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Stop yapping your gums about Dan and telling us how we should react and just show the stuff and let us decide. Thanks. #31
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I love how he says his guitar broke and gave stuff away to neighbor kids but right before he took the question, you can see on leaning against the wall behind him to the left. But once he takes the question, the camera is moved over to the right slightly to take the guitar out of the shot. #2.1
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To me it sounds like he isn't factoring in supply and demand. I haven't looked, but he would have to take into consideration how many consoles are available. PS4 seems to have went into production weeks ahead of Xbox One. If there are less Xbox Ones to be had, it's no wonder the price could be higher.

I don't see how anyone can look at game pre-order numbers and figure Xbox would match or exceed PS4 sales. Xbox has arguably the better launch line-up, but P... #2.3
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Yeah, I was in there Friday to pick up Batman and they had a stack on the back counter. I asked to look at one and the guy reluctantly said "yes, but only if I'm holding it." Really? Like that would stop me from grabbing it and running out of the store with it if that's what I wanted to do? #1.2
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Boring and a repost.

edit: wait a sec, why does this show it was posted an hour ago but when you click on AC4 topics, it shows 16 hours ago? #1.1
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Yes, Xbox does have a better launch lineup, but still getting heavily out-done by PS4 pre-orders. #1.5.2
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Maybe I'm missing something here, but if a game is locked at 30fps and the video player, as Spencer puts it, is running 30 fps, or a multiple of, there should be no tearing, right? #13
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I'd guess no more than a year goes by before they go "eco" again and try to save on plastic and do the cutouts again. #4.1
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I have had a similar problem for a long time now. It seems whenever one friend uses his Vita, it messes up his icon on my list. He will either completely disappear or will be stuck at the bottom of the list with a spinning circle. It usually takes a while to clear up. #4
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Totally agree. For me it was a combo of a bad taste from AC3 and the focus on pirates and the sailing, neither of which I have an interest in.

Would much rather see a game or two with Japan or China as the setting. #2.2
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It is, but with how poorly AC3 presnted itself in many ways and with the polorizing focus on pirates and the sailing mechanics, it's no wonder.

I know I wasn't even going to buy it (and I've bought all the others up until now), but then Watch Dogs was delayed so I want something to play when I get my PS4.

I think the push for yearly installments is really starting to take its toll. #1.1.5
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I'm sure most of those other "offline" users are probably the broken systems. #1.2.3
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Is that how it's supposed to work? I have a friend with a Vita and when he goes on his Vita, his name gets all messed up on my friends list. It'll either disappear completely or will be at the bottom of the list, stuck with a spinning circle. Doesn't fix itself unless he doesn't sign in to the Vita for a while.

I thought it might be something wrong with my PS3 but it died and I got a new one, which still does the same thing. #2.1.2
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That really looks and feels like a next gen sequel to Dead Island, with Mirror's Edge style free-running. Some of the same animations, weapon types, dialogue, environments. #2
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Your link is broken because of the period at the end.

This doesn't really make sense. If the PS4 uses Bluetooth for the chat headset, why would other Bluethooth headsets not work, even when they already said the PS3 headset would work. I don't see Sony going proprietary on this at this point. #1.3
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It isn't Sony fanboys. It's the irrational hate for anything related to Kotaku. #9.1
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Turn based combat. #7
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Yeah, looks like another Forza track where they have the sun low in the sky so we have to deal with the annoying glare of the sun yet again and never actually able to see the track due to the glare. #2.1.1
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If they're cutting nudity, are they trying to aim for a Teen rating? It seems the game would be going with an M rating even without it. Why not just cut anything offensive and make it E. #5.1.2
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Owning both, I really don't care either way in regards to the position of the sticks. The symmetrical thing though, I don't get. Yes, your hands are symmetrical, but most games tend to use the left analog stick and face buttons the most. In order to keep your thumbs in the symmetrical position you prefer, that would follow the Xbox design instead of the PS design.

But again, it doesn't bother me either way. #1.5.2
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