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"all that power and the next 2 big name exclusives in line are sea of thieves and crackdown3. not ugly games but neither are great looking.

pong in 4k is still pong"

It's like the Xbox One X commercial and it's showing Minecraft. Cracks me up every time.

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I watched the DF video and I don't think they mentioned it was only the demo they were testing and not the full game. Did they really get all that footage from the demo or are there some shenanigans afoot?

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So do you blame Disney and Lucas for Need for Speed?

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Thanks for the reply instead of a downvote. Not familiar with the game and how it was working, I was thinking 40 hours for a permanent unlock. Now that I read what's going on, 40 hours just to earn the credits for a one time use. Yeah, that's BS.

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What am I missing here? Are people really expecting everything to be unlocked from the start?

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Are we taking bets on how many years it'll take before EA shuts them down?

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Since most of it is 2D art, I doubt there would be much of an improvement except maybe framerates.

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I was wondering the same thing.

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A few?

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Thank you for mentioning this. I keep seeing BD Wong lately and I kept thinking he was the librarian in Dr. Strange, but he's much smaller. Now I can see how I got it mixed up due to the name.

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Find PC Principal. You'll laugh.

I think some of the stuff with Scott has been fun, but I also liked SOT combat better. Without the ability to block and more involved QTE-like combat parts, it feels lacking.

I'm not far in to it, and there really hasn't been much in the way of very cool events, but I have hope some will come along.

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"Hell, the devs at CDPR must be near dead by now"


Google it and talk of dissatisfied employees goes back years.

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There were late NES games that were $80 brand new (memory was expensive for those carts). That was 25-30 years ago. But yeah, it was $50 from the PS1 until the 360 bumped it up to $60. I think it's time for a price increase, but think smaller scope games should be cheaper as well.

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Oh? Devs should stop gimping features to make people feel compelled to buy this stuff. You're taking money out of our retirement accounts and food for the family.

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As hard as it is to accept, raising prices for the big games may be a better answer. People were paying these prices back in the NES/SNES days for some of the games. I don't think every game should be $80, but price it accordingly for the development costs. I'm sure plenty of people would be fine with $100 for GTA VI if it can fend off this other crap going on.

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Yeah, how dare they post reviews the day the embargo was lifted.

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When is the embargo up?

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Could have sworn I saw an article the other day say it's never coming to PS4.

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I hope Mark Zuckerberg is in the game. He seems like an Al Gore type that can be a good boss fight.

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I can say for myself it's fatigue. It feels like the single player campaign has gotten worse with each game this generation. The track variety in the events is pretty poor. You've got enough tracks, but some are almost never used or you wind up running the same variant of the same track all the time and others almost never.
It just doesn't seem like they've done enough in the last two years. I need more than bringing back Maple Valley and a new fantasy track (wh...

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