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Not sure it's my favorite, but it's up there. Certainly the funniest.


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Are we going to get articles for every Nintendo game when it's getting close to two weeks old to remind us about Prime savings that applies to every new game?

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Just because it was played back on low quality CD FMVs doesn't mean that's how it was filmed.

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What requires pretty graphics? What requires high res textures? What requires 1080p? What requires Anti-aliasing? What what what?

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I bet people thought the same thing about Fable Legends.

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We don't need boost mode, the whole thing is boost mode. So there is a boost mode then.

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Microsoft stating the blatantly obvious yet again. Can't wait for E3 when they proclaim it's the most powerful Xbox One ever.

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On the one hand, CDPR said both games would be the same across both consoles, but on the other, the Xbox version did get extra stuff in the collector's edition so they may favor MS.

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Rock Band 4 disagrees.

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What's a paladin?

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Agreed. I'd much rather buy a nice new 1080p with HDR than a 4K TV.

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What's up with Why isn't it just

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Scorpio will not be a make or break for Xbox One.

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Yep. I had planned on buying one from day 1 up until about two months ago when the prospect of their exclusive games seemed to have dried up. If I was going to drop that much money to play MS games, I might as well put it towards PC upgrades and just play Forza there instead.

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"Someone mentioned CPU and other components but it appears the Microsoft is beefing up the gpu and any cpu can do run on a console. A $100 cpu probably wouldn't be the bottleneck on a console. Then the other components are just cheap. "
You're forgetting they're not using desktop processors for home consoles. They've been low power (low heat) mobile processors. Could they use a cheap desktop processor? Sure, but then they need to b...

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Not sure why you're getting the disagrees, but it's true. So many games have had this impact them. DONTNOD had issues with having a female lead with Remember Me. I think SquareEnix fought with them over it. There was talk about Guerrilla having to fight to keep Aloy a woman. There was talk about it being a contributing factor to why Tomb Raider didn't get the sales it needed. I seem to remember problems with the cover of The Last of Us over how prominent Ellie was instead of ...

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I wish my vacuum sounded like an Aventador.

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Wonder what it would have been had it not been upped to 4.

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