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And they could just as easily fix the problem by saying when the exclusivity ends, just like Sony did with the Destiny PS4 extras revealed yesterday.

See small print in lower right corner
http://cdn1-www.playstation... #3.2
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And being sorry and not intending to cause confusion, have they said anything to clarify the situation? #1.6
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Yeah, the grind is going to push me away in the long run. I went damn near the whole PS4 beta trying to nab uncommon arm armor that was level 8. It kept evading me for the longest time. I actually got a level 20 arm piece as a reward before I got a level 8. Got plenty of 9s.

Thankfully we won't have to deal with the level cap issue in the final release, but just trying to get the right piece can be a headache that could solved simply by a friend's hand-me-downs. #1.4
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Who said these will be available at the start of the game and not some level 20 gear? #6.1
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I have Charter and my internet was messed up yesterday, but was fine today. Odd thing is, everything still thought it was connected to the net, but nothing worked. After a few hours, it was fine.

Good luck getting it all downloaded. Love my disc copy! #1
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"How can it be flaimbait when it's true? "

Have you read the article?

"Microsoft’s decision to demand Blizzard to up the resolution of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on the Xbox One came at a terrible, terrible cost."

Yeah, so TERRIBLE. Read up on the Digital Foundry review and watch the framerate video.
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Dead Island not on and Island MMO? #1.1
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Wasn't it not that long ago that Amazon wasn't selling the Wii U directly? #9
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Tomb Raider, GTA V, probably others I can't think of right at the moment. #2.2
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I hope not. What we got was good enough. Hope they give us something new instead. #5
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huh? First sentences of the interview he's talking about Until Dawn.

If you're talking about the next question about the PS4 sales, he's not trying to find something negative, they're just trying to find out why the system is selling the way it is. There's a lot of reasons for that, such as catering to that group, or finding reasons why another group isn't buying. As he mentions, they don't want to just sell to the core gamer and then have sales... #3.2
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What are you talking about? #2.1
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Sounds like annoying tedium to me. #1
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Yeah, it would have been nice of him to try and explain what exactly he thought was misunderstood. I played it and enjoyed it for the most part. I didn't expect a great game from a first time developer up against the challenges they were up against. #9.1
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Yeah, mostly praise, but there are a lot of people, even those who ultimately like it, that complain about how random it is and people not being able to get the ending to work.

I agree that it was a neat idea, but it was frustrating trying to play it and I find horror stuff incredibly boring, and the trial and error aspect of it didn't help. #1.2.3
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Even if I wanted to buy the Xbox One version (since I own both), I can't because the Collector's Edition has been sold out for a long time. It's a shitty move to make this change after all the collector's editions are already spoken for. #1.4
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Good thing I had a second order in at Newegg for this reason. I got the $50 code email, so I can't really complain too much. Friend of mine at work though, he got the cancellation email, but not the $50 code, so he's a bit miffed. #3.1
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You want a 30 year to play a pre-teen girl? #2.1.1
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Hmm, so who are they using for mo-cap work? I can't believe they're doing separate captures for each region. Are they using Kiefer's full body capture and then just using the Japanese actor's voice for Japan?

That would seem odd, since I thought they were capturing the face along with the dialogue at the same time to stay consistent and realistic. Hmmm, conspiracy grows. #10.1.1
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Because it puts the situation in context. If GWG is terrible, why isn't what the PS4 gets also terrible? Why complain about only GWG and not talk about the equal offerings on PS4? #1.3.3
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