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Watch the trailer Nintendo released, they said HD.

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I honestly think the top developers should try 8 bit and 16bit versions of their franchises. Or start a new franchise and progress it from 2D to 3D. The challenge will keep the gameplay and concept quality. Because you must have an awesome idea to pull off classic retro games.

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Swimming in Pokemoney. I can't wait till they reveal NX.

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Sony's a good company and Nintendo deserves this success. They made gaming insanely popular. They deserve money banks like Apple

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In 6 months, Pokemon Go will have released in 200 countries versus the few it has so far. NES Classic Mini will be in stores. NX will be revealed with a March 2017 release date. 3 years from now Nintendo NX would have most likely already outsold Wii U. If Wii U is the console that's out now and Nintendo stock is this high, will it be lower when NX is out? I think not.

Nintendo's mobile games will be an even stronger library in 3 years. Anyone can see that.

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I love how well Nintendo games control. That has a lot to do with them mastering their own in house hardware. So just stop with this silly argument. Nintendo has a NX coming and that's what's next. This won't be a reality anytime soon so it's wasted time wondering when you can play Nintendo games on a Xbox......that made me a bit sick...lmao.

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But think of it like this...what system has an attach rate of 30 games? :)

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Good lawd..

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Dat d-pad tho. It's still the BEST!

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$150 worth of VC games already. 100 would be $500 worth of VC games!

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Nintendo McFly. lol

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1889. Nuff said.

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Nintendo with an E3 worthy surprise...keep it going. What if something special happens when you connect it to an NX or something?

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NES lives on.

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Neo, Scorpio and Zelda in a way saved Nintendo this generation. NX will survive and thrive based on those 3 factors. For the next generation, launch matching Sony's power or wait 1 to 1.5 years to launch if you can't match them. I think it's better to launch late than to launch underpowered from here on. And when I say underpowered I mean only for 3rd party good graces. Nintendo makes awesome games regardless.

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Class clown?

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Those type of people have no respect for the gaming industry! How could you actually hate Nintendo? Really? Punks. They must have been born in 2005. LMAO

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The term they used was "dead"...and yeah they said that bankrupt bullsh$$$.... "they" are wrong.

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Why are Sony fans so bitter this E3? Trolling Nintendo and Microsoft because they got all the attention? Grow up.

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