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It's a good controller, but there's a couple things I don't like about it. It feels bigger and I don't like how rigid the RB and LB buttons are and hinged on the side facing the center, so unlike the 360 controller, you can't press the button near the inner side. Then the triggers have a curved edge to them that fits the design of the shell nicely when not being used, but when you press it, it leaves a big gap and hard edge of the shell expo...

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Don't forget from E3, "the smallest Xbox One yet." Well not shit. It's the first redesign.
Or how about the Forza Racing Championship video they just released today.
"The largest esports competition in Forza history" Isn't it the first esports competition in Forza history?

But really, this...

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Am I missing something or did I just read a 4 paragraph introduction to a single run-on paragraph about how great Forza Horizon is?

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Headline says Preview, but it seems to be tagged as a Review with a score of 0/0?

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Both are interesting to me, but I kind of wonder if Scorpio will be held back a bit on multi-plat games due to the limitations of Neo since most devs are probably going to take some shortcuts and not optimize for Scorpio as best they could.

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Then 5 minutes later, remembered I already paid for the Ubistore exclusive version without the RC already. Would have been nice if this was announced at the same time as the rest.

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As opposed to chasing real Pokemon?

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Yeah. Go players seem to love spreading it all over the place. Not just to other Go players, but just everywhere. I'm even seeing screenshots in auto mechanic subreddits.

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There is no "right to do whatever you want and expect other to comply with you." Put simply, you can do what you want, but if it breaks because of something you did, you're SOL. If your device fails for a reason other than what you did with it, the owner is protected. This is very vital consumer protection because without it, the company can deny your warranty claim simply because they don't feel like it.

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The Warranty Act is not an old law made for cars. It's for ALL consumer products over $15. It actually started out as a result of home appliance companies not living up to the terms of the warranty.

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Doesn't matter. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is brought up a lot in auto repairs. They can tell you until they're blue in the face that if you modify your car, the warranty is voided. The reality of it is that they can only deny the warranty claim if the modification played a role in the failure.

Much the same with the consoles. The label says the warranty is voided if you break the seal, but that isn't going to fly because breaking a seal is not going t...

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Good info. I started reading and was thinking, "it'd be nice to get Steve Lehto to chime in." Go figure, they did get him. Well done. Steve is good people. I read his stuff on Jalopnik all the time.

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It doesn't require it. Would be nice, though.
Being that Neo/Scorpio are meant to play the same games as the regular PS4/XBO, I would doubt they'll be upgrading all the textures and focus on the 4k res and maybe some other effects.

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It is amazing. Amazingly bad.

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Boring and terrible Protagonist:
I'll agree with boring, but I don't think he was terrible. Not everyone has to be exciting. I know this sounds weird, but I think it can work sometimes and I was ok with it in this game. I compare it to Person of Interest which, for me, is the best network TV drama in the last decade. John Reese was not an exciting person. He is very wooden, withdrawn, and often unemotional. But it worked for the character he was portraying.

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Large is not always better.
I remember one of their talking points for the first one was something like Content Density. They purposefully made the map the size it was and worked hard to make sure all sections get used so space isn't being wasted. Doubling the map size either means they're adding a lot more content (which may not be a good thing if a lot of it is just places to hide colletibles) or they're leaving space in the map with no content.

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Despite releasing in 2017? Releasing a year later, it's EXPECTED to be more powerful.

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Neo if it releases this year. Then Scorpio when it comes out.

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I actually kind of enjoyed the towers in the game. It was a nice puzzle mechanic to work on.

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Obsidian isn't involved with this. They're not even mentioned in the article.

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