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You can't reload while running in Cod, but regardless this game is awesome.

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Why do we need competition in digital distribution when steam offers game packs with AAA games for like 15-20 bucks? Origin is just a pain in the ass and I hope it fails miserably.

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This news does not sit well with the stay at home moms and weaboo crowd at all.

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This is in Japanese, the voices just sound hilarious. Another thing I hate about anime is the ridiculous art style in which everything is frozen in the background and the characters bounce around the screen like a kid diagnosed with ADD without his ritalin.

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I'm sorry that I can't take games that have men looking and sounding like women seriously. This is why Metal Gear Solid is the best Japanese made game ever, because you can tell the difference between males and females.

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American games are about graphics, guts,gore, and a good storyline. Japanese games are about gender confused little boys/girls trying to defeat the *bad guy*, by complaining in whiny little voices in 45 minute cutscenes.
If Japanese developers followed some tips from Kojima, then maybe they would start producing some good games.

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I love the Team Fortress 2 art style. Its goofy enough not to look completely retarded..*Ahem*. (Most mainstream anime, examples in attached images and video)

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Oh teh noes! Because handheld gaming is actually fun right?

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The music at the beginning of the game is sick.

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You can all thank 4chan for this

Inb4 rules 1 and 2/

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But Nintendo hasn't made a good game in 9000 years...

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