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Mario Kart 8 is getting ported. A port of smash bros inc all its dlc is a no-brainer.

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This game made me want to adopt a Trico.

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Javik was the best dlc squad member ever. The rest are primitives.

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I did find it weird how nearly all the alien races except for the Quarians and Asari only had males. We only saw a female Turian just once during the Citadel dlc I think. And a female Krogan in the main Tuchanka mission of ME3.

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Epic as hell. This should put to rest all the whining that this game is just a "road trip." Clearly, Tabata and Square were hiding away the main juicy story details to keep spoilers as minimal as possible.

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For a game supposedly releasing in 4 months, we barely know anything about it.

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Well, I was referring to straight ports.

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Very likely to work with Wii U games that don't require motion controls, touch screen or dual-screen. Meaning expect to see Mario Kart and Smash Bros for Switch on launch.

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It depends how you define open-world and on-rails. On-rails is what you could describe much of Final Fantasy XIII. Where you literally press forward to get to the next destination. But open world means the opposite, where you need to explore and navigate in a gigantic sandbox to get to the next destination.

However, when Tabata said the 2nd half is more "linear", he probably meant that in the first half, you aren't locked to only following the main quest at a...

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Bear in mind that this was originally FFvs13, a spin-off. It was made a numbered title because of the huge change it underwent as well as how sky high the budget is.

Although, despite saying that, this is probably a permanent change to the franchise. Not even Final Fantasy VII remake will be turn-based.

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viking, I don't think emo means what you think it means....

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The real reason why is because Rockstar doesn't want to make a simple port. As with GTA IV and GTA V, they develop PC versions that are optimized for different hardware and for user-created content i.e. mods.

Also, they focus on console versions first to make the most amount of sales possible before releasing a PC version. After all, loads of people (inc myself) have bought GTA on console before buying it again on PC. That's a double sell. They know it happens beca...

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I love turn-based combat, but I also recognise that Square has to appeal to more than just their core fans - especially for mega budget games like FF15 or FF7R.

From what I can tell with FF7R, it's going to be similar to Kingdom Hearts or FFvs13 when it was under his development.

The problem with people who will hate on an FF game just because it doesn't have turn-based combat is that a JRPG game can be great without turn-based combat in the firs...

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The books were incredible.I read them in between Witcher 2 and Witcher 3, and boy did I not regret investing hours into them. They also provided a lot of information that really enhanced the experience of playing the Witcher 3. How Ciri became she who she is. Numerous characters that appear in Witcher 3 such as Djikstra, Dudu, Crach an Craite, Keira Metz, Avallach were first introduced in the book series. So meeting them in the game brought forth a feeling of recognition. I especially loved t...

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I wasn't there. But I played the Duscae demo extensively and I thoroughly enjoyed it. From what I can see from all the recent footage, the gameplay isn't that different, so I am not so worried.

I think the reason people were unimpressed is because FF15 is a 50-hour game and they were given a demo that's in the first 1-2 hours, so obviously most of the neat abilities gained from leveling up will be locked thus making your playable character feel quite shallow. ...

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I think Noctis will without a doubt appear. Just have to wait till his own game is out first.

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Unreal Engine 4? Source 2? Creation Engine? CryEngine V? Frostbite 3? RAGE?

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Really hoping that footage wasn't from a PS4 Pro. It looked glorious.

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Read the books before playing Witcher 3. I was a fan of Triss in Witcher 2, but after the books and the amazing adaptation of Yennefer into videogame, it was inevitable I would choose her.

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