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"Sexagon Pumptangle."


Good to see people saying NO to 16 page website lists!

So excited for this, especially checking out this 'murder mystery' stuff, sounds like fun. #10
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Everyone knew this wasn't going to be a PS4 exclusive. Grow up with these turd-stirring articles.

It's like saying Joe Danger on PC hurt Sony. Garbage. #10
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You think straight people need to raise some awareness to their everyday struggles within the gaming industry? Do you ACTUALLY believe that? #2.5
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The irony in this thread. A tiny little bit of the gay community trying to raise a tiny little bit of awareness to their plight within an industry absolutely plagued with homophobia and, more recently, shocking, neanderthal abuse towards transexual journalists. Fuck, you're in for a horrible time for being FEMALE in this industry, nevermind being gay. You guys suck. Keep proving their point, smh. #12
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Should have done. Should HAVE done. #1.4.1
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Here's one outrageous fact that will happen: It will all feel eerily familiar... #2
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Agreed. I just bought a new 2014 50" W series Bravia for the world cup and it's a dream, especially with my PS4. Haven't even heard of Vizio haha #1.3.2
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-- Reported by the community --
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what does "could of" mean? #4.1
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I completely agree that the delay had something to do with GTAV. Many don't, apparently, but we do!!! #78.1
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The Division is an Ubisoft game too and most definitely won't look anywhere near like it did when it was first revealed! #71.1
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Listen, UBISOFT, the graphics aren't terrible, but we want to play the game you showed when you revealed WD, and we now know that game doesn't exist. It was all just a fancy cartoon you used to sucker us all in, like you did with Far Cry 3 and, more than likely, will do with The Division too. The thing that is most terrible here isn't how bad the game looks, it's how bad it looks compared to the Pixar movie you pretended this game was in the beginning. I waited for that dark,... #69
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Come on, GTAV came out and, having played it, they quickly realised they had a far inferior open-world game on their hands. Maybe. #25
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It'll still be following people trying not to get too close, trying not to enter the area where you have to fight the guards whilst pretending to follow the conversation, insta-fail garbage oops too late, you've accidentally ran up the side of a building and in a bid to correct your error, you've leapt backwards into the water and oops start again #29
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Pointless game. #2
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They should have released a new IP called Black Flag. A fully open world, exploration pirate game with trading amd massive navel battles that had zero connection with Assassin's Creed. #4
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Sure. #5
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It's embarrassing to watch and deeply patronising towards it's target audience. Failure show, good job! #9
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408 Incredible Hidden Features of GTAV You'll Not Have Noticed Until You've Played For More Than 3 Whole Hours! #14
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Maybe I'm getting old, but, to me, it looks stunning. Absolutely stunning. Sure it's a bit jaggy, but this is happening on my 8 year old console. I still can't believe it's happening, that a game this massive, so detailed (every inch feels hand drawn), is happening on a PS3. It's all in the little details too, the animations and the sound design, voice work, stunning. #20
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