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But not a new IP. #6.1.1
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Other than sports games, I can think of Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.
Not sure if Forza should be counted since Horizon is different from the main games and done by a different developer. #4.3.1
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How many of those did Nintendo develop, not publish?
Also, most of them don't seem to have been over 80 on Metacritic, which is part of the argument he's attempting to "shut down." #1.4
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"Remember the golden guns in borderlands 2? Replaced before claptrap's eye was ripped out our shortly after depending on luck."

That's what so much of this exclusive content crap winds up being. Oh goodie, I get a head start with a .1% better than starting weapon that will be replaced just as quick as a normal starting weapon.
Either that or some skin that looks terrible anyway. #1.1.12
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This isn't even DLC exclusivity, it's exclusive content within the DLC. Xbox players will still get most of the content. With all the timed exclusive stuff they've had, and will continue to have, Xbox players should be able to manage. #1.1.6
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Try watching the video.

Someone posed the question about deciding not to buy an indie game right at launch because it might come on PS+ soon and how that might be hurting sales since some people are starting to feel burned by buying a game for $15 only to have it added to Plus a month or two later for free. #1.4
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"I mean all the players of Borderlands 2 are all playing on those consoles."

No, a lot of them have or want to move on.

If there wasn't such a lack of good games coming out this year, I'd drop my pre-order in an instant. #4
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Looks better than 1 and Riptide. It's sort of short on details though, so we'll see.
I like that it's not MMO-like but a little bummed that it isn't co-op either. #1.1
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So does the Wii. Does that mean they should make Wii games instead of Wii U games? #3.1.1
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This MMO stuff being slapped in to games is killing it for me. #7
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So does Halo 1, but they don't seem to have a problem there. #6.1.1
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"Preordering really makes no sense IMO"
pre-order bonuses.

"It just financially ties you to a game that might not even be worth the money..."
You're financially tied to any game you purchase. If you're concerned, don't pre-order.
Plus, ordering though Amazon, there is no commitment as you don't get charged a cent until it ships and you can get release day delivery and in most cases is actually cheaper than buying... #5.3
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With Amazon Prime, I've gotten almost all of my games delivered on release day. I can only remember one situation where I had to wait. Plus, I live in a state that doesn't tax Amazon orders (yet) so not only am I saving money there, I don't need to drive out to Best Buy and waste my time and gas doing so.

The other nice thing, there's no commitment. You don't get charged until your order ships and you can cancel whenever you want. #4.1.1
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This article is a month and a half old. #18
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Not a fan of it myself. At least it seems this is a comic-con only version. #2.1
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Because someone asked her. #3.2.2
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Haven't seen it, but I think the CEO commented about the last gen version of AC a couple days ago and said they'll comment on it when there's something to say.

Seems odd that they are keeping under wraps so far if it really is supposed to be out this year. #2.1
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I didn't get why you needed to use a reticle on the screen to move around and select items instead of just using the stick or d-pad to move around much quicker and precisely. #1.5
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It's a Triple Tri-Force. #3.2
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Who is he, or anyone else to say people's opinions are invalid. He claims 7-10 hours of battery life? Most of the time, I can get 6. Lately though, it lasted longer, but it turns out my rumble had stopped working and came back with the last update. Now I'm back down to short battery life.

Besides, even if someone is to think 6 hours of play time is enough for one sitting, I don't want to have to keep charging the controller whenever I'm not playing. #1.1.2
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