it kept on flopping which was a bit embarrassing considering he would have practiced for the event.

Many people have played first few hours of the game, and they reported it was fine. However, I wouldn't rule out an additional delay. After all, this is Final Fantasy we're talking about.

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A sequel to Sonic Generations? That's a great idea. Only... will these be new stages or remakes?

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Final Fantasy XV, originally Final Fantasy Versus XIII, used to be a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. If the story is very similar or the same as before it ceased and re-began development, then the figures must most likely be "fal'cie" type of beings. I remember Nomura saying that the terms Fal'cie and L'Cie were replaced with distinct FF15 universe terms and that those two roles still remained in the game. One evidence for this was Noctis' eyes when he ...

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Yeah, praying for that to happen.

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Which retailers decided not to stock GTA V? I feel you've written mere speculation. SJW have influence because publishers themselves want to become more "politically correct" or "progressive" while misunderstanding the definitions of those words.

To be fair, I sympathise a little with the SJW even though I acknowledge they've gone way too wacko. It is true that most female characters portrayed in videogames aren't portrayed justly. However at...

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Literally no point to this article. This is the exact same demo shown in E3 but on a handheld camera from a very bad angle.

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If only I never played KOTOR the first time round.

Impossible to experience that greatness again after experiencing it the first time round.

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