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A wise man once said....never count out good ole' Nintendo. 1889 to Infinity.

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One of my most anticipated Switch games. One of the games that made me want Switch...

Super Mario Odyssey
No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again
Metroid Prime 4
Seasons Of Heaven

the inevitable release of Mario Kart 9.....that's my baby right there. :)

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Exactly. :)

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Well, guess I'm double dipping.

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Can't wait!

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The reports say they will ship 16 million this year ending March 2018.

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That would be PSVR until they make it relevant again.

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NPD, can't wait to they guess how Nintendo sold 5 units and still was #1 by miles. You are so accurate. /s

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Luigi's Mansion 3 needs to have only one big giant, immaculately designed mansion like the original (but even better of course). And each of the ghosts need to be unique in design and battle like the original. You can thank the sales of the second one that we will get a third though.

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"Reggie, President of Nintendo North America, has also mentioned in a recent interview, that Nintendo plans to bring all major IPs to Nintendo Switch over time, this would include Pikmin for Nintendos new hybrid console."

It better include Metroid. ;p

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Shut it. Misinformed fanboy.

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Meanwhile Microsoft IS

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Ahhh to live in a delusional bubble. :)

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Nintendo can effectively sell two "portable" consoles at the same time. Switch looks like it won't have any struggles selling at the beginning like most "home" consoles do in Japan.

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Or if Nintendo would of shipped more the first week.

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I guess Reggie was right, it's breaking records

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Cool thank you! Well, let me correct myself...clears throat...3DS is the third best selling system of all time in Japan. :)

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Nintendo has a major hit with Switch.

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3DS is over 20 million sold in Japan alone. 3DS is already the number four best selling console of all time in Japan and super close to topping PlayStation 2 in Japan. The success is so underrated for

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No they don't. the reason why Nintendo and Sony are so beloved by their fans is the fact they make high quality exclusives. They can take their time and craft a masterpiece when you have your own system to release the game on. If things were to change, money grabs and rush jobs will occur like a ridiculous portion of the half assed AAA games being released broken, boring, ugly or all three these days. lol

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