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This is my unsurprised look.

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How did you manage to get back to the Atlas path? I went off it thinking I could go back, but even after finding an anomaly again, even they didn't give me the option to go back.

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Don't even need a cave. You can stay inside a building too, which is what I did. Added a couple extra life support modules and let it sit for 2 hours and just came back now and then to recharge it. It's not difficult, just annoying that it takes so long and has to be done in one stretch.

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Agreed. Maxed out, did Atlas, even spent a couple days trying to get Atlas Pass v2 and v3 and only wound up with v2, I started making my way towards the center and after about 40 jumps between following the path, doing free roam, and a black hole, I'm still 174,000 light years away. I can only go about 1600 light years per jump, so that's still over 100 more jumps. I gave up. Not like the reward is worth it.

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Pretty damn easy platinum. Toughest, or I should say, most annoying one is getting the survival rank up to 10 since you have to stay on an extreme weather planet for 8 hours and not use your ship.

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In the grand scheme of things, it is a pretty minor thing. Doesn't mean it isn't annoying for such a relatively simple device to only last 4-6 hours. Especially when the competition has FAR superior battery life. They made an updated controller. Make it better and stop adding lights to the damn thing.

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Yes, I used one and it says it took me xbillionty light years, but I was barely any closer to the center. I've seen comments from others confirming they don't take you much farther than your normal 1600 LY jumps, despite what it says.

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You're going with a quantity over quality? Sorry, I'll take less games if it means they're ones I'll actually play.

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People have found the portals, but they're not active. It isn't clear if they're just not working or people haven't figured out how to activate them yet.

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So because someone made a concise list of issues, people should have to make up their own issues when doing a review?

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I think he's pretty spot on as well. I got Plat over the weekend and wanted to get to the center, but after jumping for a couple hours, I finally looked and saw it said how far away I was. 176,xxx light years. Ok, following the path I'm only moving about 4-600 each jump, but I'm really only getting about 100 LY closer since the path isn't a straight line. So I decided to skip the line and just go at it free roam. Now I can make jumps up to about 1600 LY, but I still don&#...

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Remember when they had free trial time instead of demos? You'd download the whole game and could play it for like an hour before you'd be locked out and had to pay to keep playing.

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A Metal Gear *game

(Disclaimer: May not actually contain a metal gear)

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I don't mind the white, but those open holes really bug me. Reminds me of drop ceiling tiles from grade school.

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Back when it first came up, I did some eyeball measurements and it looks like someone took each dimension, multiplied it by 40% and came up with the new size not realizing that's not how it works.

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Being that the game was announced in April 2009 and released October 2010, your timing is off. Who knows how long they were working on it before it was announced. Also, they didn't need to build the game from scratch since much of it was reused from FO3.

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It is just click once. I think what's happening for you is if you run off a cliff or small ledge, it will cancel the sprint.
edit: any air time will cancel sprint, including jet pack

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I really do wish L3 and R3 were the other way around.

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The only reason I think someone would say that is because they're only used to using one of them. I've had all the Xboxs and PlayStations and it's never bothered me. It's just something you get used to.

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