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"I wonder when Sony will stop annoying users with the constant stream of these so called stability updates."

Constant? The last update as far as I could tell was back in April.

"What are your thoughts on these constant stability updates?"
I think they're fine. What do I think about someone complaining about "constant" updates that happen every couple of months? Grow up.

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And this folks, is the Square Enix we're relying on to remake the game so many of us have wanted for so many years.
That's what I think of it.

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I love that someone would disagree with my hope my old phone will work.

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Promising, but I hope my old HTC EVO 4G isn't too small at 4.3 and that it's version of Android will be supported. I plan on having it wired and leave it running on my shelf.

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That’s because a lot of people want to whine about anything they can find without actually looking in to it and understanding what’s really going on.

PC2 is the newest thing, so that's what people will comment for any PC news. For example, anything that mentioned Gearbox in the month or more after the Aliens debacle, people would whine about it even if the article had nothing to do with Aliens.

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Why? They have a team of people and a whole community of people that need something to work on. Of course they're going to be working on the next game and still have people doing fixes and DLC for PC1.

They won't put anything up on Kickstarter. They do the crowdfunding part themselves.

Don't worry, PC2 is 2-3 years away still.

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Glad to see a lot of work being done on tire temps.

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Stopped caring long ago.

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"for one didn't I just give them 35 bucks for the dam season pass"

A) just because there's a season pass, doesn't mean you get everything for free forever. They are clear about what you get with it when you purchase it and in this case, it was the first two expansions. Also, pretty sure it isn't even called a season pass, it was an expansion pass.

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How do they keep the game secret and get funding and development assistance at the same time?

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No. I don't see how anyone would think so either.

Yes, the first game just came out. They need a new project to work on, so guess what? That's Project Cars 2. They already said they were going to use the same funding source they did for the first one, so how do they get people to start sending money? Invite them in to the project and get working. They've said the sequel is probably another 2 years out. Knowing them and the realities of things, it may be 3...

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They aren't just showing the early build. People who help fund the game get access to daily builds of the game while in progress. Someone who has build 0000 uploaded video of it.

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“if I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen”.

This man should never be allowed to speak, nay, work for any video game company again.

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I don't think the mechanical button is going to allow you to remove the disc without power. It's just a button like the PS3 slim. It doesn't sound like it's changing the drive mechanism to a manual load/eject.

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I've accidentally brushed one of the buttons a couple of times. I like the mechanical button idea. Not sold on the matte HD cover though. The pic in the article doesn't really seem all that different for the LED.

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Yep, not clicking.

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16? They said they hit 10.

"During an explosive encounter during the train sequence in the first mission, we encountered dips as low as 10fps."

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Or better yet, sell the code and just wait for the physical copy.

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The article mentions Amazon exclusive, so maybe there's something different about the amazon version that has the issue.

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I too had my Batmobile edition cancelled and I managed to get the statue edition, now delayed. Oh well, gives me time to finish up Project Cars I guess.

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