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Don't let the fake applause fool you.

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I think they knew how bad the show was going to be. I wonder how many were paid to cheer and applaud. I mean FFS, who applauds when Phil says the games can be bought on the Xbox store?

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As far as I could tell, the ONLY game on that list that claimed any form of exclusivity was Battlegrounds.
I wrote stuff down as the show went on and I counted 15 "exclusives" but only 7 are actually going to be console exclusive and not timed. (I think the missing 7 from the claimed 22 was in the [email protected] sizzle reel)

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Kind of bummed Porsche signed another deal, but at least it seems like T10 is easier to get a license from than it was from EA.

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Which is kind of scary since Crackdown actually comes out this year and SOT is next year.

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They said they showed 22 exclusive games, but I think a bunch were in the [email protected] sizzle reel. I counted 16 "exclusives" but 8 of them were listed as Console Launch Exclusive which is just a hidden way of saying timed exclusive.

edit: I mistakenly thought Metro was going to be exclusive, but it isn't. So actually only saw 15 "exclusives" and 7 of them exclusive to Xbox.

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Wish granted. It wasn't exclusive in the first place.

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15. Leaving him out of the game isn't changing anything so not sure why it's even on this list, much less starting it.
14. Not because they're optional, but for the other reasons stated. Maybe leave them optional, but incorporate them in the story only if you have them with.
13. NO! FF7 gives everyone some good background. No Wutai, no story for Yuffie
12. Heavy no as well. Avalanche are environmental terrorists. It's the basis of the whole ...

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Finally, eventually.
Also, then this may interest you.

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Ugg, the first one. Back when they would show the wide shot of the stage when showing video. Took years for them to realize we don't want to see the stage and crowd sitting in the dark when a video is being shown.

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Is it Kinect?
Is it the power of the cloud?

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Right, because announcing the game the year it comes out would totally remove any hype from that game coming out.

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So pretty much what I said yesterday. The other stat was just how much time was spent using BC during a 4.5 month period, while MS shows half have used it. Both are correct

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Why you need to not tell me what to do.

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Blah. Give us season 2 of Tales from the Borderlands.

edit: I never hear anyone talk about Story Mode. Only articles I saw were previews or reviews. At least people talk about Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and Borderlands.

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I can see the data being flawed or misrepresented. Did they just look at how many used BC during a certain timeframe, like a week or a month? How would this all be looked at if MS said 40% of Xbox One users have used the BC feature? Do people who used BC outside of the sampling period not count?

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Way to step out on a ledge with that bold prediction.

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What was it, 1 out of 5 new PS4s are Pros? Doesn't sound insignificant at all.

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Almost never used BC anyway. Last time I did was with Final Fantasy 12 because it came out just a couple weeks before the PS3.

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