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Agreed. I was worried when I found out it was being done by a different studio, but they did a great job with it.

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Loved it as much as the first one.

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They can't be bothered with petty things like facts.

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Because gaining momentum? What momentum? Sales spike because of the X?

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I think the best part of this would be the need for a physical drive to read the discs.

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"How utterly absurd, you can't possibly think for one minute of the dozens of reasons people may have for not keeping or buying those older systems? "

How about the one really big reason for buying or keeping those older systems? To play the games that were made for that system.

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Angry Joe found out

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It'll be 0 GB on my HD.

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No, you have it backwards.

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"And at no point did you mention all the POST LAUNCH content that will come to this game...typical."

Where else would it go?

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So you're saying the game is a joke?

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"Microsoft insists these outlets are in the minority, and the Game Pass has been embraced by other retailers."

Why would any retailer embrace Game Pass?

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What the actual shit?

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This is what I was waiting for.

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So has Far Cry

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They say over and over that it isn't 1080p and go on to say the dynamic resolution will drop to 1920x1080. Guess what that is. In the same line they say that it drops 50% of 4k, but 1080p is 25% of 4k, not 50.

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Well, that'll be the first Xbox game I've bought since the last Horizon.

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It is realistic, but I think I'd prefer 2020.

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The director of Mad Max and Happy Feet was there?

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