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Does anyone know, when they talk about farting on people, is it just the regular fart or the dragonshout enhanced fart (down then up on the right stick?). #1
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Seriously. How many "confirmations" has there been so far? #7.1
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"Ubisoft realised they would have to do work hard and spend more money separating Germany's version from the rest of Europe's, in the end they decided to leave it."

Except they did spend that extra time and "money" to have a different version for Germany than the rest of Europe.

"German one is censored on console for anal probing etc as shown in this screenshot, and censored on both console and PC for swastikas, Heil Hitler ar... #1.2
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It was announced long ago. This is not last minute.

http://www.ign.com/articles... #2
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"Voice control, video editing in Upload,Skype, and voice commands in games that employ it are all good things about Kinect."

So Kinect is worth an extra $100 when you list nothing that a camera and a mic can do? #1.1.10
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A couple months ago it was announced a similar cut was being made for Australia and along with the text description, it'll show a crying Koala.

http://kotaku.com/south-par... #1.5
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Completely agree. Give me a great story and turn based combat and I'll be a happy gamer. I understand they want to cater to the attention deficient youth, but there's still plenty of old school RPG fans who would gladly return to turn based roots. #1.2
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I think most of his points and conclusions are valid for the most part, but he does really mess it up a couple times. Giving GT grief for not matching the framerate of Forza on far more powerful hardware and saying they should have this figured out by now is indeed a joke.

I also find it a joke that this guy would seem to be heavily interested in cars and has no idea if a Viper has a V8 or V10. #5.1
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I don't really think that many early adopters are all that pissed. They go into it knowing full well the price is going to drop at some point. And this is UK only. By the sounds of it, there wasn't that many early adopters there anyway, and if I recall, they got a free game as well. #1.4
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Zip code 55124
14 stores listed nearby and all show unavailable. This is for the standard PS4. I didn't check any bundles they have. #1.2.15
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Yeah, I think you're right. Forgot about that part. #1.2.6
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I'm guessing it'll be the PS4 PS+ game for April.
I suspect War Thunder will be March. #1.2.1
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I bet I won't. #13
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I'd rather take option C. Release the game when it's ready. #1.3.2
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Problem is, how do they promote a strong point for multiplatform games where there is no strong point to promote? They realize they're getting killed on the FPS and res battle, so they take the stand that FPS and res don't matter, only gameplay. Then why upgrade my 360 to an XB1? #6.2.5
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I like collector's editions, because I like collecting things. I always buy disc based version instead of downloading because I like having shelves full of games. Some of the neat things I can stick in the empty places on the shelves, but most of it stays in the box and goes in the closet. #1.2
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What is up with twitter posts being posted as news? How about some context? #12
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I'm so sick of superfluous apostrophes. #6.1
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Don't agree on Fallout or Borderlands.
Fallout 3 DLC was pretty short. It was good stuff, just not really much there. New Vegas didn't allow the option to finish the game and continue exploring, so I didn't even bother getting DLC.

Borderlands DLC was mostly done by other companies and was, for the most part, rather boring and added very little. The DLC didn't get good until the level cap update and Tiny Tina's, which is the one Gearbox did them... #2
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Yeah, something about liking the page on facebook and giving away games. You want us to like the page when the image covers the article and can't be removed? Had to refresh the page to get rid of it. #1.1.2
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