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Only one of these tips has anything to do with the Pro. Otherwise, everything is applicable to all PS4s.

I'm not even sure #1 is even true about only being able to delete one save at a time before. I think it always let you select multiple files.

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I didn't make that claim. There was an article here a couple days after it was cancelled saying it being cancelled was a good thing.

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Don't forget, Scalebound being cancelled was argued to be a good thing as well.

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As a home console, for what you get, it is overpriced. As a handheld that you can dock to display on your TV? It's a decent price. I give it "decent" because the price of the accessories is indefensible.

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I don't know why they didn't focus on this from the start. Maybe because they don't want to dump the 3DS line yet?

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"That hdmi out was pure genius.."
How so? What else would they use? Component?

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"it has more power than a Wii-U and is only a couple inches bigger than a 3DS XL:"

Keep it mind, it clocks down in portable mode. I would agree it's more powerful in docked mode, but how about when it's portable?

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If it was so great, they wouldn't have to keep rearranging things.

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This isn't news. It's the same for any pre-ordered game or new release.

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Don't think the Pro controller breaks apart. Not sure why it's $70 though.

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I think the only saving grace for this is to look at it as their next gen portable that just happens to be able to connect to your TV as well.

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I think there is a nice happy middle ground between the two. While TT games are pretty locked down and focused on just the story, I think LIS was too open and too many distractions that sort of ruined the pace of the game. You go from one great story segment to an open area looking around and talking to people and you can spend almost an hour before moving on to the next part that should logically happen within minutes of the prior story scene.

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I was very surprised with Tales. I knew it'd be funny, but it had some of Telltale's best moments like the finger guns scene and the final battle was something I didn't think Telltale would do. It's probably my 2nd favorite after season 1 of Walking Dead.

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Wonder how the PS4 sales turned out.

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All 9 people with a Wii U are gonna be pissed.

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Look everyone! Here's GamingBolt, the true hero in gaming journalism. Reporting on stories no one else has the guts to.
Instead of having an interview and posting an article like, "Interview with Peter Nagy, working on Vikings: Wolves of Midgar" they'd rather, apparently have an interview with the guy (I really doubt they got a hold of him and asked him this one question and the conversation was over) and pick the thing they can use in a clic...

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Comparing music to video games is apples to oranges. Music is more a part of people's day and can be very passive. Games require our attention and for most are done on a large screen in the home. There's not nearly as much need for it to be easily mobile.

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You know some people own both consoles and may be interested in either one of them. There's no law that says if you're interested in Dead Rising 4 that you can't like The Last Guardian.

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Not if you own both consoles.

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That the first game was good as it was and didn't need a sequel. It would be better left alone. Even if they did do a sequel, use different characters.

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