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I wasn't going to read this at first and then I finally couldn't resist the click bait. So glad I clicked.

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Seriously, this is an amazing game. Even though the Wii U version is the "definitive" version, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC gamers should definitely check it out for their favorite console. It's so easy to spend hours and hours just cruising around, stringing together hour-long cop chases and tearing down the town.

I don't care, I love it.

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While the AAA games are drifting further and further into the "safe" zone just to pull a measly profit, the indies are the ones taking the big risks, and they are the ones providing the unique, fun, and colorful experiences.

To top it off, many of the indie developers that are putting out games on PS3/4 and Wii U cut their teeth making AAA games, so they have both the experience of making huge games that sell and huge amounts of creativity that they finally get to ...

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Seriously, thank you. I've been tempted for a while to get a PS3, and The Last of Us definitely looks interesting. I've played through the entirety of the first Uncharted and bits of the 2nd and 3rd Uncharted games and really enjoyed those, so The Last of Us definitely looks interesting to me.

By the way, I wasn't trying to be snarky, I just really wanted to know what's coming up that's so compelling for other consoles, and I guess the real answer is that...

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I seriously wonder what exclusives are so compelling on 360/PS3 right now. And that's a serious question. I own an Xbox 360 and aside from Bioshock Infinite, I haven't even turned the machine on since January. And don't list Gears of War, that's not my thing. And since everyone is so bent on not including multiplatform games, make sure you don't list any of those. Oh, and this list is only for "Spring", so you can only list games that have been confirmed for Q2 -...

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Hopefully SE learns that this is because no one wants to play an MMO on a console that has a 4-month old install base and hopefully they don't attribute it to a lack of interest in the Dragon Quest series in general like this article points to it as.

Oh well, Dualshockers got my click, which is what the title was baited for.

And unlike the author, I really don't want to DQX to come to America. I'm not a big fan of forced online and I wouldn't ...

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Is there a reason you don't like the game? It's getting universal praise from critics and it's super fun. Just curious why you'd say that when nearly everyone who's played Lego City Undercover has enjoyed it, if not flat out loved it. It's a nice change of pace from gritty brown shooters and empty open worlds that dominate 360 and PS3.

Edit: I actually have a 360 and a capable PC as well, and yes, I've enjoyed Lego City Undercover and MH3U more th...

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@game4life you send a friend request, they accept or reject. Same as 360/PS3. There is no extra step unless you are somehow deliberately looking for a long way to add friends.

That said, friend lists and online aren't the problem - those are very good on Wii U. It isn't power or graphics - again, the Wii was successful and had garbage specs. The real problem is the lack of compelling exclusive content.

MH3U is an amazing game. It's also a port. A...

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It's only a shame that no one buying a PS3 this year or last will be buying a PS4 at launch.

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For some reason, I expect a site like Forbes to have a higher level of writing than high school. Seems like this must be the kid of one of the regular staff writers. Nevertheless, I do agree that $500 is pushing it for a game console. The Wii U is $299, so I'd think $349-399 sounds reasonable for next-gen.

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Crazy that the Wii U pulled better numbers than the Vita so far this year. Vita is actually starting to get games and Wii U had zero games released during January and February. I mean, I'm happy for Wii U, but really, shouldn't the Vita have sold more?

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Between Windows 8 and poor damage control for their next console, it makes me wonder what Microsoft is doing right in *any* sector.

Don't get me wrong, I love Windows 7 and my 360, but they don't seem to be doing anything right in 2013.

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As a Wii U and Xbox 360 owner, I can confirm that none of those games appealed to me to begin with. I like games that are fun and at least get a single pass from a debug team. I wish the best of luck To Deep Silver making more sh***y games with awesome commercials.

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Well, that's not exaaactly what he said. More like he will be retiring soon, but he could 'make games until I die'. I'd categorize this as a misquote.

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Depends. To some it does, to others it doesn't. The Wii U has BC due to a 'Wii inside a Wii U', and the internet went crazy and said the 'Wii U sucks because you can't play Wii games directly from the Wii U menu'. Then Sony announced that PS4 would not have BC at all and rumor is that neither will next Xbox, and the internet went: 'oh well, we don't need BC anyways'. I guess it all just depends on personal preference. I tend to keep all of my old consoles, ...

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The game is actually a ton of fun. I read a pretty scathing review on a bigger Nintendo site this morning that pretty much missed the entire point of the game. I totally recommend the game. It's like a cross between tower defense and 8-bit "Nintendo-hard" kinda games.

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To be fair, the official release date is "Quarter 2 2013", which is April 1 - June 30. Gamefly, like most companies do when they don't have an official launch date, and even sites like IGN, simply post the latest date possible within the announced quarter.

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Endless Ocean on the Wii was pretty awesome. It would be cool to have something like EO in HD.

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That's fine by me. Take your time, Grasshopper. Do the creative fun stuff. Then when you're good and ready, we know we'll have an amazing NMH3.

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Oh, I'm sure they'll have fun playing Bayonetta 2 for you.

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