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I'd make it an fps. Because all third person license based adventure games suck. Add a REAL developer too.

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well seeing as bioshock has been on 360 for nearly a year and it still hasnt hit ps3, ill say timed exclusive. Heavenly sword= hack and slash wanna-be dynasty warriors 1000 ratchet= a game that needed multiplayer, not worth $60 Warhawk - Fun. Resistance - Absolute crap. I don't understand how it even managed 7.0s :/ I love mgs4 which is the only AAA title in 2 years. Thats PATHETIC.

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Halo 3, Gears of War, Bioshock(still), Lost Oddysey, Blue Dragon, Ninja Gaiden II, Mass Effect.. Sony has Mgs4 so far. 6 titles in 3 years beats 1 title in 2.

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quality x Quantity over quality. Lol.

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ten disagrees for even mentioning MS on a positive note. The only system seller this fall/winter is Gears 2. Just being honest.

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I think developers would chose the cheaper, easier and more profitable system to develop on al a Xbox 360 and occasionally port to ps3

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Lol at the ps boys, don't go and commit Sonycide. Seriously, would this be the end of your world?

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Don't forget that both Nintendo and Sony are Japanese companies and offer more games in those territories like jrpgs and the sort. The same people that are saying the only reason ps3 is lagging in sales in the US is because of the smaller install base are the same people saying PS3 wins in Japan where the 360 has a smaller install base.

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This has nothing to do with ps2

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I love Sony but I'd have to agree. Nobody likes crap games. Exclusives are where you make your money and Cross platform shooters tend to shift toward xbox because of it's great Live service.

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Excuse me if I'm wrong but two or three quotes aren't enough proof in this matter. None of us know specifically what went down so none of us should make assumptions.

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NVM, It is with Re2 but I don't understand it.. None of these codes are working.

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Why would it be a prequel if there was that whole thing at the end of Halo 3 where Chief is alive. What a joke.

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I'm sorry but I'm finding this hard to believe that it's part of Resistance 2

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all this hubbub over a Cell-shaded anime game? WOW.

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I also have both systems, while I play my ps3 less for lack of solid titles, I still would say it is a better console. Reliability is a HUGE factor. The XMB is far smoother than the dashboard. Funny that Sony is beating Microsoft at software. Also the quality of PSN's arcade games destroys Microsoft. It's quality, not quantity that matters.

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Huh? How can people buy it used if people don't trade it in because they aren't gonna sell it till they get that next bit. Kojima is finally understanding the beauty of DLC.

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But I've been disappointed by Bungie not having much of it own voice and being a sort of "Halo Machine" just spitting out upgraded clones of it's previous game. If you're saying Halo's merit is in it's popularity,then that's definitely saying something. I'm curious to see some range out of what they can create, otherwise why not change their name to Halo Studios?

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Possibly Metal Gear 3? :o

But yeah, nobody works as hard to make a great game as Kojima and it definately shows. Although I would like to see it go cross platform just so that more people could play this masterpiece.

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why is this even news?

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