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lol thanks bro bubs back

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No offense dude, but that was horrible. Regardless of the weak content you posted within the video, at least make it watchable with decent video quality. You appear like you are trying to be all bad on video calling him out, but I believe your video was completely transparent. You want to go to E3, but you are afraid HHG will kick your ass. This is evidenced by the way you immitated him by letting him know he would be kicked out of E3. The video was funny for a bit, but when you call out...

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I can't wait to buy this. This video confirms that it looks like a great game. Awesome!!! Bring on more of these treasures!

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last weekend, Bungie confirmed these will be in the beta as well. They said they wanted to test all aspects and specifically Forge and Theatre. They said you can upload vids from the beta onto your profile and all. Looking forward to it.

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I have it for Steam. It was 12.99, i think for pre-order and beta access. Its available now on Steam for 14.99. Great game. I am going to double dip and buy it for PS3 also, day 1.

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I hope I get one. Thanks!

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The Wii is just a next gen version of the Atari 2600. Both of these systems will live in the infamous fame of being the two biggest shovelware systems in gaming history. Atari had Ghostbusters, ET, crappy ports of PacMan and Donkey Kong and the Wii has every meaningless game that has come out since 2006.

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While I was probably one of the few that really enjoyed GTAIV but only made it 80% through it; when trophies were added I deleted my save file to start again, and didn't get past 5%. Just like when they added trophies late, I am over it. At the time PS3 owners were only playing R:FOM (best ever!) and Motorstorm, now we have Killzone 2, InFamous, R2, Uncharted 2 (GOTY), AC2, etc., as well as Heavy Rain and GOW3 coming soon. Graphics, gameplay, and overall presentation have evolved way past ...

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Wow, I didn't realize Wii HD already had a prototype running. I won't fall for this again Nintendo. Just like Wii, this looks like something any true gamer would get bored of just like the waggle. Slapping the air is the new waggle for 2010. Although considering the 360 audience is mostly teens and tweens I could see this being popular.

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for a great game. Nice write up and informative. I hope this game is sucessful and advertised a lot. I would like to experience more games like this. It should be an interesting ride regardless.

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If G4 awarded Fable 2 GOTY last year as a great RPG, then this is hands down GOTY 2009 as a better RPG. The online components of this game are the most innovative this generation, hands down. The "Hall of Fame" in the Nexus was a sweet leaderboard as well. You know a game is good when it sells over 400K strickly off of word of mouth and not released in Europe yet.

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I imported this game in February after I heard Japanese gamers voted in Famitsu that it was the most satisfying game they played in 2008. I received it a week after Killzone released, and I loved Killzone! I popped it in when I got it just to check it out until I was done with Killzone. I ended up never taking it out after 110 hours logged in. For me it trumped Killzone even amongst all the hype Killzone was receiving, and we all know how much that was. My favorite thing about the game i...

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is by far the best demo for a game I have ever played. It is even better than the beta a few months ago. I have been playing UC2 demo, finishing Batman up, and was a sucker and trying to seek in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 before 10/13. Hey HDgamer, I have been meaning to finish up Res Evil 5 hit me up at the same name if you want to co-op sometime. RE5 sucks if you don't play co-op. Anyway, UC2 GOTY, bank it! My friend at work hates shooters but is addicted to the UC2 demo. Get it, if ...

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I think this is no more disrespectful than playing target practice with the Japanese on COD World at War. The war is long over yet we feel it is acceptable to play games that the Japanese are targets like they are some fictious character. Video games depict all sorts of stuff, this is no worse than the rest.

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Why is this article in the PS3 section? Oh well, game looks good, but oo far away to get hyped up about.

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"Snake its time to swap out the disk to recieve further instruction. Oh wait, this is PS3, we don't have to swap out disks anymore."

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That was hilarious. Very creative spin on the "rumors". Nice.

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You mean you can make money on 23 million consoles sold in the market? Facinating, sarcasm. Isn't this common sense?

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The first Uncharted caught me by surprise by how great it was. I thought it would be good, but after finishing the game I had the same feeling one would have after surviving a spectacular action packed summer blockbuster movie. I haven't had that same feeling after finishing a game since. When the game changed to zombies it was one of the best WTF moments in gaming. I am looking forward to U2 tremendously. After playing the beta, I am sold. I had a friend at work who doesn't play shoote...

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The list seems to ignore anything big budget. Ever heard of Forza, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, MAG, Halo, and many others. Come on, no Uncharted 2?

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