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That car looks alot better then the one I drove in FF8..damn I'm getting old lol.

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Hopefully it plays as good as it looks.

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You guys need to buy warranties. Like how I did with Gamestop cost me $40
bucks. But it was worth it cause 2 months ago my 360 got the 3 lights of death. And I went out to Gamestop the next day and got a new 360.

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Well this is good news. I'm glad to know my soon to be $75.00 will be spent very well. Cant wait till launch.

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My 360 only over heated once on me. It was because I shut the doors on my entertainment stand for the first time. And she over heated, I guess the hole in the back was to small. And the heat was building up real quick.
So since then when I play I always leave the door open and not once did my 360 ever over heat again.

Edit: Other then that I only got the 3 red lights twice. A friend of mine got in once. I said to him looks like I'm winning 2 too 1. lol

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I think one thing should be clarified to those they may not already know this. But ( if ) they do make this console with the HD Dvd player. It will be only good for HD Dvd movies thats it.

Why? To those that are wondering is because MS wont starting making all their games on HD Dvd because there is already 12 million people that own 360's without the HD DVD player.

Do you see my point? MS would lose tons of money if they switched their games to HD DVD, because th...

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Good job, it was a very well thought out article.

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Looks like Bioshock scores another high mark.
Hmmm I'm looking forward to its launch. I think it will turn out to be a pretty good game.

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Hmmm Well they could of built a power source inside I guess. But its already having heat problems. ( None that I never had mine you, over heating that is )

So maybe MS is better of to keep the brick, for now anyways.
Lets see how the 360's with all the new parts fair?

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I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more of this kind of news in the coming weeks.

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That sounds about right. I'm going to keep one of the cans. I think their kinda neat.

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I cant wait. The old school turn base jrpg is back. Bringing back memories of some truly great games. This is a launch title for me.

By the way Jiro nice Great Saya Man outfit.
( Gohan gonna sue somebody lol )

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It is out I just got done drinking some. About 45 mins ago.
Its okay

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I guess software really is the most deciding factor.
For moving consoles.

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Why do say that? What grounds do you base that comment on?
I mean worse then the Xbox 1? But the 360 is selling more then Xbox 1 ever sold in Japan. So the 360 is clearly selling better then Xbox ever did. We know this. I dont understand your remark.

Enlighten me if you will?

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Well not sure I'm following this right. So correct me guys if I'm wrong.
Arnold is trying to make sure you have to be 18 or older to buy mature games? Am I correct so far? Then whats the problem in PA I've been asked for ID when I buy mature games. So isnt this law already in place?

Maybe I didnt read the article right.

I'll be Back

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It will begin soon. I will be keeping a eye on the action once August 8
comes to pass. It will be most interesting, especially considering the PS3 increased sales since their price cut. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.

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I agree about the 360 being listed. But where the heck is the PS2?
Its gotta one of the best selling console's if not the best selling console of all time. And got alot of software to back it up.

But it does say best launch consoles argghh I cant remember the PS2 launch. I think it went well but I cant remember.

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Could you please stop posting the exact same thing in every 360 thread.
You already did it twice plus you did the same thing in the Bioshock receives 10/10 at ap mag.

comment 57 and 64: You are pasting the exact same thing every where you go.

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Bioshock will put a refreshing twist on the FPS games.
I'm looking forward to it. I plan on picking mine up at launch.

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