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Don't fix what isn't broken.

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Agreed. I toyed with all three settings in Rise of the Tomb Raider for a few hours before sticking with the high framerate.

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If the game sucks, which I'm not saying this particular one does, but yes. Sometimes we are better off without bottom of the barrel stuff like Big Rigs.

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Yes, most of the lower nudity is left incomplete and sort of Barbie dollish. It seems one of the game models shows it all down there and that's what they're going to change.

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Except it's not really much of a penis. Just a collection of flesh colored polygons in the shape of a lump and some pubes.

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I never leave the PS4 on when shutting down the TV. It's always everything off before the TV.
I've tried all sorts of work-arounds when this happens and the only thing that has worked is to restart the PS4. I made sure I got in to a routine for how things are turned on in the right order. I don't recall exactly what it was, but I think it was if I used the PS4 to turn on the TV, turning off the PS4 would then turn off the TV when I didn't want it to. It had some...

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I had this problem on my original PS4. Hasn't happened on the Pro yet. It was pretty uncommon though. Maybe once every couple of weeks. Got good at navigating to put in rest mode with no video. Powering back up always worked.

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that and collecting all the songs. I spent days trying to get the last song and gave up.

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I stand corrected. For some reason I didn't think those got patched.

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Might as well have posted a video of a bucket of water. The hardware works identically to the standard PS4 unless the game is patched for Pro.

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Sounds like they looked at both on a 4k TV instead of most doing side by side with a 1080p and 4k next to each other. The 4K TV is upscaling the 1080p image to 4k so I can understand why the difference isn't standing out as much.

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Not sure why all the disagrees. You even provided the model.
Right there from CNET in 2007, a review of that very 1080p TV.

You're also right about 4k being more established. I heard just last night that UHD Blu-ray sales are four times where Blu-ray was when it first launched.

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Not only that, READ REVIEWS! A lot of HDR TVs have very high latency with HDR enabled. You don't want that. Some TVs disable HDR in game mode.

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" it begs the question why retail at all."
Because I collect and display my games.
I'd much rather install a game off the disc and download updates instead of having to download both if I want to go back to a game I deleted off the HD to make room.

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I think they already do a great job of setting themselves apart. They focus on the technical aspects of the game and don't delve in to other aspects like story or gameplay. The only other site that I recall that came close was Lens of Truth, but I haven't seen them in forever.

I applaud their effort to present the videos in the best quality possible so they can really show off what they're talking about and with no ads to boot. How many other gaming sites w...

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I really hope this sticks around and it works out for them, but I'm just not sure they'll get enough funding to keep it going.

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Ever does seem like a bit much. "to date" would probably have been more appropriate.

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Did you really just say 1080p upscaled to 4k will look and perform better than 4k native in motion?

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When it was announced they gave dimensions and I think it's the same size as the slim except a bit of added depth and height due to the extra stack.

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"What indication is telling you that it's a red dead? "
Or Rockstar for that matter.

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