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Who is he, or anyone else to say people's opinions are invalid. He claims 7-10 hours of battery life? Most of the time, I can get 6. Lately though, it lasted longer, but it turns out my rumble had stopped working and came back with the last update. Now I'm back down to short battery life.

Besides, even if someone is to think 6 hours of play time is enough for one sitting, I don't want to have to keep charging the controller whenever I'm not playing. #1.1.2
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I hope they announce her retirement. #4.5
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Good, been fighting the stupid “Saved data with the same name was uploaded from another PS4″ error since day one with Watch Dogs. #7
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uninspired? Looks very much inspired by Mega Man. #7
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"Why am I buying this?"
That's for you to figure out for yourself. #8.1
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This down time happens every year just before E3. #5.3
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I didn't buy Season 2 or Wolf Among Us because I was waiting for next gen retail release. I'd rather play it all at once instead of waiting months between episodes. #4.5
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Doesn't matter for this story, but may interest some.

I was going to hack someone, but the problem was that he was under the freeway in a slum/junk area but I was on top of the freeway. Since I had already driven quite a way to catch up to him, my time was running out, so my only option was to jump over the edge and hope for the best. I wound up landing on my back on a junk car and died. Apparently he didn't notice (if he did I would have loved to have heard that... #7
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There's a bunch of streams from users already going on. #6
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I would if GTA V ever came out. #7
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I don't think it does record. Just allows you to access your DVR through the app. #3.1.1
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I think it had the opposite effect and created the confusion you wanted to avoid. "Update" is probably a better term. #1.1.2
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"But Microsoft killed Kinect before the device had the chance to hit its stride."

No they didn't.

People who like Kinect will support Kinect based games. People who don't like Kinect won't. The fact that you can buy the console without it now won't change that. #22
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So wrong.

They are not removing Kinect, they're offering a system without it and will still have a version with it.
Anyone who wants to make a Kinect game can still do so.
The fact that there will be people out there not using a Kinect will not significantly impact sales because, get ready for this, people who don't use Kinect are not people who are going to be buying a Kinect game in the first place. People who do want a Kinect game will make s... #18
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I'd rather have something like an expansion. New track, new events, new cars. Heck, maybe even some new mods and livery tools. #8
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Really? So since I have Borderlands 2 for free and buy all the DLC, if I cancel PS+ I can still play it? No, you lose access to it all since I never purchased the full game. #16.2.1
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I didn't even know a release date was announced previously to even delay. #25
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Guess I don't really understand the outrage. Ok, the upgrade price isn't great, but meh. Are people really worked up over losing the whole game (including the upgrade) if you drop PS+? That's how it's been all along. I buy a game and if I buy a bunch of DLC and stuff, I lose it all once PS+ is dropped. #16
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Like they're going to make a Borderlands game that doesn't make them money.

It's not like this is being built from the ground up. It's using everything they can from BL2.

They spent a lot of time working to get BL2 downgraded to run on the Vita and by the time the Pre Sequel would launch, both the Xbox One and PS4 will have a larger user base than the Vita does. Plus, they don't need to figure out how to squeeze the game t... #3.1.3
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That's a big deal breaker for me.

New gear is all well and good, but level progression is more interesting to me. I played a LOT of Borderlands 2 and it was mostly in the pursuit of better gear. But when did I have the most fun? When I was leveling up and getting new skills and abilities.

This will probably bring back nightmares from my EverQuest days when I'd play for years at the cap and played the game so much for the chance at getting a drop... #1.11
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