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I like that there is a lynch mob out because of a few weird glitches. They seem kinda rare, to be honest. These things don't always happen for everyone.

Plus, this is a Fallout game from Bethesda, if you someone weren't expecting a lot of glitches I don't even know. This is their MO. #13
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In a word, no.

Games vary in genre, tone and content.

I'm sick of shooting galleries and "gameplay" equaling being a mass murderer. Quantic Dream create games that vary from that norm and I appreciate them as such. #46
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Nah, it won't gain much traction, but that's okay.

I was just reading around this weekend and saw people looking at the upcoming Halo game and the gushing scores and I dunno, something in my head went off. People were looking for honest opinions on Halo 5 and I'm not sure that they were going to get them from the reviews that are posted.

Smaller sites feel a lot of pressure in this regard. A site like GiantBomb or Kotaku can wait a few days or eve... #1.1.2
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Did you not read the whole thing how I was making the point that the ecosystem that is created by publishers and PR teams is what created that?

Being forced to play a game in just a few days makes it impossible to really reflect on it and give it an honest score. It has nothing to do with 'getting cool stuff.'

I can assure you that I was never, ever paid to give a certain score. #1.1
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So basically you are saying that you hate it when someone compares one piece of art to another that they are familiar with and that the readers will be as well?

Everyone has different experiences, likes and dislikes. If this guy is talking about Destiny the jump isn't that great considering Bungie created Halo as well as Destiny.

Dismissing someone's opinion because they didn't mention a game you might find a better comparison isn't always fa... #1.2.2
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Most reviewers are under a very strict NDA for this. The only thing I've heard from people playing it has been along the lines of "the worst Halo game."

That could just be two or three people's opinions, but I dunno. Wait for more reviews to come out. #3.4
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Preach on.

I've got a bunch of friends that opted for Hollywood over the exciting world of endless prose and some of the stuff that they deal with is simply infuriating. #1.2
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As long as people still care about the game and it's still one of the top ranked games on this site? Probably. #5.1
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The engine doesn't even run well on PC or PS4/Xbox One. Like, I don't even know what to say anymore.

I got stuck playing TWD S2 on Xbox 360 and there were times where I failed some of the QTEs because the game wouldn't respond in time, not because I mistimed anything.

Like I said, what's sad is that it's not much better on newer systems. #3.1
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Telltale has WAY too many games going on right now.

As much as I enjoy the ASOFAI books and Game of Thrones I just couldn't get into the game. Tales from the Borderlands is very good, though. #2.1
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My friend an I timed it once at 15 minutes. #2.1.1
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I just want the load times on the online matches to decrease. So awful. #2
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Read the article, I love the Vita. I just genuinely feel like they didn't give it enough of a fair shake.

I hear your points, but really, it's hard to defend the kind of support that it received. #1.1
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It's impossible to ignore. It just stares at me from my Steam library daily like 'hey, just check and see what servers are active, c'monnnn.' #11.1
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Eh, marketing is a part of development at this point.

A game like Witcher 3 wasn't super expensive in comparison, but the marketing costs were a ton. Destiny wasn't uber-expensive to make, but the marketing was insane.

That's what it takes to make AAA games now, might as well lump it in as it is indeed a part of the cost of making that game. #5.2
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The thing is, publishers are already clearly balking at $60 for AAA games. They aren't going to drop prices on new titles like that any time soon. If they do, expect the games to be more bare bones and the DLC more important. #1.1.3
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That's exactly what'd happen. You know that EA or Activision would be the first, too. #2.1
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ACIV is actually one of the better games in the series, for sure. #1.1.2
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I know, I need another two games added to my library that I might play for five minutes before moving on. #1.1
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That was the entire joke. #6.1
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