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This is pathetic, im glad internet exists but sometimes i wish that it never existed because of BS like this.

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Exacly developers shouldnt use the internet community to get game ideas. Games should be made from the heart and soul of the developers not from demand.

To bad the developers cant do what they really want to do most of the time.

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Better wait for reviews even tough i have the impression this game will fall short, im still not sure how the gameplay will exacly be.

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This doesnt afect the full game its mostly skins it doesnt change gameplay from the looks of it.

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No way it cant be more violent than Prototype 2 or The Darkness 2.

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Virtua Fighter is more comparable with Dead or Alive, since the fighting in those games are more or less of the same with diferent types of speed.

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On a side note, i enjoyed SFVSTK it was fast with easy to pull off moves like Tekken and it had the strategy from SF.

Tekken 7 seems to have learned a few things from SF games as well so we can expect more SF stuff in Tekken games.

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not trolling really id just wanted more gameplay goodies in the game and id prefer to give orders to ellie like trading items and hold a position that sorta thing, also the crafting could be a little more creative like setting up non-lethal traps and such.

every game as flaws and TLOU felt like it could do so much more.

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of course there´s flaws like ellie being completly invisible to the enemy and very limited crafting options.

For something called game of the year id expect better gameplay but folks mostly praise the game for the story and ambience who cares about gameplay right?

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i know that greg seemed like a fun fellow to watch but i dunno who´s the other guy i only watch these "journalists" at live stream events like at e3.

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The lag in multiplayer is pretty bad pretty disapointed with that

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This game sure would be even better with co-op

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My favorite of them all.

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I still dont get why they had to make a prequel.

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Yoshimitsu will be there no worries.

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megatron edition lmao

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Original DragonBall would be great fun as an open world game the adventures with Goku and his friends would be really refreshing to see after all the DBZ craze that died after the PS2 days.

I bet most guys that watched DBZ never ever bothered to watch the original series...

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Badass man all that´s left its his horse or camel standing next to him

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Wolfenstein delivered but 2014 wasnt a good year for games

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you get disagrees for saying the truth lmao

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