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Blah. Give us season 2 of Tales from the Borderlands.

edit: I never hear anyone talk about Story Mode. Only articles I saw were previews or reviews. At least people talk about Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and Borderlands.

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I can see the data being flawed or misrepresented. Did they just look at how many used BC during a certain timeframe, like a week or a month? How would this all be looked at if MS said 40% of Xbox One users have used the BC feature? Do people who used BC outside of the sampling period not count?

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Way to step out on a ledge with that bold prediction.

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What was it, 1 out of 5 new PS4s are Pros? Doesn't sound insignificant at all.

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Almost never used BC anyway. Last time I did was with Final Fantasy 12 because it came out just a couple weeks before the PS3.

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Amazon delivers day 1.

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Didn't Todd Howard say they have 3 big projects before they work on the next Elder Scrolls? I hope one of those projects is to develop a new engine.

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Where? I only see automatic downloads options for Featured Content, System Software Update Files (and install automatically) and Application Update Files.

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I do wish the PS4 wouldn't install the update if a game is suspended in rest mode.

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If you like Telltale stuff like season 1 of the Walking Dead, Life is Strange is a great game. Dialogue can be a bit goofy, but it's still a good story that'll hit you in the feels.

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Funny thing is, I think WatchMojo had a top 5 list of why we hate millennials and one of the reasons was being offended too easily.

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Maybe some people feel like cult leaders get a bad rap?

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I've got no problem with the system. It's the lack of worthwhile games that I'm soured on.

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Wouldn't call it early. It's supposed to be out in a few months.

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Guess I missed the roads, buildings, and all the other modern stuff in Primal.

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"but it's still 'Far Cry'"

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Don't forget extra RAM though.

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Could be. Could also be a dolphin.

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Ok, thanks. Knew about the mountains, but didn't think there were plains.

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