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To be honest, I'm more worried about PS4 and 720...

PS3 and 360 fanboys come here and brag about how great those consoles are doing, which is fantastic for now, but it's been stated that 40% of all current gen 360 and PS3 sales have occurred since the most recent price drop. So yeah, those systems have a ton of games and are getting amazing sales.

The problem is that the PS4 and 720 aren't going to be $200 and have a 6 years worth of games come th...

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That would be fucking AWESOME. I can totally picture chilling playing this on the Wii U Gamepad. Someone needs to get these guys in touch with Dan Adelman at Nintendo.


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Because the fact of the matter is: who wants to play an MMO on a console that hasn't built a user base yet?

Square Enix was pretty stupid to release an MMO on a console that just launched. An MMO would do just as terrible on the freshly launched PS4 and 720. If SE really was insistent on doing an MMO, they should have done it on PS3 where there's already a huge user base. Well, to be fair, they did release it on Wii, and as pointed out, it's doing fine there.

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Wai? Wha? The Wii U has over 3 million users already... the Wii U eShop has been a huge success for Toki Tori 2, Nano Assualt Neo, Trine 2, and Runner2. In fact, Trine 2 sold better on Wii U than it did on Xbox Live....

I understand that the console performed badly in January and February when there were no games, but the console sold like crazy this month in America and Europe because of Lego City and Monster Hunter.

The console sold 3 million in it's f...

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For the same reason people are comparing Wii U to Xbox 360 and PS3 sales.

We'll see the same article next year regarding the Wii U versus PS4 and 720.

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The way it works is this:
Dev #1 has a history of making amazing games. They express interest in publishing on Nintendo platforms. Nintendo reviews their current project plans and ensures the project has potential for success on Wii U for both Nintendo and the dev. Dev team needs 2 or more dev units. This costs money. Nintendo tells dev that they will loan a dev kit, under certain terms (covered by NDA). Dev makes game according to plan. If Nintendo's analysis was correct, game ma...

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The correct term in all instances is "loan". Even the devs Holmes was referring to were offered loaner Wii U dev kits. Nintendo isn't just "giving" them away for "free". There are still conditions, i.e. the developer still needs to make and publish a game with the thing and then either return or buy the development kits when development ends.

When people phrase it like "Nintendo is giving away free dev kits", it makes it sound like ...

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1. MH3U
2. MH3U
3. MH3U
4. MH3U
5. MH3U

Okay, I'm set until Pikmin 3.

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Better filler article would have been "Gaming is like sex". It would get more clicks.

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Good thing the Vita plays import games...

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Also, to address the other questions:

As far as "cross buy", I'm not sure if you meant like PS3/Vita, and if so - then no. There's a similar deal with Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate - BUT... you have to buy both the Wii U AND 3DS versions to do the cross play. That does suck a fair bit of value out (although some retailers offered a package discount if you bought both versions).

If you meant like if you buy a Virtual Console game on the 3DS or ...

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As a Wii U owner, 360 owner, and someone who has spent a fair amount of time with the PS3, let me clarify a few misconceptions:

First, Nintendo Network is a robust system that's still in it's infancy and is still receiving updates as well. You have a single 'gamertag' (NNID) that you use across games, and you can see which of your friends are online with the tap of a button. The actual online runs smooth with virtually no lag, even with everyone on voice chat....

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I'm assuming it's a majority of the Tekken staff, but reports say it's a mashup of staff from all over Namco Bandai, including the producer and the director of the 'Tales' series.



Okay, ever since the NES, there's never been a "bad" generation. Man, every single generation and every main home console has had some fantastic games - too many to every list.

NES v Master System
SNES v Genesis v TG v NeoGeo
N64 v PS1 v Saturn
GCN v PS2 v Dreamcast v Xbox
Wii v PS3 v Xbox 360
and now Wii U v PS4 v 720

Sure, they may not have all been the most popular in every single year, but you're a...

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Haha, I 100% agree with RE, 75% agree with FF, at least we got a lot of pretty cut scenes!

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by playing MH3U for ungodly hours...

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This is not even a rumor, it was confirmed by SEGA to IGN today, and it was later clarified to Game Informer that it was because of the poor reception of the game and that they have several projects still in the works for the Wii U.


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First game in a long time that had me counting bullets in increments of one.

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Actually, this was a pretty good read. Makes perfect sense. I mean, it sucks that a lot of people lost their jobs, but to be fair, there hasn't been a good internally developed Star Wars (or Indiana Jones) game for quite a while.

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Even if they *were* developing a new Tales game for the PS4 or Wii U, I mean, Xillia 1 won't come until later this year, and then there's still Xillia 2, which will probably still come to the original PS3, because then it could be played on both PS3 and PS4 (digitally). And that's at least a good two years out. Currently, a chunk of the Tales staff is working on the new Smash Bros. on Wii U, so I'd say it will be a good 2-3 years before we see a new Tales game, 3-4 for a new W...

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