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Depending on the state, no sales tax collected could be another deciding factor.

I used to use Best Buy, but after numerous order screw-ups and cancellations, I gave up on them. I do it all through Amazon now.

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real replica

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Hell, my phone got hot just running the Pipboy app. Thankfully they had an update to fix that.

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If anything, the game feels like it'll have a darker tone than the original and these funny moments (that I did enjoy the first time) will probably feel really out of place in the remake. So some tweeking I can understand.

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Agreed. I almost didn't click on it because of the site it was on, but this was a pretty well done article.

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Multiple parts just means I'll be waiting until everything is released.

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If you want to have an awards show, at least say who the nominees were. I mean, what the hell? Rocket League won best racing game? Friend of mine said Fallout 4 might as well win for best sports game due to all the running.

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Thought they said the game would not come to PC. I can see this angering people who would have not bought the console version if they knew this was coming.

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When I say Witcher is a better game, I mean it was better built. Better overall presentation, graphics, voice acting, writing, much more modern game engine, etc... But it doesn't matter how well the game is built when it comes to fun. But I don't necessarily think fun is the be all end all. I think Bethesda dropped the ball in quite a few areas, especially when it comes to the explaining things.

Ultimately, I think CDPR deserves the award for their hard work and...

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Why is this a link to a video and not the article.

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The Witcher 3 is the better game, but I'm having more fun with Fallout.

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Panama was on RB4 disc.

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That should have been an easter egg in Fallout 4.

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A game developer working on a game? MADNESS!

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Yeah, I'm surprised. I've been play the game a lot, and so far I've been impressed. The game has only crashed twice. I've seen subtitles get stuck twice and I think I've only seen two terminals that were broken (one requires Expert, but it still says I don't have the skill to hack it and the other has a security door menu that just shows a blank screen).

In the grand scheme of things and comparing to past Bethesda games, I'm impressed.

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Big thing I didn't find out about until a week later, you can move multiple objects in workshop mode by holding down the action button. It will grab the item you had highlighted and anything near it, which will chain along to the next nearby items. The only downside is, it will also grab other items that are nearby that are not even connected, so you want to be careful when doing that.

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Thought so too, so I looked it up and it's a different set of cars.

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I'm curious. Were they actually opened or were people returning them still sealed and just going off the comments online?

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Barely keeping 30 fps? Everything I've seen says it holds it pretty well and only dips in some parts/situations.

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Yeah, but this was still funny.

"Wait, you have a specific name you insist has to be in the game?!?! Stay right there. This has never happened before."

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