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Yeah, they should complain if they're not getting what is advertised on the package. The game is still up and running. They shouldn't have to do any further research. Other bundles being cheaper is not an excuse to not provide what is on the package. I really doubt there's mention of an expiration date on the box (I could check my copy later).

If the game was 3+ years old or possibly already shut down, I could understand a buyer...

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Then you find new ways of blowing crap up.

I spent so much time playing JC2 pretty straight-forward, and after a while I realized the sort of creative mayhem you can do. I stopped worrying about collecting stuff and doing the story and just tried to find new ways of doing crazy things and exploring the limits of the tether.

Attach stuff to jets taking off and watch them struggle to get airborne (and usually crash) was hours of fun alone.


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A game so good, Yahtzee liked it.

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Just announced? Even the link he provided for the "announcement news post" is dated July 9th.

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Yeah, like Forza. 60 during gameplay, but down to 30 during the transition screens.

Do they rate PC games? How will that work? Never know what the fps will be for someone due to their system.

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Yeah, I have 22 hours in so far, and I'm still enjoying it. Sure it may be repetitive, but if blowing stuff up and beating the utter crap out of bad guys is worth a low score, then I must be a pretty easily entertained fel.... Oh shiny!

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Yeah. I'd love to get more impressions on the driving. I played PCars for quite a while and loved it because the cars actually felt connected to the road with responsive steering which is something I think Forza lacks without doing a race car with high downforce.

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He probably wouldn't bother playing a game and record video of himself using the controller in his hands.

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Right, because the car modeling people are the ones holding up a game.

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I think part of it was Dinklage wasn't available to record new lines, so they brought in someone new and had to redo all the other stuff to keep it consistent.

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But they were like 10k cheaper than an M3 weren't they?

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"Mad Catz also plans to sell the adapter standalone for people who purchase the game digitally."

But I do also see in the FAQ they say they don't currently have plans, but may do so in the future. I wonder where Engadget got that info. Their logic makes sense though. How would people who buy the game digitally eve...

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Yeah, $20 for one adaptor for all your instruments is not bad, considering the alternative.

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TVs use IF. If it was RF you wouldn't need line of sight.

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Good news. They're selling the adapter separately since people can buy the game digitally as well.

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The impression I get is they're throwing in a bunch of songs not many people would want, but just enough good stuff to get people to buy it. Those unpopular songs just wouldn't sell as DLC. The good stuff will probably come as DLC later, but honestly, I like this list more than all the others so far, with the exception of Cake.

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Good songs this time around, except Cake is one of my most hated bands of all time.

I hope there's more Soundgarden stuff, like off the new album. I didn't like it much at first, but recently it has grown on me.

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Oh, whew. Was ready to melt down, but saw it isn't needed on PS. Still sucks though for Xbox users. They couldn't have made a simple USB dongle-type thing like the PS3 had?

Wait a sec, it's $80 for the game plus adapter, not $80 for the adapter.

"Xbox One gamers can purchase a bundle ($79.99 SRP) that includes the game and Legacy Game Controller Adapter"

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I still have my GH1 and 2 guitars, but the tilt doesn't work well, so I'm getting the game/guitar bundle.

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To be fair, neither of those games actually have a Collector's Editions. Maybe the title would have been more correct to say special editions instead of collector's.

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