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Of course it's not dead. If there's money to be made, you can be sure Konami will be all over it for as long as they can (including Pachinko machines).

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How about stop making games for 10 minutes?

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Nah, you're alright.

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They should release GTA V 2 and The Witcher 2 2, that would be radical mannanan!!!

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This is a good point a lot of people will miss. By the end of Redemption, society was doing away with the 'wild west' and all the cowboys were being killed off. A sequel to that doesn't make sense.

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Red Dead 3, you mean.

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Pathetic video hahaha

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That's what I thought, until my infant son pressed the eject disk button, thus destroying my saved point in the middle of a game of Fifa. My very first try of the suspend feature fml :D

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"Scaringly close"? So what, tomorrow? In an hour?

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What if it's complete crap? Wouldn't you want to wait to find out if it's crap before spending money on a collector's edition?

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Should HAVE, should HAVE, should HAVE, should HAVE.

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Good to see people saying NO to 16 page website lists!

So excited for this, especially checking out this 'murder mystery' stuff, sounds like fun.

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Everyone knew this wasn't going to be a PS4 exclusive. Grow up with these turd-stirring articles.

It's like saying Joe Danger on PC hurt Sony. Garbage.

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You think straight people need to raise some awareness to their everyday struggles within the gaming industry? Do you ACTUALLY believe that?

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The irony in this thread. A tiny little bit of the gay community trying to raise a tiny little bit of awareness to their plight within an industry absolutely plagued with homophobia and, more recently, shocking, neanderthal abuse towards transexual journalists. Fuck, you're in for a horrible time for being FEMALE in this industry, nevermind being gay. You guys suck. Keep proving their point, smh.

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Should have done. Should HAVE done.

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Here's one outrageous fact that will happen: It will all feel eerily familiar...

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Agreed. I just bought a new 2014 50" W series Bravia for the world cup and it's a dream, especially with my PS4. Haven't even heard of Vizio haha

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The games will NOT look as good as they look at E3 upon their release! KEEP CALM EVERYONE! DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT OVERREACT. Expect exaggerated bullshots with inevitable downgrades! Keep this in mind, stay safe and enjoy the spectacle of developers selling their wares to publishers!

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what does "could of" mean?

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