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Good songs this time around, except Cake is one of my most hated bands of all time.

I hope there's more Soundgarden stuff, like off the new album. I didn't like it much at first, but recently it has grown on me.

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Oh, whew. Was ready to melt down, but saw it isn't needed on PS. Still sucks though for Xbox users. They couldn't have made a simple USB dongle-type thing like the PS3 had?

Wait a sec, it's $80 for the game plus adapter, not $80 for the adapter.

"Xbox One gamers can purchase a bundle ($79.99 SRP) that includes the game and Legacy Game Controller Adapter"

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I still have my GH1 and 2 guitars, but the tilt doesn't work well, so I'm getting the game/guitar bundle.

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To be fair, neither of those games actually have a Collector's Editions. Maybe the title would have been more correct to say special editions instead of collector's.

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PT Esque? Might as well be Going Home 2.

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Yeah, how dare he want to play the game on a platform he wants to play for a game he helps to fund.

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Probably won't read a better, bubble worthy "well said" post today. Hell, this week.

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" I actually made sure to not sell Aeris’s first weapon, The Guard Staff, so that I could throw it at Sephiroth at the end."

That's awesome.

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Funny how the game went from guitar only back to almost a full band again with bass and vocals. Next we'll hear drums are coming back too.

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What if your old console doesn't work?
I'd buy a new one or get my broken one fixed. In fact, I already did get my original launch day 60GB model reballed.

What if one of your friends/family members is using your old console and you want to play one of your old games?
I don't let them borrow my consoles. Not that anyone would ask in the first place.

What if you don't have the space/ports/cords to accommoda...

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So do your PS3 and 360 no longer work?
That's why I don't care about BC. I have my PS3, I have a working 360. BC not needed.

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Another dull announcement. Of the bands I have heard of, I think the only song I actually know is the Scorpions song. It seems they're filling the disc with junk and holding back on the good stuff for DLC.

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Yeah, they sent an email out which says "including music from Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys," etc... then show the list of 17 new songs, without any Arctic Monkeys.

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Some of the apps that were thoughtlessly banned were games.

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I'd be totally fine with Arnie Roth working with Uematsu for the remake's music.

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7 doesn't have as much appeal or demand as 7? Ok.

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I think he just got mixed up by the roman numerals. VII and XII. Happens a lot.

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Yeah, stop telling me what I do or do not know.

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That's what I was thinking.
Wish they sold the leftovers back in the day. Would have picked one up.

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They could, but they don't answer to their customers. They answer to their shareholders. Businesses aren't around to break even or eek by. They're there to make money. Do you really think they'd say, "Hey guys, we're making enough money. Let's start selling stuff for less than what we can get for it."

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