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GTA sells systems. Ask Sony. lol

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You can hardly find a New 3DS online let alone in the stores. Oh something is up.

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Patriots rock.

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This is excellent news. Can't wait to E3.

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More than "capable" with no talent making Nintendo or Sony first party quality software.....

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Absolutely. The Last Of Us Part II being announced at PSX was huge. Gamers deserve more than E3 so I welcome all the things Nintendo and Sony do outside E3 as well as liking E3 of course.

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Did you just compare a random game to a console not one media outlet has called trash?

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Like the N64 that launched with count em TWO games. Yes, TWO.

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The 90's were awesome, enjoy your 99 cent games. I bet you really are a Angry Birds pro. Nobody cares? Maybe that's why the system stays sold out.

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When will this be explained or demonstrated?

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Not to mention it's the best launch game I've seen since Mario 64.

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Title made me laugh. Lol

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Aren't there work arounds? Couldn't they ultimately release special GameCube themed joy cons with analog if not? Also, for home use they can allow the GameCube adapter for Wii U to work. I'm sure Smash Bros. will come with GameCube controller support.

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The bright red makes it look like it hurt like heck.

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No, just grunts, giggles and small things...but I could be wrong.

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This is cool.

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My first console was NES and I got to GameCube when it was only $99 bundled with Ocarina Of Time (perfection bundled lol). I almost missed it too as I was getting back into gaming at that time. I need to play several I missed. But Metroid Prime is one of Nintendo's finest moments. Sunshine is excellent and I like it just as much as Mario 64.

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