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Hmm. Remember, Assassin's Creed was created out of the ashes of Prince of Persia. Is this thing going full circle?

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"You're new to business if you don't understand how questionable this is."

Are you sure about that? Do you really think businesses (not just games devs/publishers) don't keep meticulous track of what their competitors are doing? GM buys BMWs. Xbox plays PS4 games. Shu goes to a Nintendo Switch event. If this stuff was so questionable, do you think they'd publicly talk about it like they do?

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Do we even know Nintendo is aware other companies exist?

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Meh. mobile game.

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But, you just did. I'm so confused.

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Yeah, PvP used to be fun, but then it just starts getting repetitive and aggravating. As I got older, I realized I wanted to relax when I play games and not get all worked up.

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I am in shock. A clear clickbait article and it seems damn near everyone in the comments agrees and no fanboyish arguments have broken out.

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I saw the headline and thought it was GamingBolt.

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Yes, because 1080p should have been the standard and Xbox One had a hard time getting there. Did anyone expect the PS4 to do native 4k? Of course not. It's about expectations. Xbox One fell a bit short and the PS4 is going above, just like Scorpio will do.

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I don't know why people giving this site clicks and getting it as a hot article.

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Right? Who knew the hardware is a bottleneck to keep the Pro from performing at levels it was never expected to?

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I really wish they made a console version that fully voiced all the dialogue. The story almost ruins what you think of Cloud because Zac was so much more.

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Maya deserves her #2 spot.

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To save people from clicking for a couple sentences on each page:

16 Brick
15 Nisha
14 Roland
13 Jack
11 Athena
10 Wilhelm
9 Lilith
8 Mordecai
7 Axton
6 Krieg
5 Aurelia
4 Salvador
3 Zero
2 Maya
1 Gaige

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"Project Scorpio Isn't Microsoft's Last Console, Rejects Xbox Boss"
So, it is the last console?

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It is different. Some things I like, some I don't. I think vehicles and travel is the big change and it just isn't fun this time around and you can fast travel all over the place now. Not much in the way of garage shortcuts anymore. Being able to control other cars makes chases WAY too easy to complete now. Got a cop chasing you? Look back, have them steer left or right and you're gone.

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That may be true, but Obsidian isn't working on this one.

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Watch, they'll roll the next season in to the game like they did last time.

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Not having a 4K TV yet, the improved performance is what I wanted the most. I had hoped more developers would take the path they did with Rise of the Tomb Raider and offer multiple display options.

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I don't think they're really looking for anyone's input.

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