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I noticed last night while playing Destiny, it seems like the light is flickering a little bit. Looking at the light itself, it seems fine. But if I hold the light up to something, it appears to have an unsteady flicker to it. #1.5
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The 1 buttons will stick a bit if you press down on the edge. I found if I make sure I press in the center of the button, I have no problems. #1.4.1
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Level cap is 20. Gear boosts your level beyond that with a stat called Light. #1.5
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Yeah, 9-10 hours to rush through it and avoid everything. I tuned in to a stream last night and the guy said he had been playing for like 9 hours up to that point and he had just hit level 13 and had only done missions on Earth and the moon up to that point. #1.8
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How exactly is Sony advertising this as an exclusive, or any other of these multiplatform games for that matter? If anyone said that, there'd be an uproar. #5.5
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That's not true. They may have relaxed it in some situations, but it still exists. In fact, I think they even said they would review it on a case by case basis.

Pinball Arcade Season 2 is being held back from Playstation 4 because of it. And the reason it hasn't come out on Xbox is because MS made them get a publisher, which then went bankrupt, so Farsight was stuck with a publisher no longer in business but still tied to them. Unable get a new publisher, MS would... #1.7.1
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I wouldn't exactly call that making it right, but it's more than I would have expected from them. Just like the $50 gift card Best Buy gave out for cancelling Limited Edition orders. #2
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Being that PS4/XBO games are installed to the HD, I think we'll see some multi-disc games not too far from now. #14.3
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What sort of bad location can you be where you have good enough internet to download but not have a mailman deliver mail? #12.1.1
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I could go for some Doritos and Dew right now. Thinking, cool ranch and code red.

I think you're right, I'm more excited for Doritos and Dew than I am for this non-announcement. Low expectations acquired! #10.1.1
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We'll make a fuss because someone is, yet again, hyping up something that hardly anyone cares about. #10
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I especially liked how they said Naughty Dog "games" not just "game" because so far it's only been The Last of Us.

Didn't ND say they're targeting 1080p/60fps for Uncharted 4? #3.2
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Pretty sure EA has the exclusive rights for Porsche, so they're going to use it.
They've granted others the rights to use the cars as well, but EA gets paid. #1.1
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And they could just as easily fix the problem by saying when the exclusivity ends, just like Sony did with the Destiny PS4 extras revealed yesterday.

See small print in lower right corner
http://cdn1-www.playstation... #3.2
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And being sorry and not intending to cause confusion, have they said anything to clarify the situation? #1.6
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Yeah, the grind is going to push me away in the long run. I went damn near the whole PS4 beta trying to nab uncommon arm armor that was level 8. It kept evading me for the longest time. I actually got a level 20 arm piece as a reward before I got a level 8. Got plenty of 9s.

Thankfully we won't have to deal with the level cap issue in the final release, but just trying to get the right piece can be a headache that could solved simply by a friend's hand-me-downs. #1.4
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Who said these will be available at the start of the game and not some level 20 gear? #6.1
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I have Charter and my internet was messed up yesterday, but was fine today. Odd thing is, everything still thought it was connected to the net, but nothing worked. After a few hours, it was fine.

Good luck getting it all downloaded. Love my disc copy! #1
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"How can it be flaimbait when it's true? "

Have you read the article?

"Microsoft’s decision to demand Blizzard to up the resolution of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on the Xbox One came at a terrible, terrible cost."

Yeah, so TERRIBLE. Read up on the Digital Foundry review and watch the framerate video.
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Dead Island not on and Island MMO? #1.1
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