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I really don't care whether the cast was mixed or not. My main problem is the character designs. They're all wearing black clothing with Prompto the only one looking a bit different with his blonde hair.

At least they should have had different hair/clothing colours. But this is a minor issue.

The demo was absolutely amazing. I'm convinced that Square have finally done something right for once. #2
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spanish for haha #1.2.3
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Well, if there's one thing I learnt from the demo, it's that Final Fantasy XV has the potential to be game of the generation.

It's battle system is something I haven't seen before. Very unique and very deep. The combat is also challenging and requires skill and tactics. If you button mash, you will die.

Armiger (all swords found) and Ramuh just blew me away. #8
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Well.. Metal Gear had a very good run. MGS5 more or less completes the entire story.

At least this means Kojima finally has the chance to start on something new. #3
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I think Sony and Nintendo are the most likely ones to grab Kojima to their company. #15
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Retarded trolling.

Kojima isn't a 13 year old taking part in the sad online console wars.

He's an adult videogame developer. #3.2
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Well this is weird... Every single MGS game has had "A Hideo Kojima Game" splattered everywhere.

Even if the box arts are just placeholders, what was the point of only removing the Hideo Kojima reference?

Sounds fishy... #5
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Hugely disagree. The mere fact that SNES cartridges were so limited in space disallowed long-length dialogue. FFVI's character development was great for its small capacity space, but because FFVII was on 3 CDs it had all the space it needed for fleshed out dialogue which is the crux of character development. #1.1.2
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Uhh, he did just post a roster of character that has Old Snake from MGS4 whom he did voice.

Really, this is starting to get ridiculous. Maybe David is secretly taking a share of the click profits :P #4
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I kinda hope they start with a new cast this time. Season 2 ended on a very high note with multiple endings and I think Clementine's story should remain finished.

Though I don't mind if through a new cast, we meet her along the way. #5
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The real question is if Troy Baker can portray an old man's voice.

Nimoy voiced Master Xehanort perfectly partly due to the fact that he and his character were elderly people. #3.1.6
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It is inconceivable that in this day and age, Square would allow a PS1-style Overworld world-map.

Of course, the world map would turn into open-world wilderness. That's only natural. The only reason older FF games used a world-map was because implementing an actual open world was too difficult at the time. #2.6.5
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The first half of your post was correct, but when you got to attacking Nomura, you became a bit silly.

Nomura's version was NOT shovelware. In fact, you just pointed out that his "version" is not so different to the current "version." The game suffered from a development nightmare due to the production of the 3 FF13 games and KH3D.

His development team DID do a lot of work. The problem was that Square-Enix decided around late 2010/ear... #2.4.2
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Both the english and japanese voices for Master Xehanort have passed away. #2
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With what they've shown so far, 2015 is a possibility. If not, then early 2016. #3.1.2
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I don't mind a Mass Effect Keep, but I still want my saves to be read.

The most annoying part of the DA Keep was that it didn't read your saves so you had to remember what choices you made and there are are loads so it'll take a while to complete.

This was especially annoying for people who did multiple playthroughs. #1.2
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I've played the PSP version. It gets difficult. You can't win with button mashing. #10.3
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Oh dear... #1.2.2
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100% trolling. The title of the Valve conference has nothing to do with Half-Life. #24
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But it was dense in the sense you mention - interesting.

That is inherently what I mean. I don't just want to pass by and gaze at visuals. I want stuff happening that sets the mood or adds to the world.

My current view is post-Dragon Age Inquisition. I was very disappointed how all the regions were virtually the same; open and empty with different graphics and just full fetch-quests. #2.1.1
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