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Mad respect for Insomniac.

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At the same time, I'm sure GameStop likes money and they like staying in business.

Selling consoles to sell games seems like it *might* be a part of that.... if a console isn't doing well, that potentially means a huge chunk of the market is no longer stopping inside of GameStop (and arguably the same chunk that bought Just Dance, Rock Band, and Call of Duty on the Wii in droves - look at sales numbers for those games on Wii...)

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I agree that GameStop could definitely do a better job explaining the machine to their own customers.

As an example, GameStop did not even offer an "interest list" to poll interest in the Wii U before it launched. The only reason 34% of GS customers have subscribed to a "PS4 interest list" is because it's forced on them every time they walk into the store. They've asked me like 4 times now, and I finally subscribed to the PS4 interest list, even th...

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I'm guessing that anyone that thinks that Nintendo should drop the GamePad has never even touched one.

They probably don't realize that the Gamepad has every single feature of PS3 + 360 + Wii U Pro controllers, just more comfortable to hold and with a nice screen so I can walk around the house or play games while walking around the house without being restricted to the TV.

Off TV play is amazing, and can only be described when experienced. Moments li...

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True, sorta. But MH3U, LC:U, and NFSMWU did make for a pretty compelling early 2013.

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Who are more likely to buy a PS4 on launch day? The 55,000 who supported PS3 at launch, or the millions that just bought one within the past 12 months now that they are cheap?

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If it helps, I prefer Nintendo consoles, and I told GameStop I'd subscribe to PS4 updates, simply because I'm interested as a gamer. I may even buy one when it falls below $200, just like I did my 360. But I won't be there at launch.

"Interest" is different than actual sales. Who are more likely to buy a PS4 on launch day? The 55,000 who supported PS3 at launch, or the millions that just bought one within the past 12 months now that they are cheap?

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You're comparing the Nintendo console that is going to be sitting on shelves for the next 6 years to consoles that are in the bargain bin because they are no longer going to be supported as of this holiday.

When the PS4 and 720 launch, the Wii U will be positioned as the least expensive option and will also have had a year's worth of games.

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Of course, a Sony fansite (DualShockers) would turn a negative spin on a sales boost for Nintendo.

Somehow, I get a feeling they'll spin poor PS4 launch sales into a positive this holiday as well.

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The cited site was dualshockers, which is obviously a fanboy PlayStation site (unless DualShock doesn't refer to PlayStation and I'm missing something...), so of course one would expect no less than a negative spin on a sales boost for Nintendo from a Sony fansite.

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If you do a little research, that's because Need for Speed Most Wanted was barely even available at retail. Nearly all of NFSMWU's sales were through the eShop or through a sale on Origin, neither of which share sales data, although Criterion has stated that sales were beyond their expectations.

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Oh, sorry, I was only talking about first-party games. Let's see, which of those are also on Wii U?

Watch Dogs
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
and although it hasn't been officially confirmed, Destiny is has been rumored to be coming to Wii U as well.

Not to mention that the Wii U already has Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Lego City Undercover, and several high profile enhanced ports such as Need for Speed Most Wanted U and Deus Ex H...

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Well, let's see...
For sure this year, we have:
Wonderful 101
Pikmin 3
Game & Wario
Mario Kart U
Yarn Yoshi
Wind Waker HD
Fire Emblem X SMT

Announced for the future:
Monolith Soft's "X"
Bayonetta 2
Zelda: Wii U
3D Mario
Super Smash Bros. 4

That's what we know as of January. And then they clarified that there is more on the way THIS...

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They already have as much money as they were going to make on the other consoles. How is releasing a free patch going to make them more money?

However, to incentivize Wii U owners into buying a two year old game, it only made sense to enhance it and fix up a few issues.

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Game is fantastic. The game only sucks if you're looking for structure. Some people need to be told what to do, and don't know how to enjoy something if they aren't given bullet points.

If you're looking for a huge open world, it's easy to spend hours getting caught up in cop chases and destroying people in online matches.

The Miiverse stuff added to the Wii U version is pretty awesome as well.

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Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Need for Speed Most Wanted U, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, HarmoKnight, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate... and now Nintendo fans have an empty wallet. Now time to get off of N4G and back to playing MH3U until 3am...

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Why should SE bother bringing over these updates FOR FREE to other consoles? They already have your money and the complaints didn't seem that strong (unlike the Mass Effect 3 people).

They probably just figured, well, let's make a low risk Wii U game to test how well Eidos games are recieved. While we're at it, we might as well make a few updates so people are interested again. They have everything to gain by putting this version on Wii U, and they have zero to ga...

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I'm not sure if it will net too many sales from people who bought the original, but for Nintendo-exclusive owners, this should definitely be appealing, and fans that skipped the original due to online criticism may be a little more interested.

I haven't played the original, so I'm personally pretty stoked to check it out on Wii U. Also, I'm pretty happy that Square Enix is supporting the Wii U at all, even if it is just an enhanced port of an older game.

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#1 Games
#2 Games
#3 Games
#4 ?????
#5 Profit!!!

That's exactly what Wii U hasn't had for the past 4 months. Oh, and explain to consumers what the hell the thing is. The only people that know what a Wii U actually can do are the people that own one. The Wii U is the most misunderstood, worst-marketed Nintendo console to date. Nintendo needs to fix that.

For example, many people still think the Gamepad is a "tablet...

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I'm wondering how much faster the Summer patch will make the Wii U menu, since the Spring patch in the video is only part 1 of 2.

Also, to be fair, the Wii U menu is displaying a lot more content, that notably must download from the internet - in the form of Miiverse and Wara Wara Plaza.

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