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Is it just me or is the Pro truck model different (more damaged) than it was originally?

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Trying to watch on my phone with a QHD screen, but 4G is non-existent indoor and the wifi is slow as crap in the middle of the day.

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A good AA rechargeable is 2850 mha while the battery of the DS4 is only 800, so that's why the Xbox controller lasts so much longer.

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I would have liked to have had one, since I'm considering getting a 4K TV next year, but I suppose I'll just wait until Scorpio to handle that.

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"DF liked it but it wasnt without its faults."
And water is wet and the sky is blue. What doesn't have faults?

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So they can actually see it in 4K and HDR.

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Yes, for multiplayer. Naught Dog guy confirmed multiplayer will have to keep the same framerate, but if a dev choses to use extra power for framerate in single player, they can.

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Use cloud for saves or use other backup storage along with any media you want to keep. Games will need to be reinstalled.

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No, you can't just swap the HD over and keep the data.
Pretty sure you'll have to format it to the new system once installed and you'd lose anything on it at that point.

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Good shots.
It's kind of unfortunate that the focal point is different because while Laura obviously looks better on PC, the background detail on the PS4 version is clearer. There's even sort of a double image on the edge of the roof of the cave.

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X1S still renders the game at 1080p or less, just like the original did. It is then upscaled to 4K.
PS4 Pro will likely render the game somewhere between 1440p and 1800p, then upscale to 4K, which is 2160p. So the PS4 Pro will be much closer to 4K natively and provide a better image.

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They also recently added this discussion as well. Good stuff. He went in a skeptic and was impressed. I think the important thing for people to keep in mind is that you're really not seeing the better visuals on a normal 1080 monitor or TV, especially without HDR. And this is a $400 box.

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@The 10th Rider
" Is there confirmation that the PS4pro can play 1080p games at 60fps?"

It sounds like it is possible, but it's up to the developer to decide what to do with the extra power. For Tomb Raider, it has been said that the two 1080p modes are 30fps locked with extra graphic features and unlocked framerate. NOT 60fps. They were quoted as saying it should be above 45.

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Eurogamer believes the games will probably be natively rendered somewhere between 1440p and 1800p and then use some special upscaling technique (and apparently hardware so it won't affect performance) to bring it up to 4K. So it's a bit unfair to compare Pro to the S since the S is still rendering at 1080p or less.

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@Fishy Fingers and game4funz

Check out the Eurogamer article from July where they built an equivalent PC. He talks about some of the upscaling tech being used which is a bit different. He's obviously skeptical about the performance of Pro and then his article from yesterday "3 hours with PS4 Pro" where he said he was quite impressed with the performance despite not being true 4K.

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video description said 4k mode, but it doesn't seem to actually be viewable in 4K, so that sort of kills some of the difference right there. It's probably a good idea of what the game would look like in 1080p being supersampled.

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I'm more interested to see the 1080p/30 enhanced visuals mode.

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I don't think Digital Foundry has it's own site. I've always seen it on Eurogamer.

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Just go to
It's right on the front page. It's worth the extra hassle to dig it up.

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I think that's what they said, but read the Eurogamer article and he said it was clearly neither.

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