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"The 360 was the longest generation of 11 years"
that's the hardware, people are talking about software. There was a pretty popular image showing the exclusives from 2010 to 2013 and it was downright embarrassing for MS.

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I say VI or go home. It should come before any other PS1 era FF games.

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Easily forgotten game that most people will not have heard of.

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Prove it.

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You should write a blog about it and get it submitted.

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You're predictions feel more thought out than the original article.

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Catalyst? No. Open world ruined Mirror's Edge.

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But very safe and predictable, except the Death Stranding release timetable.

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2018 for Death Stranding? It's been 6 months since he announced what engine he's going to use. If Kojima is known for anything, it's that he takes his sweet time to make a game. I have doubts it will even be on PS4.

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I really doubt it'd be 2018, but we do know a PS5 is coming. It makes me wonder if Death Stranding will even be a PS4 game.

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I'd like to see a port of the trilogy to this gen consoles.

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He's had two trailers before they even had an engine. He'll probably have a trailer for Father's Day.

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I buy Assassin's Creed to be an assassin, not a pirate.

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Because "Google, Facebook, Netflix, and close to 40 other large internet companies" are what the people are trying to access. We are their customers and they want us to access their stuff without limitations. Do you want a middle man restricting that connection? How can you not grasp this simple concept?

And guess what. These ISPs are also large internet companies.

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It wasn't broke, but it was heading there.

They wouldn't need to sell you on faster connections if they weren't already slowing it down in the first place.

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Snake and Big Boss at the top?

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Don't hate it. I'd buy it if there were games worth playing to justify purchasing it.

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Never liked the guy and never understood why everyone was so hyped up to see him in charge.

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And after a whole day, the only disagree is probably the author.

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"I don't understand why it matters what MS is doing to most of you. Seriously do you guys want MS to bring the games or is this just the one argument to hold onto at the moment?"

Yes, I want them to bring the games so I actually have a reason to buy games for the damn thing instead of sitting and collecting dust.

"If the context of the article is about single player experiences... then aren't ...

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