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The new Zelda for Wii U will always look stunning forever. They went with graphics that look like "concept art". It's spectacular!

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This game is awesome. Wii U remaster pleeeze...

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Even more time to sell past the GameCube is what I meant. There is plenty of time to sell more than the 17 million he suggested.

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The end of it's cycle is November 2017 in Nintendo years....

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America wants Zelda

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Stay fresh. ;p

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Mario Kart 8 is fantastic! Well deserved sales all around! Nintendo is the best game maker in town.

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I never thought about a Netflix type of service for Nintendo games. Every game available for a monthly (or better yet yearly fee). But that would have to be every game including Gamecube, Wii and Wii U.

But not in trade for lack of BC with Wii U for NX. I rather have BC with the discs.

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Lesson learned: don't ever sell a Nintendo console. You'll want it again one day.

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Niche market until better prices and killer apps are released.

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If rumors are true, the only place to play it if it arrives in 2016 is Wii U. NX console version seems more mid to late 2017.

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I like all Nintendo's Codenames. NX they should keep! lol

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Nintendo is like a sleeping giant. When they wake up, watch out!

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Wii U definitely needed more third party support. Notice the past Not too many more good third party is coming.

I want Metroid and F-Zero to make triumphant home console returns. Nintendo games are great, sure they need to make sure they consistently reach a well rounded audience. Bayonetta 2 is M rated. They need more like that. But you have to have a brilliantly fun game like Mario Kart to liven up the portfolio. Even too many M rated games get boring.

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What about the "P" word you can't say on N4G. Even Sony doesn't say it anymore. Not PlayStation....shhhh..... *whispers* .....PS Vita. Uh oh I said it. Sega Game Gear sold 11 million just sayin'. PS Vita sold around 4 million. 3DS sold 54 million. Remember when they used to say 3DS would get stomped by the P word?.....


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You will be able to. And it seems like Wii U will get a Twilight Princess HD as well. Saved it all for the 30th it seems. Way to make Zelda fans on Wii U happy for having to wait so long.

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Who keeps disagreeing on here? I agree. It makes sense for them to build one for NX. Even if NX gets a port of this game, that would not satisfy NX fans until a fully built Zelda comes as well.

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You say it like a new Mario Kart every generation is a bad thing. How about 2 to 3 sequels from Sony and MS franchises per generation. Heck, Wii U hasn't even gotten a new Zelda yet. So this milking BS needs to stop.

Judging by the visual and gameplay masterpiece that is Mario Kart 8.....the next one will be a beast. Day 1... lol

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On paper or owning one, Wii U does not look that bad. It's perception that is bad. Game reviews are stellar if you read them. The sales are 9.5-10 million vs PS4 22 million but that is not to say PS4 is perfect either. Nintendo needs to make it easier to buy the system. Get the numbers at least to GameCube level in the next 2 years before NX.

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