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Don't agree on Fallout or Borderlands.
Fallout 3 DLC was pretty short. It was good stuff, just not really much there. New Vegas didn't allow the option to finish the game and continue exploring, so I didn't even bother getting DLC.

Borderlands DLC was mostly done by other companies and was, for the most part, rather boring and added very little. The DLC didn't get good until the level cap update and Tiny Tina's, which is the one Gearbox did them... #2
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Yeah, something about liking the page on facebook and giving away games. You want us to like the page when the image covers the article and can't be removed? Had to refresh the page to get rid of it. #1.1.2
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It's not fair? lol. Oh man. #1.4
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And what exactly would one be giving up by switching from AT&T to go to T-Mobile? You're swapping one service for another and upgrading a phone. There's very little, if anything at all, you're really losing out on by giving up your old phone and getting a new one. Providing both phones are running the same OS, you can pretty much copy everything over so you don't lose anything.

Giving up a PS3 to get an Xbox One, you lose.... I'm not even going to... #13.2
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" i can buy a VCR/DVD/Blu Ray unit and still have access to my back catalog of movies and access all the apps like netflix & Hulu if i chose too."

Yep, just like you can buy the older consoles to play those older games exactly like you'd have to buy a VCR player to play your old VCR tapes. Your VCR tape isn't going to work a DVD/BR player. #2.7
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That gif doesn't seem right. Of the other times I've seen PS4 and Xbox One version being compared, they looked the same, but obviously had a different framerate. Check out IGN and Digital Foundry comparisons. #1.1.14
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Whether or not they pay for the game, you're right in that the price of the game shouldn't be a factor in the final score. It was a 9/10 game less than a year ago (and it was full price then) and I see no other reason given besides the price for a drop in 2 points. #4.1
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"Can you hook up any bluetooth device to the XB1 like you can the PS4? NO!"
PS4 does not support all bluetooth devices yet. That's supposed to come in an update. Want to use your PS3 headset? No go.

"Can the XB1 boot up as fast as the PS4? NO!"
I didn't watch the 10+ minute video, so I assume they're talking about a cold boot-up. Starting up both from Standby mode (which most people are going to... #3.1.5
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I find it interesting that for two consoles that are supposed to be so similar, they felt the need to have two different teams work on the port. #2
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It's in the first link in the posted article.

http://www.videogamer.com/p... #4.2.2
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Sounds legit. I do have disc version and it's been this way for both Forza and Dead Rising with the updates so far. I wonder if, for some stupid reason, it has to check for the disc before it will apply the update, and it won't spin up the drive in standby mode. #6.1.1
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" my Xbox One had automatically grabbed the update, downloaded it and installed it in standby mode the night before, leaving the game ready to play straight away."

My Xbox doesn't do this. It'll download the update, but won't install it. Every time I've had an update, I turn the system on and wait for it to install. #6
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Agreed. It was funny this came up because I wanted to make some progress in Dead Rising 3 this weekend, and only played for a couple hours on Sunday and just got frustrated with how big the place was and no quick way of getting around. I was wishing for a smaller mall again. #1.8
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The jokes that felt scripted were flat out horrible, but it seemed like when he went off the script, it was a bit better.

He really seemed to catch the one Telltale guy off guard with the sibling sex question, but it was kind of funny because it seemed he had no idea what Joel was talking about, as if he had never seen the show or read the book.

Beyond that, the whole show was terrible and a waste of 3 hours. #2.4
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Hadn't thought of it that way, although, these soft plastic cases seem to hold discs pretty well. I think it'd take a drop to be worried about the disc being released. If these were old jewel cases, I think the concern might be more valid. #2.3.1
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That seems to Microsoft's model since Gates left. Change things for the sake of change, regardless of it actually making sense or not.

Office, get rid of menus and replace with "ribbons"

Windows, get rid of start button, change the task bar to Pins instead of simple shortcuts.

IE, move navigation buttons from one side to the other, or split them up. Later, move favorites menu from the left side to the right and don't give... #1.3
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No, they don't always make an offer when you cancel. Want proof?
I turned off automatic renewal after the Xbox One reveal and it expired 11/27.

I got this email 6/6 and 10/27:
Your subscription to Prepaid 12M Xbox LIVE Gold will expire on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. To avoid a possible interruption of your subscription service, please renew your subscription by Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

To extend yo... #1.5.2
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It's not about the $60, or even the $40 that you can find now and then. It's paying for a subscription to use a service that should be free from the start.

I had Gold since day 1 of the 360, and even though the money is no big deal to me, I still felt ripped off every year because I don't get my money's worth out of what I am paying. I cancelled earlier this year after the reveal and it expired a few days after I got the Xbox One.... #1.2.8
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Yes, they said that, but again right before that they said "In instances where games have signed a timed exlcusive with another platform..."
They'll work with them on those situations, but did not say they'd do the same for just anyone. #6.1.2
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"We do not require exclusivity agreements. However, we do ask for day one parity with other console game platforms," a Microsoft spokesperson told SavyGamer.

Hardly sounds rescinded. #6.1
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