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I'd love to see that price, but I don't see it happening.

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Sounds like a rental to me.

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A no-name site like this isn't going to pay for NPD numbers. I give him credit for the research done and the use of available resources.

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Seems like the article is a bit far-fetched, but I've heard worse.

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I want an Oddworld Strangers Wrath sequel.

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Of course you would have, fanboy.

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What a useless article.

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This is true, but the first overall release of a console is most likely November. Even the Dreamcasts first release was November 1998, in Japan.

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That's Valay for you. Trolling for hits. Didn't even use the original source, which would be the actual press release. Just made a post regarding some useless, irrelevant information in a press release.

Why does anyone even concern themselves with the release date? Nearly every home console is guaranteed to release in November. When we the last time that didn't happen, Dreamcast?

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But yeah, like Kirby.

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@CraigUK. Oh you did not just compare PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale to Smash Bros.

How dare you.

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Not boasting, I've just seen much worse content come through on N4G.

You need to chill quit being a hater. If he wants to smoke and write, let em. Seems articulate enough.

Is anyone really going to talk about being 'grown-up' on a comment board on a video game site?

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Fact and number based thoughts that start reasonable debates? Yeah, these are boring, I want more Top 5 articles.

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Pretty sure I was IP banned or something. I can't get on this sorry excuse of a website anymore.

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I'm sorry, but did no one else stop reading there? People clearly don't do research anymore and will make pointless "Top 5 list of" articles to get hits, and everyone will read them no matter what.

I posted a similar, more hostile comment on the actual site itself, but it's "awaiting moderation" so the author will surely delete the criticism to make himself look better.

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They don't respect me, they don't respect each other. I call everyone dumb. Doesn't necessarily mean I really find someone stupid. I could just be saying it sarcastically. You never know, it's the internet.

I could be a raving 13 year old fanboy, or a student going for a master's degree at University of Syracuse, or neither.

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This is a joke.

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then why don't you just buy a 360? there are plenty of other good games on 360 too.

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