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That's why they have the most tracks of any console racer and include a wide variety of cars to use, like classic race cars of all sorts, rally, and go-karts of different levels. Sure the total car count pales in comparison to Forza 7, but new tracks and racing styles interest me more than having a bunch of cars that are pretty similar to each other.

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The platinum is pretty easy. By the time you finish the game you may just need to wrap up a few collectibles.

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Using this logic, Gangnam Style is the best song ever.

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Fans want a more powerful Xbox One? OK, we can do that.
Fans want more games? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's be realistic here. What do they think we are? A software company?

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"I know what people want, but what people want isn't making us the most money possible, so we're going to keep making what we think will make us the most money."

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Over the years, I've been disappointed with the games available for Xbox One. Today, I started to think maybe I shouldn't even bother buying the next Xbox. Just a few months ago I had still planned on buying Scorpio. Congratulations Phil.

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It's the same shit that Hollywood does. Something new comes along and everyone wants to copy it. Then some of them start bombing and they go all, "Gee, well I guess people don't want those kinds of movies anymore." No, the movie bombed because it sucked. You make good games, people buy them.

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I read it, and it's still a stupid point. I play games and buy new consoles to play new games. I don't play Destiny or The Division. BC does absolutely nothing for me, and apparently a lot of other gamers as well.

"Maybe I don't want to go spend $60 on a game that I think has a beginning, middle, and end that I can actually see."
Maybe you don't want to spend that $60, but you're also not going to make $60 off of me if you don'...

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Just because he says BC can help, doesn't mean it's true. I haven't used BC of any kind since the first year of PS3. My Xbox One sits collecting dust because there's hardly anything worthwhile to buy for it.

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Ubisoft is getting silly. $110 for a steelbook, some in-game stuff and season pass?

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"Individuals who are gainfully employed buy into insurance for a reason. "

Well, at my job we just have a single board of 2x4 for a chair. It causes fatigue and injuries, but why bother improve the working conditions? We have insurance!

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If that's what they wanted, it shouldn't have been a Metal Gear game.

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Probably secret code for dynamic resolution, up to 4k or 4k checkerboard.

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Makes me wonder if the Switch headphone jack simply doesn't have the input part built in and is only for out/headphones.
Seems like one of the first things to fix on the first redesign/update.

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More like headset plugged in to device, plugged in to your phone and your Switch.

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Yep! I upgraded my GPU since my old one burned out and just not ready to build a new system, so I've got a 1070 running with an i5 23xx or something. Running Project Cars 2, changing the display settings doesn't change the fps much. It mostly runs in the 40-50 range with spikes on both ends.

It crushes Drive as long as I have one car. But if I leave busted up cars laying around, the fps drops quickly.

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The GPU isn't the problem, the CPU is.

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Sure Phil. Easier to blame people "not understanding" than to just admit the CPU isn't capable of 60fps for most games.

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seems legit.

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Strange that Ashley is available for story but not doing the voice.

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