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It was only an hour long. It was over very quickly to me.

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Because Sony fans like Japanese games and they don't sell on Xbox. Nintendo is getting massive Japanese support which I appreciate yet the only time I hear "western" is from the xbox crowd as if Eastern isn't decent enough third party.

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Do you own an Xbox? It seems Nintendo and Sony fans really appreciate Eastern as well as Western while Microsoft fans could care less about Eastern.

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I got this information here:

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I'm keeping an eye on ARMS because traditional controls are confirmed and it's the Mario Kart 8 team making it.

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OMG EDMIX, you like a Nintendo game?

Glad to hear it, I would have never thought

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6 years in between the last new home console Zelda. Man!!! lol

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Thanks to ArsTechnia, I have been trying to find what Mr. Pachter had to say about the original DS:

""If it launches with 12 games, it will look a lot like the N-Gage," said the industry's "favourite" analyst Michael Pachter before the launch of the DS in 2004. "I can't understand why two screens are required rather than a split screen." The DS went on to sell 154 million units, making it the second most popular console of all time...

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What's wrong with that? Emphasis on "hardcore". This is a core console and it's going to be the most core since the N64 and Gamecube. HD Rumble is the real thing. No fake anything about this console. It will find an audience and sell like other successful Nintendo consoles before Wii. It won't sell like Sony consoles or the Wii but it will be a profit for Nintendo. All I want is awesome games. So if this sells like N64, SNES or NES at the most, that means more to me as a...

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This article rocks!!

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PSVR is a $399 gimmick then. And $1,000 is what you need to even play it correctly.

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The game is virtually finished already. It's coming this year.

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Seasons Of Heaven! So you think Mario Kart 9 will look like 8? Odyssey will look like 3D World? Odyssey can't be done on Wiu U.

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I bought Game Boy and DS at launch and buying Switch in March. But Switch is a home console first. Japan gets it for $262. Import it, but by that time it will probably come to over $299. So glad it's region free.

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That Pokemon Go revenue was in only 6 months as the game launched in July.

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Bring the heat.

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Promise us if this time next year Switch is still selling you won't just say reduced stock. The tech is a breakthrough.

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Nintendo is about to collect money. Lol

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Can't wait!

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