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No, you have it backwards.

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"And at no point did you mention all the POST LAUNCH content that will come to this game...typical."

Where else would it go?

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So you're saying the game is a joke?

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"Microsoft insists these outlets are in the minority, and the Game Pass has been embraced by other retailers."

Why would any retailer embrace Game Pass?

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What the actual shit?

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This is what I was waiting for.

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So has Far Cry

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They say over and over that it isn't 1080p and go on to say the dynamic resolution will drop to 1920x1080. Guess what that is. In the same line they say that it drops 50% of 4k, but 1080p is 25% of 4k, not 50.

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Well, that'll be the first Xbox game I've bought since the last Horizon.

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It is realistic, but I think I'd prefer 2020.

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The director of Mad Max and Happy Feet was there?

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Have they said they'll continue with the 2 year gap?

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Do one more main game set is China or Japan as fans have been wanting for years and then let it die.

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Countdown to studio closing.

Reminds me of the banker in South Park when you invest. "And it's closed!"

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Gotta love it when there's two hot headlines at the top of the page with conflicting details.

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"all that power and the next 2 big name exclusives in line are sea of thieves and crackdown3. not ugly games but neither are great looking.

pong in 4k is still pong"

It's like the Xbox One X commercial and it's showing Minecraft. Cracks me up every time.

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I watched the DF video and I don't think they mentioned it was only the demo they were testing and not the full game. Did they really get all that footage from the demo or are there some shenanigans afoot?

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So do you blame Disney and Lucas for Need for Speed?

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Thanks for the reply instead of a downvote. Not familiar with the game and how it was working, I was thinking 40 hours for a permanent unlock. Now that I read what's going on, 40 hours just to earn the credits for a one time use. Yeah, that's BS.

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