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CDProjekt confirmed they were done with the Witcher series. Also, the Witcher 3 had very multiple endings that were quite different to each other. Unlike Witcher 2 whose endings just had a couple of different consequences, different people etc. #9
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Agreed. Speaking at the speed of sound doesn't help if you're trying to recap very complicated storylines like Metal Gear's. #4
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+1 gil #1.2.1
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Please Bioware, don't turn your games into social justice warriors.

Already, Dragon Age Inquisition felt like a pressure group and nothing like the dark gritty style of DA:Origins.

Of course, since it's set in the future, it's understandable if there's a lot of tolerance between sexes, religions and sexuality. But the racial tensions need to remain. That was what made the game. You chose to make Asari a female-only alien race, you cannot escap... #4
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No no, I'm referring to the White Frost.

I'm only interested in Toussaint dlc if it brings back Regis the vampire. #2.2.1
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Endings were generally fine.

The story however wasn't so great (at least in comparison to Witcher 2) and the Ciri scene (after final boss) was just a cop-out on the writers' behalf.

I say this as someone who's read the books too. Witcher 3's story was below average. #2
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??? #7.2
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And the story finished with Mass Effect 3, that is supposed to have multiple endings.

Meaning a fresh start is the only way possible. #2.2.1
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Asari have the longest lifespan and that's only around 1000 years. As far as I know, ME Andromeda takes place thousands of years later. #1.2
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I just hope we won't have to wait too long.

Early 2016: FF15
Late 2016: KH3
Sept 2017: FF7R #6
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yep, still hoping for airship. #5.1
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Except it doesn't. #4.3.2
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And no cactuar ;_; #3.1
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hah, that would be an interesting interview. #2.1
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Silly Rockstar.

How about doing something about the players using hacks like making unlimited money appear or spawning UFOs or bombing every player in the server.

Almost every server I enter these days has 1 guy using hacks and are ruining online multiplayer. #7
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better was stella #3.1.3
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It may come across to you as hard to believe, but some of us don't have the time to play a lot of videogames or only have interest in 1-2 games with multiplayers. So paying PS+ doesn't seem worth it. #2.10.1
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Loads of people don't have it. Probably because they don't play online too often like me. If I really want to get play a game online, I usually get it on PC, like GTA5. This is now making me reconsider cancelling my preorder for PS4.

Your point about budget is moot. Nobody is talking about affording it or not. #2.7.1
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The irony is that Link always looked so girly anyway. The best cosplay of Link are when its done by girls.

And not to mention, loads of female gamers love Link. He has quite the fangirl following.

There are quite a few female protagonists of games these days. I bet there are more well-developed female protagonists than males too.

The title says "After 30 Years of Being a Dude, There's No Reason Why Link Shouldn’t Be a Lady." Thi... #12.1
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@ XBLSkull and TheLordOfStuff
FOB and Mother Base are technically the same. When you expand Mother Base to a certain level, you have to create new bases and those can get invaded online. FOB is still available offline but of course without the invasions.

@ Ahytys
That's probably true. Considering how bollocks Konami has become lately, I can't see them spending money on a single server. The whole MGS5 budget issue was why Kojima is getting kicked from... #2.5
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