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Great list!

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I would be a good close quarters combat map.

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I'm just saying. I don't think game developers/publishers care about the ATI and Nivdia market.

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Good list, and #2 reminds me of Mario lol

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I'm 20 and I want this.

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Hey, I'm the editor for the article. I was mistaken, the map from Halo 2 is currently a rumor. The community found screenshots of one through the trailer, but it hasn't been confirmed.

I edited the article and stated this.

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I believe the community figured that a Halo 2 map will be in the game by looking at the trailer.

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They said the original Halo: CE multiplayer would be incredibly unbalanced due to the pistol and other weapons. They also didn't want to split the multiplayer community. So they integrated it into Reach. The article explains that and more.

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Sony will most likely show that they have more exclusives, but they are going to dodge sales.

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I'm a 360 core gamer and I'm well content with the games, really. And if I ever get bored, I have the Xbox Live Arcade games lineup to play.

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Agreed. Kinect Sports is amazing!

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Show credit to where its due. The US is a large chunk of the gaming industry and it's still really impressive.

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Well with the Kinect selling faster than what the Wii did, which is saying A LOT, it really isn't that surprising

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A no party option killed it for me. It's almost impossible to play with friends, yet, they advertise the game to be all cooperative?

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Lol that's funny

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From the article:
"They have already confirmed they are no longer making Halo: Reach DLC, which that job has been passed on to 343 Industries, so it seems like all of Bungie’s hands are on their next project."

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Well if you are right, the terrorists are still to blame, not Bungie.

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They picked this day before the London bombings, so blame the terrorists for that one, even though you should anyway. Bungie was first.

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A long time ago lol, years.

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Agreed, I can't wait to see what these guys are up too!

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