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I am a girl- I write about games,not being a girl. #2
Come to Momma...... #3
WOW- nice selection of screenshots! #1
They get ya coming AND going - like Ebay and Paypal ! #4
It seems rushed, and you are right- I didnt think about Season 2 just starting up too. #5
Thanks for the comments- made me smile- I am more disappointed as I LIKE GOT and why does it have to suck? It could be any dark brooding medieval fantasy game with boring graphics, why attach it to the GOT.
This week has been such a waste of money game wise :C #4
Queefy_B that name cracks me up haha #9
NICE! #1
On our site, there are two female gamers- check out our articles- haha #7
Go Girl Power!!! #1
I know- why cant the US play! #3
Enjoyed this! #6
Great Podcast! #1
Xbox 360 will be *first* platform to have it... LOL #3
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