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I believe MS will bypass the shops and have an XBL used market, explains why he disc is ripped to your HDD and made digital. I like that idea so long as the prices reflect those we're accustomed to from physical retailers.

Still sucks not being able to lend people a game without it being a hassle or expense though.

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I'm not on FB
My GPS is always off
People who check-in or post online about being out / on hols are inviting trouble

I have avoided intrusive companies as best as possible (I avoid google due to their privacy horror stories). It's frankly awful that this should be shrugged off by anyone as the way things are now (not quite what you mean I'm sure but you get my drift). Especially as this sits in your lounge and can watch / hear you, even target you ...

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Go talk about games you like, or does your happiness come from making others annoyed? If so good luck for the future!

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By magic it's just referring to the 'instakill' and 'max ammo' type drops I'm sure

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hope it is still possible to come to PS3, crackdown is my fave game ever, and as my 360 is no more, would love to get my hands on this without spending money I haven't got! (-:

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This is possibly my most fave game of all time. (See my videos of me making huge explosions on youtube - EagleCFC)

My 360 RRoD on me when I was on 499 agility orbs, totally gutted, the HDD actually stopped it booting up so lost my saves )-: would love to see a Crackdown 2

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These pics are just of the lid of the casing in one shot (with the PS3 logo as people have said, similer to the rebrand of PS2 and PSone when they were slimmed) and the other shot is of the bottom side of the casing. Nobody has seen a clear shot of the fully built model, put those two pices together, add the metal facia that is shown on the box shot under the disc loading area and I think it could look pretty neat. Does not look fake to me, just looks like parts of the console not assembled...

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100% no word of a lie, I would freaking LOVE to still own a 360. Mine was in the most ventilated area possible, on top of a side unit, with nothing above or to the side of it. Mine died from RRoD long before Microsoft started offering extend warrenties and I could not afford to replace it. Seriously it hurt so so bad.

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looks like such a cool expansion pack...who needs sequels! Online only = WIN

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been saying this since Friday, I've only played AC offline as it has no online features (my Mrs was out Friday/Sat so I left the router off and just played AC). I had lots of issues. Froze 3 times, lost objectives, graphic glitches, screentear, very annoying! I took it back in the end, wa snot by sort of game anyway, did not get any thrill/fun from it. I did think it was very atmospheric though.

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Glad to hear that you got your refund. I hope Uncharted is every bit as amazing as the demo suggests. Feel free to add me on PSN (my name is the same as on here) would be interested to hear what you think of it.

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..I told them about the Ubisoft forum (at the time the list of people having probs was up to 17 pages, now it is 19+ I think).

I also pointed out that an exchange would be no use as it's the game that's the problem not the disc. I then said it's making my PS3 lockup and I have to turn it off, I'm worried it might cuase me a problem, after that they agreed to a full refund or exchange for another title, I opted for the refund. Hope that helps.

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Mine freezes on or offline, loses objectives and screen tear. I got a refund. Very dissapointed.

Compare this to Uncharted and it's clear Ubisoft were right to make Splinter Cell a 360 exclusive as they can't develop on the PS3 for sh!t

Oh, and as I'm in the Uk, games cost as much as $100.

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I've not bothered to connect when playing it as it has no online features and my experience with the game has been unpleasant. Lots of tearing and freezing and even losing objectives that I did not start/complete! I just got a refund for my copy )-: Was sooo looking forward to this game as well.

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Tearing is really obvious and distracting, happens about 60% of the time that I move the camera!

Freezing, locks the whole console up, you have to switch if of at the back.

One last, personal issue, I can;t work out wtf is going on, the objectives are unclear, I've been walking around for ages to points on my compass only to find nothing when I get there, I seriosuly think I have some other bug, I was menat to be pick pocketing and fight training, but now neith...

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...or does the story sound harsh and 'OTT'. I'm not syaing there are no issues (though I've genuninley had none at all). But the PS3 and 360 work the same for updates, you can use them offline no problem, plays games, watch films, listen to music, etc, etc. But you have to update to use online features. You're not forced into updating as soon as the machine boots up, it does not stop you from using it other tahn online, which makes sense as you need to be up to date before you start using...

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the differences are so minimal!

The TF2 screenshot does look a fiar amount nicer on PC but still, the 360 version is barely behind, not bad for a 2 year old bit of hardware against a up to date state of the art PC. The devs clearly did a good job. These types of articles are for rival fanboys only, so that they can bicker about the tiny percentages that make up this console war.

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To the dude above, err, PS3 Lost Planet has only just been announced, how can you state factly that the 360 version has better framerate and superior graphics? Technically I cannot fault everything you said, but you know, fanboyism! (And don't come back saying other games have so I bet this one will, my point is you're trying to sell people a console not a game)

Anyway, my thoughts. I downloaded the Lost Planet demo on my 360 and hated it, so I'm in no rush to go out and buy...

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...that the PS3 has sold so many units in europe in 7 months (with the massive majority of that being the 60gb model).

There's plenty of life in the 360 yet, but it really shows how strong the PlayStation brand is despite the band wagon bashing.

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Looks kinda cool I guess, but does anyone who owns Resistance or Halo care about this game. Thought I could see the frame rate drop in a few places also which is a shame. Haze is still top of my my next FPS list.

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