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After having farmed many, upon many hours, it really isn't worth the time. Even if you do wind up getting some decent engrams, the Cryptarch will just screw you over.

Don't waste time farming. Play the game and work on getting rep and marks and buy what you want. Vanguard, Crucible, or the other three factions, once you hit level 3 with them, you will always get a legendary item as a reward at each level from 3 and above. By that time, you should have plenty of... #4
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Or just too close.

There's two sets of busted up concrete. If you're standing by the pair that is closer, you're too close and will only get some of the spawns. Stand back by the next set of concrete and you'll get a lot coming out. #1.1.1
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You're right, many American cars don't corner well. It's a big, wide open country and don't have many round-abouts. Then again, most of those cars are not the kinds of cars that wind up in racing games. For example, take a look at the results from the recent Motor Trend Lightning Lap


Ba... #1.1.17
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No American? You must have forgotten about Hennesey.

As I understand it, EA has the license for Porsche and it isn't easy getting the rights to use it in a non-EA game. That's why RUF is usually used. #1.1.15
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Nope, but if the fans quit working or the flow of air becomes clogged, there might be a cooling issue. #2.1
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Exactly. I think he may have meant avoid Cooling issues, but then, "What Cooling issues?" #1.4
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That's all well and good if they want to keep Legendaries hard to get. But no need to troll people with it. Make it much more likely you'll get a Legendary from a purple engram, but reduce the drop rate of the engrams to compensate.

I'd also move the rare crafting materials down to blue so you can get a few more of them. Each defense upgrade on the two armor pieces I have needs 6 ascendant shards. There's 3 of them on each piece so I need 36 of the shard... #2.1.2
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Well, I'm now level 12 Cryptarch (or maybe 11 coming up on 12) and I've turned in about 18-20 purple engrams and have only gotten 2 legendary items. One being last night and it was a Titan helm. I'm a Hunter. (><) #1.4
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Yeah, in the same boat here. I've got a couple friends who play, but none have the time to play like I do. So while I'm 25, they're at 12 and 10.

The matchmaking for the strikes has so far been mostly great. I think it's something they should have as an option for everything. #1.1.6
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Fireseed, you're right. I was farming this place a couple times and twice after quite a long while, I saw a message show up saying something about "the enemy has moved against the other." The normal mobs start vanishing and then all hell breaks loose and the big guns come out from both the Vex and Fallen. It lasts a while and if you try to take it on yourself, you'll probably die a time or two. It's chaos.

I've noticed the Vex seem to have a mu... #1.1.2
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Probably another 5 minutes to compose that sentence to share with us. #2.1
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I noticed last night while playing Destiny, it seems like the light is flickering a little bit. Looking at the light itself, it seems fine. But if I hold the light up to something, it appears to have an unsteady flicker to it. #1.5
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The 1 buttons will stick a bit if you press down on the edge. I found if I make sure I press in the center of the button, I have no problems. #1.4.1
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Level cap is 20. Gear boosts your level beyond that with a stat called Light. #1.5
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Yeah, 9-10 hours to rush through it and avoid everything. I tuned in to a stream last night and the guy said he had been playing for like 9 hours up to that point and he had just hit level 13 and had only done missions on Earth and the moon up to that point. #1.8
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How exactly is Sony advertising this as an exclusive, or any other of these multiplatform games for that matter? If anyone said that, there'd be an uproar. #5.5
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That's not true. They may have relaxed it in some situations, but it still exists. In fact, I think they even said they would review it on a case by case basis.

Pinball Arcade Season 2 is being held back from Playstation 4 because of it. And the reason it hasn't come out on Xbox is because MS made them get a publisher, which then went bankrupt, so Farsight was stuck with a publisher no longer in business but still tied to them. Unable get a new publisher, MS would... #1.7.1
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I wouldn't exactly call that making it right, but it's more than I would have expected from them. Just like the $50 gift card Best Buy gave out for cancelling Limited Edition orders. #2
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Being that PS4/XBO games are installed to the HD, I think we'll see some multi-disc games not too far from now. #14.3
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What sort of bad location can you be where you have good enough internet to download but not have a mailman deliver mail? #12.1.1
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