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Game went gold and release date is 5/12. #4.1
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Turn 10 has (or at least had) the licensing rights for Ferrari just like EA has the rights for Porsche. The difference is, Turn 10 is willing to share while EA is overly protective of the license. That's why some games have RUF instead of Porsche.

I get the impression that Slightly Mad focused on lesser brands to keep licensing costs down. I hope they can expand later on. #1.9
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How about Drive Club? #8.1
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The part that needed approval is support for the old instruments. Old DLC was always included, but not all of it will be available right away. #7.3
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I'll give them credit for trying something different with how the game is played, but if that actually works out or not is another question. #5
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The biggest issue I've had with the last couple of Forza games is track selection in the campaign. The variety is horrible. You try to work through all the events and you're stuck in a rut playing the same tracks over and over again and almost never see some versions of tracks. They need to quit being afraid of letting B and A class cars run on longer versions of a track. #1.3
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I get the impression Gearbox didn't handle the port since both games have a different developer logo during start-up that I don't recall on the 360. Then again, maybe it was a Playstation thing.

Looking up Armature Games, it looks like they only did PS4/XBO version, and I think they're the ones on BLPS. Maybe they botched the port.

With that said, of the hour or two I played of BL2, performance seemed fine. BLPS though, the framerate just d... #3.1
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I think part of the problem is people think that the remasters are holding back new games. That may be true for some developers, but at least with Borderlands, it looks like the ports were farmed out to other companies to complete. We've seen this done before as well with games like Tomb Raider.

So count me as one of those that doesn't have a problem with the remasters. #1.2.3
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No, it's 8.31 GB :) #7.1
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Same, I did the first season of DLC for BL2, but nothing past that. #1.1
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Thanks for clearing that up. I only played the first four. Just assumed the others were more of the same. #9.1.1
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"Borderlands 2 offers four prime cuts of DLC goodness"


Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty
Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt
Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest
The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler
How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day
Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre
Sir Hammerlock vs. the... #9
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"How is listening to a genre of music a phase?"

Because people's taste often changes over time. #5.3.4
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It has been on sale within 3 different calendar years, but it hasn't been on the shelves for 3 years. It's an idiotic comment lead to make it seem like it has been around longer than it really has been. #4.2.3
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Looks like it's on the Australian site. #1.3
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This article was up hours ago. Why is it now showing it came through 26 minutes ago? #31
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I won't say they look awful, but they do have problems.

Graffiti on PC is almost not even there. The tail lights are barely visible. CHMSL is visible on PC, but AC it doesn't light up.

P1 is active aero, correct? Shouldn't the wing rotate to aid in braking? #2.2
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They said it wasn't included because it didn't share the same technology as the other two games. Sure they can port BL1, but they wouldn't include it with these two games. #2.2
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If you look at the description for the game or even the announcement, they already confirmed all the content is included and save import will be available for the same platform. #1.1
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So they're still pushing this "remastered" line? I can't wait for PC comparisons to show that nothing was remastered and it was just ported over from the PC version. #5
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