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To be honest, all it does is color grade the image to look more like films.

It doesn't bring back those insane fog effects we saw in the pre-downgraded version. #3
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If I remember correctly, if you kill Aryan, does that mean that during the dungeon area, you meet his mother instead? #1.1
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Wasn't even the 970 itself nerfed too? I remember reading something about that a few months ago. #4.1.3
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it was awful... #1.1.1
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Yeah I really want to hear what the defenders have to say now. Months of downgrade denial, and now cdprojekt practically admit it was downgraded. #8.1
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So finally they own up. I actually understand why they had to downgrade the graphics. What we saw in the VGX/Sword of Destiny trailer could not be done by the vast majority of high end PCs.

However, I am very disappointed that cdprojekt kept denying this from the beginning of when the controversy started (Elder Blood trailer).

I'm sure they thought that owning up to downgrade would have killed off a percentage of their potential sales, so they had to eith... #9
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Well, we knew this already. One theory behind why there are less cutscenes is because Keifer Sutherland costs a lot more to hire than the average voice actor. #10
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Well, I must disagree once again. You and I knew about him since the beginning but most younger gamers on the net definitely did not. #2.2.6
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I knew Kojima as a developer all the way back from MGS1 when I first played it.

However, I can assure you that the internet fame he currently had only came about after MGS4.

He was already a famous name in the game developing community since MGS1. But his biggest exposure was in MGS4. #2.2.3
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Well we won't be seeing "A Hideo Kojima Game" plastered around everywhere. Probably none at all in MGS5.

I remember back with MGS4 during the opening, I was pretty sure his name like appeared on the screen 10 times before and after we got to control Snake lol.

Part of the reason he became famous is because of that lol. #2.2
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Well none of you are technically correct since piracy is legally copyright infringement and not theft.

I can guarantee that most people who "steal" movies or games, as you put it, don't feel ashamed or guilty at all because in their minds they're not stealing anything.

What CDprojekt is appealing to isn't so much their guilty conscience but to make pirates feel inclined to reward the developers, kinda like a tip in a sense.
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On the plus side, despite the fact everyone knew this was coming out on the DRM-free GOG, the Witcher 3 has over 1 million preorders.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people who download free games would have paid for Witcher 3. As it is a game worth paying for. #1.1
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Assassin's Creed is Ubisoft's biggest franchise and it's also the one they chuck all their main studios at.

Meaning, this game was in development even before Unity was first announced.

Since Ubisoft is refusing to cease their annual releases, and that every second game is the better, I am somewhat looking forward to this one. Unity was a huge disappointment. #6.5
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well the multiple protag approach was very well done in GTA V.

I wonder if it'll be the same or if you'll be forced to switch at certain moments. #10
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No the missions are the biggest problem. They've been getting stale since Revelations with AC4 being the only exception. #4.1.3
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They didn't leave the original version because it was probably ran on something resembling a supercomputer.

When they tried optimizing it to run on average household hardware, they learned that it would be impossible.

So they had to tone down the graphics to an acceptable level that would be able to run on average household computers (obviously including the average spec for ultra settings) as well as making sure there's a bit of parity for the conso... #9.3
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cdprojekt may not like to admit it, but the graphical fidelity of the game is definitely not as great as that mesmerizing VGX trailer.

However, even after the downgrade, the game still looks amazing. And I'm very certain the gameplay and story will be masterful. #2.2
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Uhh, this isn't Valve... #1.1
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Agreed. #3.2
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Unfortunately because developing a videogame for a current-gen HD home console is much more expensive and time-consuming than developing for a 4 year old portable console.

And Capcom are the type that want to make sure they can grab as many pennies as possible. #6
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