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The Witcher 3 is the better game, but I'm having more fun with Fallout.

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Panama was on RB4 disc.

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That should have been an easter egg in Fallout 4.

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A game developer working on a game? MADNESS!

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Yeah, I'm surprised. I've been play the game a lot, and so far I've been impressed. The game has only crashed twice. I've seen subtitles get stuck twice and I think I've only seen two terminals that were broken (one requires Expert, but it still says I don't have the skill to hack it and the other has a security door menu that just shows a blank screen).

In the grand scheme of things and comparing to past Bethesda games, I'm impressed.

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Big thing I didn't find out about until a week later, you can move multiple objects in workshop mode by holding down the action button. It will grab the item you had highlighted and anything near it, which will chain along to the next nearby items. The only downside is, it will also grab other items that are nearby that are not even connected, so you want to be careful when doing that.

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Thought so too, so I looked it up and it's a different set of cars.

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I'm curious. Were they actually opened or were people returning them still sealed and just going off the comments online?

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Barely keeping 30 fps? Everything I've seen says it holds it pretty well and only dips in some parts/situations.

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Yeah, but this was still funny.

"Wait, you have a specific name you insist has to be in the game?!?! Stay right there. This has never happened before."

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Yeah, people keep bringing up the 0 fps as if it's a regular thing. It's in a specific spot and it's a momentary freeze. Annoying, yes, game breaking no. I'm sure we've all run in to a momentary freeze on a lot of games (like when saving for example).

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Got Thursday and Friday off for a long weekend and then the whole week of Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately my UPS driver doesn't show up until about 7PM sometimes.

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Has anyone heard of them?

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How so? They're just posting the news info since no one else who has a review copy is able to.

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Looks like you read the first sentence and stopped.

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Yeah, they charged more on Destiny, but cheaped out on the packaging and most of the boxes were torn even before the retailers got them.

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Don't really care for the good or bad thing. You usually have to go all the way one way or the other to get the most out of something leaving no room for being a bit grey.

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Just print your own label and find a glass bottle to stick on it. You can probably make a better label yourself anyway.

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Sub-par graphics leave room for mods :)

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I don't know about 360, but I think you can look up stats for players on Steam.

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