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They're tricky to find. Best way of doing it is through the website.

Just sign in and any songs it'll let you download will show as "Free"
Songs that show up as "unavailable" are probably songs you purchased as part of a pack...

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Wonder where they got the 1700 number from? Right now there's 1011 items on the PS4 store. Exports from RB1, RB2, Lego, and Green Day are not available. Almost none of the packs are available and if you did buy songs from those packs, you can't download the individual songs.

Tomorrow they'll no doubt add the pre-order tracks, 30 physical bundle tracks, 10 PS4 digital, and 12 Xbox One digital, but I'd be shocked if they add the other 600+ tracks as well.

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The steering wheel is the real wheel he's using. Thrustmaster 599xx Evo 30.

The wheel is turned off in game so you only see the one.

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Yep. I don't mind size if they use it correctly, but JC2 just got dull after playing for weeks and realizing you have only finished/collected half the stuff.

Say what you will about Watch Dogs, but one of the developers said they didn't want a huge map with nothing to do in some areas. I think he described it as content density. By the time you're done, you really do feel like they used everything they had in a meaningful way.

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Deep Silver

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Yeah, still doesn't have it. Ultimately a minor annoyance, but still surprising considering how much they wanted to take over the home entertainment system.

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How about HDMI-CEC support?

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The part I don't get, it takes 12.3 seconds to open the store on PS4? Isn't it practically instant?

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Would love to see it so that if you keep drinking way past the point you should have, you wind up blacking out and your character winds up doing stuff that you're unaware of.

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When I saw the headline, it just smelled like a gamingbolt or examiner article.

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You mean the production team Kojima couldn't trust Rising with? The production company that has been shut down?

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If they didn't say a word about it, how do you think you found out it wasn't there?

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Would have preferred it on disc and a different song, but I can't complain much. Just glad we're getting a song. Hope we'll get more later.

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Yeah, they should complain if they're not getting what is advertised on the package. The game is still up and running. They shouldn't have to do any further research. Other bundles being cheaper is not an excuse to not provide what is on the package. I really doubt there's mention of an expiration date on the box (I could check my copy later).

If the game was 3+ years old or possibly already shut down, I could understand a buyer ...

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Then you find new ways of blowing crap up.

I spent so much time playing JC2 pretty straight-forward, and after a while I realized the sort of creative mayhem you can do. I stopped worrying about collecting stuff and doing the story and just tried to find new ways of doing crazy things and exploring the limits of the tether.

Attach stuff to jets taking off and watch them struggle to get airborne (and usually crash) was hours of fun alone.


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A game so good, Yahtzee liked it.

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Just announced? Even the link he provided for the "announcement news post" is dated July 9th.

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Yeah, like Forza. 60 during gameplay, but down to 30 during the transition screens.

Do they rate PC games? How will that work? Never know what the fps will be for someone due to their system.

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Yeah, I have 22 hours in so far, and I'm still enjoying it. Sure it may be repetitive, but if blowing stuff up and beating the utter crap out of bad guys is worth a low score, then I must be a pretty easily entertained fel.... Oh shiny!

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Yeah. I'd love to get more impressions on the driving. I played PCars for quite a while and loved it because the cars actually felt connected to the road with responsive steering which is something I think Forza lacks without doing a race car with high downforce.

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