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They're supposed to get a key for the new game, so, meh. They paid in to an early access game. At least it was finished and released instead of just straight up being dropped.

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You're going to be in for a world of disappointment if you think Scorpio is going to do 60fps at 4k.

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No, wait for E3 like everyone else.

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How about Death Stranding? I'm thinking another trailer, but no chance in hell there's gameplay this early.

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"I'm not sure we really need to see any more of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at this point"
Have we seen anything since the initial reveal?

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This. I won't start a Telltale without all the episodes are out.

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Akiba's Beat might be too new. Also, I'm not really sure anyone really expected anything from it in the first place to really be disappointed. Good call on Unity. I had forgotten what a mess that game was.

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Too much crap gets approved and the good stuff gets buried and most don't want to dig around to find it. I know I don't read many articles here anymore. Most of the hot articles are just flamebait anyway. There really needs to be a push for some quality control.

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I'm shocked Dragon Age Inquisition was on there. I did pick it up a bit later, but I never really heard mixed thoughts on it.

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" The Last Guardian was the most notoriously AWOL video game of all-time."

Oh come on. Really? Duke Nukem Forever or Half-Life [ep] 3 ring a bell?

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I think IV and V both got a remake on the DS. Or one did and the other got a remaster or something. That's why I think VI should be next if they're going to keep doing this. Also, it often gets ranked higher than VII on many RPG lists.

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I'd say VIII had the best music in the series, overall. Sure there may be some better tracks here and there, but the number and quality of VIII is pretty damn good.

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"The 360 was the longest generation of 11 years"
that's the hardware, people are talking about software. There was a pretty popular image showing the exclusives from 2010 to 2013 and it was downright embarrassing for MS.

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I say VI or go home. It should come before any other PS1 era FF games.

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Easily forgotten game that most people will not have heard of.

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Prove it.

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You should write a blog about it and get it submitted.

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You're predictions feel more thought out than the original article.

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Catalyst? No. Open world ruined Mirror's Edge.

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But very safe and predictable, except the Death Stranding release timetable.

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