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Final Fantasy Versus XIII devlopment on PS3 began in 2006. But that got cancelled and the project was transferred into Final Fantasy XV on PS4 - whose development began 2011/2012. #5.1.3
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@kalebninja, to be fair, the reason they removed that isn't the same reason why Ubisoft removes things. Square could add the feature to control all party members but they felt it wouldn't work gameplay-wise. Whereas, with Ubisoft, they deliberately release a demo showing stuff that would be unrealistic to do on a console hardware, then downgrade it after. #2.1.3
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You're the only one who said anything about piracy.

I still have my copy from nearly 10 years ago. #3.1.1
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My favourite Zelda game. But I am unimpressed by the "upgrades." This isn't like Wind Waker HD whose remaster looked fantastic.

It's better to play the original on a Wii emulator with the HD texture mod. #3
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FF15 this year.
FF7R Part 1 next year.

Wonder how KH3 will fit in. #4
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Hard to really answer that question. It depends on what kind of gamer you are.

The older Hitman games were always aimed at a niche audience. Absolution tried to be more accessible to many audiences. That isn't a bad thing. In fact, the gameplay was very much like older Hitman games but with the inclusion of proper cover, modern detection system, vastly improved interaction with NPCs, modern shooting mechanics. I think the only feature that might have been unanimously hate... #5.4.2
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Well, this Hitman game is actually set before all the other Hitman games. The ultimate prequel.

But because Agent 47 actually "wakes up" at the start of the first game, in the tutorial level, I assume this is technically set during the first game. I.e. before the first game's ending.

I think IO Interactive did confirm that this Hitman game is not a reboot of the franchise.

But to answer your question, no you don't have to pl... #5.4
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Always wanted to play it. But never really enjoyed the gameplay. I hear the story is pretty good though. #3
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Exciting aerial battles...

I am reminded of the first & last FFvs13 gameplay trailer. Where Noctis was fighting on an airship of sorts and that Dragoon woman epicly jumps down onto it with her spear. #1.5
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A question. I haven't played the dlc yet. Do you think its story exceeds the main witcher 3 story? #3.1
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Did they use this model for the Jill in revelations? She looks so different in Revelations and RE6. #2.3
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Kaz, I'm already a demon... #2
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lmao #1.1
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kotor deserves a tv series adaptation. It's better written than all star wars films combined tbh. #2.1
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Since FF7R will be released in parts, I think Square is confident that they'll release part 1 in 2017, the year FF7 celebrates its 20th anniversary. #1.1.1
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last of us had a relatively simple story but with great developed characters and a very immersing narrative blended into its gameplay. Just going through many levels where there was no bgm really pumped up the player experience especially in stealth or horror sections. Those tickers man. #2.1.2
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Stabbed through the engine by a masamune #1.1
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The theory would hold water if Ground Zeroes didn't exist. But it does. And you do play as Big Boss in Ground Zeroes and the full title is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

However, I do think that Kojima would have gone on and developed a Metal Gear Solid 6. Unlike with MGS4, he never stated MGS5 would be his last MGS game. A lot of people were expecting Gray Fox or a young Solid Snake to appear in MGS5. Also MGS5 is unfinished and a lot of stuff we were hoping to exper... #2
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No thank you. I'd rather have more characters from the older FF games #1.1
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foxtrot, chill out mate. #1.1.9
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