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Yeah, they charged more on Destiny, but cheaped out on the packaging and most of the boxes were torn even before the retailers got them.

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Don't really care for the good or bad thing. You usually have to go all the way one way or the other to get the most out of something leaving no room for being a bit grey.

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Just print your own label and find a glass bottle to stick on it. You can probably make a better label yourself anyway.

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Sub-par graphics leave room for mods :)

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I don't know about 360, but I think you can look up stats for players on Steam.

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If you happen to have Amazon Prime, it'll be streaming for free later sometime in Nov.

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Wasn't a cop, it was an android.

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Don't forget launching cows.

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This happens all over. It's usually because they check the pre-orders and if the payment is no longer valid, after so long of trying to get the issue resolved with the buyer, they cancel the order and they then have some available for people to purchase again.

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25. I could have gotten a couple more if I paid more attention.

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You expected a game called Minecraft STORY MODE to break away from the story?

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That works with TV because there's usually a bunch of episodes every week for a while.

You know what kills it? Large breaks in the middle of the season.

If the time between episodes wasn't so damn long, I'd be fine with it. But when you're waiting months between episodes, there's no point. I'll wait until the whole thing is done then buy all the episodes at once.

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Who thinks $5 off is ridiculous?

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I like Walhberg, but not for Uncharted. I wouldn't mind if they could get Fillion or Pratt since Druckman is on-board to make sure the movie is done right, story-wise.

edit: Maybe Druckman is involved in The Last of Us movie and not Uncharted.

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Really? A limo?

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They're tricky to find. Best way of doing it is through the website.

Just sign in and any songs it'll let you download will show as "Free"
Songs that show up as "unavailable" are probably songs you purchased as part of a pack.

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Wonder where they got the 1700 number from? Right now there's 1011 items on the PS4 store. Exports from RB1, RB2, Lego, and Green Day are not available. Almost none of the packs are available and if you did buy songs from those packs, you can't download the individual songs.

Tomorrow they'll no doubt add the pre-order tracks, 30 physical bundle tracks, 10 PS4 digital, and 12 Xbox One digital, but I'd be shocked if they add the other 600+ tracks as well.

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The steering wheel is the real wheel he's using. Thrustmaster 599xx Evo 30.

The wheel is turned off in game so you only see the one.

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Yep. I don't mind size if they use it correctly, but JC2 just got dull after playing for weeks and realizing you have only finished/collected half the stuff.

Say what you will about Watch Dogs, but one of the developers said they didn't want a huge map with nothing to do in some areas. I think he described it as content density. By the time you're done, you really do feel like they used everything they had in a meaningful way.

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Deep Silver

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